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LeaRn ExploRe PlaY If you’re a parent, you won’t want to miss this. Bring your family and discover the unique businesses, services, and activities our region has to offer you and your children. Gather information, pick up samples, and experience the vast number of organizations dedicated to serving children of all ages and their parents. Activities, camps, daycares, party planning, party rentals, health and nutrition, safety, martial arts, dance, fitness, toys, games, and more. If you’re a parent, you won’t want to miss this.

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2003 SINCE

2 generatio of educatorns s!

• Schools & Libraries • Daycare Centers • Birthday Parties • Festivals & Church Groups • Scout Groups & camps • Corporate Events • Family Reunions Our presentations can be designed to meet your individual needs.


EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS with Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids & more!


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From MeSee It’s hard to believe that this issue will be our first of 2018. 2018! Already! Time does fly but we’re ready to welcome this holiday season with open arms. Maybe it’s the warmer weather we’ve been having or that we’re still recovering from the never-ending holiday known as Halloween. (Seriously, how many Halloween celebrations can one kid have!?) Whatever the reason, the sight of Christmas trees at Target really has us excited. Sure, there are plenty of stressful days ahead, but, right now, we’re going to turn on the holiday tunes and enjoy, even if it’s only the beginning of November. We had a great time putting together this issue of MeSee because we had the opportunity to learn about some great new things in our area. From local shopping secrets and great seasonal events to new workout programs and family activities, it’s all here. Pick up some healthy treats for your pets from Meatloaf’s Kitchen. Head to the Lehigh Valley Zoo and celebrate the new year early! We hope you discover something new this issue just like we have. Thank you to everyone who attended our event at Pocono Rocks. We’re sorry that we reached max capacity, but, rest assured, we’ll have another event there soon! This issue, we’ll be getting in touch with our mini artists and fostering their creative talents! What are we most looking forward to in 2018? The Greater Pocono Kids Expo at Camelback Mountain & Resort! Read more about the upcoming Expo in this issue and mark your calendars; it will be a great opportunity for parents to discover all types of businesses dedicated to enriching, improving, and assisting the lives of kids and their families. We’re sending you our warmest holiday wishes for a happy and healthy season. Hug your little ones and enjoy the time spent together. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!

@ptreptilespa PETER RUSHTON, OWNER (570) 234.8410 | PO Box 371, Cresco, PA 18326

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Amanda & Kelly

need a minute?

Baby crying? Kids fighting? Toddler interrogating? Need a minute? Here's something to keep them occupied so you can take a breath.


If you need a few more minutes visit and get more activities perfect for all ages. MeSee Magazine â–Ş 5

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Magical Fireside Christmas by: Jamie Bowman

Deck the halls, because it’s beginning to look a lot like

even takes the time to ensure that every child receives a

Christmas! In case you haven’t been singing Christmas

letter in return! After you’ve gotten your fill of cookies and hot

carols since October (like me!), it’s time to get into the spirit.

cocoa, step outside to meet a few very special members of

What better way to do so than with a visit to the Magical

Santa’s team. You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and

Fireside Christmas at Pocono Manor Resort & Spa?

Vixen? That’s right, Santa’s trusty crew will be there patiently

Now through December 24th, Pocono Manor hosts a Christmas event like no other. It’s so magical, even Santa himself comes to the Poconos to experience the festivities!

waiting for a snack. Each activity requires tickets. At just $10 for 8 tickets or $5 for 3 tickets, this event will keep your kids entertained without breaking the bank.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until Christmas Eve, you

All are invited to Pocono Manor’s Magical Fireside Christmas;

can delight in the excitement of the holiday season without

you do not need to be a guest of the resort to attend. But if

traveling to the North Pole. Complete with holiday light

you’re feeling extra festive, book a room and delight in even

displays, a life-sized gingerbread house, cookie decorating,

more holiday fun, like Christmas stories by the fireplace with

and more, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

milk and cookies. When you’ve finished making your list and

Last year, my usually cautious nephew took an immediate liking to Santa. The big guy even walked around with us while

checking it twice, mark your calendar; you won’t want to miss this event.

