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MADISON HILFIGER • 8 MeSee Magazine ▪ 3

About Us What should we do tonight, today, this weekend? Where should we go? How can I entertain my kids? Where can they burn off some of that energy? Is it nap time yet? I need a drink. These thoughts constantly run through the minds of most parents every… single… day. Enter MeSee Magazine. Designed for parents by parents, MeSee is a creative collaboration of everyday ideas to celebrate the joys, swerves and curves of parenthood. Published bi-monthly, each issue will feature people, places and things that attract, entertain and inform both kids and their parents. Learn more about upcoming events, local businesses, local families, unique crafts and internet finds, activities and other inspiring editorial to make you laugh, cry and relate.

Thank You! A most sincere and heartfelt thank you to our community supporters: Callie’s Candy Kitchen, Callie’s Pretzel Factory, The Casino Theatre, The Frogtown Inn, The Frogtown Chophouse, Gotta Go Potties, Pocono Power Center, The Rotary Club of the Pocono Mountains, Spruce Lake Retreat, Stone Trembly & Associates & Walker Plumbing.

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Our Letter As I write this, I’m still basking in the glow of Christmas lights and enjoying several inches of fresh snow on the ground. My kids are contently playing with their new toys and it feels as though winter could last forever. If only I could bottle these moments because as a parent, I know the real storm is coming. No, I’m not talking about the next big snowfall, I’m talking about that time of year where kids and parents slowly start losing their minds. Cabin fever sets in, kids get restless, parents get anxious and together we sit confined in our homes, silently praying that we’ll wake up to 60 degree weather. Ohhh February and March, why must you come so soon? This issue of MeSee is stocked with things to see and do. From trips to the Casino Theatre to nights out at Escape Pocono, we’ll try our best to help you survive the lull of winter. If Mother Nature decides to show us what winter is all about then enjoy some crafts and recipes to help you get through. We are always looking for more MeSee Mini Artists so break out the art supplies on those snowy days and let your kids create a masterpiece for us. You just might see it on the cover of a future issue! Take a picture and email it to amanda@, upload it to our Facebook page or drop it in the mail. We love seeing your kids’ works of art! We hope you enjoy this issue of MeSee as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. Our goal for 2017 is to get out and about with all our MeSee friends. We’ll be hosting Mini Artist days, hanging out at local grocery stores with special goodies and holding fun events for kids of all ages. As parents we need to stick together, so drop us a line, tell us what you think, share your ideas with us! Until next time, goodbye and good luck - see you in the Spring!

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Here's something to keep them occupied so you can take a breath.

If you need a few more minutes visit and get more activities perfect for all ages. 6 • MeSee Magazine


need a minute?

Baby crying? Kids fighting? Toddler interrogating? Need a minute?


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You could be the winner of $50 to Escape Pocono. Located at 3180 Route 611, Lower Level, Bartonsville, PA 18321 in the Promenades at Fountain Court (behind the plaza) Visit for more information.

MeSee Magainze â–Ş 7

"Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know."

8 • MeSee Magazine



by: Jamie Bowman

I love a nice dinner out as much as the next person. And who doesn’t enjoy a night at the movies? But this date night, it’s time to think outside the box...or the bank, or the jail. Not following me? I’m talking about Escape Poconos! Located behind the Fountain Court Plaza in Bartonsville, Escape Poconos is the ultimate test of strategy. This locally owned and operated establishment is one of the Poconos hottest new attractions. Since opening in 2015, Escape has attracted both area residents and out-oftowners. If your date night needs a refresh, spend a night challenging your mind while having fun with your significant other. Escape Poconos offers three different “escape rooms,” each with a different theme and difficulty level. The object of the game is to solve a variety of puzzles and riddles in order to find a key and escape from the room in under 60 minutes. Think you’re clever? Think again. These clues are guaranteed to put your brain to work. Escape currently offers three different rooms - a prison, a bank, and a cabin - each with its own situational backstory. (Yes, you actually begin behind bars in the prison room.) Escaping from the bank, appropriately titled “The Million Dollar Heist,” is Escape’s most challenging scenario. Up the ante and try to break the record for fastest escape time. Escape teams can be made up of two to eight people, so invite your friends to join in on the fun. Dinner and the movies is so 2016! Register online ahead of time to ensure that your time and room of choice are available. Be on the lookout for new rooms and puzzles changes, including special holiday themes. “Like” the Escape Poconos Facebook page for updates and money-saving promo codes. Who doesn’t love a coupon?! For more information on Escape Poconos or to register to play, visit Then grab your date and bring your A game because this is one night out you’ll want to schedule ASAP. Good luck!

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Q & A with & Village Malt Shoppe

For most of us, when you go to the

Karen & Don Struckle, owners of The

movies you expect the movie to be the

Casino Theatre, have great service

best part. Maybe you look forward to

in their genes. This family-owned

some buttery popcorn or a cold soda

business has thrived over the years

but never do you expect the staff and

and while much of The Casino’s

atmosphere to be the best part.

success is a result of their ingenuity,

At The Casino Theatre in Mt. Pocono, this is always the case.

the fun atmosphere, friendly faces, and personal service have kept customers coming back for years.


