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Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer






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Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer

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Real Estate Transfers The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 10-23: Hunters Ridge Farm, Eldred Neubauer Jr. and others to Hunters Ridge Estates, $100,000 64 Hanning Lane, The Estate of Ronald Prater Jr. and others to Lawrence Prater, $8,500 4009 Chapel Lane, Stephen Hunter Wilson and Destany M. Wilson to Derrick J. Pate, $235,000 6040 Hayden Bridge Road, Dan Thomas Custom Homes LLC to Steven Simmons, Chelsea Root, $145,000 916 Christopher Greenup Drive, Kimberly F. Johnson and Jeffrey S. Johnson to Myra L. Williams, $163,000 3801 and 3821 Vincent Station Road, H & I Development Inc. to Setabacheha LLC, $457,300 709 Colorado Drive, Gregory Lee Basil to Nu Reh and Meh Moe, $144,900 2207 Lovell Drive, Ellen Jean Ferguson to Blake Evans, $115,900 316 Tamarack Road, Estate of Ruth Y. Payne to SSG 1998 LLC, $116,000 2427 Thornton Ave., Estate of Ruth Y. Payne to SSG 1998 LLC, $126,000 300 Longfellow Drive, Estate of Ruth Y. Payne to SSG 1998 LLC, $126,000 2771 Wayside Drive, Billy Joe Jones and Robin Jones to Logan Keith Donahue and Whitney Marie Donahue, $60,000 3517 Bordeaux Loop North, Lisa J. Loftus and Mary K. Elliot to Cheryl J. Marshall, $247,600 120 West 17th St., Javier Hernandez and Sandra Lynn Hernandez to Jacob Putman, $172,400 2521 Lake Pointe, Lewisport Mobile Court LLC to Brandon Wathen, Emily Brooks, $155,000 2606 Cherokee Drive South, Jana Russelburg and Cody Russelburg to

Saturday, July 16 SOUTH

L. Steve Castlen, Realtors 1220 Standish Place Ken Plas EAST Tony Clark Realtors 1619 Graves Lane, Maceo Angela Clark L. Steve Castlen, Realtors 4512 Woodlake Run Stephanie Fee L. Steve Castlen, Realtors 3819 Thruston Dermont Road Tony Anderson

Mohammed Ali Mohammud and Hamdi I. Alas, $170,000 1635 Forrest Lane, Sharon G. NeSmith to Jeff Daugherty, Andrew Nunez, $262,500 3839 Shelly Drive, MSL Investments LLC and Pinnacle Point LLC to Robert Donald Gears, $141,000 5813 Graham Lane, Myles L. Miller and Erica Miller to Cody Cecil and Kady Cecil, $324,900 3205 Allen St., The Estate of Eva Nell Sumner to Koger Properties LLC, D F & K Rentals LLC, $53,000 (1/2 interest each) 4300 Strickland Drive, Gregory Logan

L. Steve Castlen, Realtors 3954 Little Bluestem Drive Tyler Shookman L. Steve Castlen, Realtors 4883 Oak Meadow Court Julie Moss L. Steve Castlen, Realtors 4937 Diamond Drive Jennifer Staser WEST L. Steve Castlen, Realtors 430 Graystone Drive Tyler Shookman L. Steve Castlen, Realtors 2572 Watson Circle Cheryl Contratto Scott and Tiffany Scott to Nathan R. Koepp and Rachel D. Koepp, $157,000 4294 King Road, Timothy R. Aull and Lisa Aull, Lena R. Aull to Dylan Howard and Kaitlyn Howard, $135,815 2324 Meadowhill Lane, Miranda Shae Embry and Justin Todd Embry to Zach Mattingly, $294,500 400 Highway 279 South, Logan M. Clary and Kari Clary to Aaron C. Remole and Jamie Remole, $255,000 3817 Cross Creek Trail, Vickie Askins to William L. Martin and Shelby J. Martin, $255,000

