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Summer 2014 Issue 18

Houston Energy Capital of the World With US oil production forecast to increase by 48% between 2012 and 2019, we look at OPC’s growing range of services in the Houston office The market Growing domestic production of natural gas and crude oil continues to reshape the U.S. energy economy, with crude oil production approaching the historical high achieved in 1970 of 9.6 million barrels per day. Ongoing improvements in advanced technologies for crude oil and natural gas production continue to lift domestic supply and reshape the U.S. energy economy, according to the US Energy Information Administration. The Gulf of Mexico (GoM) area, both onshore and offshore, is one of the most important regions for energy resources and infrastructure. GoM federal offshore oil production accounts for 23 percent of total U.S. crude oil production and federal offshore natural gas production in the Gulf accounts for 7 percent of total U.S. dry production. Over 40 percent of total U.S. petroleum refining capacity is located along the Gulf coast, as well as 30 percent of total U.S. natural gas processing plant capacity. According to the U.S. EIA, total U.S. oil production will rise by around 48% between 2012 and 2019, driven largely by production from shale and tight oil fields. Much of this production growth is currently being driven by strong drilling activity in the most profitable and productive fields. However, shale oil output is likely to decline post 2020 after companies have exhausted production from their most prospective acreage and could see costs rise as they move to less productive regions. The GoM, in contrast, is likely to provide more stability to U.S. oil production over the longer term considering the vast reserves and strong infrastructure in the region. Between 2014 and 2019, output from the Gulf is expected to rise by around 26% from around 1.5 million barrels of oil a day to over 1.9 million barrels of oil a day. The economics of producing in the Gulf are also quite attractive, as deep-water operators in the region can produce more oil by drilling fewer wells as compared to onshore producers even after factoring in the additional safety expenses. Not surprisingly, OPC sees a great amount of opportunity in the U.S. market. Its potential is being realized through our growing client base and we hope to see this trend continue to rise as more E&P companies regain their confidence in the GoM. This, in addition to unconventional resources, is highlighting the importance of OPC’s presence in the “Energy Capital of the World”.

Sylvia Garcia Consultant Services Manager +1 713 973 2151

OPC in Houston OPC has operated in Houston since 2003 when OPC USA LLC, headed up by President, Bill Roberts, started to provide technical consultancy in well test/pressure transient analysis, reservoir surveillance and engineering to E&P companies in the USA in support of their domestic and international oil and gas assets. OPC Houston links into OPC technical hubs in London and Aberdeen widening the subsurface engineering and G&G resources deployed on projects, studies and technical support. The range of services has grown to include the provision of consultants to E&P clients to supplement their own resources; effectively manpower services but with OPC’s in-house technical expertise underpinning the service. Working alongside Bill, our manpower business is in the very capable hands of Sylvia Garcia and Vanessa Mills who between them have more than 20 years’ experience in the Houston E&P market providing consultants and recruitment services within the specialist areas of subsurface petroleum, reservoir, production engineering, G&G, drilling, well testing, well completions and interventions.

with the contracting of Michael Levitan as a retained consultant. Michael is a renowned expert in Pressure Transient Analysis and adds a significant level of expertise to the OPC USA team offering. OPC USA Recent Contracts Won Global IOC MSA for technical & consulting services in the US (lower 48) Houston based IOC MSA for provision of technical services, globally US Independent Provision of well test support (PTA) Houston independent Provision of technical & consulting services, USA US Independent energy company Provision of consulting services OPC USA Typical skill needs OPC are actively seeking to increase its US based candidate resource to accommodate an increasing project demand and therefore invite all subsurface professionals to register at to be considered for current and future OPC USA projects including domestic and international work opportunities. Key Personnel Bill Roberts – President, OPC USA Bill is a reservoir engineer with over 32 years’ broad-based international experience in well testing, reservoir simulation, petrophysics, reserves estimation, prospect evaluation, field development and training. Since 2003 he has specialized in well testing and reservoir surveillance with permanent downhole gauges on producing fields, and since 2005 has taught well test analysis for the Master’s program, Institut Français du Pétrole, Paris.

