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Farm News / Fort DoDge, Iowa

FrIDaY, Dec . 21, 2012

Look ma, no wires SPIRIT LAKE —Technology abounds in agriculture today — variable rate fertilizer applications, auto steering, precision planting, GPS spraying and harvesting to name a few. Managing your stored grain now offers some exciting new technology as well. A producer can monitor stored grain without leaving the house or from any location that has Internet service. Tri-States Grain Conditioning Inc. now offers two wireless systems that can make monitoring stored grain easier and faster than getting that second cup of coffee. Using TSGC temperature cables to give a complete temperature profile of their bins, producers will be able to monitor their

grain more efficiently and with greater accuracy than ever before. The SafeTrack Wireless Grain Temperature Monitoring System can be programmed to automatically take temperatures and save them for later viewing. Grain temperature history reports are also available to be printed out. Instead of taking two to three hours for a large operation, reading temperatures can now be done in minutes. Another option is the GrainTRAC remote bin monitoring system. This system utilizes a cell phone modem to transfer data from the TSGC temperature cables to an internet website, The producer is given a user name and a password to ensure privacy. Once logged onto the website,

the producer can view a graphical display of his temperatures as well as numerical. Either of these wireless systems will save you time and money, while providing peace of mind about the true condition of your grain. Knowing your grain temperatures, while watching for changes, is the only safe way to monitor the condition of your grain. TSGC Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of grain temperature monitoring equipment in the world and is located in Spirit Lake, Iowa. For more information or a free, no obligation quote, contact Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc. at (800) 438.8367, or

FrIDaY, Dec. 21, 2012

Farm News / Fort DoDge, Iowa


Innovative products for grain processing ODEBOLT — A leading manufacturer of innovative plastic products, Lundell Plastics has nearly saturated the agriculture industry with its products, and the company is expanding in a related market: grain processing. Lundell Plastics is seeing increased sales to grain-processing plants around the U.S. and has made a name for itself in this industry that processes grain for ethanol, livestock feed and human consumption. With its 30th year of product innovations approaching in 2011, the company continually looks for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs for customers. Several months ago, Lundell Plastics added a 13,000-square-foot expansion to its Odebolt, headquarters in order to accommodate high demand from various industries.

Lundell Plastics first entered the grain-processing market about 20 years ago, gaining traction by offering plastic products to replace traditional steel parts, which are prone to corrosion and not as durable as Lundell's hightech poly. They’ve also recently introduced new products that

will benefit grain-processing plants, including drag conveyer paddles, U-trough liners and plastic auger flighting. Considering the processing plants’ needs, Lundell Plastics offers flighting to fit 10-, 13- and 17-inch augers. Since processing plants handle significantly more

grain than small farms, they require larger diameters of Lundell Plastics’ products to fit their commercialgrade augers. Brian Lundell said customers are pleased with the Lundell Plastics products because “they’re happy to see cost savings, both with the initial prices and the savings over time.”

Lundell believes that because many plants find it difficult to reduce operating costs, Lundell Plastics products have been able to successfully advance quickly in the grain-processing industry, even in the international market. From the company’s headquarters in Odebolt, Lundell Plastics has

shipped its products throughout the U.S. and around the globe for nearly 30 years. Lundell said he anticipates more sales to the grain-processing industry in the future as they add new products and larger sizes of existing products. “We can offer customers some things that bigger companies can’t,” he said. “I think part of the reason we’ve grown into the grainprocessing industry is because of our approach toward personal service. “As we branch out, we maintain focus on costumer service, which will ultimately help our customers grow their businesses too.” For more information about Lundell Plastics and its products visit: or contact Brian Lundell at (877) 367-7659 or


Farm News / Fort DoDge, Iowa

FrIDaY, Dec. 21, 2012

Complete On-Line Sturdiest hay racks Inventory!



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BOONE —What started as a hobby has turned into a cottage business for rural Boone residents Dave and Mary Knight. They transform used utility poles into full dimension lumber and make hay racks. With 4-by-8-inch beams underneath and full 2-inch thick planks for the bed they are some of the sturdiest racks around. The racks are 8-feet wide and 16-feet long and feature a 5-foot back. All the customer does is supply the running gear, Dave Knight said. Knight said he purchased utility poles five years ago, along with a sawmill, to build himself a garage. But first he needed a new hay rack and made one for himself. Then a neighbor saw it and suggested he try to sell them. A couple sold at an auction, Knight said, then the

-Farm News photo by Kriss Nelson

Dave anD Mary Knight own onion creek Products. one of their hay racks is in the background. auctioneer ordered two and other people ordered racks and a flourishing extra income stream was created. “Everything is made from the utility poles,” Knight said. “It keeps them out of the landfill and puts them into pretty good use.” As a trademark, Knight

attaches an old horseshoe to the back. The sawmill is also available for custom work and the Knights also buy walnuts in October and hull them for Hammond Products, based in Stockton, Mo. By the way, the garage never got built, Knight said.