Jack talked his ear off about all-things trains. For kids, like Jack, who aren’t totally sold on jolly old St. Nick, the Magical Fireside Christmas is an ideal setting to get acquainted with Santa. Your child can take the time to get comfortable with his or her surroundings and do other activities until he or she feels ready to sit with Santa. Now let’s talk about those activities. In Santa’s Workshop, children can complete a variety of crafts, like ornament

THE INN @ POCONO MANOR Route 314, One Manor Drive Pocono Manor, PA 800.233.8150 |

making, and write letters to Santa. The best part is, Santa

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day Camp

Fun day!

January 15, 2018 Fun

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM $30/child Shuttle service available (see website for Fun Day shuttles)


Monday - Friday June 11 - August 24, 2018 Before Care / After Care Discounts & Shuttles! • Details & registration online


Save your spot for F uDAY!

800-822-7505 Canadensis, PA

5389 Route 447, Canadensis, PA 18325 / 800-822-7505

• O p e n 7 d ay s a w e e k ! •


cloarsy 1etdhru

janu 3 february

r Visit Ou ! museum

Kids. Love. Candy. & Pretzels too! Callie’s Candy Kitchen (570) 595.2280 Open 10am – 5pm Route 390, Mountainhome, PA 18342

Callie’s pretzel factory (3 miles South of Callie’s (570) 595.3257 Candy Kitchen) Open 10am – 5pm Route 390, Cresco, PA 18326



january 1 th february ru 10

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Q &A


A new year will be here before you know it and while many of us have the intentions of improving our health in 2018, we all know how truly difficult it can be to do that alone. Whatever your fitness level, from novice to expert, Stroud CrossFit will help elevate your health and fitness to the next level. We had the pleasure of talking with Bailey Garrett, co-owner of Stroud CrossFit, about what exactly CrossFit is and many of the misconceptions surrounding it.


CrossFit - most have heard about it but

many may not know exactly what it is. Could you explain?


CrossFit is, by textbook, constantly varied

functional movements performed at high intensity. This means movements that mimic everyday life are often seen in a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) and are done with a little more pep in your step than your typical walk on the treadmill or body building circuit done in a conventional gym. Every day, a different workout is written on the board, so you never have to think about what you are going to do that day or repeat the same workout over and over again.

MeSee Magazine â–Ş 11


You and Bryan Meraviglia are the co-owners

your friends and, in some cases, your eventual

of Stroud CrossFit. How long have you been

families. I have seen CrossFit gyms bring people

instructing CrossFit?

together in ways you can't imagine! The bond through a good workout and a little sweat can

I have been instructing CrossFit for almost 3 years

make the President become best friends with

now and my co-owner Bryan has been instructing

the plumber.

for 2 years. Every day we get to change lives!

What is your background?

My background is pretty ridiculous! I was a high school athlete, albeit not the most enthusiastic about playing sports. I also practiced martial arts


is your goal. I think there is nothing out there to

few years of exhausting my creativity, I went back

better help you succeed. Secondly, injuries can

to working out in a gym and became very bored.

happen with just about anything you do in life -

I found CrossFit my senior year of college and

picking up your kids, putting your pants on in the

knew I wanted nothing more than to become an

morning, stacking heavy dishes on the top shelf.

eventual athlete in the sport and then own my

CrossFit, when taught correctly, actually acts as

own CrossFit gym. From there, I went to many

a way of injury prevention in your day-to-day life.

seminars, certifications, and courses to hone my


Not at all! That is the beauty of the fitness program - it's completely scalable for anyone!

and 2. CrossFit causes injuries. First, you

the program you want to do if getting in shape

background wasn't naturally in athletics. After a


1. you need to be “in shape” to start CrossFit

shape as well as improve their lives, overall. It’s

active. I went to school for graphic design, so my

in CrossFit?

