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Witch Balls, Captivating And Beautiful Works Of Art Witch balls are generally colorful spheres crafted from hand blown art glass. They are a delicate and beautiful decoration traditionally hung in east-facing windows, and they can make a statement anywhere in a home or yard. These particular balls have long had a standing in history. They date back over 600 years. The first balls were created back in Medieval times and although were meant to be rounded in shape they were sloppy. Time considerably improved the construction and materials, the balls were made of higher quality glass in the Victorian era and were often a sign of wealth. These days, they are colorful displays of fine crafted artwork. It is up to you to figure out if they hold mystical powers or not. It is the legend behind these spherical decorations that makes them as intriguing as they are enchanting. The history behind the witch ball will certainly vary, as most myths do from generation to generation. The purpose behind them remains the same no matter which legend you have heard. They are believed to protect the homeowner from witches, evil spells, illness, ill fortune, and negativity. It is said that the strong colors as well as the dimensions attract negative energy. Some say that the swirling colors and unique sizes attract evil, which then becomes mesmerized and trapped in the orb. With this the spirit can have no impact on its surroundings. Witches are lured to the ball by the sparkly bubbles and colorful strands of the glass, in which folklore suggests that these creatures that are prone to curiosity and cannot resist the mysterious spheres. As the witches go to investigate the enchanting ball, they find themselves trapped inside for eternity, unable to do harm. Fisherman tied the balls to their netting to ward off evil spirits they believed they experienced on the seas. The final storyline states that the ball works as a magnet. The ball is filled with positive energy and draws negative energy towards it, warding off depression and illness. Whenever the ball is dusted, the negative energy can be cleared away. Depending on their time and place in history, these witches' balls have had several names attached to them. They have been identified as: Fairy Orbs, Friendship Balls, plus Spirit Balls. When making reference to the balls as fairy orbs, it will take on the total opposite in meaning as the witch ball. Fairy Orbs are said to draw in positive energy and bring great luck to the residence in which it is displayed. When considering the ball as a friendship orb, the sphere symbolizes eternity, that goes round and round indefinitely. The shimmer of the ball represents the friend's spirit and the contrasting colors are said to signify the different personalities. In Colonial times these spheres were recognized as spirit balls. Much like a witches ball, these spheres were perfectly round balls nonetheless they had an opening at one end to allow the evil spirit entry into the orb. Witches' balls are still crafted today of hand blown glass, a technique involving inflating molten glass cautiously using a blow pipe. A glassblower or gaffe is what these artisans are called. As the glass loses heat, it hardens and maintains its form. Adding small amounts of metal oxides allows for the various coloring prior to being melted and shaped. Full of mystery and lure, these decorative balls are captivating and attractive. They are a great gift for any celebration especially given their colorful history and amazing simplicity. Add more visual interest in your yard with the help of witch balls from CreekTree Creative Resources. A lot more specifics on CreekTree Creative Resources are attainable at the CreekTree Creative Resources, LLC

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Witch Balls, Captivating And Beautiful Works Of Art  

Add more visual interest in your yard with the help of witch balls from CreekTree Creative Resources. A lot more specifics on CreekTree Crea...

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