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Interview with Kevin Kelleher Fort Dodge Native Composer, Playwright and Author By Anne Kersten


or Kevin Kelleher, coming ‘back’ home is one of his favorite things to do. The playwright has been returning to Fort Dodge for the last couple of years to have his work performed on the stage, either at Iowa Central Community College or at Willow Ridge. Kelleher, 26, is a 2005 graduate of Fort Dodge Senior High School, and the 2009 graduate of the University of Iowa, having spent his first two years at Iowa Central Community College.

alternate cultures- and they have their ‘own’ language! (Which Kelleher of course wrote.)

Twist & Shout has enjoyed watching and covering Kevin as he ‘grew up’, first as an actor in high school, and then on the stage at Iowa Central Community College. It was indeed a pleasure to sit down with him and catch up on what he’s up to now- and in particular, his newest accomplishment, the novel “Chronicles of Gilderam, Book One: Sunset,” so he can give us a hint of what exists in the world of Vuora, where the novel takes place.

Nicole from writes in her review; “The opening sequence of this book hooked me immediately. Anyone who can craft a narrative that is strong, tight and fluid gets my vote. Sunset is that story. The writing is solid, yet creative and intelligent and I seriously raced through this book in just a matter of days.” When asked where the idea for the book came from he said, “The original idea came when I was very young at my Grandfather’s birthday party. Someone had brought a helium balloon, and I remember playing with it.” He said he imagined it was an airship

Kelleher went on to explain that things only get worse when her bodyguard turns out to be a wanted man, to be executed on sight- and her father is abducted in the night…. “ On top of it all, an ominous religious prophecy portends the nearing end of the world, and Gilderam looks like it might be the only ship able to stop it.” Gilderan is the first book of a trilogy. “The book has an arc, that is satisfying to the reader but definitely opens up a lot of cans of worms,” he smiled. “They will be addressed in the next two books.”

Tell us about the book. “The Chronicles of Gilderam, Book One: Sunset” is the first installment of the Gilderam Trilogy- a new high-flying adventure story,” he said. “This classical fantasy gets a sweeping upgrade in sophistication with a heart-pounding steampunk tale,” he said. Kelleher said the story tells of the half-elf daughter of a reclusive inventor, Shazahd, who gets sidetracked en route to her wedding to Audin, when mafia terrorists attempt to hijack her vessel, Gilderam. Wait a minute…! What? He laughed and then said, “Gilderam takes place in a parallel universe, very similar to earth’s 18th century,” he explains. “The whole world is about the size of Russia, and is land-locked. The story is a naval adventure, and the only way to (get around) is with airships and Blimps.” He said the story tells of great Armadas doing war with each other;



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