The Casino Theatre has been in your family since 1975, what are your earliest childhood memories?


Before our family owned the Casino Theatre, the original owners, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, were selling movie tickets, popcorn in little bags and soda in

question Since then, how has the Casino changed?


Next we added Dinner, Drink and a Movie on Monday for $11. It became so popular we added Dinner, Drink and a Movie for $11 on Tuesday.

Dixie cups right in the theatre lobby. We bought

Our dinner and movie nights got so busy we ran

the theatre in 1975, which also had a gift shoppe,

out of tables for our guests. That’s how we came up

sewing shoppe and malt shoppe. We were only

with the concept of delivering our food on trays, right

open in the summer and the whole family worked

to our customers inside the theaters. This made it

at the business. In March 1976, the Casino Theatre

possible to eat a meal while watching a movie…long

burned to to ground. By July 4th, 1976, we had a

before the multiplexes even served food.

brand new building up and running, but we were only able to rebuild a single screen theatre and the malt shoppe.


Are there any particular movies you remember seeing?


The movie we remember as being the biggest hit in the early days was the original Rocky. We had a line going out to the sidewalk and down the block.


When your parents expanded The Casino, what were their goals?


Over time, we added a game room, a kitchen, mini golf and a full food menu. Then we twinned the theatre so we could start showing first run movies. Our parents’, George and Sheila Litz, goal was to


You host parties too. Are they for kids only?


We have been hosting children’s parties for decades, for a reasonable price: $14.95 per child which includes movie, pizza or hot dog, chips, 2 drinks, popcorn, tax and gratuity. But our parties are not only for children. We have hosted many adult parties, including a Sock Hop!


As the second generation, what improvements have you made?


Ten years ago we went to a year-round schedule. We’re open every day during the summer and holidays and six days a week in the fall, winter and spring. Next we added our Thursday deal: All Seats $5.

add multiple attractions to make the Casino Theatre

Five years ago we upgraded to digital projectors,

a destination. This made it possible to be open

Dolby surround sound and 3D. We now have state

during the fall and spring.

of the art technology so we can show the latest movies.

MeSee Magazine ▪ 11


What is the best way to find out which movies are being shown and the show times?

answer The best way to find out what is playing at The


What makes The Casino better than your average movie theatre?


What makes The Casino Theatre special is people

Casino is to go to our website - -

- both our customers and our staff. The most

or our Casino app -

important part of our business is the relationships

12 • MeSee Magazine

we have made over 42 years. The Casino is our



second home and people make all the difference. Our regular customers are just fun to be with and we make new friends all the time. Many of our customers have been with us for as long as we have had The Casino. We have

& Village Malt Shoppe

regulars from around the block to New York, New Jersey and all over Pennsylvania, including locals, second home owners and visitors. And we make new friends every day. We recognize people from when we were teenagers to those who just moved here this year. Also, we are very proud of our staff. For most of them, The Casino is their first job. We have a four-day trial period to see if the job is a good fit. We want our employees to enjoy their first job. Our customers regularly compliment us on our staff.


What can a first time movie-goer expect?


The first time a new customer visits The Casino, we explain how The Casino is different from any other theatre. There is a lot going on in our building and it looks much smaller on the outside than it is on the inside. Our staff welcomes our guests and explains all of the options available: food, ice cream, games, movies, mini golf, specials & discounts, popcorn, homemade waffle cones and cotton candy.


What are your plans for the future of The Casino?


Looking forward to the future, we will continue to keep our prices reasonable, make new friends and

e m i T y t Par e

atr e h T o n i s a C @ the y to d a y ! e x t p a rt n r u o y Book

ment Entertain o Theatre in s a C brate e le h e T lace to c a great p is r te ndles n a e c C cake and the kids, g n rest! ri e b th o s o & let us d



a movie, miniature golf and/o r tokens to the Gam e Room


a choice of kid -friendly food s, snack & ice cream fro m the Village Malt Shoppe

& Fun

Visit casinoth for more informat ion or to revie w our party pack ages.

(570) 839.7831 Route 611 • Mt. Pocono, PA

visit with our regular customers, which is the best part of our business.

MeSee Magazine ▪ 13

14 • MeSee Magazine

Swim Lessons @ AQUATICS ACADEMY Longing for summer days by the pool? Aquatics Academy to the rescue! It may be 30 degrees outside but the Aquatics Academy pools are always a comfortable 86 degrees. While swim lessons are a great way to curb Cabin Fever, your kids will also benefit in many other ways. Not only is knowing how to swim essential to your child’s safety, it’s also a great form of exercise and will help your child build confidence. Swimming is an important life skill and the Aquatics Academy has the recipe for success. “Committed to Excellence” is a motto they stand by and their past swimmers will agree. Here are a few of the elements that make the Aquatics Academy programs so special.

