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Who is Imam Mehdi?





The concept of Imam Mehdi in Islam differs among its denominations. Every sect has its own notion of who Imam Mehdi is and what his purpose is in the world. What every sect does agree upon is that Imam Mehdi will appear in the end times and establish justice in the world. Similarly, every religion has its own concept of an Awaited Saviour who will provide salvation to mankind in the end times. He is known as the Promised Messiah in Judaism and the Foretold Kalki Avatar in Hinduism. This begs the question: if all religions awaited different saviours of equal power, would there not be a divine tug of war between them? It simply means that humanity awaits a single personality, who is known by different titles in different religions. Due to the misguided concepts of Imam Mehdi presented especially by the Shi’ite and Wahhabi sects, the West has been given a corrupted concept of Imam Mehdi that has no basis in reality. They have been led to believe that Imam Mehdi will be a figure catering to the Muslims of Iran or Saudi Arabia, who will be hostile towards the West. They have come to see Imam Mehdi as a threat to their very existence. This misperception has also been made popular by authors such as Joel Rosenberg, whose book, The First Hostage, paints Imam Mehdi in a diabolical light. The purpose of this magazine is to disprove the false image of Imam Mehdi portrayed to the world and present the original concept with references from holy scriptures. We authoritatively proclaim that Imam Mehdi is not a warrior. His message of divine love and peace is universally acceptable. He is not an enemy of Israel, the Jewish community, the USA, Christians or any other religious or national group. He is the one awaited by all mankind and he shall establish the Kingdom of God on Earth alongside Jesus Christ.


Is the Anti-Christ a false Messiah or a False Mahdi?


Muslim-Jewish Relations: An Analysis


The Anti-Christ According to Prophet Mohammad


Recognition of the Anti-Christ


The Identity of the Anti-Christ



Wahhabism: Mischief of the Anti-Christ

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Jews and Christians are not Infidels According to the Koran


IS THE ANTI-CHRIST A FALSE MESSIAH OR A FALSE MAHDI? Just as there have been false Messiahs, there have been false Mahdis1. It is a common belief in the Muslim community that the Anti-Christ will be a False Messiah. Similarly, some in the Jewish and Christian communities believe the Anti-Christ will be a False Mahdi.


very Abrahamic religion has its own concept of the Anti-Christ, the villain in God’s story who shall emerge during the end times to plunge the world into utter darkness. In medieval Judaism, he was known as Armilus. In Islam, his title is Dajjal, and more specifically, Masih ad-Dajjal which literally translates to The Deceptive Messiah or False Messiah. It may be this translation that led some Muslim clerics to believe that the one recognised by the Jews to be the Messiah will actually be the Anti-Christ. Since Jews await the Messiah and Muslims await Imam Mehdi, such clerics perceive that Imam Mehdi and

the Messiah are two different personalities who shall serve the interests of Muslims and Jews respectively. This misconception has spread far and wide in the Muslim community – perhaps in part because of the anti-Semitic attitudes that have prevailed since the politicisation of both Islam and Judaism in recent times. On the other hand, some Western internet scholars perceive that the Anti-Christ is actually Islam’s messianic figure, Imam Mehdi. This extremely dangerous and gravely misguided notion also seems to be influenced by the deterioration of MuslimJewish relations.

‘Mahdi’ is a misnomer for the original title of the messianic figure in Islam, Imam Mehdi. ‘Mahdi’ means ‘Guided One’ whereas the original word, ‘Mehdi’ means ‘Man of the Moon’. The title of Imam Mehdi is in reference to the Messiah’s image being prominent on the Moon. 1


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To understand the topic at hand, it is important to have background information about how the relations between Muslims and Jews developed into what we see today.



here is very little religious text in Islam that could be taken to support anti-Semitism; nevertheless, today it is rife in the Muslim community. Islam and Judaism are both Abrahamic faiths that originated from the Middle East and various religious customs are closely linked to the lands in which each was founded. For many in the Muslim community who are biased against the Jews, their discrimination is a reaction to Zionism, political Islam and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Most Arab and Muslim states in the Middle East do not have good relations with Israel. Several Muslims believe the political ambitions of Israel to be representative of



