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Online Document Management Taking Business Performance to Higher Levels

• Organizations of all types use online document management systems to track electronic documents. • Regardless of industry, size of company or purpose, all companies can benefit from this technology. • These systems store, manage, distribute and archive digital documents in efficient and economical manner.

• More companies are now moving towards online management systems because of the numerous advantages they provide. • Benefits include; – Saving valuable office space by eliminating paper. – Eliminate risk of losing paper documents. – Greater control over your information to improve overall performance.

The Cost Impact of Online Document Management ďƒź Improved efficiency will always have a positive effect on costs. ďƒź Savings can be significant in document-based process such as accounting, human resources, payroll and more.

• Paper document storage can come at a hefty cost. • If documents need to be shared to employees in other location, they need to be shipped. • The current document storage can be used for more productive purposes.

Important Features of Online Document Management Solutions • Other than the inherent benefits of document management, online solutions have more advantages. – Integrated technical support and maintenance features – Application upgrades – Everyone can collaborate with each other quickly – Companies can establish access parameters for each employee – Effective backup procedures in place – Enhances the flow of information and day-to-day operations are greatly improved

• Kevin D'Arcy is VP of Sales and Marketing for MES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontario's leading document scanning and document management supplier. For more information about Document Management in Ontario, visit

Online Document Management: Taking Business Performance to Higher Levels