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The Vision Everybody’s talking about climate, green conversion and global goals. There are a lot of words, but a lot less action. We are actually doing something about it now. Our vision is to develop a creative and innovative project workshop, where we make things happen, together. A brainstorm-summit meeting-inspirational-melting pot in the form of a shared “workshop”, where researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, designers and investment partners can get together to establish contacts and generate momentum that can kick-start specific projects with some go in them, which means action to go with the words. The objective is clear: Ten significant new concepts that are ready to be kick-started. Do you want to join us on 11-13 November 2020?

Focus on three Sustainable development goals Affordable and Clean Energy

Climate Action

Partnership for the Goals

Affordable and Clean Energy

Climate Action

Partnership for the Goals

We need to ensure that everyone has access to reliable, sustainable and modern forms of energy, at affordable prices.

If we are to combat climate change and its consequences we need to take action, fast.

We need to revitalise global partnerships towards sustainable development and strengthen the means that will allow us to achieve these goals.



Finance Researchers



Entrepreneurs NGO


What Dialogue



Field trips






Development of ideas


What are you doing about it? Are you bringing more than words to the table? Our world needs action. Now. Are you willing to take action and bring your brainpower, knowledge and network into play? This is what it takes to allow us to make progress, together. You can help transform this vision into reality on 11-13 November 2020.

PROTECTOR Mogens Lykketoft Former Member of Parliament, former minister and chairman of the UN General Assembly in 2015-2016.

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RE:DO2020 #SDGSummit #Workshop  

RE:DO2020 #SDGSummit #Workshop  

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