Left to right: Sylvia Garcia, Vanessa Mills and Bill Roberts

Sylvia said “The booming Texas oil and gas market is creating demand for skilled candidates at all levels and every discipline. We have established relationships with a large number of clients and have many excellent opportunities for candidates with the right skills – both permanent and contract roles.” Vanessa and Sylvia are using their recruitment expertise and network to identify candidates and consultants to meet the client needs. “And, as a result, we are supporting our clients by utilizing innovative ways to search, identify and attract top talent.” OPC’s technical services capability has been strengthened

Sylvia Garcia – Consultant Services Manager Sylvia Garcia has over ten years’ experience of delivering successful recruitment and resourcing projects for Oil and Gas businesses throughout the USA and internationally. She is responsible for growing the Consultant Services business for OPC within the USA, providing consultants and recruitment services within the specialist disciplines referenced in this article. Vanessa Mills – Consultant Services Advisor Vanessa Mills has recently joined OPC and has 10 years’ experience of managing recruitment projects for companies in the Houston Oil and Gas sector. Her thorough follow through and commitment ensures our potential candidates and consultants have all the information they need.

Your feedback By Piers Johnson, Managing Director of OPC

In March this year I decided I wanted to find out what our customers and consultants felt about OPC. What you feel about the service, what you think our key strengths/weaknesses are, how we compete versus others and where you think we can improve.

the feedback in the survey to develop an action plan. Several of these I already knew about but others were new to me and have helped our thinking and action plan as follows:

Also I wanted to know what you felt about the market – where things are moving and what skills and services will be in highest demand in the next few years. An internal project team built a detailed online survey and I sent emails to everyone on our contact database asking for their views. I’m delighted that I received 1,059 replies – and I’ll share the key parts of the feedback with you below:

• Provide more extensive in-country support for consultants • Increase our geographical presence in USA and North Africa • Improve diversity of our consultant base through a wider range of sourcing activity • Communicate our service range and capabilities more effectively • Update our website and technology functionality for consultants and clients • Further extend our range of specialist services within the E&P disciplines • More proactive contact and care for current and prospective consultants

What you liked As well as the high numbers of responses, I was delighted to hear that 91.4% of our customers and 93.5% of our consultants would recommend OPC to a colleague. You marked us high for Technical Knowledge of OPC staff, Customer Service provided, Speed and responsiveness and Suitability of the contract to your skills. Since the survey I have contacted all of the consultants working for OPC to get a bit more detailed feedback on the service you receive. Your overall response is that you enjoy working for a specialist business with in-house technical expertise that provides access to training and support on projects when required. For you, this makes OPC different to other companies in the sector. What we can improve upon There were many of you that said “Nothing to improve upon” which again makes me realise we’re doing a pretty good job. However, there were some excellent constructive ideas and suggestions about how we could improve both the service we provide and the competitiveness of our business. In addition, the more in-depth feedback that I sought from consultants after the survey made me realise that some of you feel that the level of personal contact that you receive is not as proactive as it has been in the past. This has been added to

We have specific actions to deliver all of the above and I hope you will see some improvements over the next six months. I look forward to repeating the survey again next year to see how we have done and to get your feedback again. Skills / services in most demand We also asked some questions about the future demands of the marketplace. The first of these was to see what you thought were the skills in most demand over the next 3 years. I’m pleased to say you gave a high demand for all of the skills that OPC specialises in, with the top 5 being: 1. Reservoir engineering 2. Subsurface technical consultancy 3. Integrated reservoir studies 4. Low cost drilling technology 5. Geoscience


Piers Johnson Managing Director +44 (0)20 7428 1111

ent service


From your perspective, what would be the potential demand for the following new services/service developments from OPC

From your perspective, what would be the potential demand for the following new services/service deve opments from OPC

Intergrated well testing management service

Intergrated well testing maintainence service

Drilling services

Drilling services

Full range of face to face training modules

Full range of face to face boring modules

Design engineering services

Design engineering services


Education: distance learning services

Environmental services

Environmental services

New offices in Africa New offices in Africa

New offices in Australasia

New offices in Bulgaria

We also asked what services you think OPC should develop in

the future and I’m pleased to see a resounding endorsement for the development of an Integrated well testing management service. We are implementing this service with one customer at present and look forward to launching to the market in the Autumn. You also scored training highly – and again we will be launching a new range of training courses very soon, along with an e-learning option. Finally A resounding thank you to everyone who took the time to take part. If you didn’t have the time but you do now, the feedback survey is live on our website and I’d love to hear your views at any time.