ONION CREEK PRODUCTS • Hay Racks • Saw Mill • Walnuts

Dave Knight Boone, Iowa 50036


FrIDaY, Dec. 21 2012

Farm News / Fort DoDge, Iowa


Seed conditioning facility looks to future (Reprinted with permission from Seed Today) SHELL ROCK — Epley Brothers Hybrids, Inc., a third generation, family-owned seed company, spans the development of the hybrid seed corn industry in the United States. Established by brothers Kenneth and Floyd Epley in 1934, the company history begins when ears of double cross-hybrid seed were dried on steel racks, shelled by hand, and sold in hand-tied bags. Remnants of that bygone era are still on display in the small building that serves as a Epley’s parent seed house. Juxtapositioned across a small, grassy yard from the old parent stock house is a new 2012 conditioning tower complete with optical sorter, and refuge-in-a-bag packing equipment designed to blend and pack the most current, eight-trait stacked GM corn hybrids. Nearby are three corrugated

steel grain bins outfitted with Jelco dryers. Holding the entire seed business together is a family belief that their seed products are a personal expression of the family’s commitment to take responsibility for their customers’ yields and profits by providing highest quality hybrids designed specifically for local growing conditions. The operation of the seed business is managed by Kenneth Epley’s four sons — Paul, James, Wayne and Robert. “Our motto is to provide dependability of yield to our customers,” said Bill Rover, Kenneth’s grandson. “We as a family are directly involved in the business and closely supervise every detail of growing and conditioning the seed that carries our name.” All Epley’s corn and soybean seed is produced on the family’s 1,500-acre farm, plus on a few additional rented acres.

Maturity E9706LL E1006LL E1706LL

Dealer network Epley Brothers seed products are distributed in Iowa and in three surrounding states — southern Minnesota, eastern South Dakota, and eastern Nebraska through a network of farmer dealers. “The hybrids we produce are selected for the growing conditions in our market area,” said Paul Epley. “There is a vast difference between Epley Brothers hybrids and those mass-produced by other companies. “With conditions being so different in the same maturity area as you cross the country, the practice of mass-producing hybrids usually eliminates the best hybrids for a specific local area,” he said. Epley’s marketing targets grain and dual-purpose customers. Most of their customers operate less than 5,000 acres. “Each year we produce hybrids with a wide range of


97 E1207HXLL 100 E1317HXLL 107 E1417HXLL E2207HXLL E1807HXLL E2607HXLL

100 100 104 106 108 110

MSRP: $115 MSRP: $175 Maturity E1009HXTLL E1579HXTLL E1509HXTLL E2307HXTLL E1909HXTLL


100 E9901CVLLRW 99 104 E1401CBLLRW 105 106 109

seed business. Those plans, however, were derailed by some unforeseen events. However, in 2011, their plans were revised and updated by Popp Engineering, of Ames, with construction set for 2012. “In some ways, we are fortunate that our facility has been designed now rather that 10 years earlier when we could foresee RIB packaging or the need to provide expanded seed treatment options,” Rover said. “What we have now is a facility capable of answering our need for top quality seed through the foreseeable future.” Major features of the new facility include: ∫ Westrup cleaners for flat screen sizing. ∫ RIB packaging for bulk, mini-bulk, and single-unit containers, open-ended blending percentage. Conditioning facility ∫ Satake optical sorter. Ten years ago, the Epley ∫ Oliver Mfg. gravity sepbrothers made plans for a multi-phase expansion of their arator.

agronomic strengths and with varying combinations of disease and pest resistance to suit our customers’ varied conditions,” said Wayne Epley. “When we look at the GM traits available to us, we select traits and genetic selections that will work together to serve a purpose for our customers. “Our seed products are more than items in a catalog. They represent our pledge to our customers that we will create better-than-average adapted seed so that they can make the most profit from every seed they plant.” The company’s 2012 corn seed catalog includes 56 hybrids ranging in maturity from 95 days to 113 days. The product list includes nine Epley Gold Star conventional hybrids with no GM traits.