I think two of the biggest ones I’m aware of are:

start CrossFit. CrossFit helps people get in

student, so after graduating I stayed pretty

Do you need to be an athlete to participate

misconceptions about CrossFit?

absolutely DO NOT need to be “in shape” to

for many years as a high schooler and college

craft into what it is now!

What are some of the other common


How would you suggest someone new to CrossFit get started?

We have people who are interested either give us a call or shoot us an email saying they would like to try it out or sign up. Our first class is

We have people from 13 years old to 70 years

free, so anyone who is curious can come in and

old working out at Stroud CrossFit. Most of our

try it. From there, we have a mandatory class

clientele are people who haven't worked out a

called Foundations that we instruct one-on-one

day in their lives or who haven't been in a gym in

with the potential client. This ensures that they

decades! We thoroughly cover the fundamentals

understand the movements and feel confident

so that everyone is able to participate and work

and capable of doing them in a class setting.

out at their own pace and ability level.

After that 3-day intensive class is over, they are able to graduate into our daily CrossFit classes.


In the media, CrossFit is often playfully referred to as a "cult." Why do you think people refer to it in that way? In a way they are right. But, like with anything you get involved in, (intramural sports leagues, the Elks Lodge, Boy Scouts, sororities, etc.) you are bringing yourself into a tight-knit community. You get to know people who you might never have run into in your daily life, and they start to become

12 • MeSee Magazine


What can newcomers expect to see in terms of their health and fitness after starting the program?

Tons of changes! These can range from rapid weight loss, increases in energy, sleeping better at night, fewer junk food cravings, increased serotonin and dopamine levels which result in happiness, and the list goes on!


How frequently should a person expect to attend CrossFit in order to see the benefits?

We generally like to start newcomers out at 3 times per week. This way, they are able to recover more quickly and won’t put a huge demand on their bodies. From there, it's really up to the person if he or she wants to increase involvement. We actually have people who come in 5-6 times a week!




What separates Stroud CrossFit from the rest?

We were one of the first gyms in the Poconos and were the very first in East Stroudsburg before


moving to our current location in Stroudsburg. Being a veteran affiliate has allowed us to experiment with what we think the community needs and what it doesn’t. That time and experience has also allowed us to fine-tune our program and methodology. We’re a gym based on delivering a great fitness regimen to the greater


How long have you been doing CrossFit

and what prompted you to start?

A I’ve been going to CrossFit since May of 2017. One day, a Groupon popped up and I

Monroe area. We are constantly striving to learn

thought, “Why not? It’s worth a try.” Everyone

and grow with the sport and those involved

there was really encouraging and genuinely

in it. We also pride ourselves on having great

wanted to see me progress.

relationships with our members and focusing on what each and every person needs individually. Bryan and I look at our members as family, not a number!

STROUD CROSSFIT 126 North 1st Street, Stroudsburg, PA


What did you think about CrossFit before

you signed up? (Did it intimidate you? Were you worried about lifting weights?)

A I’ve always worked out on my own - running, video workouts, and spin classes - and I thought maybe you had to be a bit more hardcore to do CrossFit. It was definitely intimidating to me.The

570.688.7670 |

thought of doing pull ups and heavy lifting was

not something I had done before. Even now, I’m always building to see what I can handle weight wise.


How have you changed mentally/physically

from doing CrossFit?

A I am definitely physically stronger and my

thought process has changed from, “I don’t think I can do that” to, "Not only am I going to do it, but I want to see if I can do it with this weight or see how many I can do.”

Q What would your advice be for someone on the fence about giving it a try?


