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2014 Corn Edition

Better weed management is essential Owen: Farmers must be proactive to resistant weeds By ANGELA KNEIFL

SHELDON — Managing ahead of resistant weeds, rather than reacting to them, was the Jan. 6 message of Dr. Mike Owen, an Iowa State University weed specialist, to an audience of more than 120 at the Crop Advantage Series in Sheldon. Explaining it is necessary for farmers to develop a weed management program in advance, and not just attacking resistant weeds,

Owen said: “Weeds will adapt, you must know your herbicide action group.” There are numerous ways for weed seeds to migrate, whether through livestock manure spread on a field or the combine sowing them liberally at harvest. According to Owen, waterhemp, horseweed — also known as marestail — and giant ragweed have developed herbicide resistance in Iowa. In fact, he said, 30 percent of Iowa’s weeds are re-

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sistant to various herbicides, so a coordinated program of chemicals used to burn weeds down is necessary. Due to the continual use of the same herbicide each year contributed to weeds developing resistance to glyphosate, the active element in Round-up herbicide. Owen said a diversity of herbicide protocols need to be used to keep or slow a weed’s capability of developing resistance, Owen said. He said the U.S. leads the word in prevalence of resistant weeds. He said Dow Chemical Co. has developed a soybean trait that is resistant to dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, or 2,4-D, and is meant as an alternative to Round-Up Ready soybeans. The event was held at the -Farm News photo by Larry Kershner Best Western Starlite Vil- DR. MIKE OWEN, an ISU Extension weed specialist, speaks to a Jan. 22 audilage Inns and Suites. ence in Fort Dodge about herbicide resistant weeds.

Iowa’s corn stock grows Corn increases 11 percent; soybeans increase 1 percent By USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service IOWA Iowa corn stocks in all positions on Dec. 1, 2013 totaled 1.74 billion bushels, up 11 percent from Dec. 1, 2012, according to the Jan. 10 U.S. Department of Agriculture-National Agricultural Statistics Service grain stocks report. Of the total stocks, 62 percent were stored on-farm. The September to November 2013 quarter indicated disappearance totaled 629 million bushels, 16 percent more than the 543 million bushels used during the same period last year. Iowa soybeans stored in all positions on Dec. 1, 2013 totaled 340 million bushels, up 1 percent from the 338 million bushels on hand Dec. 1, 2012. Of the total stocks, 40 percent were stored on-farm. Indicated disappearance for September to November 2013 is 112 million bushels, 3 percent less than the 115 million bushels used during the same quarter last year.

Position and grain

IOwa STOCKS Dec. 1, 2012 Dec. 1, 2013 1,000 BU 1,000 BU

2013 percent of 2012

On-Farm Stocks Corn Soybeans

910,000 145,000

1,07,000 135,000

118 93

Off-Farm Stocks* Corn Soybeans

650,221 193,067

666,589 204,798

103 106

1,560,221 338,067

1,736,598 339,798

111 101

Total Stocks Corn Soybeans

*Includes stocks at mills, elevators, warehouses, terminals and processors. -Source: USDA

Position and grain

unITeD STaTeS STOCKS Dec. 1, 2012 Dec. 1, 2013 1,000 BU 1,000 BU

2013 percent of 2012

On-Farm Stocks Corn Soybeans

4,586,000 910,000

6,380,000 955,000

139 105

Off-Farm Stocks* Corn Soybeans

3,446,732 1,056,161

4,046,104 1,192,558

117 113

Total Stocks Corn Soybeans

8,032,732 1,966,161

10,426,104 2,147,558

130 109

*Includes stocks at mills, elevators, warehouses, terminals and processors. -Source: USDA

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2014 Corn Edition  
2014 Corn Edition  

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