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From Tom & Debbie Witt 81X144X18 NEW Coop Shop in Roelyn

Inside NEW Coop Shop in Roelyn

Thanks for selecting us to build for you. 72X160X18 Seed Warehouse in Palmer Under Construction


Since 1976 Tom & Debbie Witt have made a commitment to live up to the highest standards for fairness, honesty, superior workmanship and service. We’re dedicated to designing the most innovative and cost-effective building solution for our valued customers. Some of the buildings we’ve constructed in this area are shown here - you may be acquainted with them already. I hope you’ll consider Tom Witt, Contractor, Inc. for your next building project! We’ll work hard to provide a faster, more flexible and cost-effective building solution for you or your company.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.



NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013


ulations Conong40ratYears! 515-576-5147 515-232-9133 Fort Dodge Ames 515-246-8421 Des Moines

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Congratulations NEW Coop on a Successful 40 Years!

Celebrating 40 Years of Success ................................6 The Farmer Comes First at NEW ..............................8 NEW’s Tale of Two General Managers ...................10 Koester: NEW Exceeds Expectations......................12 Pingel: NEW Ushered in a New Era........................14 NEW Cooperative Locations ...................................17 NEW Cooperative Through the Years ................18-24 Fitzgerald’s Career Grew with NEW.......................26 Pioneers of Precision Ag..........................................28 MAPS Propels Precision Ag to the Next Level .......30 NEW’s Feed Department Focuses on Quality .........32 NEW Cooperative Gives Back ................................34 NEW Cooperative Knows Grain .............................36 NEW Cooperative Knows Agronomy .....................36

BASF would like to Congratulate NEW COOP on 40 Years!

We appreciate your support and the patronage of your growers!

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Friday, June 28, 2013


NEW Cooperative, Inc.





40 YEARS of

Success. W WE’RE E’RE






NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrating 40 Years of Success In 1973, Richard Nixon was president of the United States, “American Graffiti” was a box-office hit and NEW Cooperative Inc. was redefining the ag cooperative system in rural Iowa.

• Offer innovative precision ag hardware and software technology through the MAPS division. • Reach annual sales in 2012 of $918.5 million.

Formed by a unification of the Badger Cooperative Elevator and the Farmers Elevator Company of • Reinvest more than $26 million back into Vincent, NEW (North East Webster) Cooperative was company in 2012 to improve products, services born on July 1, 1973. Since those early days, NEW has and facilities. grown into one of Iowa’s largest member-owned grain, By remaining farmer focused and member driven, agronomy and feed cooperatives, with 22 locations NEW continues to be a leading agricultural service across north-central Iowa and west-central Iowa. provider for today’s innovative producers. We value Today, NEW is proud to: your support and hope you enjoy the stories and photos • Employ more than 285 full-time team members. in this 40th anniversary publication as we honor the • Provide a total grain storage capacity of 65 past and look forward to the future. million bushels.

Did You Know? The green at the top of NEW Cooperative’s logo symbolizes the growing crops in our farmers’ fields. These crops are nurtured by the rich soils of Iowa, which are represented by the black color at the bottom of NEW’s logo.

Congratulations to NEW Cooperative on their 40 th Anniversary!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Congratulations NEW Cooperative on 40 years. Proud to be a supplier of quality fertilizer equipment for NEW Cooperative and their customers. 800-362-1640 Brokaw Supply is a leading provider of fertilizer and spray equipment and parts for today’s production agriculture.

Congratulations on your Anniversary! We look forward to working with you and the Community for many years to come.

NEW Feeds, LLC. Lidderdale, Iowa

NEW Cooperative, Inc.


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Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Farmer Comes First at NEW When Farmers Cooperative Association (FCA) in Humboldt was considering which cooperative to unify with in the mid 1990s, board members had six choices. “We interviewed them all, but NEW was clearly the best,” said Dyle Erickson, a Humboldt-area farmer and former FCA board member who now serves as NEW Cooperative’s board president. “After the unification, many members thanked us for going with NEW.” According to Erickson, there are six key reasons why NEW stands out in the cooperative world. 1. Commitment to members. “NEW’s managers and board members listen to the farmers they serve. This helps them anticipate the direction the cooperative needs to go to serve its 2,600 members successfully,” said Erickson, who has farmed full-time since 1974. 2.