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the agenda of all Jews. A majority of Muslim states in the Middle East have expressed moral support for the Palestinian Muslims. From a political viewpoint, Muslim countries’ support of Palestinians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has caused many Jews to see the Muslims in a negative light. They understand that Israel is a state surrounded by enemies who want to destroy it; they often equate Arab nationalism with Islam and the agenda of Arab countries with the so-called Islamic agenda. On a religious level, some ultra-conservatives view Islam as an illegitimate religion that came from the lineage of Prophet Abraham’s ‘lesser’ son, Ishmael (who was born to a concubine and


who happened to be an ancestor of Prophet Mohammad). The Koran fully endorses Judaism and requires Muslims to believe in the Torah and to send salutations upon Prophet Abraham during every prayer. It also gives enlightened practitioners of Judaism the same status as enlightened Muslims (a term known as Momin). [KORAN 2:62] Furthermore, it was a Jewish scholar who first recognised Prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam, to be a prophet of God. Even his beloved uncle, Abu Talib ibn AbdulMuttalib - who helped protect Muslims on numerous occasions - was a Jew. Prophet Mohammad had an amicable relationship with the Jews; he saw no harm in doing business with them or inviting them to his home. He did not forcibly convert any Jew to Islam. In fact, he approved of interfaith marriages between Jews and Muslims.

The Prophet Mohammad said, ‘I have not come to reject any religion, but to reform what has been adulterated in them.’ Then where do anti-Semitic attitudes stem from in the religion? The answer lies in a verse from the Koran which was revealed when Muslims were in the battlefield. Among those trying to defeat the Muslims during that battle were people who called themselves Jews and Christians. They were attempting to earn the trust of Muslims while plotting to attack them when they let their guard down. The verse in question seems to order Muslims not to consider the Jews and Christians as their friends. [KORAN 5:51] However, the words used for Jews and Christians in this particular verse are Yahud and Nassara, which have very specific historical connotations. The word Yahud is wrongly attributed to all Jews. In reality, it refers to an early group of people who defected from Judaism in the

era of Prophet Yahud; thereafter they made it their goal to eradicate all prophets sent by God. These were the people responsible for the murder of the Prophet Zachariah. Those who follow in their footsteps today are considered Yahud by Islam’s scripture. In a similar fashion, the word Nassara refers to the people of Nazareth and their progeny, who troubled Lord Jesus and who were enemies to prophets. It does not refer to all Christians. Most Muslims are neither aware of this difference nor interested in learning the subtle nuances of Koranic language. On top of this, there is no hierarchy in Islam which can verify the translations of the Koran. As a result, radical clerics have been successful in turning Muslims against Jews and Christians by manipulating translations of verses like the one mentioned here. In short, due to factors such as the strife in the volatile Middle East, xenophobia cultivated by political leaders and misinterpreted sacred text propagated by sectarian clerics, the relations between the Jewish and Muslim communities are fragile. However, a look at the core teachings of both religions suggests that Islam and Judaism are very similar and their respective adherents do not have a divinely recognised reason for bearing hostility towards one another.


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THE ANTI-CHRIST ACCORDING TO PROPHET MOHAMMAD There is no authentic saying of the Prophet Mohammad or verse from the Koran that supports the notion that the Anti-Christ would be of a Jewish background. Prophet Mohammad declared, ‘70 000 Muslim scholars will pledge allegiance to the Anti-Christ.’ [SHARAH AL SUNNAH - MISHKAAT SHAREEF - SERIES 3]

Given the Muslims’ relations with the Jews today, it seems highly unlikely that 70 000 Muslim clerics would pledge allegiance to someone coming from the Jewish community. This particular tradition clearly suggests that the Anti-Christ would rise to power from within the Muslim community as the False Mahdi, earning the trust and respect of Muslim clerics. This makes sense in light of the recorded traditions of Prophet Mohammad. According to one of his sayings, there would be no mischief greater than that of the Anti-Christ since the birth of Adam until the Day of Judgement. [REPORTED BY IMRAN BIN HUSSAIN, MUSLIM]

