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Winter Edition

THE BUZZ December 12, 2018

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Marhaba & Greetings! Welcome to the winter edition of The Buzz – your favourite Messe FrankfurtMiddle East biennial internal news source! The festive season is again upon us, and it’s hard to believe we’re already fast entering 2019 after a 2018 that has in all likelihood been the busiest year in Messe Frankfurt Middle East’s 18 year history. In 2018, we organised 14 exhibitions and 18 conferences in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. This includes the highly successful launch of two new exhibitions, one acquired exhibition, and ten debut conferences. Overall, our exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and the UAE combined this year featured 6,246 exhibitors from 60 countries, and attracted 140,685 visitors from 135 countries. We also had over 300 expert and international speakers across our conference portfolio, which together brought in some 2,100 delegates from across the globe.

er, with all our shows returning, and more in the pipeline. Our business is healthy, and we’re the leader in a number of markets we serve. In 2019, we’re forecasting strong sales revenues and a significant profit contribution to Messe Frankfurt Group. We continue to be at the forefront of leading profit centres for the Group, and are a highly prized asset. When we say ‘we’, we mean ‘you’, our dear employees. You’re the heart and soul of this company, and we truly value your hard work and dedication in what has been an extraordinary year. Now we look ahead to 2019 and beyond, and a bright future for everyone. Before that though, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Spend some quality time with family, friends, and loved ones, refresh, and recharge. Enjoy this edition of The Buzz, and good luck with the 2018 edition of our annual Christmas Treasure Hunt – read on for further details!

Leadership Team

We’re successfully extending our international reach, and branching into new territory, both geographically, and industry-wise. And 2019 promises to be an equally busy year, if not busi-

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Looking back 2018 Shows & Conferences Mobility 360 Middle East SPS Automation Light Middle East ProLight + Sound Middle East Beautyworld Saudi Arabia International Conference on Future Mobility Cleanzone Middle East Middle East Cleaning Technology Week Materials Handling Saudi Arabia

First Edition

2-3 September

Mobility 360 Middle East The 2018 - 2019 event season at Messe Frankfurt Middle East kicked off with the debut of Mobility 360, a two-day conference in Bahrain focusing on sustainable mobility and transport solutions. The inaugural edition, hosted by the Bahrain Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism was a huge success, and marks another significant step for our subsidiary’s activities in Bahrain.

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First Edition

18 - 19 September


Automation A bold new manufacturing world centred on Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 has arrived in the region, and SPS Automation Middle East will act as the industry’s central catalyst moving forward. The debut edition of the region’s only conference and exhibition dedicated to automation was backed by leading industry players, with an engaging programme keeping hundreds of professionals well-informed of regional trends and opportunities. Ciro and his team did a great job in bringing the show to life, and he’s become quite an expert on all things related to the Speicherprogrammierbare Steuerung (otherwise known as a Programmable Logic Controller). Ask him directly for further details….

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23 - 25 September

Light Middle East A glittering awards ceremony, an insightful conference, a student design competition, an inspiring film documenting of the evolution of the LED……..the list goes on, and Light Middle East continues to deliver a never-ending stream of value-added features dedicated to the region’s architectural and decorative lighting design industries. The 13th edition this year also fulfilled its core role of connecting 333 exhibitors from 30 countries with 5,469 visitors from 74 countries at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, registering a nine percent year-on-year growth in the process.

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Prolight + Sound Middle East The region’s live events, entertainment, and professional AV industries have been calling out for a dedicated trade and networking platform that caters to their every needs, and Prolight + Sound Middle East has answered. In its 3rd edition in 2018, Prolight + Sound Middle East featured 42 exhibitors from 10 countries displaying 120-plus brands, representing a healthy 50 percent increase over the previous year. Equally impressive were the visitor numbers - 2,869, which is 33 percent up on 2017. The show continues to grow from strength to strength, and with the Events Technology & Entertainment Development Forum as its centre piece, it has all the ingredients to continue its upward trajectory.

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First First Edition Edition

14 - 16 October

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia Messe Frankfurt Middle East’s Saudi expansion continues, and this time, Beautyworld Saudi Arabia stole the spotlight, with its first outing in Jeddah featuring 147 exhibitors from 19 countries, and attracting more than 4,650 visitors from 33 countries. The debut edition was a massive success, with visitor turnout better than anticipated, underlining the need for a dedicated beauty and wellness trade fair targeting Saudi’s US5.7 billion beauty and personal care market.