4. Dedicated people. Modern facilities aren’t worth much without skilled employees who go the extra mile to serve local farmers. Erickson appreciates the support he receives from NEW employees, including the specialists in the Midwest Agronomic Professional Services (MAPS) precision ag division. “NEW’s employees work with you to maximize your yield potential while being a good steward of the land.” 5. A local focus. While NEW is headquartered in Fort Dodge, this is just a support center for NEW’s 22 locations. “When you need something, the local NEW office is where you get your questions answered,” Erickson said. “Our members identify NEW with the location that serves their area, and NEW does a good job of keeping a local focus in the communities it serves.” 6. Strong leadership. In addition to NEW’s management team, NEW is guided by a 12-member board that works well together. “These leaders feel free to speak their minds, and they are passionate about their responsibility to NEW’s members,” said Erickson, who has served as NEW’s board president since 2001.

Superior service. When FCA was considering whether to join NEW, board members were impressed by NEW’s willingness to adopt precision ag technology, which was just beginning to debut in Iowa in Supporting the cooperative system the mid 1990s. “NEW has always stayed a Dyle Erickson step or two ahead of the trends to determine NEW’s leaders are also passionate about what the farmer needs and provide ways to meet those needs,” supporting the cooperative system. Erickson said, “I’m a die-hard Erickson said. cooperative supporter. Since stockholders and customers are one and the same with a farmer-owned cooperative, if something is good for the 3. Modern facilities. “NEW is known for investing in its locations farmer, it’s good for NEW.” and equipment to provide convenience and greater efficiency,” said Erickson, whose family has farmed in the Humboldt area “It’s exciting to be part of NEW as the cooperative celebrates 40 since the 1930s. “It’s a plus that multiple rail lines serve various years of history and looks forward to the next 40 years,” Erickson noted. NEW locations,” he added. “NEW stays ahead of the curve, they exceed expectations and they remain committed to bringing value to the members.”

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.

CONGRATULATIONS! NEW COOPERATIVE INC. th on your 40 Anniversary and continued success from your friends at Agrium

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW’s Tale of Two General Managers NEW Cooperative has had only two general managers during its 40-year history, which has brought an exceptional level of stability to the business. This has also created many opportunities for NEW to grow and serve its members more effectively. Here’s a look back at the past from Bob Wallentine, NEW’s first general manager, and a glimpse into the future from Brent Bunte, NEW’s current general manager. Wallentine on what makes a cooperative work

Bunte on building a successful cooperative Agriculture’s mix of consistency and uncertainty demands forwarding-thinking leaders who can weather tough times and maximize opportunities. When Brent Bunte joined NEW in 1984 as a grain manager, the Farm Crisis was raging, NEW had eight locations and the company had reported disappointing financial results for a few years. “Things looked rather bleak, but Bob Wallentine said things would get better,” said Bunte, a 1978 Iowa State University ag business graduate who had worked for a cooperative in Kossuth County and a commodity firm before joining NEW.

When NEW formed in 1973, the idea of multiple cooperatives joining together for their members’ mutual benefit was a relatively new concept. “Times were changing in agriculture, and it was clear that we needed to pool our resources to survive,” said Wallentine, who was hired as the manager of the Farmers Cooperative of Vincent in April of 1972. The unification of the Vincent cooperative and the Badger Cooperative Elevator helped NEW survive the major challenges that defined the late 1970s and early 1980s, from 20 percent interest rates to rail car shortages. “While the rail car shortage meant some companies couldn’t buy grain, we were never out of the cash grain market and were always able to serve our members,” Wallentine said.

Wallentine was right. As the Farm Crisis subsided, NEW was able to pay off all of its long-term debt by the early 1990s. “NEW’s stronger balance sheet allowed the company to grow to the 22 locations it operates today,” said Bunte, who became NEW’s second general manager in 1997.