Another telling statement by Prophet Mohammad describes the conditions the Muslim nation would find itself in during the end times. He said,



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‘There will be a time when besides its name, there will be nothing left of Islam. Besides the words, there will be nothing left in the Qur’an, which means knowledge would no longer be found. In that era, by the looks of it, the Mosques would be full of people, however they will be void of guidance. The [Muslim] clerics will be amongst the worst living creatures underneath the skies. The mischief shall rise amongst them and finish within them.’ [MISHKATUL MASABIH, KITABUL ILM] So for the same era, Prophet Mohammad predicts that:


The greatest mischief in human history would be the mischief of the Anti-Christ.


70 000 Muslim scholars would pledge allegiance to him.


The Muslims will no longer be rightly guided; their scholars will be unparalleled in corruption and evil. Mischief will emerge from within them and finish within them.

Based on the prophecies of Prophet Mohammad, there is no doubt that the Anti-Christ shall surface in the Muslim community initially as the False Mahdi. His utterances indicate that the one who will end the mischief of the Anti-Christ shall also emerge from the Muslim community.


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t has now been established in light of Islamic scripture that the Anti-Christ will be from a Muslim background. This is also verified by the prophecies of Nostradamus. [QUATRAINS 9/53, 8/70, 10/75]

Just as the Bible mentions the advent of false Christs, similarly, Islamic scripture predicts the advent of false Mahdis. This is a phenomenon the world must understand. The Anti-Christ will be the ultimate False Mahdi: a false Islamic Messiah. Whether you look at Christian, Jewish or Islamic definitions, the Anti-Christ is a deceiver who shall misguide masses in the name of the religion. The idea that the Anti-Christ will be Islam’s Imam Mahdi is utterly absurd. Careful research into the topic reveals that the Anti-Christ is in fact the greatest enemy of Imam Mehdi and humanity. There is a famous tradition of Prophet Mohammad regarding the Anti-Christ in which he declares that the Anti-Christ will be blind in one eye while asserting that the 10


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Lord is not one-eyed. [SAHIH MUSLIM] Another saying of the Prophet Mohammad states that the Anti-Christ would be riding on a donkey. [AL-MUSTADRAK BY AL-HAKIM] He also said that the Anti-Christ would have the word ‘infidel (Kafir)’ written on his forehead. [AL-BUKHARI, MUSLIM]

If a man with one eye and ‘infidel’ written on his forehead rides a donkey, wouldn’t the scholars of Islam instantaneously recognise him as the Anti-Christ? Whereas Prophet Mohammad clearly stated that 70 000 Muslim clerics would pledge allegiance to the Anti-Christ. Therefore it is obvious that Prophet Mohammad was not giving the physical description of the Anti-Christ; rather, he was speaking in a metaphorical manner. In Islam, the eyes are symbolic to knowledge. The Anti-Christ being blind in one eye alludes to him being deprived of esoteric knowledge (spiritual knowledge) while being an expert on exoteric knowledge.

Exoteric knowledge explains methods of physical cleanliness and the physical form of worship, while esoteric knowledge concerns itself with inner purification and the inner form of worship. The Anti-Christ would be confined to exoteric knowledge of Islam only and he would not be blessed with the esoteric knowledge which connects man with God; therefore, he would be ungodly and inhumane. He and his followers would appear to be religious but their hearts would be darkened.