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7-8 November

International Conference on Future Mobility The 4th International Conference on Future Mobility shifted locations in 2018, this year taking place in Abu Dhabi, and hosted in co-operation with the Department of Transport Abu Dhabi. The two-day conference was again co-organised by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) and Messe Frankfurt Middle East, with the theme this year centred on those two buzz words: Artificial Intelligence. More than 25 regional and international speakers shared the podium at the conference, while co-located exhibition featured the latest disruptive technologies in mobility. More than 450 delegates from 18-plus countries representing some 175 organisations attended, while the launch of the Emirates International Future Mobility Award will surely draw a lot of attention in future years.

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First Edition

12-13 November

Cleanzone Middle East Another debut show in 2018, Cleanzone Middle East targets a very niche, but high-value industry. Cleanrooms, as their names suggest, are highly sanitised and decontaminated spaces considered as a prerequisite along the supply chain of many manufacturing and research facilities. The inaugural confex in Dubai showcased the latest trends and developments in the cleanroom technology market with a unique Middle East twist: following the two-day programme, delegates toured Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City, including its own cleanroom facility in the Masdar Institute.

Š Messe Frankfurt Middle East GmbH

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13-15 November

Middle East Cleaning Technology Week The Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre was the region’s cleanest place for three days in November, as 60 exhibitors from 15 countries presented their latest professional and industrial cleaning technologies and solutions at Middle East Cleaning Technology Week 2018. Messe Frankfurt Middle East acquired a majority stake in Middle East Cleaning Technology Week in 2018, with Mary Ann and her team leaving an indeli-ble mark on the show. The quality of exhibitors and visitors in the 4th edition was immediately evident, with nearly 3,000 visitors from 67 countries passing by. Watch this space as the exhibition returns to its glory days under our subsidiary’s wing.

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28-29 November

Materials Handling Saudi Arabia Our 5th and final event in Saudi in 2018, the biennial Materials Handling Middle East featured 23 top line global and local companies showcasing automated warehouse solutions aimed at a vast range of industries, from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, food






manufacturing. The exhibition was staged in tandem with the Supply Chain and Logistics Forum, creating a dual platform with a double focus on new technologies in logistics and distribution, and the future opportunities and challenges of Saudi’s warehouse and logistics supply structure.

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Looking Forward 2019 Shows & Conferences Intersec Middle East Automechanika Jeddah Paperworld & Leatherworld Middle East Intersec Saudi Arabia Beautyworld Middle East Automechanika Dubai Hardware + Tools Middle East

Š Messe Frankfurt Middle East GmbH

20 - 22 January

26 - 28 February


Automechanika Jeddah

The 21st edition of Intersec is just around the corner, ringing in the New Year with some 1,300 exhibitors from 59 countries, and lining up 30,000 trade buyers from across the globe. The world’s leading trade fair for security, safety, and fire protection promises to start the year off on a positive note, with some world-record breaking products expected to be on show – watch this space.

Saudi’s automotive aftermarket is set for a rapid transformation in the coming years, and Automechanika Jeddah will be in the thick of it all. Thanks to the lifting of the ban on women driving, some 20 percent of the Saudi female population, or three million drivers, are expected to be added to the Kingdom’s roads by 2020. That means a lot of new car sales, and demand for aftermarket parts and services. More than 150 exhibitors from 20 countries are awaiting fresh opportunities at the 3rd edition of Automechanika Jeddah, and we’re excited to see the results.

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18 - 20 March

Paperworld & Leatherworld ‘More than Paper’ is the underlying theme of the region’s foremost trade fair for stationery, office supplies, toys and games, and Alex and Co. is staying on course with an expanded product line-up and special programme of value-added events to keep their loyal fan base engaged and enlightened. Paperworld Middle East 2019 will feature more than 300 exhibitors from 40-plus countries, but it’s the veritable smorgasbord of special features next year that will keep people coming back; The Green Room, Playworld Pavilion, Leatherworld, Wrap Star, Corporate Gift Avenue, and a series of seminars. New next year is the Mystery Box, a balloon shaping competition.

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9 - 11 April

15 - 17 April

Intersec Saudi Arabia

Beautyworld Middle East

Intersec Saudi Arabia returns for its 3rd run Jeddah next year, with some 150 exhibitors from 20 countries looking to network and generate fresh business opportunities in the Kingdom’s US$6.02 billion security, safety and fire protection market.

The business of beauty never stops evolving, and Beautyworld Middle East 2019 will be at the vanguard, bringing the latest trends and innovations in the regional and global beauty and wellness market to the fore. More than 1,700 exhibitors from 62 countries will participate in the fully booked venue in April next year, while 36,000-plus trade buyers and beauty professionals are expected to visit in its 24th edition.