Bob Wallentine

In fact, NEW’s Vincent location became one of the first cooperatives on the Chicago & North Western rail line to load 75-car unit trains, starting in the mid 1970s. “As the larger unit trains became the norm, companies that couldn’t load them were at a big disadvantage,” Wallentine recalled.

This financial strength has allowed NEW to not only serve its members, but local communities, as well. The NEW Cooperative Foundation provides financial assistance and support to organizations and projects that enhance the quality of life in communities throughout NEW’s service area. “We want to give back to the schools, fire departments and other groups that make rural Iowa a great place to live,” Bunte said.

As NEW’s growth accelerated in the 1990s and beyond, Wallentine attributed the company’s success to three key factors: 1. Hiring good people. “NEW’s success has always been tied to getting the right people in the right jobs. Moving the corporate headquarters to Fort Dodge in 1981 also made it easier to attract skilled people to NEW,” Wallentine added. 2. Following solid business practices. As a profitable business, NEW has been able to pay millions of dollars in patronage dividends through the years. “These earnings go back to the members, which is a huge benefit,” Wallentine said.

“Whenever we considered bringing another cooperative into the NEW system, we only went ahead with it if the unification would provide more services to the members and increase the cooperative’s financial strength,” said Bunte, who is pleased that NEW’s membership has grown 25 percent in recent years.

Focusing on the future

Brent Bunte

3. Embracing the cooperative business model. NEW has benefited from forwardthinking board members and loyal customers who have supported the cooperative and helped it grow. “The cooperative model still has a lot of value,” said Wallentine, who retired in 1997. “I think NEW has achieved the goals of the founders and continues to find innovative ways to meet its members’ needs as agriculture continues to evolve.”

Going forward, NEW will remain focused on adding value to members and their local communities. “We need to figure out what will benefit our members before they even realize they have these needs,” said Bunte, citing the fast pace of technology and the importance of MAPS precision ag solutions from NEW.

While investing in technology and facilities is vital, so is hiring and retaining the right people. Bunte added, “This business is all about people, and I believe our team of employees has never been better. They are prepared to bring more value to our members.” For a farm boy from Hubbard who once dreamed of returning to the family farm, the opportunity to work with farmers and take NEW to the next level has been a rewarding experience. “As demand for food continues to grow worldwide, we need to help our growers produce higher yields,” Bunte concluded. “NEW is well positioned to meet this challenge and help our members succeed.”


Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.


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since 1980

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Rees R ees

NEW Cooperative on 40 Years in Business!

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Koester: NEW Exceeds Expectations By the time Bob Koester began working for the Farmers Elevator Company of Roelyn in April of 1970, the cooperative had already been discussing merger and partial consolidation options with other local cooperatives for several years. “Agriculture was changing, and it was taking a lot more money to invest in facilities and equipment,” said Koester, who began working in outside operations and was promoted to assistant manager by 1977. These costs rose higher when a fire destroyed the shop building and other equipment at the elevator on March 9, 1977. In addition, a shortage of rail cars and grain inventory management challenges around this time required the cooperative to borrow $500,000. This heavy financial burden prompted the cooperative’s directors and management to look at joining with NEW Cooperative, which was interested in shipping 75-car unit trains from the Roelyn site.

At a special meeting of Roelyn’s stockholders on July 19, 1978, nearly 97 percent voted to become part of NEW Cooperative. “Joining with NEW was even better than we hoped it would be,” said Koester, a former manager of the Roelyn location who retired in 2011 after serving as a regional manager and head of operations for NEW during his 41 year career. NEW remains farmer-oriented By the late 1970s and early 1980s, times were changing quickly from Koester’s early years at the cooperative. At the time, grain was still shipped in box cars, fertilizer was applied with spreaders pulled by pickup trucks and the Roelyn location had four employees, including the manager.