His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi declares, ‘The exoteric knowledge without esoteric knowledge is nothing but mischief.’ The Anti-Christ, being so perfect in the exoteric practice of the religion, will seem to be a devout worshipper of God; he will abide by the Sharia (religious law) recognised by modern Muslims, perform prayers perfectly, recite the Koran and observe fasts. In this way, he will deceive the masses and draw the ignorant clerics of the end times towards him. Prophet Mohammad warned his companions, ‘Beware of the ignorant scholar.’ They asked, ‘How can a scholar be ignorant?’ The Prophet replied, ‘An ignorant scholar is one on whose tongue is knowledge but who is dark by the heart.’ [ TIRMIDHI;




( K A N Z-

Such scholars in the last days, deprived of the crucial spiritual knowledge, would fall prey to the deception of the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is mentioned as riding a donkey; this refers to the Anti-Christ’s close relation to the Devil and the fact that he would have the power of the Devil at his disposal. He would indeed have ‘infidel’ written on his forehead, but only those with their spiritual eyes open would be able to see it. U L-A M M A L ) ]

TH E AN TI - CH RI S T: A S UF I ? Recently, some non-Muslim scholars claimed that Imam Mahdi and the Anti-Christ are one and the same and that the Anti-Christ shall be a Sufi. To furnish their argument, they noted that Prophetic Traditions predicted the Anti-Christ would claim to be God. This claim that the Anti-Christ would be a Sufi is gravely misleading propaganda. Sufism is the only sect within Islam that believes that man can find union with God. Neither Wahhabis nor Shi’ites have this concept in their belief system. In Sufi teachings, there comes a point in a seeker’s life - after vigorous spiritual austerity - where they find God and God begins to reside within them. Sufis believe that it is not wrong to call a man who has reached this stage as God (it is understood that the man himself is not God, but rather that he has a divine presence within him, granted to him by God). The notion of the Anti-Christ being a Sufi couldn’t be further from the truth. Sufism, being the mystical interpretation of Islam, is the one denomination that has historically embraced non-Muslims and Muslims alike. True Sufis have shown themselves to be peace-loving and completely tolerant. For example, the famous Khwaja Gharib Nawaz in India was popular with Muslims and Hindus alike. Sufis like those who follow His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi not only believe in godliness of the preeminent Sufis, but also in the Holy Trinity. Sufis exhibit respect for all religions and recognise that God has the ability to guide whomsoever he wishes regardless of whether or not they are Muslims. It is the Sufis who are most persecuted by the followers of the true Anti-Christ. This is because the ideology of Sufism is the exact opposite of what the Anti-Christ and his followers project.



According to the findings of many prominent scholars in various religions, major signs preceding the end times have already occurred. Therefore, the advent of the Awaited Imam Mehdi and Lord Jesus Christ is imminent; which means that the emergence of the Anti-Christ is also fast-approaching. Perhaps he is already slowly poisoning the global atmosphere with his ominous presence. A B ODE OF C HAOS / F LI C K R


statement by Prophet Mohammad The founder of Wahhabism, asserts that the ‘Horn of Satan’ Muhammad ibn Abd alwould appear in Najd, which is part Wahhab, said that those who did of modern-day Saudi Arabia. [KITAB SURAT not believe in Wahhabism had A L-A R D ( B E I R U T, 1 96 8 ) ,1 8 ] Saudi Arabia is given up their rights to property infamous for its disregard of human rights and for being the birthplace of Wahhabism. and life. He added that their Wahhabism2 is the ideology followed by refusal to concede his twisted terrorist organisations such as Al-Qaeda, ideology would justify ‘violating the Taliban and ISIS. It is funded and their wives and daughters.’ promulgated by Saudi Arabia. It is a brutal belief system that encourages its adherents [AL SUWAIQ AL ILAHIYA FIL RAD ALAL WAHABIYA BY SHEIKH SULAIMAN BIN ABD to hate those who do not follow Wahhabism. AL-WAHABI TAMIMI] Its followers are so extreme in their views that they consider all nonOmar, the notorious leader of the Wahhabis - even the nonTaliban who faked his own death. Wahhabi Muslims - to be Before he went into hiding, infidels deserving of death. Mullah Omar was widely believed Abd al-Wahhab despised to be Amir ul Momineen (Leader Sufism (the spiritual of the Faithful Ones) by Taliban aspect of Islam) and made members. However, in the elite persecution of Sufis part of circles of the Taliban, Mullah the Wahhabi agenda. Omar is already thought to be Remember that the the so-called end times caliph Anti-Christ shall have the who will lead Muslims to the next exoteric knowledge and ‘Islamic Golden Age.’ be deprived of spiritual Rumours have surfaced that knowledge. Therefore it is Mullah Omar is Imam Mahdi. logical for his supporters This comes as no surprise since to oppose Sufism and its the Anti-Christ will be the False practitioners. Mahdi who manages to convince M U LLAH OMAR OF TALIB AN Today, the Wahhabis have a large majority of mankind hijacked Islam by working to eradicate all that he is the saviour they await. It should other schools of thought within the religion. be noted that the true Imam Mehdi shall They have infiltrated every country of the unify all humanity, whereas the inhumane world. There seems to be no stopping them characteristics Mullah Omar already displays as they grow in number despite military indicate that he is Imam Mehdi’s antithesis. efforts by Western countries against them. When he reemerges and appears to have Given the evidence from scripture and the returned from the dead, many others will troubling global affairs today, there is no fall prey to his deception. He, being the doubt that the Anti-Christ will rear his head Anti-Christ and having the full power of the from among the Wahhabis in the near future. Devil in his hands, will perform remarkable According to the insight offered by His ‘miracles’ that will convince people of his Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, the Antitruthfulness. For instance, he will seemingly Christ has already begun to make his reanimate the dead, which will lead people presence known in the guise of Mullah to consider him God. Wahhabism is used here as a blanket term for schools of thought known as Deobandism and Salafism, which differ slightly from mainstream Wahhabism but in practicality are the same ideology. 2