It’ll also feature the three-day security and fire safety conference programme, bringing together key stakeholders, regulators, government authorities, solution providers and end-users to discuss strategies and collaborative approaches for the Kingdom’s security, safety and fire protection industries.

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10 - 12 June

10 - 12 June

Automechanika Dubai

Hardware+Tools Middle East

Automechanika Dubai 2019 will be Messe Frankfurt Middle East’s first show after the Holy month of Ramadan, and will ready to go with engines at full throttle. More than 1,800 exhibitors are set to participate at the 17th edition in June 2018.

Hardware + Tools Middle East 2019 returns alongside big brother Automechanika Dubai in June next year, after a few years going it alone. The region’s premier trade fair for hardware, tools, building materials, and machinery, had a good run stepping out on its own, but in the end, brotherly love came out on top, and it couldn’t stay away. In any case, the 20th edition next year will host over 120 exhibitors and will feature its ever-popular Tool It! Challenge.

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Staff News Staff News Welcome to the world Newlyweds Messe Maideners Messe Dinos Team in Focus: Accounting Abdeen Sayed

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Messe Babies Raj Anand’s Riya Born on 25 October

Shejith’s Ahana Born on 10 July

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Just got married! Dishan & Prachi

Amitabh & Anisha

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Messe Maideners

Š Messe Frankfurt Middle East GmbH

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Messe Dinos

We have a fresh batch of dinosaurs hatchlings in the our office: Cheryl Martin, Prabin Prabhakaran, Tasneem Sayed

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Team in Focus

Accounting Department The team in focus for this edition of The Buzz 2018 is the team helping Messe Frankfurt ME count our precious pennies - Finance Team. The task force has Karin Regner as the Head of Accounting, Lyl Padrerogaya as Accountant, Ashik Kunnath as Accounts Receivable Accountant, Bernadeth Lana and Shejith Pathilveedu as Junior Accountants

Š Messe Frankfurt Middle East GmbH

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“Abdeen is retiring! The good conscious and Oracle of Messe Frankfurt in Dubai, the polite, soft spoken but well-informed, fit and energetic - in short - the “Shadow CEO” of our company, is finally returning home to enjoy the sunset on his terrace in Sri Lanka.” You have been an inspiration to us all! You have been a wise mentor to me and I would like to thank you for two very specific pieces of advice! - Michael Dehn

“I met Abdeen in November 1998 when the company was known as EPOC international and in the last twenty years we have laughed, cried, completed impossible tasks, seen people come and go but most of all developed a strong bond that will last for always. You will be missed deeply but will always be remembered by every person that worked for this company for your hard work, dazzling smile and not forgetting your brilliant sense of humour” -Gavin Morlini

“Abdeen is a true gentleman who is seasoned with what life has thrown to him over the years. He has never lost his excellent attention to detail, genuine smile, suave looks and amazing fitness. He will always be remembered pleasantly and I wish the best for him and his family.” -Mahmut Gazi

Abdeen! I have known you since 6 year now. You’ve been a friend, like a father, and a mentor whom I have treasured so much. It is very hard to say goodbye! You’ve been an inspiration to all of us, and we’ve enjoyed working with you. We wish you success wherever you go. -Samah Mousa

Bid You Adieu Seyed Niyaz Abdeen

Darling Old man is what I call Abdeen. Abdeen has been a very helpful and generous person, can never forget the first time when he took me for medicals. We had some good and bad moments, and liked the way he would call and set a very encouraging example to me. Abdeen would always give me good and positive advises personally and professionally. Old man you will be definitely MISSED. -Luella Hayward

After 16.5 year of service at Messe Frankfurt, Seyed Niyaz Abdeen will be bidding us goodbye by end of this year. One of the first employee of Epoc International, Abdeen joined the company on 30th April 2002. The man has always been a real powerhouse ready to take up any challenge thrown in his way. Most often the first person in the office any one to join Messe Frankfurt will truly interact with as he drives you around to get your medical and paperwork sorted. Always greeting everyone with a smile and true conversationalist. While your presence will be truly missed in the office you will not be forgotten for a very long time to come. Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement and hope you have a great time back in Sri Lanka with your family and friends. © Messe Frankfurt Middle East GmbH

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Christmas Hunt By popular demand we are back with the second edition of the Christmas hunt. The rules remain the same as the last Christmas hunt, find the chits with the tablet and drone icons hidden in different parts of the office and win your selves cool drones and Lenovo tablets. Don’t be disappointed if you find some duds. Just keep on with the hunt! Happy hunting everyone!

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