Small Class Size Class sizes are limited to 2 students per instructor and private instruction is available. They also offer highly individualized instruction for ages 6 months through adult.

Experienced Instructors All instructors are carefully screened, mature professionals with many years of experience in teaching. They regularly participate in professional development in order to improve their skills and offer a better learning experience for their students.

MeSee Magazine ▪ 15

Warm Pools A warm pool! Need I say more? Not only are the pools a comfortable 86 degrees, they are also impeccably maintained by professionals on a daily basis.

Calm Learning Enviroment With no more than two classes going on at the same time and no more than two kids per instructor, students can relax and learn in a comfortable environment.

Proven Curriculum Their curriculum is based on the industry's highest standard and is in full compliance with The American Red Cross. There are a variety of programs carefully tailored to the needs of various ages and levels of abilities, perfectly balancing learning with safety and fun.

Flexible Scheduling Aquatics Academy offers open-enrollment year-round on a month-to-month rolling basis so you can choose your schedule. Because they do not adhere to a session-type of schedule (common-place in many other swim programs) instructors are completely at liberty to evaluate their students during each and every lesson. When they see the cues that indicate a student is ready for his or her next skill set or level of curriculum they simply introduce it! Student development is never constrained by an artificial calendar.

16 • MeSee Magazine

Classes Meet Once per week and each class is 30-minutes. Pools are found at the following locations:

BARTONSVILLE, PA Pool is located within the Howard Johnson Inn at 63 Rt. 611 Bartonsville, PA

STROUDSBURG, PA Pool is located within the Quality Inn at 1220 West Main Street Stroudsburg, PA

To register, call 570.664.1716 or visit for more information.

MeSee Magazine ▪ 17

February 3rd - 26th, 2017 Thur. - Mon. 11am - 5pm

The 11th year at Sculpted Ice Works kicks off with larger than life displays of ice. Bringing storybooks to life this year, their Once Upon a Time theme will feature all of your favorite characters. With fairytale creatures, castles and more, this event is perfect for the entire family. Take a trip down the 50-foot ice slide and then warm up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Located in Lakeville, PA, visit their website for more information. Don’t forget your snow pants; it’s cold in there! • Free Hot Chocolate • Fire Pit • Free Wine Tasting • Scavenger Hunt • Factory Tour & Natural Ice Harvest Museum • Food Truck


• Adults: $15 • Children: $10 • Under 3: Free • Seniors/Military: $12 18 • MeSee Magazine

what every kid’s summer should be! Overnight Camps & Trips for ages 7-18 Day Camp for ages 5-13 + ten area shuttle stops! Register for Overnight Camps before MARCH 1st & get 10% off!


• O p e n 7 d ay s a w e e k ! •

Kids. Love. Candy. & Pretzels too! Callie’s Candy Kitchen r Visit Ou ! m museu

(570) 595.2280 Open 10am – 5pm Route 390, Mountainhome, PA 18342

Callie’s pretzel factory (3 miles South of Callie’s (570) 595.3257 Candy Kitchen) Open 10am – 5pm Route 390, Cresco, PA 18326

Pretzel Fa cto Weekends ry open only Thru April 1st

Visit Our Left Hand Shop! MeSee Magazine ▪ 19

20 • MeSee Magazine

Cabin Fever SURVIVAL KIT Cabin Fever is described as a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group ends up in an isolated or solitary location or stuck indoors in confined quarters for an extended period. Cabin fever describes the extreme irritability and restlessness a person may feel in these situations. Cabin fever is also associated with boredom. It’s here; the lull of winter is upon us. Don’t worry friends, Spring will be here soon. Until then, here are 10 ideas to keep your kids occupied indoors. Good luck and we’ll see you on the other side!


dance party!

A surprise dance party can help both


pillow fort! A fort is a great distraction that can lead to fun all day, that is if you can build a

you and your kids shake it off, so make

fort that will withstand the test of time…

like Taylor and get on your feet. Some

or siblings. Whether you like to pull all

upbeat music can help burn some

the chairs in your house together and

energy and transform your mood. How

drape a blanket over them or you prefer

can you be bored when you’re bopping

to use the cushions from every piece of

along to your favorite tunes?

furniture you own, embrace the mess

#2 bake!

We admit, baking and/or cooking with your kids always seems like a good idea but can get frustrating very quickly. But desperate times call

and enjoy!


bath time!

Most women would agree that baths are

for desperate measures. Break out the cookie

great at any time of day and most kids

sheets, because cookies always make things

would say the same. Gather up any and


all tub-friendly toys and dive in! Who

These soft & chewy M&M cookies from Crunchy, Creamy, Sweet are always a hit. www.

cares if it’s 2pm? Your kids may look like shriveled prunes but at least they aren’t driving you crazy, right? Right!

chewy-mm-chocolate-chip-cookies. MeSee Magazine ▪ 21



There are so many fun and simple experiments that you can do with your kids. Visit Little Bins for Little Hands at for a ton of great ideas. Here are a few…

• Apple-Cani: erupting-apple-science-baking-soda-fizzy-activity

• Lego Zip Line:

make a game! 7 #

So many quick and easy games can be found on the Internet. With a quick search you can find ideas for all ages. Here are a


few of our favorites…

• Sensory Bins:

• Crepe Paper Laser Maze by Brassy Apple



indoor picnic!