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THE MISCHIEF OF THE ANTI-CHRIST Wahhabism is often thought to be a conservative interpretation of Islam, however it rejects the core commandments of the Prophet Mohammad. Deobandism and Salafism differ slightly from the Wahhabism practised in Saudi Arabia; nevertheless they are almost exactly the same in beliefs.


ahhabism was founded in the 18th century by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. He formed his belief system in a small village, Uyainah, in Najd (part of modern-day Saudi Arabia). His ideas were so heretical that he was forced into exile and denounced by his own family.

Abd al-Wahhab lived in an era when the Ottoman Empire was in decline and people in the Arabian peninsula were coming to terms with a changing world in which the conditions were not necessarily in their favour. For some discontented Muslims, Abd al-Wahhab’s ideology was appealing. Abd al-Wahhab gained followers quickly because he seemed to offer them a solution to their troubles. He claimed that their social and economic issues were a sign from God that they had deviated from true Islam. He declared that Wahhabism was a ‘reformed’ Islam and that Sufism (mystical Islam) was the corrupted version of Islam that was responsible for the troubles Muslims were facing. He said that by effacing Sufism from Islam (by any means he deemed necessary) and adopting Wahhabism, the Muslims would be ushered into a new ‘Islamic Golden Age’ in which they would rule the world. In doing so, he gave them scapegoats to blame and release their frustrations on: the Sufis. It was not just the Sufis the Wahhabis hated; soon they grew to despise all those who did 14


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not adopt Wahhabism, whether or not they were Muslims. Unlike Sufis, Abd al-Wahhab did not respect the Prophet Mohammad or his teachings. He suggested that to think about Prophet Mohammad during Salat (a form of prayer) was a sin and that his followers would be better off directing their thoughts towards donkeys. [SIRAT-E-MUSTAQEEM, P.86] He rejected the existence of spirituality altogether. This was despite what the Koran says to the contrary in, for example, chapter 39. [KORAN 39:22]

One of the reasons Wahhabism has become the monster we see today is because of the support of the Saudi Royal Family. When Abd alWahhab was preaching his ideology, he formed an alliance with an ancestor of the Saudi Royal Family, Muhammad ibn Saud. Ibn Saud was the leader of a warrior tribe that would loot and plunder neighbouring villages. Soon, Wahhabism became the ideology ibn Saud used to justify this long-held custom. With military backing, Abd al-Wahhab freely promoted his beliefs across the Arab World. When Saudi Arabia was formed, a pact was made between the House of Saud and the Wahhabis to always support one another; the House of Saud would handle the matters of state while the Wahhabis would have full control of the religious sector in Saudi Arabia. Since the holy cities of Mecca and Medina are located in Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabis would thus have influence over to the entire Muslim nation. Wahhabism has grown exponentially and it is practised in almost every country of the world.