“When we joined NEW, I was impressed with how fast they modernized the facilities and made Bob Koester improvements in Roelyn to better serve the members,” said Koester, who spent 43 years of his career in In a letter to stockholders, General Manager Lyle Luke the ag cooperative system. “NEW has always been very farmer encouraged the Roelyn cooperative’s members to consider this oriented.” opportunity. Not only would the 75-car trains allow the This spirit of service has endured, even as the days of three cooperative to take advantage of lower freight rates, but to four farm families living in each section have given way to unifying with NEW would allow the cooperative to offer more fewer producers operating much larger farms. To help its competitive grain bids and provide a broader spectrum of members remain competitive, NEW continues to invest in its products and services. facilities each year and provides the services today’s farmers “We do not feel we can operate on our own and do justice need to succeed. to you, the member, the way we should. Let’s not die a slow “I can’t say enough good things about NEW,” Koester death. Let’s merge and grow bigger with the help of NEW said. “They have many good people working for them to add Cooperative,” Luke wrote. value to members’ farming operations.”

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.



NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Pingel: NEW Ushered in a New Era When Paul Pingel was beginning his farming career in feasible at the time, or join with Vincent. “The decision to the Vincent and Badger areas in the early 1970s, his create NEW Cooperative proved to be a smart move,” said operation grew along with NEW Cooperative. Pingel, whose family has farmed in north-central Iowa “I’ve done business with NEW ever since it started,” since the 1930s. said Pingel, a past president of NEW’s board of directors. “Every company that has come into the NEW system “They have knowledgeable employees, they provide is better off as a result of NEW being involved. Each competitive prices and they offer the products and location keeps its local identity, but members gain many services I need. They also pay dividends, which is competitive advantages in grain, agronomy and feed.” a plus.” While NEW has long been a technology leader, Pingel is grateful that the leaders of the Badger the cooperative never fails to put people first. Cooperative Elevator and the Farmers Pingel added, “The folks at NEW know you Elevator Company of Vincent had the by name and take good care of you. If you foresight to create NEW in 1973. The have a question, they’ll find the answer decision was driven largely by changes in you need.” the railroad business. As NEW continues to evolve to serve “The railroad was abandoning the members’ needs effectively, the track to Badger, since it was unprofitable cooperative model remains as relevant as Paul Pingel to operate this line. However, Vincent was ever. “Today’s NEW Cooperative was on a very good rail line. In fact, they had one of the first built on the foundation of 22 local cooperatives, each of 25-car unit train load-out facilities at the time, which was which served its members well,” Pingel said. “As these unheard of in Iowa.” individual cooperatives brought their strengths and The directors and management of the Badger heritage to NEW, they didn’t disappear. They have grown Cooperative Elevator faced a turning point—either begin and continue to contribute to NEW’s success.” shipping grain by truck, which wasn’t economically

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Congratulations on 40 years!

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

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Congratulations to NEW COOP on 40 Years in Business! &ƌŽŵƚŚĞ^ƚĂīΘWƌŽŐƌĂŵ^ƉĞĐŝĂůŝƐƚƐƐĞƌǀŝŶŐ /^htĞďƐƚĞƌŽƵŶƚLJdžƚĞŶƐŝŽŶΘKƵƚƌĞĂĐŚ

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Congratulations from all of us at Rosen’s Inc.

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NEW Cooperative Locations K Kossuth

Palo Alto


LuVerne 2002

Buena Vista V



W Wright

Bode 2002

Humboldt 1995

Palmer 1991

Pomeroy 1992


C Calhoun Knoke





W ter Webs Clare 1980

Otho Roelyn

C roll Car

Lidderdale 2007

Glidden 2007

Vincent Woolstock 1978






Lohrville 2007


Barnum Fort Dodge 1980 1978 Duncombe






Lanyon 2012


Blairsburg 2005

NEW Cooperative, Inc.



NEW Cooperative, Inc.

July 1, 1973

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative Through The Years Merger between Badger Cooperative Elevator and the Farmers Elevator Company of Vincent. It was decided to name the newlyformed company NEW Cooperative as these two locations were located in Northeast Webster County.



Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.

NEW Cooperative Through The Years Duncombe 1974

Roelyn 1978


Otho 1978



NEW Cooperative, Inc.