2003 Viola Gardens, Lavell R. Septer to Vickie Askins, $179,000 2720 Hillbrooke Parkway, The Estate of Charles J. Kucera Jr. to 2720 Hillbrooke Parkway LLC, $250,000 5122 Veach Road, Jordan A. Kirby, Malorie Ebelhar to Eric S. Morris and Marjorie J. Morris, $250,000 6130 Scott Court, Morgan Akers and Jacob Akers to Katheryn D. McIntosh, Melissa DeLeon, $243,000 1001 Parrish Ave. West, Coppage Rentals LLC to Kentucky Apartments LLC, $1,590,000 2000 Lewis Lane, Derrick J. Pate to Greater Yelvington Investments LLC, $120,000 4303 Loft Cove, Jill N. Jones to Jacob Sloan Smith and Kelsey Delene Smith, Justin Rogers, $128,000 .159 acres off Barclay Ave., TPC of Owensboro LLC to Mack Tracy Jones and Dana C. Jones, $5,000 1 Club Grounds Drive, James F. Gordon Jr. and Rebecca C. Gordon to Jessica Shely Kirk and David Campbell Kirk, $520,000 1115 Emerson Court, RNA Rental Hosplex LLC to Melissa M. Gonzalez, Michael R. Galloway, $108,900 225 Covington Ridge Drive, Charles Dan Lanham and Nancy A. Lanham to Aaron Burns and Rachel Burns, $50,000 4502 Remington Way, Eric Reynolds and Kelsey Jarboe to Michael Breau and Jessica Breau, $260,000 6581 Highway 231, Kimberly Sue Greer and James Jeffery Greer to Sean C. Harrell and Mariemilia R. Harrell, $150,000 3256 Spring Ridge Parkway, Jonathan Blandford and Hannah Blandford to Jacob Akers and Morgan Akers, $435,000 CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

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4343 Scotland Drive, The Estate of Judith Evans Roby to Joseph O. Towery and Christal E. Towery, $260,000 2888 Fairview Drive, Christopher Matthew Morris to RENT Investments LLC, $200,000 8946 West 5th Street Road, Keith Knott, Julie C. Taylor to Darrell Crabtree, $80,000 3846 Garden Terrace, Coppage Rentals LLC to Randolph Koehler, $182,000 294 Coast Guard Lane, Anna Jean Shock to REAL Investments LLC, $100,000 303 East 14th St., MSK Holdings LLC to Jasper Property Management LLC, $1,732,500 1113 Hermitage Drive, J.L. Leach and Joyce H. Leach to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $183,500 2021 West 1st St., T. Kelly Properties LLC to Mark E. Boswell, $20,000 1517 West Parrish Ave., Kevin L. Kirk and Ziza Kirk to Jose L. Acosta and Gladis Diaz, Luis Alexis Acosta, Iris Michelle Acosta Diaz, $194,000 3808 South Griffith Ave., Dale S. Armistead and Annemarie L. Armistead to Jon Paul Johnson, $170,500 1129 Hall St., Joseph Larry Towery and Rose M. Towery to KASH Properties LLC, $25,000 1123 Scherm Road, Thomas W. Hulsey and Carol R. Hulsey to Coppage Rentals LLC, $350,000 6458 Thorn Ridge Crossing, Woodland Ridge Development Inc. to Ballard’s Development LLP, $48,900 3857 Hayden Road, Estate of Rebecca L. Johnson to Harrington Construction and Seamless Gutters LLC, $150,000 929 Highway 1207, Robin Trego and Tony Trego and others to Blake Hamilton and Lacey Hamilton, $172,000 7155 Masonville Habit Road, Joshua E. Thrash and Mary Tiffany Estelle Thrash to Brandon Huff and Stephanie Huff, $351,500 6601 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley

Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer

Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $33,750 6601 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Robby Dulane Dull, $238,030 6480 Summit Drive, Roger Smith and Myrna Smith to Robert Jay Reames and Jeanne Marie Reames, $349,900 4830 Millers Mill Road, Larry Maxwell Jr. and Raysha Maxwell to Joshua T. Cooper and Torrey Cooper, $265,000 2139 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Hao Jiang and Jinxiu Went, $226,045 2760 Claiborne Run, Jana L. Murphy to Dah-Gee Davis, $282,500 4570 Poplar Log Bridge Road, Judith C. Hunt to Gregory S. Christian, $140,000 4821 Wembley Way, Master Commissioner Angela L. Thompson to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $193,000 5516 Millers Mill Road, Marcia Pace and others to Robert L. Wilson, $8,000 2410 Windsor Ave., Koger Properties LLC to Clarth Properties LLC, $172,500 2514 Windsor Ave., Triple 7 LLC to William E. Bumbaugh and Tiffany Bumbaugh, $184,000 967 West 1st St., Key Real Estate LLC to James Mason Hendricks, $172,000 Property on Sauer Lane, Charles L. Lamar and Mary Ellen Lamar to Charles Scott Ebelbar and Jennifer Marie Ebelhar, Christopher Matthew Ebelhar and Ashley Marie Ebelhar, $300,800 (1/2 interest each) 1612 Manor Court, Christopher Lyons to Arabella Wanda Stateler, $94,000 68 Colonial Court, Karen A. Merkley to Crystal G. Sapp, $169,900 2219 Citation Ave., Henry Properties Inc. to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $150,000 8401 Highway 144, Benjamin J. Kittinger and Janae L. Kittinger to Philip A. Jarred and Karen K. Jarred, $284,000 738 Leitchfield Road, Estate of Treva Jeanette Crowe to Autry Properties LLC, $30,000 816 Reid Road, TMD Enterprises LLC and Lifesong Properties LLC to Gary M. Boswell and Margaret L. Boswell, Charles L. Lamar and Mary Ellen Lamar, Clifton A. Boswell and Jana M. Boswell, $450,000

1704 Mohawk Drive, Triple 7 LLC to Bobby A. Booley and Donna B. Booley, $150,000 2412 Cherokee Drive South, Davide Kirk and Jessica R. Kirk to William Speer, $198,000 1130 E. 15th St., Maurice Drury Jr. to Bradley Hamilton, $350,000 2605 Strawbridge Place, Zachary Scott Jenkins and Britni Alane Jenkins to David Castlen and Mary Castlen, $186,000 7418 Short St., Dorothy Griffith to Alejandra Martinez, $69,999 1835 Gunston Place, Jacob Edwards and Jessica Edwards to Amber Nicole McGrew, $159,000 1 Quail Ridge Court D, David S. Haycraft and Mary Lou Haycraft to Elizabeth Ann McFarland, $115,000 6854 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Kenneth William Dixon Jr. and Gina Lynn Dixon, $338,075 2444 Hunt Ave., Travis L. French and Lauren French to Denon S. Fries, $183,000 2018 West 1st St., Legacy Contracting of Kentucky LLC to William S. Berry, $100,000 6809 Bridgeview Court, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Travis W. Porter and Hannelore Victoria Porter, $340,990 4225 Brookhill Drive, Bernard C. Payne and Ramona H. Payne to Aaron Haycraft, Ally Delaney, $340,000 817 Wesleyan Park Drive, Estate of Agnes Raymunda Calhoun to Raymond Alford Barrow Jr. and Mary Joyce Barrow, $216,000 1813 Standish Place, Clyde W. Thorpe Jr. and Dena Thorpe to Carrico Congleton Property LLC, $100,000 9028 Highway 231, Heather J. Vincent and David Vincent to James W. Hazel Jr., Paula K. Hazel, William L. Bryant Jr., $78,000 413 Hill Ave., Melinda Elliott and others to Cassandra Payne-Durbin, $148,000 2164 Ottawa Drive, Wandian Lin and Qiuping Ni to Zili Cao and Shou Zhu Qiu, $270,000 1906 Mount Vernon Drive, Roy

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W. Cottrell and Vickie Cottrell to Judy Vandivier, $159,000 12027 Floral Road, Tracy Wheatley and Ethel Wheatley to Tina M. Boling, Justin Brandle, $45,000 5349 Meadow Run Drive, Corbin W. Wilson and Tanner S. Wilson to Senthia Towery Santana and Donandres Santana, $269,900 215 Tamarack Road, Estate of Ruth Y. Payne to West Rental Properties LLC, $116,000 3700 Placid Place West, Estate of Ruth Y. Payne to Payal Patel, $141,000 4505 Shady Creek Cove, Anthony W. Sparks and Anna R. Sparks to Jacob M. Burton and Kaylee M. Burton, $295,000 4230 Southeastern Parkway, Mark S. Scholl and Jacqueline R. Scholl to Matthew Damon Kolok and Stephanie Kolok, $850,000 600 Leitchfield Road, Cody Blake Adams and Katie Adams, Ronald Joseph Dye to New Life Holding LLC, $60,000 4236 Scotty Lane, Nancy S. Martin to Coppage Rentals LLC, $425,000 812 George St., David Campos Cruz to Ursula Yuliana Soto Garcia, $10,000 807 East 21st St., Susan Marie Maertz to Ki Ho Yoo, $21,000 2101 Asbury Court, Spencer Rentals #1 LLC to Blonde Flamingo LLC, $115,000 4766 Windstone Drive, Joshua Adam Headrick and Jessica Eden Headrick to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., $269,900 4766 Windstone Drive, Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Fred B. Griffin and Evan Katherine Griffin, $269,900 1616 Walnut St., Christopher Reid and Janet Reid to Wendy Wilkerson LLC, $185,000 720 Glenn Court, Robert K. Jarvis II and Lyndsey Davidson to Conner M. Lyons, $210,000 5136 West 5th Street Road, Mallory Richardson to Taylor Reddin Ewing and Steven Trace Thomas Ewing, $220,000 6243 Old State Road, Charles Leslie Hayden and Neva Ann Hayden to James Wayne Robertson, Chelsey K. Brown, $170,000