One of the most dangerous beliefs Wahhabis hold today that drives their agenda is the notion that in the end times, a caliph will come to convert the world to Wahhabi Islam and establish an Islamic Caliphate. He would kill all those who do not convert. In other words, the Wahhabis’ concocted concept of an end times caliph is a distorted replacement of the original end times figure in Islam, Imam Mehdi. This particular belief means that Wahhabis will easily support the Anti-Christ who shall work on this very agenda.

KE Y T E NETS OF WA HHA BI S M: 1. All non-Wahhabis are infidels. All Muslims who are not Wahhabis are impure. Both groups deserve to be killed. [p. 25, 30, 34, 36, 54, 100, 106, 123 Kitab at-Tawheed] 2. Women and girls from among infidels and ‘impure’ Muslims can be raped and murdered; this is a right granted to Wahhabis by God. [Al Suwaiq al Ilahiya Fil Rad alal Wahabiya by Sheikh Sulaiman bin Abd al-Wahabi Tamimi]

3. The Prophet Mohammad should not be respected more than one’s elder brother. [p.58, Taqwiyatul Iman] 4. God lies and therefore Wahhabis are allowed to lie. [p. 14, Kitab at-Tawheed]

5. Sufis and Shi’ites practise ‘Shirk’ (a grave crime against God) when they call upon the saints or prophets for help. They should be punished severely. [p. 40, 41, 48, 54, 62, 64, 92, 100, 123, Kitab at-Tawheed] 6. In the end times, a caliph will come to convert the world to Wahhabi Islam and kill those who resist. [p. 147, The ISIS Apocalypse: The History, Strategy, and Doomsday Vision of the Islamic State by William McCants]


FEB 2017





ust as the Anti-Christ will have the complete support of the Devil, the true Imam Mehdi shall have the full authority of God. Only those will be safe from the deception of the Anti-Christ who manage to enlighten their hearts by virtue of spiritual knowledge. It is the Awaited Imam Mehdi who will grant humanity the method by which they can protect themselves from the mischief of the Anti-Christ 3. According to scripture, the Anti-Christ, Lord Jesus Christ and the Awaited Imam Mehdi will come in the same era: the twilight of the world. God himself sent down religions for different nations and it was he who gave human beings the concept of an Awaited One in the first place. Muslims await Imam Mehdi, the end times saviour who will work with Lord Jesus Christ to bring the world into an era of complete peace and harmony after defeating the Anti-Christ. Jews await a personality of exactly the same calibre who will also come in the last days: the Messiah. Similarly, Hindus await Kalki Avatar who will end the Kalyug (Dark Ages). It is against God’s temperament to send personalities of equal authority in the same era. If Imam Mehdi were to come for Muslims, the Messiah for Jews and Kalki Avatar for Hindus, would there not be a power struggle between them? Imam Mehdi is not separate from the Messiah or Kalki Avatar. These are different titles for one personality: the Awaited Saviour of humanity. Some Muslims claim that Imam Mehdi is the 12th Imam in the line of infallible Imams highly regarded by the Shi’ite sect (this is incorrect, since it was Imam Abu Hanifa who held the rank of being the 12th Imam). This is a notion that stems from the use of

the misnomer, ‘Imam Mahdi’ which means ‘The Guided One.’ However, the original title for the Awaited One is ‘Imam Mehdi’, which itself does not have an Islamic connotation. Imam Mehdi literally translates to ‘The One of the Moon’ - an allusion to the image of the Mehdi that has become prominent on the Moon. Prophet Mohammad, when indicating the mischief of the Anti-Christ, stated that mischief would emerge from the Muslim nation and would finish within them. It is very likely that while the Anti-Christ will be a False Mahdi, the true Imam Mehdi will also initially come forth from among the Muslim community. Remember well: Imam Mehdi is not an Islamic figure. He is a universal personality who will cater to the needs of all mankind. He and Lord Jesus Christ will join hands, but neither will impose any religion on anyone; they will only preach divine love.