∫ Bayer CropScience seed coaters. Seed exits the Westrup cleaner separated into two flat and two round grades. Next in line is the Satake sorter and the Oliver gravity separator. “By putting the optical scanner immediately after the Westrup cleaner, we are able to pull out the off-color small rounds which takes some of the pressure off the gravity,” Rover said. “We still have the option of going to three round sizes if needed.” Using a flat screen is slower than using a drum sizer, but Epley brothers feel it is more gentle on seed. In order for customers to get 99 percent or better planting singulation, grading is necessary. “With this new facility, we are light years ahead of where we were,” Rover concludes. “We have made a commitment to the future, to our customers, and to helping them realize the full potential of our seed products.”

More Options for Your Farm Are you tired of enormous increases the corporate seed companies have padded down?

We have a great supply of Roundup ® free LibertyLink ®, Herculex ®, and Agrisure ® CBLL corn hybrids along with a complete line-up of conventual and Roundup ® stacks. We pride ourselves in seed quality paired with a diverse line-up to bring our customers the most profit per acre.

A family owned and operated independent seed company!

Let us help you improve your bottom line!

MSRP: $220 MSRP: $230

We also handle alfalfa, soybeans & grass seeds

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FrIDaY, Dec. 21, 2012

There’s a spreader for all seasons OELWEIN — FORCE Unlimited’s product line has evolved from 18-plus years of hard work, experience and dedication to designing high performance and practicality into every product. One, two, three or fourproduct fertilizer/lime spinner spreader boxes, spreader trailers, conveyors and controllers are the heart of their product line. The Agforce was the first fertilizer/lime spinner spreader box designed by FORCE Unlimited. It is the most modern spreader on the market today. The Agforce FL3024 features the fewest moving, and better quality, parts to equal less maintenance. It features an extra heavy-duty belt over chain, the largest conveyor drive gearbox in the industry, incab electronic control of

FOrCe UnLIMITeD’S Quad Force four-compart- FOrCe UnLIMITeD’S tri Force three-compartment spreading unit. ment spreading unit. spinner speed with feedback, and is operatorfriendly. The Pro-Force litter/fertilizer/lime spinner spreader box stems from the Agforce. It has the same features as the Agforce, but features a wider bottom and has an optional larger spinner assembly. The combination of steeper side slope and wider

conveyor width provides for a lower center of gravity and faster unloading. Diversifying the product line even further, the DuoForce (two compartments), Tri-Force and Quad-Force (three and four micronutrient bins) were developed allowing the user to spread one to four products with independent variable rate control in one pass. They

can be added to both the Agforce and Pro-Force units at any time. The FORCE Unlimited units can be mounted on various floater, truck and row crop sprayer chassis or trailer-mounted. Trailer-mounted units are available with optional row crop tires, flotation tires or tracks. Units are available in 10- to 25-ton capacities

and will accurately spread lime and gypsum 40-foot to 60-foot and fertilizer, urea, litter, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, K MAG or even multiple products 80-foot to 90-foot. To round out their “FORCE Field” FORCE Unlimited also manufactures the Patented HPC30A Belt Conveyor. It will unload lime, fertilizer, dirt, or

rock quickly (10 to 20 tons per minute lime capacity depending on lime density). Hydraulic cylinders on the hopper provide for a simple hook up and a non fold-up transport allows for an exact placement of the low profile hopper. Specialty conveyors include the Undercar Hooded Conveyor for easy undercar loading and the Chicken Litter Conveyor that has a specially designed hopper for pushing chicken litter onto the conveyor. From their spinner assemblies to the valving and controllers, no element has been overlooked. Whether you need to spread one product or multiple products the FORCE Unlimited product line will meet and exceed your needs. FORCE Unlimited can be contacted at (800) 6325986.

FrIDaY, Dec. 21, 2012

Farm News / Fort DoDge, Iowa


A quality waterer with a quality reputation CONRAD — In 1921, Thomas Ritchie, of Oskaloosa, patented the first automatic waterer device by connecting underground running water to an automatic, float-controlled watering equipment. At that time, Ritchie heated his waterers with a kerosene lamp and the water remained free-flowing even in cold weather. Farmers liked the laborsaving qualities of Ritchie’s first patented waterer and from there a new business was born. Today, after a move to Conrad in 1943, and almost 90 years later, Ritchie is employee-owned and can point with pride to an unmatched reputation for quality and integrity. Automatic waterers are