Why not!? Worse case you find out it’s not

for you, but you just might find that you like it.

date night

By: Jamie Bowman


inner, drinks, and dessert are the necessary ingredients for any date night, but it’s time to raise the bar. Add epic

appetizers and ambiance and your date night just got much more exciting. Hop in the car and head to Hawley for a night to remember at Glass: Wine. Bar. Kitchen. Yes. Yes. Yes. Located within Ledges Hotel, Glass opened in 2011 and is situated along river gorge waterfalls. The panoramic dining room offers a stunning view and makes for a picture-perfect evening. You can even get a closer look by heading out to the multi-tiered decks overlooking the gorge. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by this view. Enjoy your meal in the

will appear on your table. It even came with pickles! Glass offers an extensive drink menu, with a serious selection of beers, wine, and specialty cocktails that changes seasonally. Plan to ring in 2018 at Glass’ New Year’s Eve Extravaganza. With hors d’oeuvres, champagne, a tasting menu, and live music, there’s no better way to start your year. Both early and late seatings are available, so call ASAP to make a reservation. “Like” Glass on Facebook to be the first to know about other special events.

dining room or cozy up over at the bar. You can’t go wrong

Glass is open Wednesday through Sunday at 4:30 p.m.,

either way!

with live entertainment on Fridays from 8-11 p.m. You can

Onto the most important part of the night - the food. If you’re like me and have a habit of eating off of other people’s plates, you’ve come to the right place. Choose from a variety

even conveniently make a reservation online to ensure that your table is ready when you arrive. Up the ante your next night out and head to Glass. Your date will thank you!

of “small plates” and try a little bit of everything. Remember, sharing is caring! If you’re not familiar with the small plates trend, the waitstaff will steer you in the right direction to make sure you leave happy, not hungry. If you’re struggling to decide on which side plate to add to your meal, you can’t go wrong with Fried Brussel Sprouts and Hawley Fries. (Seriously, what is in the “Silk Mill” seasoning they put on those fries?!) Take my advice, don’t leave Glass without ordering a Charcuterie board. Simply choose your favorite meats and cheeses and bam, an awesome spread of snacks

14 • MeSee Magazine

glass wine bar kitchen @ the Ledges Hotel 570.226.1337 119 Falls Ave, Hawley, PA

MeSee Magazine â–ª 15

Holiday Traditions


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid

wrapped gift anyone can use. Have guests draw a numbered

al-Fitr, Bodhi Day, or the winter solstice, holiday traditions are

slip from “1” thru the number of people participating. Each

a fun way for families to bond and create fond memories. The

guest then chooses and opens a gift in numerical order.

traditions you and your family choose are limited only by your

Participants may choose either a wrapped gift or take an

imagination in the way you carry them out.

unwrapped gift from another participant. If a player loses their gift, they choose from either another wrapped gift

Customs for gatherings

or take a gift from someone else. For complete rules and variations, visit a white elephant gift exchange website such as

Choose a theme such as ‘my most memorable holiday season’ or ‘the best thing that happened this year,’ and ask each person to share a memory. Record the storytelling on video or audio, then play it in future years as part of your memory sharing tradition. Hold a holiday poetry reading. Ask each person to bring copies of favorite seasonal or holiday poems to pass out and read aloud at the gathering. Rather than exchanging gifts or doing a drawing for a gift exchange, hold a ‘white elephant.’ Each person brings a 16 • MeSee Magazine

For twosomes or the whole brood Escape the holiday hustle and bustle, and enjoy a holiday retreat. Try a cozy cabin in the woods or other scenic setting. Then enjoy your togetherness near a roasting fire, flipping through family photo albums, enjoying holiday music, doing crafts, and other relaxing activities.


giveaway Did you know…

MeSee gives away FREE BOOKS every week to our Facebook friends? Favorite children’s books, seasonal selections, timeless classics, and funky new finds - we give them away every week! Like us on Facebook today to find out how you can be a lucky winner.

good luck!


LETTER TO SANTA SET It is a letter to the jolly ol elf, Santa himself and a candy cane treat for your furry friend! In peanut butter flavor our best seller! Peanut butter, whole wheat flour and love.

Enter for a chance to win... To win, follow the steps below.