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Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer

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Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer

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Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer


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rivacy, scener y and an abundance of space for entertaining are among the notable features of the beautiful house at 1619 Graves Lane in the Maceo community. Nestled atop a grassy hill on five acres, the full-brick exterior four bedroom, three bathroom home is the ideal spot for a growing family, with homeowners Brandon and Kelsi Swope confident it will make a great “forever home” for its next owners. “Anybody would be happy to have it,” Brandon Swope said. “I really have liked it out here. It would be

Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer


awesome for kids; there’s plenty of room to grow a big family.” A looped driveway accented with gorgeous trees, bushes and rock landscaping check all of the boxes for curb appeal, with a walkway leading to a covered brick porch. Upon entering the foyer, your attention is immediately grabbed by the wide-open living room with robust hardwood flooring and gas-log brick fireplace — an ideal area that has an exceptional view of the front yard that promotes relaxation. CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

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“We come out here (at night), and the moon comes straight across (the room) … when we play tunes and talk,” Brandon Swope said. “And then in the morning, we get up and watch the animals.” The hardwood floor leads to a beautiful kitchen, complete with pocket doors between the rooms, wood cabinetry, eco-friendly countertops, built-in wine rack and a stovetop on the countertop island. A laundry room is off the kitchen area. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the main level, including the master bedroom with an en suite that features a his-and-her vanity and immaculately tiled walk-in shower featuring three types of sprayers and built-in seat. There is also a walk-in closet off the master bathroom. A walkout basement offers great room space that can serve as a central hub for entertainment or solitude, with it having the flexibility to meet the homeowner’s needs. The basement also features a full bathroom and space that can be utilized as a bedroom, a workout area or music and rehearsal room, with a walk-in storage area included. The mammoth two-car attached garage off the

Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer

basement is air conditioned and heated and has a water spigot, floor drain and utility sink. Walk out of the basement to the charming backyard, which has other amenities that include a 24’ x 32’ detached metal shop — a “big selling point” for the Swopes — with rear bays, concrete floors and electric. “You can pull your trailer in and work on it and there’s room for (anything)” Brandon Swope said. A free-standing carport and a number of trails that run through the property’s scenery and woodlands are towards the back of the property. A covered porch, with ceiling fan, is off of the kitchen, providing a space for family and friends to hang out and enjoy the peace and quiet around the fire pit. “It’s peaceful,” he said. The Swopes cite the home’s location as being among its most attractive qualities. “You’re still close to the city,” he said. “You’re out in the country, but in 10 minutes, you’re right back in town where you need to be.” An open house is scheduled for 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, July 16. For more information, contact Tony Clark Realtors at 270-9260055.

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Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer

JoAnn Risner Stephanie Miller Heather Howard Hope Margelot Broker/Owner Realtor®/Broker Realtor® Realtor®


270-570-3939 270-929-3140 270-929-1037 270-316-5476



Former McAtee Dept. Store bldg. Each floor is unique & building is well suited for multiple users & easily modified to accommodate retail, boutique hotel and/or restaurant uses. 30,600 sq. ft. Adjacent to the Riverpark Center & Downtown businesses. Call Joann Risner 270-570-3939. MLS #76897


Joetta O'Brien Realtor®

Carolyn Niehaus Realtor®

Specialist 270-929-0838 270-702-1315 270-836-4440 Referral 270-313-3032 Joann Risner Realty

