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Welcome to the world of insights. 23rd International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and analytica Conference April 17–20, 2012 l Messe München l

Pharmaceuticals industry— Modern drugs with potential Innovations are the most important prerequisites for progress, economic growth and improving the quality of life. Scientists from research and industry develop new active ingredients and solutions for dealing with the latest issues and applications in the pharmaceuticals industry. As prerequisites for innovative ability, the transfer of technology, patents and approval procedures, equipment and know-how encompass the sector for pharmaceutical chemistry in its entirety. • Basic research • Instrumental analysis • Synthesis techniques • Biotechnology and genetic engineering • Data processing and LIMS • Quality assurance and control • Galenics • Sterile and clean-room technology • Nanotechnology • Personalized diagnostics and gene therapies • Clinical studies First-rate research work in drug development calls for an interdisciplinary approach. Collaboration between university organizations, start-ups and the pharmaceuticals industry has tradition. A good example is biotechnology, which outgrew the strictly research and development phase some time ago and is now searching for new challenges. The large number of patents, founders’ prizes, government initiatives and subsidy programs document its success. Automation solutions and production transfer are the objectives of the next phase. Biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical corporations are investing heavily and are on track for continued growth.

Pharmaceuticals industry at analytica analytica depicts the industry in the exhibition and in its program of related events. The latest equipment solutions for meeting high standards in pharmaceutical research will be presented and explained by well-known exhibitors in Munich. Experienced scientists from universities and industry, routine analysts and quality managers, engineers and executives come to the expert gathering in Munich for an up-to-date overview of the latest developments.

Education and training highlights* Profit from concentrated knowledge from experts in the industrial and research sectors. Take advantage of our training courses on the pharmaceuticals industry to promote your professional success. Powered by Lectures on the pharmaceuticals industry: • Excel richtig einsetzen: programmieren, dokumentieren, validieren (April 17) • GLP-Basiswissen (April 17) • Ressourcen-optimierte IT-Validierung (April 20) Additional information on the various events is available online: ➡ * Lectures held in German

Special highlight in 2012: Live Labs (Halls A3, B1 and B2)

N L i v e E W: Labs

For the first time ever, analytica will present three exciting Live Labs on various subject blocks in 2012. These completely equipped laboratory worlds will feature plenary sessions and experiment presentations three times a day. Well-known manufacturers will present and explain innovative equipment systems and specific applications in actual operation. A3

Live Lab: Forensics & Clinical Diagnostics


Live Lab: Plastics Analysis


Live Lab: Food and Water Analysis


Biotech Forum and InnovationArea


Laboratory & Analytics Forum

What happens in a real laboratory experiment at analytica? • Live demonstrations on the Live Lab bench 3 times a day: April 17–19, 2012 Times: 10:30, 13:00 and 15:30 • 30-minute presentation: From sample preparation and sample measurement to evaluating the results • A nswer audience questions • After the demonstration, visitors will have a chance to exchange information with the manufacturers’ experts directly in the Live Lab.

A list of all the international market leaders participating in the Live Labs and the equipment they are presenting is available at: ➡

Live Lab sponsors

Conference and Forums The scientific analytica Conference and the analytica Forums feature lectures especially for the pharmaceuticals industry.

analytica Conference Talking science—Today’s knowledge for tomorrow’s applications (April 17–19, 2012, Halls B1 (B11, B13) / B2 (B21) / B3 (B32), upstairs) Organized by Forum Analytik*, the analytica Conference bridges the gap between science and industry. This first-rate event revolves around the topic of basic and application-oriented analysis techniques in chemistry, diagnostics, molecular biology, biochemistry and related fields. Symposia on the topic of pharmaceuticals are as follows: • P ulverdiffraktometrie in der Pharmaindustrie – von der Wirkstoffentwicklung bis zur Qualitätssicherung (April 17) • Lipidomics (April 17) • Proteomics (April 17) • Metallomics (April 18) • Genomic sequencing (April 18) • Emerging drugs of abuse: From chemistry to medicine (April 18) • Bioinformatics (April 19) ➡ The analytica Conference is organized by*:

* A ssociation comprising the GDCh, the GBM and the DGKL as well as other domestic and international organizations

Forums at analytica 2012 Talking practice—Hands-on reports and success stories (Halls A3 and B2) The Biotech and Laboratory & Analytics Forums feature special lectures on the topic of pharmaceuticals: • Control of syringe barrel lubrication and sub-visible particle formation in the development of protein based drugs in pre-fillabe syringes • Kontinuierliche Online-Überwachung von Fermentationsprozessen in Labor-Bioreaktoren** • Whole animal and microscopic in vivo imaging for cancer research • Purification of therapeutic proteins and antibodies • New high-throughput technologies for NGS, PCR and SNP genotyping ➡

Preliminary program, Last update 02/2012 (Subject to change without notice) ** Lecture held in German

On track around the world: The analytica network

Facts and figures at a glance Getting there Nürnberg A9

Deggendorf A92



Stuttgart Motorway A8 ringroad north A99

Munich Airport Feldmoching






Freimann exit

Feld- Kiefernmoching garten

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Motorway ringroad west A99

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CITY Central Station Marien- Ost(Hauptbahnhof) platz bahnhof

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Lindau A96

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New Munich Trade Fair Centre

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Salzburg A8

GarmischPartenkirchen A995 to the Salzburg A95 motorway


Low Emission Zone

Organizer and information Messe München GmbH Tel. +49 89 949-11488 ➡ Contacts and information worldwide

Tickets and prices ➡ analytica 2012 sponsors: Platinum

Hall B1, Stand 101/202

Dates April 17–20, 2012 (Trade fair) April 17–19, 2012 (Conference) Hours Tues.–Thurs. 9:00–18:00 Friday 9:00–17:00 The brand new Visitor Guide is free of charge and will be available here as of March 2012: ➡


Hall A2, Stand 105/206

Hall A1, Stand 243/336

Segmentflyer Pharmazeutische Industrie/E/00112/As of: 02/2012; Subject to change without notice ➡

analytica, 2012, Segmentflyer, Englisch  

analytica, 2012, Segmentflyer, Englisch

analytica, 2012, Segmentflyer, Englisch  

analytica, 2012, Segmentflyer, Englisch