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good luck! We will announce the winner on December 11th via Facebook.

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Start a holiday countdown. Take a 3” by 3’ strip of ribbon and

Take a horse drawn carriage ride. Don’t forget blankets and

cut 24-paired slits from top to bottom. Thread each pair with

your favorite hot beverage for warming your lips and hands.

narrow ribbon and tie a sucker in each. Beginning December 1, remove a lollipop each day through Christmas Eve, or the eve of the holiday you’ll celebrate. Couples often forget to take time for each other during the busy holiday season. Plan an evening for two and reserve a table near a fireplace or other romantic setting. When you return home, light some candles and your tree, listen to holiday or soft music, and exchange a special gift with each other. Then spend the evening reminiscing and sharing your

Purchase a new tree ornament each year that signifies something important such as your baby’s first Christmas or solstice. If it’s your first season in a new home, find an ornament that represents it. Make your own wrapping paper. Cut holiday shapes out of sponges, dip in holiday colored paint, and stamp the shapes on brown Kraft paper. Use glitter and glue to add to the festive look.

dreams for the future. Cut your own tree. Take the whole family to a tree farm and make a day of it. Look for the tree that compliments your home or fits your family’s taste.

Tradition tips

Pick up a book on holiday customs around the world. Each

Don’t continue holiday traditions that have lost their appeal

year, choose a different culture or nationality for your theme.

and usefulness, or that create too much stress. Talk to your

Then decorate, and try new customs accordingly.

family or friends who normally share in the tradition, explain

Make a shopping date with your partner, and assist each other in selecting your holiday attire. Decide in advance on the formality so you’ll choose complimentary outfits and so your shopping trip together remains agreeable.

your feelings, and ask for input. They may feel the same. If they don’t feel the same way, try to reach a compromise that meets everyone’s needs. Don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get carried away with customs. Be selective and choose those that mean the most to you

Just for you

and your family. Most traditions require some investment of time, energy, or money. Taking on too many can cause stress and lead traditions to lose their appeal.

Create a new tradition by scheduling time to pamper yourself.

When you select traditions,

Decorate the bathroom in holiday candles, fragrance, and

divide the responsibilities.

holly. Enjoy a long bubble bath while giving yourself a full

Women often take sole

salon treatment. Include a manicure, pedicure, deep hair

responsibility for holiday

conditioning, facial mask, and body buffing. Don’t forget to

activities and become

turn on holiday or other relaxing music.

overwhelmed. Then they're unable to enjoy the season. Try

Traditions for all

not to strive for perfection, and allow men and children to help in the preparation. So keep these tips in mind, and

Fill stockings for your partner, parents, or grandparents to

enjoy your holiday traditions for

discover. Stuff them with treats, beauty products, postage

years to come.

stamps, lottery tickets and other inexpensive or usable items. Help a needy family. Deliver a box of groceries, or supply a family with gloves and hats. Ask your children to make room for their own new gifts by donating good but unwanted toys. Offer the toys to the needy family to leave from Santa, or wrap them yourself and leave them on the doorstep.

18 • MeSee Magazine

! e m i T Party

& Village Malt Shoppe


BRING YOUR CAKE & CANDLES AND WE’LL DO THE REST! Visit to see our party packages! (570) 839.7831 • • Route 611 • Mt. Pocono, PA

Let the

Holiday cheer begin! Visit The Frogtown Inn and experience our new, improved menu & wine list!

• New Zealand Lamb • Lobster Ravioli • French Cut Ribeye & more! View our menu on our website All meals best enjoyed in the warmth of our dining room surrounded by your friends and family. Looking for holiday catering? Bring our deliciousness to your home or business. Or, let us host your party for you!

Thursd M

Call today!

for reservations of to discuss your upcoming event. Now taking reservation for Christmas Eve & New Year Eve!