Donating to charity 0




What is this axis representing Everyone who completed the survey could select whether they were entered into a draw to win a new iPad Air or whether we would donate $5 to the Spinal Injuries Association on their behalf. I’m delighted that, of the 504 people who completed the survey, 212 asked I us to make a donation which means that we have given our maximum $US 1000 donation to the SIA (see photo above). There is also one lucky winner of an iPad Air based in the USA.

From your perspective, what would be the potential demand for the following new services/service developments from OPC

Intergrated well testing maintainence service Drilling services Full range of face to face boring modules Design engineering services Education: distance learning services



By Jim Ayton, Technical Director of OPC

The offshore reservoir engineer A significant benefit to well testing operations Well testing is both a significant expenditure to oil and gas companies and a vital indicator as to whether the well is financially viable or not. Why then don’t more companies insist on having a reservoir engineer on the rig to provide an onsite management of the process and an immediate interpretation of the test results?

Reservoir engineers are typically involved in the planning phase of the test – before the operations commence – and then in the interpretation of the well test data after the event. But very rarely are they now seen on the rig while testing is underway. Undoubtedly there have been significant improvements in surface read out technology, electronic data acquisition systems and improved data links with onshore. Data can be quickly relayed back to shore, and then on to the office where the reservoir engineer and management can view the information, interpret the data and make decisions on the operation of the test. However, with tests very rarely following the exact plans put in place, there are so many factors that change and fluctuate during the test that a remote view in an office thousands of miles away may not take into account all of the information that an on-site reservoir engineer can see. Two OPC reservoir engineers have recently been on offshore rigs to oversee test programs and they suggest the following benefits that their presence brought to the procedures: Decision-making - Objectives of well tests can develop as the test itself progresses and decisions often need to be made based on analysis of a live data set. “Ownership” of data offshore. Having a dedicated professional to take responsibility for data collection, transmission and interpretation optimises decision making back in the office and on the rig in real-time.


On-site operational experts While OPC is well known for the consultancy services we provide from the comfort of an office, a high proportion of the work we undertake is in operational roles on rigs and platforms. We provide expertise through consultants or as a managed project in a wide variety of areas including: • Drilling supervision/engineering • Well test management/engineering/supervision • Completion supervision /engineering • Operation and well site geologists

Familiarity with data set. Features of the data can be identified easier due to increased familiarity with the data set and recording of activity which may be missed on well test report “job logs”. Full conditions. Communication of the full conditions of the test back to onshore management and engineers ensures that no important factors are missed out during interpretation. Flexibility. “Prescriptive” well test programs can be inflexible if unexpected conditions should arise. There is particular benefit in appraisal/exploration wells where uncertainty is greater. Well testing can represent a huge proportion of expenditure to companies. This is particularly true of smaller capitalisation public operators, where test results leaked to the markets (intentionally or otherwise) can lead to volatile flows of capital both in and out of the business. Early interpretation and communication of such results to management on-shore can facilitate the proper planning and preparation of releases of information to regulate the flow of capital to and from the business. This can help fund further exploration, appraisal and development

“Protection” of the data. Prevention of any actions which may unknowingly affect data quality. There is also the benefit of an extra “pair of hands” – particularly important during final build ups. Responsibility for overseeing sampling. Helping to ensure samples taken are representative of the reservoir. Communication fail-safe. Should something happen with communication links onshore, the offshore reservoir engineers take responsibility to ensure the test progresses as effectively as possible.

Technical Director Jim Ayton said “I am a great supporter of having reservoir engineers on the rigs when you are undertaking a well test in uncertain conditions. The ability to take decisions on the spot can really increase the success potential of the well testing program and ensure that any unforeseen problems can be overcome far more easily.”