Clare 1980

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative Through The Years Barnum 1980

Knierim 1981

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.

NEW Cooperative Through The Years Lohrville 1990

Rands 1990


Palmer 1991



NEW Cooperative, Inc.


Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative Through The Years

Pomeroy 1992

Knoke 1992

Humboldt 1995

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.

NEW Cooperative Through The Years Bode 2002

LuVerne 2002

Woolstock 2005

Blairsburg 2005




NEW Cooperative, Inc.


Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative Through The Years Glidden 2007

Lidderdale 2007

Lanesboro 2007

Lanyon 2012



NEW COOP on your

40th Anniversary!

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fitzgerald’s Career Grew with NEW When Gary Fitzgerald was hired part-time by the Clare Cooperative Elevator Company in the fall of 1977, big changes were soon to come. By 1980, the Clare elevator and its branch elevator in Barnum joined NEW Cooperative, which included locations in Vincent, Badger, Duncombe, Otho and Roelyn. “Anytime there has been a unification, NEW has always improved every facility that became part of the cooperative,” said Fitzgerald, who manages NEW’s Region 2, which includes Clare, Barnum, Bode, LuVerne and Humboldt. “NEW does a very good job of keeping its equipment and facilities updated.”

making Bode an agronomy hub for the region. While modern facilities and equipment are important, so is strong leadership. “The fact that NEW has only had two general managers in its 40year history has enhanced the company’s success,” Fitzgerald noted. The growth and financial stability that have resulted from this leadership have also allowed NEW to consistently pay dividends to its members.

All this reflects NEW’s commitment to serving members. Fitzgerald added, “We’ve got a good board of directors, and our members are very loyal. They Gary Fitzgerald become like family, and I’m proud The Bode location, for example, boasts a that NEW has dedicated employees who strive to 15,000-ton fertilizer plant, seed warehouse and provide them with excellent service.” liquid nitrogen facility that were built in 2008,

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.


C oongratulations n g r a t u l a t i o n s oon n4 40 0Y Years e a r s ooff S Service ervice GLYPHOSATE


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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Pioneers of Precision Ag When Larry Eekhoff joined NEW Cooperative in 1990 as an agronomy sales specialist, no one was talking about precision ag— yet. By the fall of 1994, however, things were changing fast. “People were starting to ask about grid sampling,” said Eekhoff, who began his career at NEW’s Duncombe location. “That fall, I worked with three or four growers in Webster County to grid sample some of their fields, and we hosted some farmer meetings that winter to share the data.” Farmers were so interested in this new technology that Bob Wallentine, NEW’s general manager, gave Eekhoff the go-head to try more grid sampling. “We signed up more than 45,000 acres throughout NEW’s trade territory for the 1995 growing season,” Eekhoff recalled. “By 2000, this had grown to nearly 250,000 acres.”

In 2001, NEW developed its precision ag division called Midwest Agronomic Professional Services (MAPS). As other cooperatives and ag companies heard about MAPS, they approached NEW about managing their precision ag data. Today, MAPS provides computer hardware, precision ag software and data analysis to clients across the Midwest. “MAPS’ deep roots in agronomy have played a key role in the division’s success,” said Eekhoff, who is a fertility specialist at NEW. “I’m an agronomy guy, not an information technology guy. We developed MAPS not because it was cool, new technology, but because it made sense agronomically.” Putting all the pieces together In recent years, NEW has continued to break ground in precision ag through MAPS. The cooperative was one of the first in Iowa to use variable-rate applications of anhydrous ammonia with N-Serve nitrogen stabilizer. NEW continues to focus on providing precision ag solutions that help members maximize their yield potential.

Developing software solutions In those early days, NEW relied on AgChem’s SGIS software, and Eekhoff wrote all the precision ag prescriptions for NEW’s clients. It wasn’t long, however, before NEW’s precision ag needs exceeded the software’s capability, and Eekhoff had more work than one person could handle.

“We’ve learned a lot through the years, and we have proof that precision ag works,” Eekhoff said. “The key is to put all the pieces together into an integrated system.”