Frogtown Inn 570.595.6282 • 2468 Route 390, Canadensis, PA MeSee Magazine ▪ 19

20 • MeSee Magazine

WinTeR LighT SpecTacuLaR & New Year’s Eve Celebration

Hoping to establish a new family tradition? Make plans

Prices vary depending on the day so visit their website for

to visit the Lehigh Valley Zoo this holiday season and enjoy

more information and to find a map and event schedule.

annual events your children will look forward to every year.

WinTeR LighT SpecTacuLaR Kicking off its fourth season of the Winter Light Spectacular, the Zoo invites families to visit now through December 31st to witness festive lights. A fundraiser for the Zoo, this popular evening fundraiser attracts over 52,000 guests across 35 nights. This season’s Winter Light Spectacular will feature scheduled event nights on Wednesday through Sunday of each week with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when then Zoo is closed. Winter Lights Spectacular is the Zoo’s largest fundraiser of the year that enables the growth of all the Zoo’s animal conservation efforts. Lehigh Valley Zoo and its partner, Christmas Decor, have enhanced the entire Winter Light Spectacular experience, raising the bar with new technology, more prominent displays, and improved value to guests. All in

New YeaR’s Eve CeLebRatioN Visit the Lehigh Valley Zoo on New Year’s Eve and celebrate amongst the animals! Enjoy live music, hot dogs, hot chocolate, and special performances by Princess Elsa! The fish drop happens at 7 pm so be there to ring in the new year with the penguins. Gates open at 5:30 pm and everyone that enters the zoo by 6:30 pm will receive a free raffle ticket to enter in a prize giveaway; you don’t need to be present to win. This event is perfect for families with young children who want to celebrate earlier in the evening. Visit for more information on these great winter activities. Also, check out their Adopt an Animal Webstore. With each adoption, the recipient gets two child admission tickets to the zoo, an animal fact sheet, animal photo, a plush stuffed animal, and a personalized certificate of adoption. What a great gift to give your little animal lover!

all, Winter Light Spectacular features over one million energy conserving lights! Some additional new features include a new Toy Story themed section, a musical light show in Preston’s Pad, new light tunnel layouts, photo stations, an upgraded Crystal Cave Experience, new mascots, live princess appearances, and more!

Lehigh Valley Zoo 5150 Game Preserve Road Schnecksville, PA 18078 610.799.4170 |

MeSee Magazine ▪ 21

Like I said before, who doesn’t like popcorn?! What could make this salty and sweet treat even better? Turn that popcorn a festive shade of green, mix in some of your other favorite treats and then you have a snack even the Grinch will love! It’s quick, easy and your kids will appreciate the special holiday twist! You can find complete instructions for cooking up this Grinch Popcorn and more at Two Sisters: Sweets & Treats From our Family to Yours. Two Sisters is a great blog created by two loving sisters who enjoy crafting, Laurie and Nancy. They frequently share DIY projects, crafts, party planning ideas, baking and other useful tips and tricks.

• • • • • • • •

10 Cups Popped Popcorn Salt 3 tablespoons Butter (Sweet Cream Salted) 3 cups Mini Marshmallows Blue Food Coloring Yellow Food Coloring

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Make popcorn. Salt popcorn and set aside. Melt butter in medium saucepan on medium heat. Add mini marshmallows to pan and stir until melted. Turn off heat. Add yellow food coloring to the marshmallow mixture. Add a small amount of blue food coloring to the marshmallow mixture to get the perfect shade of Grinch Green. Coat popcorn with marshmallow mixture to taste. Pour coated popcorn into a prepared cookie sheet. Drizzle remaining marshmallow mixture over popcorn. Add mini marshmallows and Red M&M’s while popcorn still warm. Allow to cool and serve.

½ Cup Mini Marshmallows M&M Candies – Red 22 • MeSee Magazine

Photos courtesy of Two Sisters

For a more detialed instructions visit Facebook @2SistersCrafting

MeSee Magazine â–Ş 23

New Year, New Furry Friends @ A.W.S.O.M.




