Swinging Bridge Magazine: March 2021

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“I’ve seen sports teams not following restrictions like they should be but they saying that they’re being watched more.” Gustin-Hamrock has addressed athletes and coaches on their behavior outside of practice and reinforced the rules necessary to keep campus safe. “They know that just because they’re allowed to do some things that everyone else can’t do, it’s only when they’re with their full teams and in structured practice with their coaches,” Gustin-Hamrock said. “Otherwise, they are following everything else that every other student is following.” During an interview with Kim Phipps on YBTV, a student asked a question about why the basketball team can get away with not wearing masks. She was quick to stress how that was not allowed. “They are not supposed to be doing that,” Phipps said. “It has just been addressed with the appropriate people in leadership so that should not happen. That was a violation of the protocol.” Most sports are considered risky when COVID-19 can be spread quickly in close contact. Athletes and coaches are aware of what could happen if someone became sick or symptomatic. Whole sports teams at Messiah have been quarantined because one person had symptoms. “If someone were to test positive in the 24-48 hours after a competition, in a high-risk situation you’re likely taking out the team you just played as well,” Gustin-Hamrock said. “We’re engaging in higher risk behavior and when you do that there are certain consequences if we have a positive case. We definitely are making sure that if anything like that happens, we’re protecting campus.”