Pack up your lunch and head to the basement, bedroom, or living room. Use your imagination and pretend you’re dining on the top of a mountain or in a secret cave. Your kids will enjoy the change of scenery and maybe you won’t have to ask them 25 times to eat their sandwiches.

22 • MeSee Magazine

• Balloon Tennis by Little Bins for Little Hands

• Pom Pom Ball Race by Frugal Fun for Boys

#8 popcorn olympics! 9 i'm bored jar! # Host your own Popcorn Olympics! It’s fun for

the whole family and all you’ll need is popcorn. Or

So She Says has all the details on

the events.

“I’m bored” - the parent equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. They can be

standing in a sea of toys yet there’s somehow “nothing to do!” While any parent can rattle off 5 to 10 activities for their kids to do, none of them

#10 cardboard box fun!

are ever appealing. To solve the problem, create an “I’m Bored” jar. A quick look on Pinterest and you can find ideas for all ages and seasons. Trust us, this one works!

Save all those cardboard boxes from the holidays - the possibilities are endless!

Here are a few ideas for you…

• Cardboard Rocket Ship by Kate’s Creative Space

• Cardboard Castle by Cornerstone Confessions

• Cardboard Stick Animals by Flatout Frankie MeSee Magazine ▪ 23

[ Mom-pruh-nur ]

[ mom – pruh – nur ] or [ dad– pruh – nur ] a multi-tasking superhero that artfully juggles the stresses of running a business while managing the lives of little ones.

Amazon Art Studio • Jennifer Let your creativity out to play! Amazon Art Studio is a mobile art studio that brings the paint party to you! We also offer private art lessons for more serious students. Visit our website for information on events coming up and information on booking private parties. Learn more and watch our videos on YouTube to get a taste of what we do! Jennifer Amazon, Owner 570.497.6457 | | @AmazonArtStudio

LuLaRoe • Lori LuLaRoe clothing is more comfortable, versatile and wearable than most clothing you find in stores. It’s flattering, affordable and designed to fit women of all ages, sizes and styles. Rather than a big box store with the same shirts or skirts, LLR gives customers a more intimate buying experience with a variety of styles. Learn more about Lori and LLR in this issue and join her Facebook to shop. Lori Zyblicki - LuLaRoe, Coach & Fashion Consultant |

Mary Kay Independant Consultant • Korie Create your ideal beauty experience! I offer personalized service that fits you. If you’d like a one-on-one consultation, a party with friends, a virtual party, makeup tips, skin care advice or free samples contact me. You can always try before you buy. If you prefer to shop online only or order by e-mail or phone, the choice is yours. I’d love to help you with any or all of your beauty needs. Korie Stiff | (740) 541.2836 |

Well Scripted, A Paige Cotter Original Lettering, calligraphy, script and every type in between on chalkboards, glass and many other surfaces. Email me today for more information. Paige Cotter |

24 • MeSee Magazine









• NAVIEN NPE-150S Ultra condensing tankless water heater. Energy Star Rated. Eligible for up to $300 rebate from PPL Electric. Includes install, new cold water shut off, up to 10’ of pex piping, new relief valve, 120v receptacle, up to 10’ of gas pipe & up to 20’ of exhaust piping. • TAKAGI TK JR Limited supply. Includes install, new cold water shut off, up to 10’ of pex piping, new relief valve, 120v receptacle, up to 10’ of gas pipe, mounted on exterior wall. • BRADFORD WHITE 50 GALLON HOT WATER HEATER Includes install, new cold water valve & removal of old unit. Other sizes available. 6 year tank warranty & 1 year electrical.


Repairs | Pumps | Installation | Heating Office: (570) 595.3440 • Emergency Service: (570) 369.3469 984 Route 390, Cresco, PA

MeSee Magazine ▪ 25

26 • MeSee Magazine

Parents Time Out


MeSee Magazine â–ª 27

Roses are red, violets are blue. This Valentine’s Day, try

Palmerton or tour a local winery. Galen Glen Winery is

something NEW! While candy-filled hearts and a dozen roses

right around the corner and offers wine tastings for just $5.

are nice, wouldn’t a “staycation” be even better? People have

Experience the great outdoors with a hike on the Appalachian

been flocking to the Poconos for romantic weekend getaways

Trail or check out The Inn’s 24-acre property. Don’t

for decades. It’s time to see what all of the fuss is about and

hesitate to ask the innkeepers about the best local spots;

The Inn at Birch Wilds is the perfect place to start.

they’ve done their research and are always willing to offer recommendations.