1024 Griffith Ave. This is your opportunity to own a piece of local history. This magnificent Georgian Manor remained in the same family for almost a century until 2020. Located in the lovely Dogwood Azalea Trail district. Property also includes a partially finished 660 sq. ft. apartment over 6 car detached garage. Call JoAnn Risner 270-5703939 . MLS#83964

9320 Old Hartford

Country Living! 3BR/2-1/2 BA on 7.32 Acres with total of 2,911 square feet of finished area. Includes 2 living areas. Beautiful flooring throughout. 2 car attached garage and 2 car detached garage. Enjoy the outdoors and relax at your your Salt Water Pool. Also located on property is a horse barn, dog kennel, oversize shop, shed, BBQ shed, and your own stocked pond. This won't last long! Very unique property. Call JoAnn Risner 270570-3939 MLS#84623





2501 Avenue of the Parks

Stunning home in The Heartlands. Totally updated. Open floor plan, Great Room w/Tray Ceiling. Close to shopping, restaurants, medical offices, & Green Belt. Bonus Room/office/ playroom over 2 car att. garage. Fenced yard with storage building. HOA fees 120.00 per yr. Call JoAnn Risner 270570-3939. MLS#84159

2733 Trotters Lane

Exceptional 5BR/3BA home located on dead in street in one of the most desirable neighborhoods of Owensboro, Brookhill Estates. You will love the open concept. Remodeled and painted throughout, including 3 bathrooms updated. New carpet in bedrooms. Appliances have been replaced, crown molding throughout. Master Bath has its own whirlpool tub with his and her sink, huge walk-in closet. Separate Laundry room with new laundry sink. Large wood deck. Privacy fence. 2 car attached garage with finished flooring. Lawn storage building. Full finished walkout basement, 2 bedrooms and full bath with huge recreation room. Call JoAnn Risner 270-570-3939 MLS#84610




121 E. 2nd St.

Pat O'Brien Realtor®

Greatly Reduced! $1,900,000

35 Stone Creek Park Spectacular updated home in Stone Creek Park sitting on 2.6 acres. This 5BR/4.5BA home boasts 8,160 sq. ft. and features spacious living areas. Master Bedroom and 2/1/2 baths on first floor. 4BR/2BA, plus 2nd family room on 2nd floor. Some of the amenities include your own library, Billiards Room, Music Room, and Pub/Entertainment Room with ref. and dishwasher. The in-ground pool and surrounding grounds with pond and fountain are perfect for relaxing and entertaining. 3 car oversized garage and 2 storage buildings. The list goes on....A MUST SEE! Call JoAnn Risner (270) 570-3939. MLS#83722


Jim Yeckering Referral Specialist

922 Piedmont

Nice 3 bedroom 1 bath home on the West side that has been completely updated. Flooring, bathroom, and painted throughout. New stove, refrigerator. Attached garage with new garage door and opener Schedule your appt. now. WON'T LAST LONG! Call JoAnn Risner 270-570-3939. MLS#84243

808 Frederica St.

Beautiful townhouse near downtown. 3BR/3BA newly remodeled and ready to move in. Hardwood floors, Granite counter tops, crown moldings, open concept. All in a very private setting centrally located within walking distance of downtown shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. 2 car oversized attached garage. HOA $125.00 annually. Call JoAnn Risner 270-570-3939. MLS#83020

3222 Queens Way

Centrally located 3 BR/1-1/2 BA on nice quiet street. Home has been well taken care of. Includes 2 living areas. Second living area has a wood burning fireplace. Large backyard. Utility shed. 1 car attached garage. This won't last long!!!! ***DOES NOT REQUIRE FLOOD INSURANCE*** 500 YEAR FLOOD PLAIN. JoAnn Risner (270) 570-3939 MLS#84409

1010 Frederica St., Owensboro, KY. 42301 • (270) 926-1400 • • RISNERREALTORS.COM

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Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer




ome trends come and go. Today’s must-have items tend to become tomorrow’s outdated features in the blink of an eye. Homeowners who plan to stay in their current homes for years to come needn’t prioritize modern trends over personal preferences. However, homeowners looking to sell their homes can consider these favored features to increase their properties’ appeal to modern buyers. • SEPARATE LAUNDRY ROOM:

According to the National Association of Home Builders’ 2021 What Home Buyers Really Want report, a separate room dedicated to laundry was the most desired feature among prospective home buyers. Though it might not inspire the awe of an outdoor living room or floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a wooded backyard, a laundry room fills a direct and universal need. Perhaps that’s why 87 percent of

buyers want a room dedicated to laundry in a home. • EXTERIOR LIGHTING: Drive through a modern suburban neighborhood at night and it won’t take long before you realize the popularity of exterior lighting. And that’s no coincidence, as homeowners everywhere appear to embrace exterior lighting. The NAHB report indicates that exterior lighting is the most sought-after outdoor feature. The good news for prospective sellers is that exterior lighting is an inexpensive and instant way to transform a property at night. Some solar-powered lighting along walkways and outside the front door can make a home feel more safe, while some uplighting of large trees in the backyard can produce a sight to behold once the sun goes down. • ENERGY-EFFICIENT UPGRADES:

Inflation has driven up the cost of just about everything over the last year-plus,

and energy is no exception. So it should come as no surprise that 83 percent of prospective home buyers are looking for energy-efficient windows and appliances in a home. These features save money and benefit the planet, making them a win-win among buyers. • PATIO: Patio spaces have long been popular, but that popularity reached new heights during the pandemic. When forced to stay at home for long periods of time, millions of people longed for ways to spend more time outdoors without breaking lockdown rules. Patios provide outdoor living spaces, and 82 percent of buyers indicated they wanted a patio with their next property. • SIDE-BY-SIDE SINK: A double or side-by-side sink is among the more affordable features buyers are looking for. At less than $1,000 on average, a side-by-sink is an affordable way to make a home more appealing to modern buyers.

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Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer




6157 Millers Mills Rd

1619 Graves Lane

10.17 acres. 3 BR 2 BA brick ranch. 5 acres. 3 BR 3BA brick. walk-out Frpl. Sunroom. Barn. Magnificent Views! basement. Frpl. 2-car garage. 24x32 shop. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022 Angela Clark (270) 929-4022

SOLD! 2 bedroom bungalow. Hardwood floors. 2 bedroom 2 bath one-level patio home with attached 1 car garage. Patio. Double lot. 12x18’ building. Angela Clark (270) 926-0055 Angela Clark (270) 926-0055

SOLD! Package of 5 Rental Homes

Parks Rd, Utica


4760 Hwy 142

1931 Freeman Ave Deana Brewer represented the buyers Sold by Deana Brewer

Angela Clark Bob McPherson Charlie King Realtor®

(270) 926-0055

✓ First Time Buyers ✓Senior Moves ✓Auction ✓Home Staging

✓ Valuation ✓ Estate Sales ✓ Farm & Land ✓ Property Mgmt

For White Glove Service Guaranteed, Call Clark (270) 683-SOLD


Rita Ward Realtor®



Thorobred Acres East

330 Center Way – Hawesville

Brick ranch. 3 BR. 2 BA.,The perfect match for our buyer. Sold by Steve Klee

2-story offers spacious living & 2 baths at an oh-so affordable price! Charles King (270) 926-0055




Gardens of Heartland

1.45 acres. 8250 sq ft. Visibility from Hwy 54 & Bypass. Tony Clark (270) 929-4020

Brick ranch. 3 BR. 2 BA. 2-car attached garage. Sold 106% of list price! Angela Clark (270) 926-0055

Downsize In Style! Impressive one-level condo. 3 BR. 2 BA. 2-car Garage. Tony Clark (270) 926-0055

“Angela was very helpful in guiding me through the entire process of selling my house. She is very knowledgeable and resourceful about the real estate industry. I recommend her” Zeambo

Steve Klee


3030 Highland Pointe Dr

Our Clients Say It Best!

1.78 acres. Brick ranch with basement. Detached garage & Bldg. Sold by Angela Clark


1323 Booth Ave. Charming brick home: 3 BR. Attached garage. Newer roof. Tankless water heater. Tony Clark (270) 929-4020


Angela Clark brought the seller & buyer 47.78 acres in. Superb location for your together while keeping tenants in place. dream home. Agent Owned. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022 Tony Clark (270) 929-4020


210 Legion Blvd Darling Cape Cod! 3 BR 2 BA. Carport plus 2-Car Garage. Deana Brewer (270) 313-7082

Premier Real Estate Services

Twin Lakes

1621 Center St

9793 Oak St. Whitesville 2.991 acres. 3 BR. 1.5 BA 2-story is awaiting new owners! $180k’s Deana Brewer (270) 926-0055

Deana Brewer

Realtor®/Property Mgr.