Larry Eekhoff

NEW hired its first computer programmer in 1998 to develop a software program for the cooperative’s precision ag services. “The program was pretty primitive, but it was something we could use day to day for our own purposes,” Eekhoff said. NEW’s need for specialized software continued to evolve as variable-rate technology emerged. “The companies we were working with didn’t have technology that was specific enough to meet the needs of a multi-location Midwestern ag retailer like NEW, so we created our own solutions,” Eekhoff said.

NEW’s specialists offer the expertise and guidance to tailor practical solutions to each clients’ acres. “NEW is well positioned to continue providing this high level of service in the fast-paced world of precision ag, just as it has since the 1990s,” Eekhoff said. “The cooperative is owned by its members, and we’re passionate about adding value to our members’ farming operations.”

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.


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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

MAPS Propels Precision Ag to the Next Level Getting the most from every acre doesn’t happen by accident. Since the mid 1990s, NEW Cooperative’s Midwest Agronomic Professional Services (MAPS) division has harnessed the power of technology to provide a foundation for maximum yield potential. “We’re the connection between the grower and technology,” said Terry Panbecker, MAPS department manager. “MAPS is not only a precision ag outfitter, but your partner in the field.”

make sure it has the enhancements that are needed to maximize performance.” MAPS’ software solutions aren’t limited to precision ag. Some software programs help with fleet dispatching and maintenance. “By using the software to organize work orders, you can dispatch applicators, trucks and other rolling stock more efficiently to minimize downtime,” said Panbecker, who noted that MAPS software plays a key role in NEW’s growth and financial stability. The MAPS team continues to develop new software programs. New technology that will be added to NEW’s application fleet during the summer of 2013 will track when the applicator enters and leaves each field, and what product was applied. The data will be uploaded to a centralized control system at NEW that can also provide updates to growers.

Founded in 2001, MAPS has become a trusted precision ag leader by providing: 1. Hardware sales and service. MAPS offers a complete source for high-quality precision ag hardware from Ag Leader Technology, Trimble, Precision Planting and other leading manufactures. Options include displays, guidance and steering systems, application systems, water management systems, precision ag planting and harvesting technology, and more. “We offer a full suite of hardware solutions, along with four experienced technicians who specialize in this equipment,” said Panbecker, who noted that these technicians spend the majority of their time on the farm serving clients. “We know what works, and we know what it takes to make this equipment work for you.”

Terry Panbecker

“Sales have been strong in MAPS’s hardware sector in recent years,” added Panbecker, who noted that customers don’t have to be NEW members to buy equipment from MAPS. “The service and support we provide sets MAPS apart from the competition and adds value to our customers.” 2. Software solutions. MAPS has three programmers on staff who develop software not only for NEW, but also other ag retailers throughout Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri and beyond. “It’s often too costly for the competition to develop their own software, so we license technology that can be privately branded by our clients,” Panbecker said. “Since we use this software in our own operation at NEW, we

3. Support. Collecting data is just the beginning of a successful precision ag strategy. Making sense of the information is the key to better decision making. “The data is like the farmer’s report card,” said Panbecker, who noted that information can range from final yields of various hybrids and varieties to the impact of fungicide and insecticide treatments. “Mining this information through our MAPS DM data analytics service helps growers learn which agronomic decisions provided the most value.” Agronomists are the key link in the process. Panbecker added, “The support provided through MAPS, including grower meetings and aggregate data benchmarking, strengthens the agronomist-grower relationship and helps farmers meet their management goals.” Focusing on the farmer’s needs is second-nature to Panbecker, whose family farms near Pocahontas. “We run a lot of this precision ag equipment on our farm, so I see things from the grower’s perspective.”

“The entire MAPS team is committed to streamlining precision ag technology while maximizing the benefits for clients,” he added. “Ultimately, precision ag isn’t about technology, it’s about the value this technology offers farmers to reach new levels of success.”

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW’s Feed Department Focuses on Quality While the feed business has changed dramatically in the past 40 years, NEW Cooperative has adapted and thrived. Through it all, NEW Feeds Manager Elwyn Bruhl has played a key role in the cooperative.