Ritchie’s specialty which allows us to continually improve, evolve with the needs of our customers and maintain our continuous reputation for reliability. The evolution of our waterers took us from the first kerosene-heated waterer to all-metal units, fully insulated plastic to today’s topof-the-line combination plastic and stainless steel units. Using our years of experience with meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers, we have developed, and are, the only watering company capable of combining premium steel and fully insulated, impact resistant plastic that can reliably handle the most severe winters, while remaining energy efficient. Ritchie now has a line-up rITCHIe’S livestock wa- of more than 40 waterers terers can withstand se- that are sure to meet the needs of our customers in vere winters.

almost any situation and climate. Designed to withstand the most severe feedlot abuse, Ritchie waterers will last for years. Knowing this, Ritchie has strived to maintain consistency in all of the waterer parts. This dedication to our product integrity has allowed customers to purchase replacement parts, even if their waterers are 30 years old. Ritchie employees are proud of the continuous quality they have been able to provide to our customers. With the help of our worldwide distributor network, Ritchie products will continue to grow and evolve well into the future. For more information or the name of a nearby dealer, call (800) 669-4038 or email or


Farm News / Fort DoDge, Iowa

FrIDaY, Dec. 21, 2012

EPS’s award-winning building structures Unique construction and energy-efficiency hallmarks of these designs GRAETTINGER— In 2012, Energy Panel Structures received several awards for building excellence. They received three Building Excellence Awards from the Structural Insulated Panel Association and an award from the National Frame Builders Association. The awards recognize buildings for their energyefficiency and unique construction. EPS was also recognized by readers of Rural Builder as a Top 10 Product for 2012. EPS is headquartered in Graettinger, and is known for a diverse market of products including structural insulated panel sys-

enerGy PaneL STrUCTUreS’ award-winning designs include (top left) post frame building systems, (top right) solid core buildings. tems, residential, agricultural, commercial and food processing buildings. These include: ∫ Solid Core buildings: SIPs offer ENERGY STAR-qualified buildings that are 50 percent more energy efficient than conventional construction. Building with SIPs saves

Iowa’s Topp Choice for

time, money, waste and fills the need for green building. ∫ Post-frame buildings: These buildings feature 6foot to 12-foot bay spacing with laminated columns, either in-ground or on concrete. Roof trusses are pre-engineered, designed and guaranteed to


accommodate commercial or agricultural snow and wind loads. State-of-theart design eliminates knee braces and allows maximum use of space. ∫ Livestock buildings: Total controlled environmental buildings are used in breeding, gestation, farrowing and nursery barns.

They are constructed using R-19 SIPs with an aluminum skin. Classic conventional construction is also available. ∫ Tuffy cooler and freezer buildings with no structural steel; and Energy Lok foam core panels for interior coolers. EPS serves all of the

U.S. except for the far western and southwestern states through a network of more than 350 authorized builders. A second location in Perryville, Mo., serves customers in the southeastern states. Energy Panel Structures Inc. was established in 1981 as a subsidiary of MacArthur Co. Both companies are ESOP, employee-owned companies. MacArthur Company was founded in 1913 and is based in St. Paul, Minn., and has a total of 25 locations which, along with EPS, serves the upper Midwest, West Coast, Idaho, Colorado and Montana with more than $350 million in products annually.

 With headquar h ters in Graettingerrr,, EPS provides customers ustom across the U.S. with the strongest, most ost diversified d line of products for agricultural, residential esiden and commercial building needs. ƒ Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPs) ƒ Post Frame Building Systems ƒ Agricultural Buildings ƒ Complete Engineered Designs and Drawings ƒ Energy Lok™Freezer and Cooler Panels

New Jersey Delaware

West West Virginia Virginiaa Kentucky

Virginia Virginia

Tennesee T e ennesee


North Carolina Carolina

New Mexico Miss. Ala.

Georgia Georgia

South Carolina Carolina

Louisiana Florida

Simply Better er Buildings

Phone: 800-967-2130 100% Employee Owned–100% Committed to Quality

FrIDaY, Dec. 21, 2012

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Kauffman’s Wood Kreations Custom signs, barn quilts

EAGLE GROVE — Kauffman’s Wood Kreations is a small, one-person company based out of Eagle Grove. The company specialize in custom-building toy barns and exact small-scale replicas of original barns or farm buildings. Everything is hand-crafted specifically for children’s intense play. All of the working gates, latches, shingles and curtains are built solid and sturdy and can even come complete with toy farm animals and machinery. Everything is built with a child’s safety in mind and is a great way for children to interact and learn about the aspects of farming as well as keeping them occupied. John Kauffman, who is the owner and operator of Kaufman’s Wood Kreations, also makes feeder barns, machine

reflect character of community, business or residence

JOHn KaUFFMan’S farm building replicas are designed with child’s play and safety in mind. sheds, livestock confinements, gas stations, garages and more. He can custom-build small scale replicas of any

barn or building or any aspect of farm buildings. For more information contact Kauffman at (515) 603-6730.