A new furry friend might be on your kid’s wish list this year, but anytime is a good time to rescue one of the many adoptable pets at the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe, otherwise known as AWSOM. With the goal of providing medical care and a shelter where animal companions are free from abuse, hunger, fear and loneliness, AWSOM is always looking to introduce animals to a forever home. “Think adoption first” is a motto AWSOM stands by, and each adoption follows a strict process to ensure pets are going to loving homes. By visiting AWSOM’s website or Facebook, you can find photos of pets that are available for adoption and begin the process by completing a preadoption form.

24 • MeSee Magazine


匀 ☀ 匀䔀倀吀䤀䌀匀

匀䔀倀吀䤀䌀 匀夀匀吀䔀䴀  䴀䄀䤀一吀䔀一䄀一䌀䔀 ☀ 刀䔀倀䄀䤀刀匀 䜀刀䤀一䐀䔀刀 倀唀䴀倀 刀䔀倀䄀䤀刀匀 ☀ 刀䔀倀䰀䄀䌀䔀䴀䔀一吀  䜀伀吀吀䄀 䜀伀 倀伀吀吀䤀䔀匀 倀漀爀琀愀戀氀攀 刀攀猀琀爀漀漀洀 匀攀爀瘀椀挀攀猀 昀漀爀 匀瀀漀爀琀椀渀最 䔀瘀攀渀琀猀Ⰰ  圀攀搀搀椀渀最猀Ⰰ 䌀漀渀猀琀爀甀挀琀椀漀渀  匀椀琀攀猀 愀渀搀 匀瀀攀挀椀愀氀 䔀瘀攀渀琀猀⸀   刀攀最甀氀愀爀Ⰰ 䠀愀渀搀椀挀愀瀀 ☀ 䰀甀砀甀爀礀 唀渀椀琀猀⸀

䰀甀砀甀爀礀 䤀渀琀攀爀椀漀爀

䠀愀渀搀 圀愀猀栀椀渀最 ☀ 䠀愀渀搀 匀愀渀椀琀椀稀椀渀最 匀琀愀琀椀漀渀猀⸀

Repairs | Pumps | Installation | Heating Office: (570) 595.3440 • Emergency Service: (570) 369.3469 984 Route 390, Cresco, PA 18326


Offering Financing!

㔀㜀 ⴀ㠀㤀㐀ⴀ㠀㘀㤀 

unshine S Sunshine 最漀琀琀愀最漀瀀漀琀琀椀攀猀⸀挀漀洀


tiny toes.

The softest carpet... for those

Specializing in additions, renovations, new home construction,

Carpet • Hardwood • Vinyl Tile • Area Rugs • Blinds

septic systems, light excavating & snow removal.

(570) 807.0447 | 984 Route 390, Cresco, PA 18326

(570) 595.7066 | 984 Route 390, Cresco, PA 18326 MeSee Magazine ▪ 25

Many factors are considered when placing an animal in a home, including the needs of the pet, plans for future veterinary care, any animals currently living in the home must be spayed or neutered, and often a meet and greet with other pets is recommended. AWSOM is a private entity and has the right to say no if the animal and family are not the correct match - all to ensure you find your perfect pet. The volunteers at AWSOM love these pets as their own and it is their responsibility to make sure the animals are being taken care of correctly. Caring for these pets is a top priority which is why AWSOM has a Wellness Center located at its facility. The Wellness Center provides high quality medicine at a low cost and offers a number of services, such as exams, spaying and neutering, dental cleaning, and microchipping. Appointments are required. AWSOM serves all of Monroe County and strives to end the pet overpopulation problem, that leads to abuse and neglect, with its spay/neuter program. By fostering enriching relationships between people and animals through education and advocacy, AWSOM is setting a positive example for a humane path toward life and forging a new lifesaving consensus of hope that rejects the unnecessary killing of homeless animals. AWSOM was recently voted #1 Non-Profit by the 2017 Pocono Record Reader’s Choice. If you would like to donate or volunteer, more information can be found on AWSOM’s website. They are always seeking monetary donations, fulfillment of wish lists, sponsorship opportunities, and volunteer help. If you’re looking to bring a new furry friend home this holiday season, remember to “think adoption first.” Visit for photos and information on pets available for adoptions. The site is updated daily.