SOLD! 175 Maden Loop

10351 Toler Bridge Rd

1.12 acres. 3 BR. 2 BA home was the perfect match for our buyers. Sold by Tom Clark (270) 926-0055

20.87 acres surrounds 4BR 4BA home. 40x90’ barn. Angela Clark (270) 929-4022

Steve Marksberry Tom Clark Realtor®




Tony Clark

Broker, Realtor®

Carolyn Clark

Agent, Co-Founder

Darren Peach Molley Wedding Bookkeeper

Rental Coordinator

12 Real Estate Inside Out

ose ealty

Friday, July 15, 2022 Messenger-Inquirer

Nathan Johnson Realtor

Betsy Garant Realtor

Connie Jo Molen

Mike Garant




270-993-6548 270-570-0638 270-926-4203 270-570-5454 803-261-0576

(270) 926-4203 2315 Frederica St. 270-903-2167 270-925-9413 Karen Pannell Realtor


Rose Castlen Garant


Amelia Jones Realtor

Lisa Manley

The Can Do Crew Team Executive Assistant


Mandy Millay Realtor


Tonya Thompson

Property Management


PENDING 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1,872 Sq. Ft., check out this move in ready home with WALK-OUT basement! Master bedroom with full bath and bonus room located downstairs. New HVAC, new appliances, updated plumbing, electric box, utility room, sump pump and so much more! 3 car metal garage could be your “mancave” or “she-shed”!


2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, 812 Sq. Ft., newer roof, all appliances stay including washer & dryer. Furniture in the home will stay! WHAT A DEAL! Walk-in handicap shower. Perfect for a first time homeowner or investor!!!


3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1,593 Sq. Ft. Your lovely new 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1,819 Sq. Ft., split bedroom concept. Fireplace in den. Privacy home is ready for you! You will love the primary bedroom with attached full bathroom and his and her closet space. fenced yard. Nice covered front porch. Enjoy your spacious dining and living areas with galley Convenient location, county schools. Two kitchen and kitchen bar. Kitchen includes updated stainless car garage. Clean and ready to move into, appliances. Private fenced in backyard with small deck. stainless steel appliances. Your new home is perfect for entertaining your friends and


family. 2 car attached garage. Easy possession.


Mike Garant Call Mike Garant Call Rose Castlen Call Betsy Garant MLS # 84717 MLS # 84701 MLS # 84565 270-570-5454 270-570-5454 270-570-8282 270-570-0638 MLS #84494 Call




PENDING PENDING 1 full bath, 1,189 Sq. Ft. nice brick home with 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, 2,441 Sq. Ft., Qualifies for 100% USDA three bedrooms all on one level. Great location Financing! Great bones on one level! This brick ranch home with views of the park from the back yard. Large kitchen with pantry and new countertops. offers newer stainless appliances, HVAC, insulation, roof, windows and gutters. Split bedroom concept-one bedroom/ Tiled bathroom. New flooring in living areas bath could be Nanny quarters or in-law suite. 2 car attached and hallway. Dimensional roof. Replacement windows. Large storage building/shop space. garage and 24x30 detached heated and cooled building.



3 bedroom, 2 full bath, 1,185 Sq. Ft. nice brick ranch home (Secretariat Model) with 10x22 finished room on the back, plus covered patio! Newer wood laminate floor in sun room, new interior paint, new blinds, large pantry, super-sized ensuite bedroom offers walk-in shower in bath, and recessed wall to ease in furniture placement. Privacy fenced yard and large storage building in generous sized backyard, 2 car attached garage.



PENDING 3 bedroom, 1 full bath, 1,189 Sq. Ft., neat, clean, brick home on a quiet cul-desac. Fabulous oversized, eat-in country kitchen/family room. Large backyard, range, refrigerator, dishwasher included. Immediate possession!


Call Nathan Johnson Call Karen Pannell Call Karen Pannell Call Rose Castlen 270-903-6548 MLS # 84295 270-903-2167 MLS # 84155 270-903-2167 MLS # 84467 270-570-8282 MLS # 83861