The notion that Imam Mehdi will kill Jews or persecute them in any way is downright ridiculous. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, due to his revolutionary teachings and spiritual power, is believed by many to be the awaited Imam Mehdi, Messiah and Kalki Avatar. His Divine Eminence does not talk about the supremacy of Islam or any other religion. The essentiality and importance of religion have been revoked by His Divine Eminence. In the eyes of HDE Gohar Shahi, supremacy belongs to God and his love, not any religion or individual.

Learn about the divine formula to open your Spiritual Heart and pave the way for enlightenment at: http://www. 3


He says, ‘The best among you is one who has God’s love in his heart whether or not he practises a religion.’ His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi explains it well in His book, The Religion of God (Divine Love).

Many of those (Muslims or non-Muslims) who failed to join this League of Mehdi would join the Anti-Christ (Dajjal). In the end, there will be a bloody war between the forces of Imam Mehdi and the Anti-Christ. Followers of Jesus Christ, Imam Mehdi and Kalki Avatar will be united and will defeat the Anti-Christ. The majority of the followers of the Anti-Christ will be killed, and their survivors will live in fear and helplessness quietly. Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ will reign over the hearts of humanity. Peace will prevail in the entire world. [ THE RELIGION OF GOD (DIVINE LOVE), P. 47 ENGLISH EDITION] As His Divine Eminence explains, the world will be divided into two groups: the followers of the Anti-Christ and the followers of the Awaited Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar and Lord Jesus Christ. Both groups will consist of people from all backgrounds and religions; one group united in hatred and the other united in divine love. THE TRUE MEHDI • ISSUE 02 •

FEB 2017



ACCORDING TO THE KORAN Misleading propaganda by terrorist organisations categorically disproved


n order to incite Muslims and draw them towards their twisted agenda, terrorists use propaganda that Christians and Jews are infidels. They try to justify the killing of nonMuslims by citing the Koran. In the Koran, God says to Prophet Mohammad, ‘Say, “O’ infidels, I do not worship the one that you worship.”’ [KORAN 109:1-6]

This is addressed to the infidels. We do not have to go any further because Muslims believe that Lord Jesus and Prophet Abraham were sent by God. People who follow Lord Jesus and Prophet Abraham worship the same God as the Muslims. Therefore, according to this verse, Prophet Mohammad is not addressing the Jews or the Christians as infidels. He is addressing people who worship something other than God. According to all Abrahamic faiths, there is only one God and one creator of this world. In regards to this verse, some Muslims say, ‘In that aspect, the Christians and Jews are not infidels; but when they did not accept Prophet Mohammad, they became infidels. If they had accepted him, they would have become Muslims.’ We ask them, ‘How do you know the Christians and Jews didn’t accept Prophet Mohammad?’ You do not have to adopt the religion of a prophet in order to accept him as a prophet. According to the Islamic 18


FEB 2017

faith, Muslims must believe in Lord Jesus and Prophet Abraham and that they are Messengers sent forth by God. If the Jews and Christians are infidels for not converting to Islam, by that token, Muslims should first become Christians and then Jews if they truly believe in Lord Jesus and Prophet Abraham. The true definition of an infidel is one who rejects God and does not believe in the Day of Judgement. If you believe in God and in the Day of Judgement, you are not an infidel, no matter what religion you practise. Such misleading, fabricated interpretations of holy scriptures have destroyed the faiths of many, bred intolerance and have created divisions in humanity. Terrorist organisations have used these fabricated interpretations to their advantage, in order to recruit and fuel their hatred and intolerance towards others. On the other hand, the unifying teachings of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi are like a breath of fresh air. By uniting the hearts and restoring the faith of human beings in God and in each other, his teachings are eradicating intolerance and hatred. Learn more about His Divine Eminence’s teachings at: goharian-philosophy-of-divine-love

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