The Inn at Birch Wilds, Ready to book your stay? nestled in the quaint town of Lehighton, is the ideal spot for

an evening with that special someone. Built in the 1750s, this

Make your reservations online or by phone. And remember,

freshly renovated log and stone inn is one of the Poconos’

The Inn at Birch Wilds isn’t just for couples. Grab the girls

most charming spots. But The Inn at Birch Wilds isn’t your

for a weekend of fun or book a solo trip and enjoy a night of

average B&B.

relaxation. Stay midweek to escape reality and relieve cabin

Raise your hand if your bedroom at home has a fireplace, spa tub, and walk-in rainforest shower. Yeah, me neither. Treat yourself to a night (or two) at The Inn and you can have

fever. To stay in the loop, “like” The Inn at Birch Wilds on Facebook and sign up for their e-newsletter at Happy staycationing!

all three! Each of the four suites is different and has its own unique style. Photos of each room are available online so you can choose the room that best suits you. But The Inn at Birch Wilds is so much more than just a place to sleep. Heated indoor pool? Check. Hot tub? Check. Library, movie rentals, and fresh breakfast? Check, check, check! With plenty to keep you entertained, you’ll be hoping to get snowed in at The Inn this season.

3236 W Lizard Creek Rd. Lehighton, PA (570) 818-4433 @TheInnAtBirchWilds

Itching to get out and explore? Jim Thorpe is just a short drive away and is home to plenty of great local restaurants and shops. Hit the slopes at Blue Mountain Ski Resort in

MeSee Magazine ▪ 29

m o o r y revamp Pla& Office With Christmas past and a new year present, I was in dire need of a revamp at home. I share my work space with 2 little ones in our office/ playroom. Needless to say there isn't much space for me. I had put myself in the corner, to say the least, and they slowly took over. In "our" room there is a closet that became a place for me to toss things that I simply didn't want to look at or that I didn't have a particular place for. This is where I started. I simplified and got rid of or donated things that I haven't even looked at in years! Why? Well... this closet was going to become my new office! I would regain some office space plus have extra storage for the things I use. As an extra bonus, I could close the doors when I'm not working and the girls could have a run of the room without little hands getting curious about my computer the second I walk out of the room. I also made the room a little more fun for them by adding a chalk wall, pictures,


30 • MeSee Magazine

storage for all the new toys and some wall art! Take a look at my office revamp!


MeSee Magazine â–ª 31

You’re invited to


@ The Frogtown Inn Parents & kids, join us for an afternoon of creativity. Kids are invited to help create a masterpiece while the adults can hang out and enjoy refreshments, courtesy of MeSee Magazine. Reservations are required. Space is limited.


Sunday, March 19th at 1pm


The Frogtown Inn 2468 Route 390 Canadensis, PA 18325

COST: Free


by Friday, March 10th to

Event photos and designs will be featured in the April/May issue of MeSee Magazine.

32 • MeSee Magazine

unshine S Sunshine FLOORING

tiny toes.


Single & Seasonal Applications • Organic, child & pet-friendly pesticide spray • Helps eliminates ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, stink bugs & other exo-skeleton insects • Will not harm beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies or earthworms

The softest carpet... for those

570.460.0835 • 332 Dutch Hill Road • Canadensis, PA


Carpet • Hardwood • Vinyl Tile • Area Rugs • Blinds


(570) 595.7066 | 984 Route 390, Cresco, PA

visit us!

Proudly Serving Barrett & Paradise Townships. The heart of the Poconos Rotary Club of the Pocono Mountains

• A Unique Charity Organization • Specializing in Active Community Support • Advanced fundraising To learn how you can join our extraordinary charity organization or plan a visit to see what we’re all about contact Amanda Kuhn.

(570) 807.6810

Making a difference in our own backyard and beyond.

Monroe County Meals on Wheels plans, supplies, and delivers nutritious and appealing meals, with the help of volunteers, to the homebound who are physically or mentally unable to shop for and/or prepare meals for themselves.

(570) 424.8794 MONROEMEALS.ORG MeSee Magazine ▪ 33

DR. SEUSS On March 2nd, join the nationwide celebration of Read Across America. In celebration of his life, here are a few facts about Dr. Seuss you may not already know.

1. 2. 3.

FUN FACTS His real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel. He wasn’t really a doctor, but his father

wanted him to be one. Before writing children’s books, Dr. Seuss

wrote advertisements for companies like General Electric, Standard Oil and NBC.


His first book, And to Think That I Saw It on

that you r ead, the more t hings you will know . The mor e that you l earn, the m ore places you ’ll go.”

Mulberry Street, was turned down 27 times by publishing companies.



He was the first person to use the word “nerd.” Green Eggs and Ham only uses 50 words and

Dr. Seuss wrote it to win a bet!

Send us a picture on Facebook of your children reading their favorite Dr. Seuss books and we’ll send you a Dr. Seuss themed gift!

“The more


ST. PATTY'S DAY OREOS A quick and delisious treat for any little leprechan. Visit Totally the Bomb at on how to make these green, sweet treats!