• NEW has built three new feed mills since 1992, including the Palmer mill in 1993, the Duncombe mill in 1998 and the Lidderdale mill in 2010. • Manually-operated feed mills have been replaced by fully automated feed mills with computerized batching systems. Customers can submit their feed orders electronically to NEW. Since 2012, all feed orders come to the main office in Fort Dodge and are dispatched to the appropriate mill.

“Feed is an important part of NEW’s business, and it provides a consistent market for our members’ corn,” said Bruhl, who grew up on a farm near Eagle Grove and began his career with Farmers Elevator Company of Vincent on Jan. 1, 1973.

• Hammer mills have been replaced by roller mills, which allow NEW Feeds to provide a more uniform product. Hogs exhibit the most efficient feed conversion when feed particle sizes measure less than 600 microns, while poultry layers perform better with feed particle sizes around 1,200 microns. “That’s the difference between silica sand and playground sand,” Bruhl said.

NEW supplies swine and poultry layer feed from its feed mills in Bode, Duncombe, Lidderdale and Palmer. In 2012, these fully automated, computerized mills produced 735,000 tons of feed—quite a switch from the 1970s, when the cooperative produced about 10,000 tons of feed annually. “That’s not the only change,” recalled Bruhl:

• Many new systems have been implemented in recent years to protect feed safety and ensure quality. NEW’s feed mills, which are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), use near infrared (NIR) equipment to test feed ingredients for protein content, mycotoxins and more. “Thanks to technology, we also have the ability to trace specific loads of feed back one to two years,” Bruhl said.

• In the 1970s, nearly every farmer in the area had livestock, including hogs, cattle and chickens. By the 1990s, integrators were changing the dynamics of livestock production in north-central Iowa, and the trend continues today. “In the early 1990s, NEW had 350 to 400 feed customers,” Bruhl said. “Today, we have approximately 60 customers, and five of them do 93 percent of our feed business.” • NEW’s feed trade territory has grown tremendously in recent years. “In the 1980s, we had nearly 50 feed customers within 10 miles of our Badger location alone,” said Bruhl, who remembers when NEW had feed mills in Badger, Humboldt, Clare, Rands, Knierim, Vincent, Blairsburg, and Pomeroy. NEW has expanded through the years. “Our trade territory now covers Highway 71 to east of Interstate 35, north of Highway 18 and south to Interstate 80.”

Elwyn Bruhl

• NEW Cooperative created its NEW Feeds division in 1992. Bruhl, who served as NEW’s Otho location manager from 1978 to 1992, was reassigned to develop this division, which now includes 34 team members and 10 contract feed delivery drivers. “When the division started, we had annual feed sales of $2 million,” Bruhl said. “Today, we’re at $130 million annually in feed and services.”

• In the near future, NEW plans to implement a bar-code system for even greater accuracy and traceability. When the feed delivery truck arrives at the farm, the driver will scan the feed ticket and a bar code on the feed bin. The information must match, or the truck won’t allow the driver to deliver the feed. This technology is being refined and will be available in the very near future. “It’s just another way to provide safe feed to make safe food.” Putting people first

Through all these changes during the past 40 years, Bruhl is most pleased that NEW Feeds has given team members the chance to grow their careers while serving NEW members. “There are a number of employees who have advanced from interns or truck drivers to agronomy sales specialists and location managers,” he noted. “We take pride in what we do at NEW, from investing in our facilities to investing in our people. Everything we do is focused on meeting the needs of our members.”


Friday, June 28, 2013

Congratulations! We look forward to many more years working with you! Dale & The Crew DALE’S PETROLEUM SERVICE, INC.

NEW Cooperative, Inc.


on your 40th Anniversary!

“Specializing in Satisfied Customers Since 1963”

2120 2ND AVENUE SOUTH FORT DODGE 515-573-2561 •

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Commercial • Residential • Industrial 2120 2ND AVENUE SOUTH FORT DODGE • 515-573-2561 •


O n Yo u r 4 0 t h A n ni v e r s a r y !