Ka auffman’s u f f m a n ’ s W ood ood K rreations eations Hand Crafted little toys, folding fences, gates, feed bunks, loading chutes, cattle & hog waters.

Custom Made Toys: Barns, Machine Sheds, Gas Stations, Hog & Cattle Confinements.

John E. Kauffman

612 SE 2nd St. Eagle Grove, Iowa

Phone: 515-603-6730 Cell: 515-851-2437

DICKENS — Barn quilts of any size and any design are a specialty of Remillard Signs & Barn Quilts of Dickens. The family owned company will handpaint barn quilts from any selected design on their website, or will copy a customer’s own designs. Remillard also does custom wood and vinyl community, business and residential signs. Each carved cedar sign or vinyl sign is a unique work of art reflecting the character of the community, business or residence. All signs are custom-made to meet specifications. For more informatiomn contact Remillard at (877) 966-3744 or visit:

reMILLarD’S CarveD cedar wood and vinyl signs are a unique work of art for communities, businesses and residences.

reMILLarD’S CarveD cedar wood signs add character to a rural residence.

BARN QUILTS & WOOD SIGNS • Century Farm Signs • Dock Signs • Gifts • Custom Routing • Gift Certificates Available 2855 370th Street • Dickens, IA 51333 877-wood-signs (966-3744)


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FrIDaY, Dec. 21, 2012

A versatile machine all growing season CLARION — In 1947, Ray Hagie invented the world’s first self-propelled sprayer and founded Hagie Manufacturing. Three generations, millions of acres and over 65 years later, Hagie Manufacturing continues to provide a superior customer experience, while building on our family owned traditions and values. Today, Hagie Manufacturing remains family owned and is being managed by Alan Hagie, the grandson of founder, Ray Hagie. Alan also raises corn and soybeans on the same farmland that his grandfather and father once farmed. “We are able to understand our customers’ needs because we are in the same business,� Alan Hagie said. Similar to his grandfather’s vision over 65 years ago,

Hagie Manufacturing continues to operate on a factory-direct model, allowing the company to be involved in all aspects of the customer’s experience. Hagie manufactures selfpropelled sprayers with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 1,600 gallons, to best suit the needs of agriculture producers and retailers. Hagie’s self-propelled sprayers feature a 6-foothigh clearance design, giving producers full season capability to perform preseason through late-season applications. Full-season application capability allows operators to perform timely applications when crops need it most, paying back in yield. Hagie’s front-mounted booms provide great visibility, while reducing driver fatigue and increasing efficiencies. Booms are avail-

HaGIe ManUFaCTUrInG displayed its self-propelled sprayer lines at the 2012 Farm Progress show in Boone. able in a variety of widths, ranging from 60 to 120 feet to best suit the needs of your operation. Enhanced full-season versatility with available attachments, including a Nitrogen Tool Bar attachment to perform full season side-

dressing of nitrogen when crops need it most. Detasseling attachments are also available in cutter and puller designs. Operators increase efficiencies with faster fill and load times through front and side fill pumps.

With a 20-mile-per-hour field speed, Hagie sprayers are capable to cover more acres. With the balanced and lightweight design, as well as with high torque wheel motors available, Hagie sprayers are capable of

working effectively and increasing efficiencies on various types of terrain. The light-weight, balanced, high-clearance design reduces compaction and tracks, while also allowing capability to perform in field applications in adverse soil conditions. With a clean frame, underbelly and leg design, a narrow-wheel package, AllWheel Steer, and fine adjustment tread width, Hagie machines are able to perform late-season applications while minimizing crop damage. Hagie Manufacturing’s innovative crop protection solutions enhance versatility, advance capability and increase efficiency, to optimize our customers’ growth. For more information call (800) 247-4885 or visit

B Y PROVIDING TTHE BY HE M MOST O S T INNO INNOVATIVE VAT AT I V E APPLIC APPLICATION AT ION AT EQUIPMENT IN I N THE T H E CROP C RO P PRODUCTION P R O D U C T I O N INDUSTRY INDUSTRY For over 65 years, Hagie Manufacturing has continued to provide our customers with a superior experience, while building on our family owned traditions and values.