MeSee Magazine â–Ş 35


supplies from your home • Scissors • Oven • Hole Punch

from the store

• Pack of Shrinky Dink Plastic Sheets (Clear or Frosted) • Multi color Sharpie Markers • Fishing Line

36 • MeSee Magazine


1. Draw a heart onto the Shrinky Dinks plastic sheet.


Use Sharpie Markers and have your little ones

color on the rough side of the sheets.

3. Preheat your oven to 325° 4. Cut out your hearts. 5. Use a hole punch and punch a hole in the upper corners of your hearts.

6. Place your hearts on a cookie sheet that is lined with foil or parchment paper and place in oven.

7. Bake for 1 to 3 minutes. (They will curl at first, but don't worry they flatten back out) Let them cool.

8. Then use fishing line to tie your hearts together. 9.

Now hang your new suncather in the window

and let the sun shine!

Not a sports fan? Not a problem! There are plenty of fun things to do during the big game whether you’re a football fanatic or not. If you’re just killing time until the halftime show, pull your chair up to the buffet and dig in!

38 • MeSee Magazine

Food • Loaded Tater Tot Skewers by Made with Happy

• Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs by Damn Delicious

• Soft Beer Pretzels & Cheese Dip by Fox and Briar

games • Football Bingo by Pretty Providence

• Pin the Field Goal by The Cherry on Top Events archive.html

• Ringtoss & more by Lovebugs and Postcards

MeSee Magazine ▪ 39






• AGE 5


11 M • AGE

• AGE 11








H A N D C R A F T E D B Y C R E AT I V E L I T T L E H A N D S 40 • MeSee Magazine


F RO GT OWN The Frogtown mascot looks better all dressed

Holiday INN Party THA

up in his colorful apparel! These artistic amphibians were created during The Frogtown Inn's Holiday Inn Party on December 28th. A great job by all of their mini artists!


MeSee Magazine â–Ş 41

thank you

to everyone who came to our Winter Day of Decorating at Kitchen

Chemistry. We got messy. We got


sugared up. We had fun! Stay tuned for more great family activities coming up! Saturday, January 7th 2017

Winter Day decorating



42 • MeSee Magazine

events Crystal Cabin Fever

of great raffles, prizes and giveaways from top snowboard and skate/longboard manufacturers. Every full day lift ticket purchase results in a direct donation to Carve 4 Cancer from JFBB.

Big Boulder Mountain February 4, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

coolest winter event, it’s an amazing

SoGnar Camp

Interactive ice display made from over 100 tons of ice!

The So-Gnar Snowboard Camp Tour celebrates 10 years!

11th Annual Crystal Cabin Fever is Pocono Mountains

The event features a 50-foot dual-run ice slide, ice carving demonstrations, interactive ice displays, and ice carving competitions. Enjoy a complimentary hot chocolate. The expanded courtyard has live woodcarving and glass blowing, food, music, and tons of photo opportunities. This year will

This is the only independent snowboard camp that travels to snow communities around North America. With 3:1 rider to coach ratio, their camps bring affordability, fun atmosphere, safe learning and pro-rider coaching.

feature Once Upon a Time! Keep a lookout for Jack and the

Big Boulder Mountain

Beanstalk, castles, fairytale creatures and much more!

February 4 - February 5,

Lakeville, PA 18438 February 3 - February 26, Recurring weekly on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Recurring daily 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Super Scout Sunday 1st Annual Super Scout Sunday offering in-season snow

Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC) Shred The Love! Camelback is turning PINK for the day with breast cancer awareness! Make a donation at any sales point throughout the day. Any amount makes a difference. Get your PINK on and purchase Camelback Swag on the Main Deck. Look out for Chuck the Camel wandering around the resort. You won’t miss him, he’ll be the BIG Camel wearing PINK. Camelback will have awesome games in the base area from noon-4pm with live music in Thirsty Camel from 4-8pm and raffles will occur in the Thirsty Camel between band breaks. Come out and help raise money for this important cause.

Camelback Mountain February 4, 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM

Carve4Cancer Join the cause and help shred blood cancers with this day long ski and snowboard lifestyle festival. Enjoy FREE live

conditions at discounted scout pricing. Lift ticket, equipment, “Learn To” ski/snowboard packages, meal discount and commemorative patches available to all scouts and their immediate families. No minimum ticket purchase required. Online sales only; limited tickets available. Contact Group Sales at 570-421-7231 ext. 201 for event details or visit the Group Scout Event page for more information and to purchase event tickets.

Shawnee Mountain February 5

Mighty Mites Grom Series at Big Boulder is sponsored by Alpina Ski Shop and 940 Snowboards. This is a fun day for the groms to show off their skills and is open for skiers and snowboarders ages 13 and under.

Big Boulder February 5, 8:30am/registration; 10:30am/event start; 12pm/awards

music, art and events all day long at the Boulder Park lodge, test out the newest gear with on the snow demos and try out your skills on our custom rail park or rail jam. Also, lots MeSee Magazine ▪ 43

Kids in the Kitchen (Ages 7-11) Kid’s in the Kitchen’ focuses on building the culinary confidence of your child through our kid-friendly classes, demonstrations, and interactive events. Enjoy the ‘Kid’s in the Kitchen’ series with Chef Ada Chandler who will teach your child how to prepare each yummy snack through a combination of hands-on, observation, and taste testing! Parents bring your child to class and then shop the Easton Public Market while they learn from Chef Ada.