Dale Stucky

1222 North 23rd Street Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501-7941 Phone: 515-573-5897 Cell: 515-570-25011 Shop: 515-573-8625 Fax: 515-573-221

Congratulations A Company Responsive to Customer Needs!

NEW Coop on your 40th Anniversary!

We have been happy to partner with you and wish you continued success!

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NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative Gives Back NEW Cooperative’s commitment to serving the community reflects the same approach we use when serving our members— find a need and fill it. In 2011, the NEW Cooperative Foundation was established as the charitable division of NEW Cooperative, Inc. The NEW Cooperative Foundation provides financial assistance and support for youth, agriculture, community organizations and other events that enhance the quality of life in communities throughout NEW’s service area. “Being civic minded is important, and we want to do our part,” said Brent Bunte, general manager. The NEW Cooperative Foundation invests in youth development opportunities, from 4-H sponsorships to college scholarships, to support the next generation of ag leaders. “We pay for half of the membership dues for each 4-H member in NEW’s trade area. In addition, the NEW Cooperative Foundation has awarded more than 100 scholarships to local students pursuing agricultural degrees at Iowa colleges.” “Many of these 4-H members and scholarship winners have returned to the local area to farm,” Bunte said. “NEW has also been fortunate to hire a number of these scholarship winners through the years.” Investing in rural Iowa The NEW Cooperative Foundation invests thousands of dollars each year in community support and development. These areas can include fire and rescue, emergency, medical and health services; local community events, community betterment/enhancement projects; and fundraising events to support local community programs and projects. The NEW Cooperative Foundation also supports other organizations and projects that promote agriculture and conservation. In recent months, the NEW Cooperative Foundation has

contributed more than $40,000 to the Manson Area Community Center, St. Anthony’s Hospital, St. Mary’s School, playgrounds in Pomeroy and Palmer, the Backpack Buddies program, the Beacon of Hope Shelter, the LuVerne Elementary School, the Wright County District Junior Fair and many other worthy causes. Making a positive difference Many NEW Cooperative employees also support their local communities by serving on the boards of churches, coaching youth sports teams, serving as town mayors and city council members, serving on volunteer fire departments, and supporting school booster clubs and other local organizations. “NEW is proud to serve members through our 22 locations, and the NEW Cooperative Foundation keeps us focused on giving back to our local communities,” Bunte said.

PSI would like to congratulate NEW Cooperative on their 40th Anniversary printing services, inc.

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L belmond L ft. dodge L webster city

Congratulations on 40 years of success


N E W Coop NEW Coop

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Congratulations On Your 40th Anniversary

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Call or 515-576-6481 1-800-397-0025 or go to If your water looks like this.. Call or 515-576-6481 Call or 515-576-6481 1-800-397-0025 or go toor go to 1-800-397-0025 If your water looks like this..

Let us help to make it look like this!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative Knows Grain • Total grain storage capacity in the NEW Cooperative system: 65 million bushels. • NEW has the ability to dump grain at approximately 685,000 bushels per hour across all 21 receiving facilities. • NEW handles nearly 80 million bushels of grain per year.

• NEW has four rail loadout facilities at Clare, Knierim, Roelyn and Vincent. These facilities are strategically placed to increase the value of corn for NEW’s members. • NEW is able to ship members’ grain to every major market in the United States and Mexico. • NEW owns a fleet of 40 semi trucks and dispatches more than 60 trucks per day.

NEW Cooperative Knows Agronomy • NEW operates seven fertilizer hubs serving as central dispatch locations servicing members across a trade territory covering 15,000 square miles, with the majority of business in 15 counties. • 105,000 total ton fertilizer storage with the ability to unload unit trains of liquid and dry fertilizers • 325,000 total gallons bulk herbicide storage • Servicing over 1,000,000 acres per year custom applications of fertilizers and chemicals

Friday, June 28, 2013

NEW Cooperative, Inc.



NEW Cooperative, Inc.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Congratulations on 40 Years from your friends at O’Halloran

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