Jim Ayton Technical Services Director +44 (0)20 7428 1111


Equality in parental leave would increase diversity in oil industry OPC Managing Director Piers Johnson said that a change in HR legislation to provide both fathers and mothers with the same parental leave rights would be a key step in increasing gender diversity at senior levels with the Oil and Gas industry. Piers was speaking at the 8th SPE Annual Women in Energy Seminar in London on 21st May to an audience of more than 200 industry professionals who had met to discuss how best to increase the number of women in senior roles. Piers said “There is still an unconscious expectation that it is the mother who needs to put her career on hold to raise a family. By giving mothers and fathers the same rights in terms of maternity/ paternity/parental leave, as is the case in Norway, gives a clear message that both partners have responsibilities in raising children and that fathers as much as mothers can be involved in raising children.” The seminar attendees included many female professionals from the industry and they heard from inspirational senior female energy industry executives including Iman Hill, Heidi Hellman and Jennifer Burton. All three have succeeded in reaching senior positions within oil companies and raising families at the same time. Their advice was actually as useful to the men in the audience as it was to the women and can be summarised as: Be dependable – deliver in your work and establish your credibility Define priorities – map out what you want to achieve professionally and personally Tell the boss – share your professional expectations and what your personal limits are Be flexible – if you want to take the kids to school or be home for meals then accept that you may need to log back in from home once the kids are in bed to do more work Focus on priorities – don’t waste time at home or at work – get on with important matters and minimise time spent on unproductive and unfulfilling tasks You can – too often women think of reasons why they can’t do a job while men think they can. Stretch yourself and have faith in your abilities But don’t push too hard – if you’re too “pushy” then you’ll turn people off

Caption (from left to right) : Jane Burt (VP HR North Africa, BP), Iman Hill (GM Technical Services, Sasol) Piers Johnson, Gro Kieland (Director Hagrola Consulting AS), David Mahoney (Turner Lovell) and Sally Martin (VP Downstream HSSE, Shell)

As well as equality in parental leave, Piers also called for better facilities for women on offshore rigs, a focus on attracting a higher percentage of women on University engineering courses and for an increased awareness of their unconscious bias amongst senior male executives, suggesting that they should listen to the fantastic case studies of the women on the panel. However he stopped short of supporting quotas for women and was against giving any preferential treatment in a recruitment/selection process. “I’ve always believed that the best person for the job should get the job – regardless of their gender, race or sexuality.” The final view of the seminar was “Why are we, a group of women, still talking about this topic to a roomful of women?” The suggestion was that, for next year, the topic could be extended to cover “Diversity in Energy” and a greater proportion of senior male executives from the industry should be invited to take part.


Consultant’s Corner

In this regular feature, we find out about an OPC consultant with a quick-fire 5 minute interview. For this issue we have Werner Schoeler, a Senior Consultant Geophysicist, working with OPC on a contract in Norway. Werner at the office

Werner is a Senior Geophysicist with 30-plus years’ experience in exploration and production geophysics. Werner began his working life with Deutsche Texaco in the 1970s and then commenced a successful career with Deminex / Veba Oil & Gas starting as a geophysicist working worldwide in countries such as Libya, China and Indonesia before being promoted to exploration manager positions in countries as diverse as Syria, Ethiopia, Colombia and Venezuela. After a short career break, Werner turned to consulting in 2005, working with Count Geophysics on contracts in UK, Spain, France and Qatar. In 2013, Werner commenced work on contract with OPC.



What is your current role? Since August 2013 I’ve been working in Stavanger, Norway as a senior geophysicist with Wintershall.

Can you briefly describe your project? I’m part of a team of eight responsible for geophysical analysis and interpretation of Wintershall assets in the Norwegian North Sea. I really enjoy working as part of a team – being able to support, mentor and train more inexperienced geophysicists – as well as discussing and sharing ideas.

What do you like about working as a consultant? As a member of management with Deminex, my work was quite stressful having to deal with financial budgets, politics, staffing and other issues. What is great about being a consultant geophysicist is that I can just focus on the technical work – which I love – exploring and finding new assets areas for the business.