Easton Public Market February 5, 10 am - 11am $15/person, Limited 10 Students

Take Your Daughter or Son to the Snow Week Your daughter or son, age 18 and under will receive a FREE Youth Lift Ticket when parent purchases a full price, Adult Daily Lift Ticket. Special coupon required. Please check the

Couples Retreat @ Spruce Lake {Parents Only} This weekend, relax and embrace your dreams for a satisfying, healthy marriage. Speakers Rod and Janna Handley address marriage events like this one across the country with wisdom from their own real-life marriage of 24 years. Rod is the founder and president of “Character That Counts,” an author of over 20 books, and a chapel leader for NFL, NBA and MLB teams. Janna has served as a medical missionary, Bible study leader and soloist. Leading worship are Greg and Kristina Yoder, musicians, gardeners and goat-keepers from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Package is $409/couple with lodging in the attractive, easy-going space of Spruce Lodge. Call 800-822-7505 for reservations.

Spruce Lake February 10-12

Tea with a Princess

Discounts & Deals page for more information

This 45 minute event is sure to please your little princess or

Shawnee Mountain

Dansbury Depot in beautiful downtown East Stroudsburg.

Monday, February 6 through 10th

Built in the late 1800’s this beautifully restored structure is

the perfect setting for elegance and charm.

Adaptive Camp

There will be FOUR characters at each of our three seatings.

prince. This special event will be taking place in the historic

Your child will get to take home a souvenir “sippy” tea cup along with some great memories. There will be meet and

Camelback Mountain Resort’s adaptive camp is for 5-8 year

greets, photos, games, and sing alongs. We encourage your

old skiers and snowboarders with physical disabilities. This

children to wear their favorite princess or prince costumes!

is a fun sports camp for children who want to learn how to ski or snowboard, or who want to improve their skills. The camp includes four days of ski lessons with passionate, dedicated Paralympic coaches, as well as a chance to bond with others that share in their passion for skiing and riding. At the culmination of the camp, they will have the chance to compete in the Diana Golden Race, which is an entry level Giant Slalom Race. This is a great chance to challenge themselves and have fun in the process!

Camelback Mountain February 7 - February 10, Recurring daily 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

One adult entry is included with each child’s ticket. Additional adult tickets available at the door for $5.00. This is a first come, first serve basis. Tickets are limited.

Dansbury Depot February 11, 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM

Winterfest in Downtown The event will kick off FRIDAY evening from 4 to 7 pm with a strolling, progressive Art, Music & Cocktails pairing event through the downtown. Luminaries will light the way to several locations throughout the downtown area! SATURDAY will feature several family friendly events during the day including ice sculptures set up throughout

44 • MeSee Magazine

the downtown and an Ice Sculpture Garden collection (sponsored by ESSA Bank & Trust) in Courthouse Square! Other events include Frozen themed family friendly activities at the YMCA, SOHO in the Burg (at 6th & Main), a cookie walk and a town-wide raffle consisting of many giveaways from participating businesses from 10 am to 5:45 pm (list of participating businesses to follow)! Raffle tickets winners are announced at 6 pm at Pocono Arts Council's ArtSpace Gallery at 18 North 7th Street.

Freezin’ For A Reason Come on out to Camelback Mountain, for a full day of polar fun while helping raise money for the 2017 Camelback Polar Plunge Team! You can make a donation for this great cause at any sales point throughout the resort. Any amount makes a difference! Your favorite games will be out in the base area from noon-4pm with live music throughout the day. Make sure to participate in the auctions and raffles from 4-8pm in

Everyone is welcome to come to town and beat your cabin

the Thirsty Camel for a chance to WIN some really awesome

fever this President’s Day Weekend - see you there!

prizes. Winners will be announced during band breaks.

Downtown Stroudsburg

Winners must be present to win prizes.

February 12 & 13

Camelback Mountain

February 18, 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM

Free Craft & Film: Matilda

Shawnee Winter Carnival

Matilda Wormwood is only five years old, but she is a genius, often escaping in a world of books. Unfortunately,

Sponsored by Shawnee Mountain and Coca-Cola, this event

her parents are too stupid to even notice. Worse than

will include fun activities and is open to all. Demonstrations,

that, her school’s horrible headmistress, Miss Trunchbull,

ice sculptor, vendors, product sampling, giveaways, outdoor

is a bully who makes life difficult for everyone she meets.

BBQ, entertainment and après ski party are scheduled.

Matilda befriends Miss Honey, her school teacher. She soon realizes Matilda’s unusual talents, but winds up amazed upon discovering the full extent of Matilda’s powers. Presented by Toyota of Scranton and sponsored by NEPA Pediatrics, Smiles 4 Keeps, UGI and Giant Floor.