“Although we don’t aim to be the biggest, we do aim to be the best.� –Alan Hagie

President/CEO, Hagie Mfg


Hagie Manufacturing Co Clarion, IA

FrIDaY, Dec. 21, 2012

Farm News / Fort DoDge, Iowa

“Move-It” skidloader attachment allows machinery movement with visibility for the operator ALTON — Dennis Von Arb, inventor and the person in charge of sales and marketing, saw a need to design a piece of equipment to help with visibility and maneuverability while moving machinery around the farm. He then designed the “Move-It” and gave this design to Custom Cut Manufacturing Inc., of Sheldon, who took the blueprint of Von Arb’s idea and brought it to life. Von Arb then used the prototype of “Move-It” for two years before starting the manufacturing process. The “Move-It” is a skid loader attachment that helps move machinery, wagons and 5th wheel trailers in and out of the machine shed as well as around the yard. Built with heavy duty construction the “Move-It” works with both large and small skid loaders and allows great visibility for the driver. For more information contact Von Arb Ag, in Alton, at (712) 756-4578.


A skid loader attachment to move machinery, wagons and 5th wheel trailers in and out of machine sheds. Heavy-duty construction to work with the largest skid loaders with great visibility. Competitively priced time-saving equipment mover.

Made by Custom Cut Mfg. Inc. of Sheldon, Iowa Distributed byVon Arb Ag of Alton, Iowa



Helping producers grow conrad american part of five-company conglomerate Hawkeye Steel Products Inc. is comprised of five companies — “old” Hawkeye Steel Products, Inc. (whose principal brand name is Pride of the Farm), Conrad-American Inc., Eaton, Brower and Marlor. Hawkeye Steel Products Inc. was started in 1920 by Martin Lorenzen in Marshalltown. He moved his small factory to Waterloo, in 1923. His son started a second company in Council Bluffs in 1963. He named the company after his father, Marlor. Conrad-American Inc. was started in 1968 in

Houghton by Leonard Conrad. Conrad was producer and marketer of hybrid corn. He began selling grain bins to his seed customers in the 1960s and started manufacturing his own bins in 1968. Brower Manufacturing was founded in Quincy, Ill., in 1922 by William J. Brower. The company originated as a mail order house distributor. Brower started manufacturing in the 1930s. Eaton was established by Albert Nathaniel Eaton of Omaha, Neb., in 1903. Eaton’s first product was a stock tank patented in 1909. He expanded into grain bins, welded tanks, packaging and washing equipment and energy free waterers. The five companies

were merged into “new” Hawkeye Steel Products Inc. in 1986. Operations were consolidated in Houghton. The Brower brand name was added to all Marlor products. The other brand names have been maintained. The company is privately owned. Hawkeye Steel manufactures equipment for four markets: These include: ∫ Grain and oilseed storage (corrugated steel structures and accessories). ∫ Livestock production (swine, cattle, sheep, horse and wildlife). ∫ Poultry production (broilers, game birds and small flocks). ∫ Poultry meat processing (small and mediumsized plants) The company’s products are sold in all 50 states and in 25 countries each year.


Conrad American is a leading manufacturer of America’s finest and heaviest grain management systems. Our commitment to quality and service is what sets us apart. Call your local Conrad American dealer today!


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FrIDaY, Dec. 21, 2012


Due to the popularity of our first two editions of “Iowa Farm Life” that came out in 2005 and 2008, Farm News is proud to announce the publishing of our third classic hard cover book celebrating the heritage of rural Iowa. This heirloom coffee table book features photos and stories capturing life in rural communities and on Farms from the early days to present day. These photos are from the photo collections of individuals throughout our area.

Books are available for pick up at our office.

713 Central Ave., Fort Dodge, IA

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Books at $36.50 each (includes tax) and pick up at the Farm News Office. Books at $36.50 each (includes tax) plus $4 for shipping and handling per book and have my order shipped to address below.



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Farm News Book Offer P.O. Box 659 • Fort Dodge, IA 50501 Call 800-622-6613 ext 451 to order

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Card Exp. Date____/ Messenger Publication Serving Farmers in Northwest and North Central Iowa

713 Central Ave., Fort Dodge, IA Call today to order (800) 622-6613 ext. 451 or order online at

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A publication of Farm News depicting manufacturers from Iowa and their services.