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Mesoskinline Mesoskinline Mesoskinline isis Non-invasive Non-invasive mesotherapy mesotherapy Treatment, Treatment, specially specially designed designed to to fight fight ageing ageing problems problems without without injection injection or or needles. needles. All All mesoskinline mesoskinline products products are are 100% 100% safe safe and and tested tested to to give give impressive impressive result result..

What is non-invasive mesotherapy?

• Non-invasive mesotherapy, active material (different gel type) are inserted in the tissue using various technique • laser technology • electric impulses • special meso modules • Micro needling (derma- pen, skin- pen, rollers and similar)

How does non-invasive mesotherapy affect wrinkles and ageing skin? •

With non invasive mesotherapy utilized toy the body, that you could be anticipate:

With non-invasive mesotherapy treatment of wrinkles and growing older dermis, that you may assume:

Advanced in subcutaneous micro circulation and metabolism simpler lymph pass and subsequent discount of cellulite Increased fats loss (discount of elements dealt with) muscle toning and stimulation of collagen formation large dermis firming regeneration of tissue on stretch marks or scars stimulation of hair development and activation of passive hair follicles, as well as a discontinue to hair loss and not using a facet results

• • • • • •

improved production of collagen and elastin hydration, firming and normal skin revitalization detox and safety in opposition to free radicals even epidermis tone (for pigment spots) quick and big reduction of expression traces clear discount of baggage below the eyes

• • • • •

What are the advantages of non-invasive mesotherapy? • • • •

Painless, comfy and stress-free remedy no barriers or standards for certain aftercare for the consumer no bruises or different undesired marks from mesotherapy dermis heals without downtime; the client can use mineral make-up immediately after therapy

• Tips for better maintenance and homecare: • • •

Apply factor 50+ "Meso Lift and Protect” sun safety all year circular to prevent photo-ageing apply a peel a week-end with Meso Pure Peel to make sure the epidermis’s renewal and to stimulate collagen formation as a building block for cells Use a compatible meso cocktail in place of a serum under the night cream. This will likely preserve the switch of the equal lively supplies as throughout a massotherapy healing, and for that reason double their effect

Professional products for non-invasive mesotherapy • best mesotherapy produ cts are: Face Products

Body porduct

Mesotherapy for Hair Products


Anesthesia cream

mesoskinlineÂŽ is a registred trademark

Treatment course and number of treatments?

• • • • •

5-step treatment course with mesoskinline® products Cleanse the skin with MESO PURE PEEL If needed, anaesthetise with MESO PAIN REDUCE Treat with mesoskinline® MESO COCKTAIL Finish with MESO ANTI-AGE MASK Protect the skin with MESO LIFT AND PROTECT

Who is this type of treatment for? •

This mesotherapy treatment is suitable for both men and women without health problems.


Earlier than treatment, the customer will probably be requested to ebook a brief session with a therapist about potential contraindications.

Made in EU - Advanced professional mesotherapy solutions.

All raw materials are carefully selected by us for the purpose of ensuring that they meet the requirements for meso-cocktail and other meso products. The production process is subject to control in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality systems. After manufacture, all products are tested and inspected including packaging, etc. Targeted treatments, skin rebuilding, photo protection, peeling.

Contact: mesoskinline juelsmindevej 57 7120 Vejle Denmark Telephone: (+45) 71741108 E-mail: VAT number: DK39967065 Website:

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Mesoskinline - non -invasive mesotherapy treatment  

Mesoskinline is Non-invasive mesotherapy Treatment, specially designed to fight ageing problems without injection or needles. All mesoskinli...

Mesoskinline - non -invasive mesotherapy treatment  

Mesoskinline is Non-invasive mesotherapy Treatment, specially designed to fight ageing problems without injection or needles. All mesoskinli...