What is the working culture like in Norway? My experience is only of Wintershall – but they are the best company I have ever worked with. Their organisation is superb and they really look after the staff. I took part in a four day team building exercise up to the north of Norway where we chased the Northern lights with dog sleds, had snow scooter races and had a cookery course with a fantastic chef. The team bonded so well that we really are like a family now.


How have you found working with OPC? I had never worked through OPC before this contract but I have been very impressed by the efficiency of everything and the support you are given. My contract has been extended for 12 months and I look forward to working with OPC for years to come.


Training: Spreading the word OPC announces a wider training initiative in order to assist clients to develop their personnel in local operating countries throughout the globe. Feedback from the OPC client insight survey and from recent client visits has indicated a high demand for specialist training within a range of technical and business disciplines. In particular, companies operating in countries within the Middle East and North African (MENA) region are now required to employ a high ratio of local nationals within their projects, and are in need of a specialist partner to assist with training and knowledge-transfer within key skill are as. An enhanced programme of over 30 courses will be announced in September 2014 and will cover the disciplines of general management, geophysics, drilling operations, reservoir engineering, commercial and economics.  Most training will be delivered as private bespoke courses in-country and tailored to meet individual client’s needs although public courses of the most popular topics will also be held. OPC will also develop a suite of e-learning videos and have developed a “taster” video on the subject of Deconvolution which is available from the OPC website.    Piers Johnson said “Training has always been a key part of the OPC service and I always enjoy

delivering the well test interpretation module to Masters students at the Institut Français du Pétrole in Paris every year. The feedback I have received from clients over the last few months has made me realise that there is a huge need for good quality, bespoke, tailored training for clients operating within developing nations. I am delighted to be able to announce this enhanced development to our service.”

Book Now

Petroleum Economics and Risk Analysis London, Sept 15 – 19th 2014 Trainer: John Austin Gain a real understanding of Petroleum Economics

Edna Travers Business Development Manager OPC Middle East & North Africa +7 915 434 1347 Deconvolution video


New contracts

We are pleased to announce the following selection of new contracts awarded in the last quarter. This list is not comprehensive but representative.

SS technical management resource to represent UK energy utility interests for FEED of oxyfuel power and carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration project.

Reservoir evaluations of mature gas fields in the SNS area for IOC involving late-life field reviews by a multi-discipline SS team.

Study review for IOC major of East Nile Delta seismic data for evaluation of infill, appraisal and near field drilling activities.

Bespoke training for GCC NOC. Courses delivered were; Introduction to Data Management, Rock Petrophysics for Seismic Interpretation and Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation.

Provision of OPC G&G consultants to UK based independent IOC to work on an integrated basis with the clients own resources in support of UK licence bid round evaluation.

Master Services Agreement won for the provision of international SS engineering, well/rig site supervision and G&G expertise and resources to the technology group of Chinese NOC.

Well Test/Pressure Transient Analysis expertise for oil assets in East and West Africa for leading E&P independent.

Ongoing PTA surveillance including PLT integration for major deepwater US GOM fields and well test design and real-time interpretations for IOC major.

Well-site operational support for real time analysis of four well tests in a drilling campaign in West Africa.

Bespoke training for IOC and National JV partner in Algeria covering; AVO, Shale Gas, Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing, Pressure Transient Analysis including Deconvolution and SCAL/PVT.

If you would like to know more about OPC services and how you can work with us either as a services provider or client with a need for support, please contact our Business Development Manager, David Carney.

David Carney Group Business Development Manager

Master Services Agreement won for the provision of SS engineering and G&G expertise to leading IOC in support of their Gulf of Mexico assets. +44 (0)20 7428 1111





Drilling Engineers Major international operating company requires consultant and staff Drilling Engineers at all levels based in London. Responsible for directional drilling plans, organisation of drilling engineering activities for onshore and offshore operations.

