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How the Importance of Proper Email Archiving Goes Far Beyond Fulfilling Legal Requirements

With the great role electronic data plays in just about any industry nowadays, regulations have been put into place in order to secure electronic files and highlight their importance. Because of legal requirements, email archiving has become essential to any business operation. What some don't realize or often think about is that company emails hold a treasure trove of information. As records of communications within the company and with connections outside the company, the data can be used in various ways to protect the company and even improve it. To harness what emails hold, though, it's important to use an email archiving solution that not only stores the data for long term use, but also makes the information within them accessible in various ways. With a proper archiving solution, a company can use its own emails for the following purposes: Litigation Protection. Email is used as evidence in eight out of ten court cases. When litigation discovery is requested, it may hurt the company financially to provide the information needed due to the high cost of searching through countless tapes to find relevant emails. Proper email archiving can prevent that undue cost and make it easier for the case to proceed in a timely manner. Analyzing Company Culture. In most companies today, email has become the main mode of communication between employees. Whether it's a job order from a superior to a rank and file worker or simply a discussion about something lighthearted, such as a company social event, emails reveal how the employees express themselves within the professional space. From there, those in higher positions can analyze the way employees relate to one another and represent the company before clients and business partners. More importantly, making emails easier to analyze and search through can also help with internal disputes such as reports of harassment and bullying. Since email communications are always kept to those in the email chain, these incidents are often not addressed and provide employees with a loophole to hurt others. Proper email archiving can better enforce anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies and ensure a safer environment for all employees.

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