Shawnee Mountain February 26

Chili & Wing Cookoff

Supported by Lackawanna County and the PA Council on the Arts.

Scranton Cultural Center February 18, Crafts at 10:00 AM | Movie at 11:00 AM Free admission! Crafts in Craftsmen Hall (3rd Floor); Movie in Shopland Hall (4th Floor)

The Chili and Wing Cookoff is back at The Waterfront at Silver Birches Resort. Come taste the best wings and chili in the Pocono Mountains as restaurants and individuals face off in this delicious cookoff! Bud Light will be sponsoring this year's festivities. There will be a beer tasting on the deck at The Dock on Wallenpaupack and live music with Gone Crazy Duo in the pub. If you love chili and wings, then you need to check it out! This event benefits the Chamber of the Northern

Wally Ice Fest


Wally Ice Fest celebrates the best of winter fun in

the Pocono Mountains. Tourists and community members alike will enjoy everything from Ice Sculptures to a Curling demonstration, to our three main events: Paupack

Silver Birches Resort March 5, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Scranton St. Patrick’s Parade

Plunge, Pocono Pond Hockey Tournament, and Iced Tee Golf. Please see website for event times, locations, and

Join us in downtown Scranton to celebrate the day when


everyone is Irish!

Silver Birches Resort

If you like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or simply like to

February 25 - 26

celebrate, come join us in Scranton. Since 1962 the St.

Patrick’s Parade Day Association of Lackawanna County, MeSee Magazine ▪ 45

Pennsylvania has conducted this nationally acclaimed parade the weekend before the feast of St. Patrick. The “rite of spring” provides enormous stimulation for the young and young-at-heart. Parade Day Mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral begins at 10am. The Brian P Kelly memorial 2 mile footrace starts at 11am. The parade steps off at 11:45am. We are the second largest parade in the country*. Every year over 12,000 participants provide entertain for all.

Annual Costume Carnival Day The 33rd Annual Costume Carnival Day is open to all. Those in full costume will receive a FREE same day lift ticket. A costume parade and judging will be held at 1:00 pm with great prizes in several categories.

Shawnee Mountain March 19

Downtown Scranton March 11

Future Cardinals - Fly in Early Do you have a 3 or 4 year old at home? Your family is invited to participate in the following activities… • Fine and Gross Motor Activities • Community Resources • Developmental Screenings • Vision Screenings • Snacks You will also receive one goodie bag per family and prizes will be raffled for the families who attend.

Swiftwater Elementary Center Thursday, March 16, 6:00-7:30pm Snow Date: March 30, 2017

Parking Lot Party Prepare yourself for a fun-filled weekend at Camelback Mountain. There will be tailgating, grilling, live music, games, prizes, pond skimming, cardboard box derby, cook-offs, tail-

Stroudsburg St. Patrick’s Day Parade The Pocono Irish American Club was founded in 1978 to preserve and promote Irish culture. Every year since its founding, the club has organized the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. The parade covers a distance of not quite two miles, beginning in the Borough of Stroudsburg and ending in East Stroudsburg. The parade is funded through various fund raising efforts by the Club, and through the generosity of our Parade and Band Sponsors (see Sponsor Information). The event has evolved into one of the premier parades in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.

Downtown Stroudsburg March 19

WMConcerts presents “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live!”

gate decoration competition, PLUS Camelback will be giving away over $2,000 in prizes through the day. These incredible

Won’t you be our neighbor? The legacy of the beloved

prizes include: season passes, jackets, gift cards, and much

“Mister Rogers” lives on with the hit television series, Daniel

more. Reservations for parking spaces in the parking lot

Tiger’s Neighborhood, from The Fred Rogers Company

must be made in advance and will first to be open to Super

and airing daily on PBS KIDS. Now, Daniel and all of his

Passholders on March 4. Parking spaces will be available for

friends are hopping aboard Trolley to delight live audiences

purchase by general public on March 12.

with DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD LIVE! Donning his iconic red sweater, Daniel takes the audience on an

Camelback Mountain

interactive musical adventure as he and his friends explore

March 18, 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

the vibrant world of their much-loved Neighborhood of Make-

Price: $20 for each parking space, which will be

Believe, sharing stories of friendship, helping others, and

donated to our local dog rescues

celebrating new experiences. This live theatrical production

filled with singing, dancing, laughter and “grr-ific” surprises will warm the hearts of multiple generations.

Scranton Cultural Center March 22, 2:00 - 3:30 PM 46 • MeSee Magazine

art work by

Ben Farda • 7

thank you! from the


to all who attended our Holiday Inn Party & spent the holidays with us. A special thank you to the Barrett Township Volunteer Fire Company and for your donations. We wish you all a happy & prosperous New Year!

Relax. Replenish. Ribbit. - NEW MENU • Affordable • Approachable • American

Kids menu available for all your tadpoles! The Frogtown Inn p. 570.595.6282 e. 2468 Route 390, Canadensis, PA