Production Engineer To provide production engineering expertise to manage engineering needs in the Gulf of Mexico and near onshore Louisiana operations. Understand and work within regulatory, safety, environment and applicable regulations. Participate and direct well abandonment operations.


Senior Completions Supervisor To support drilling, completions and workover operations, responsible for engineering, design, planning, logistic coordination, execution of completion, clean-up and testing activities performed by the Wells Team.


Geophysicists Seismic data quality analysis, advising on processing and reprocessing, 2D and 3D seismic interpretation and mapping (Landmark and Petrel), quantitative interpretation and attribute mapping, time depth conversion, geophysical well planning and monitoring and project management


Chief Reservoir Engineer & Senior Reservoir Engineer Support of appraisal, development and reservoir management of assets, planning and directing activities in classical reservoir engineering, reservoir characterisation (transient well test analysis and special core analysis) and reservoir simulation.


Drilling Engineer / Superintendents To provide technical consultancy and support services during drilling preparation and offshore drilling operations offshore Qatar, including cementing, drilling fluid engineering and directional drilling.


Geologists / Geophysicists Experience of well fracture and stimulation in tight gas environments. Unconventional Expertise is in high demand.

Completions Supervisor To provide long-term contract company representation and supervision on worksite for well services operations and is accountable for overall implementation of the program. Will deliver quality completions, well tests, and interventions to the assets.


In houseTrainers – Various Disciplines Preparation and delivery of subsurface-related training courses internationally. 12



Deep Water Well Test Engineers   

Production Technologist Responsible for leading the Production Optimization Team, and for delivering Production Technology solutions including identification of production optimization opportunities and planning and execution well interventions. Development of production forecasts and production efficiency reports. Support of development studies.

Design, preparation and review of well test programmes for deep water oil and gas operations worldwide. Organisation of well test operations from equipment mobilisation to completion of test in a variety of environments.


Completion Engineers HOUSTON, GOM

Drilling / Workover / Completion Supervisors Planning of onshore / offshore drilling, workover and completion operations worldwide. Support of ongoing well operations activities. Engineering degree with 3 years deepwater drilling experience.

Engineering, design, planning, logistic coordination, and execution of completion, clean-up and testing activities performed by the Wells Team. Supporting drilling, completions, workover and well testing associated with new well construction.


Reservoir Geologists/Development Geologists/Geoscientists MIDLAND, TEXAS (OR HOUSTON, TEXAS)

Production Operations Engineering Advisor Primary responsibilities will be to conduct thorough review of failure data and history, analyse the data and make recommendations for improvement, design and reduce failures on beam lift equipment for horizontal and vertical wells, and manage the reduced failure project.

Analysis and interpretation of geological data with the objective of quantifying hydrocarbons in place and optimisation of reservoir management and field development. Experience of geological modelling, and mapping reservoir features relevant to any reservoir management and development.


Reservoir Engineer VARIOUS

Well Test Engineers Preparation of well testing design, tendering and tender evaluation, well test operations from equipment mobilisation to completion of the operation, technical support of well site operation.

Team Leader / member of a multi-discipline subsurface team for the client’s West of Shetland Oil Assets. Strong reservoir engineering background in field development with experience of full reservoir technical evaluation process, including seismic, static and dynamic reservoir modelling.

Any of these vacancies suit you or somebody you know? Please email your current resume to: We are always looking for talented individuals with 10 years + experience in E&P so if nothing here matches what you’re looking for, still feel free to send us in your details or call us on +44(0)20 7428 1111. 13

Latest news Edna Travers joins OPC to grow MENA region OPC has appointed Edna Travers (née Golboodaghians) as Business Development Manager for the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. Edna has significant experience of customer development in the region and will play a key role in developing MENA for the global upstream technical services consultancy. Edna will work alongside OPC Middle East Manager Stuart Hart to expand the range of services offered to customers in this region. OPC’s office in Doha, Qatar was established in 2007 and has developed a significant demand for OPC’s technical and consultancy services within the Middle East. Edna said “OPC was recommended to me by a previous client and, having met all of the team, I am really excited to join the business at this time. OPC has a great mix of technical expertise and customer focus, which means we have developed long-term relationships with a number of excellent customers. My role will focus on increasing engagement with these customers as well as new clients, getting to know their challenges and developing solutions for OPC to help them in the future.” David Carney, Group Business Development Manager for OPC said “Edna has impressed us with her understanding of Middle East culture, her experience of the sector and with her drive and commitment to help us develop OPC in the exciting and challenging MENA region. Edna also has significant experience of working with Russian owned exploration and production businesses and we believe she can play a vital role in developing these relationships for OPC.”

Above: Stuart Hart. Below: The Torch Hotel, Doha

Stu runs up the Torch Stuart Hart, OPC Middle East Manager and inhouse Iron man has been putting us all to shame. He ran up 51 floors and 1,304 steps of the Torch Hotel in Doha in just 11 minutes 44 seconds to finish in an impressive 51st place (out of 341 taking part). Stu explains: “The race itself is now officially part of the Towerrunning World Association (TWA) circuit and there were a handful of invited runners taking part. The winner clocked 6:14 which was a) ridiculous and b) a record (this is the 3rd time this event has been run). I wobbled in at 11:44 for 51st place. The last to finish came in at 33:10. Thankfully you’re allowed to take the lift back down again!”

Edna added “As someone born and raised in the MiddIe East, I have a natural understanding of business culture in the Middle East and North Africa region. I look forward to building up OPC’s network of local engineers, working with OPC’s existing international consultants to train, mentor and develop an experienced workforce within the region.” Edna Travers Business Development Manager OPC Middle East & North Africa +7 915 434 1347


Quiz raises £45,000 for Spinal Injuries The 2014 Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) Oil & Gas industry quiz raised over £45,000 for the charity which does such good work supporting people who are suffering from a spinal cord injury. OPC was one of the sponsors of the evening which features concurrent events in London and Aberdeen and included more than 600 attendees from organisations throughout the Oil & Gas sector. OPC’s Group Business Development Manager, David Carney said “The SIA quiz is always enjoyable and the 2014 event, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the SIA, was the best ever and very well attended and supported by the industry.”

Derricks and Dice

OPC USA was a sponsor of the 29th annual Society of Professional Women in Petroleum Derricks & Dice Casino Event at Norris’s Red Oak Ballroom City Centre in Houston, Texas. The evening of entertainment included a reception buffet, casino gaming, prizes including a raffle drawing, photo booth, and great fun! All proceeds generated from this event benefit the Society for Professional Women in Petroleum Scholarship Fund. Since its inception in 1981, SPWP has awarded approximately $880,000 in scholarships to young women in the greater Houston and surrounding area.

The OPC quiz team comprising of OPC staff, consultants, clients and guests finished in respectable mid-table. As David Carney explained “We didn’t want to steal the limelight from our clients and were delighted to see one of our clients carry off the prize. Many thanks to the team members Mark Young, Ada Branfield, Kate Daly, Greg Bowker, David Carney, Brendan Keating, Sultan Kardas, Chris Bayly, Chris Clay and Matthew Thompson”. Quiz master Lord Moynihan posed some tricky questions for the teams competing for the prize. Here are a few that the OPC team struggled with: Who was Hannibal’s brother? What was the name of the Oscar nominated screen writer of “When Harry met Sally” and “Sleepless in Seattle”?

Milton entertains in London Comedian Milton Jones was a welcome addition to the 2014 SPE London Conference Gala Dinner at Claridge’s hotel in Mayfair. Milton, a regular performer on leading UK TV shows such as Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo, sat next to OPC Managing Director Piers Johnson during dinner and then entertained guests at the event which is the highlight of the London chapter’s annual calendar.

From left: Piers Johnson, Kat Cook and Milton Jones

Milton is renowned as the “King of the one-liners” and did not disappoint the audience with a great repertoire of jokes. One of my favourites was ‘Years ago I used to supply filofaxes for the mafia. Yes, I was involved in very organised crime.’


We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. Tell us what you would like to see in the next edition. Kazakhstan Astana T: +7 7172 501977 E:

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Issue 18 of OPC's regular newsletter with technical articles, features and news from OPC operations around the world