Animal Welfare Society of Monroe 3129 Godfrey Ridge Drive, Stroudsburg, PA 570.421.DOGS

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YOUTH BLASTS Ignite your faith, fire up your life!

Relax. Replenish. Ribbit.


hop into the

holidays! join us for some fun WINTER NIGHTS

Where kids can have fun!

Januaryfilled 26-28 February 2-4 ages 14-18 February 9-11 ages 11-14 filled March 9-11 ages 11-14 April 6-8 ages 11-18 April 27-29 ages 14-18

ages 11-14

Individuals or groups @ $114/person

Register online:

SPRUCELAKECAMP.ORG 5389 Route 447, Canadensis, PA 18325 / 800-822-7505

Relax. Replenish. Ribbit. Christmas Eve: 3pm - 7pm • Limited Menu

Christmas Day & Boxing Day: CLOSED

New Years Eve: 5pm - 11pm $75 prix fixe choice menu (+ tax & gratuity)

MARK YOUR CALENDARS... 3rd Annual Music Monday’s! Join us every Monday in February and March for the best local musicians and a Chef inspired tapas menu! GRAPHIC DESIGN WEB DESIGN PRINT

We’ll see you soon!

Frogtown Chophouse



The Frogtown Chophouse p. 570.895.4460 e. 472 Upper Swiftwater Rd. Swiftwater, PA

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Local Gifts


very time I visit my parents’ house I always head to the cookie jar, even though I know there aren’t any cookies in it. A cookie-less cookie jar? Sounds disappointing,

I know. This particular cookie jar, however, is decorated with my children’s tiny hand prints. Although the jar was only made three years ago, the miniature hand prints instantly take me back to that day at Poke-A-Nose Pottery when we made the gift for my mother. Not only do I relish the memory of making the gift, I also love being reminded of how much my kids have grown. I have given my mother many gifts during my lifetime and most of them I can’t even remember. A cookie-less cookie jar though, that was one of the best. Poke-A-Nose Pottery in Bartonsville knows how special a personalized gift will be for both the gift giver and receiver, which is why they feature a number of unique handprint designs this time of year. Angels, reindeer, wreaths, and footprint snowmen are a few of their most popular designs. You can use your imagination or the helpful staff can guide you as you decorate plates, platters, bowls, mugs, vases, canisters, cookie jars, and more. In addition to a list of kitchen items, they also have over two dozen different types of holiday ornaments available.

dancing, bubbly grape juice, and lots of painting. At 6 pm the ball with drop, confetti will fly, noise makers will blare, hats will be thrown, and the New Year will be welcomed. The cost for this event is $8 per person which does not include any pottery to paint. This event is great for all ages but ages 3-12 will appreciate it most. Can’t make it for an event or need to spend some time working on your holiday shopping list? Poke-A-Nose Pottery is a walk-in, family friendly studio open daily. Everyone can be an artist and everyone at Poke-A-Nose is equipped to show you easy and fun techniques that will impress your family and friends. Reservations are not required but check their calendar for special events or classes. With a low studio fee and pieces ranging in price, there is something for everyone. No matter the cost, the experience and memories are priceless. For more information, a calendar of events and examples of available projects, visit Poke-A-Nose Pottery online or stop by today. Remember, little hands may grow but grandma’s cookie-less cookie jar will always remind you of just how tiny they once were.

On December 10th, make plans to Paint with Santa! A perfect event for kids, families are welcome to come paint gifts while visiting with Santa. Everyone in attendance will receive a personalized keepsake, signed by Santa and painted by Poke-A-Nose Pottery, featuring your little one’s thumbprint. After you’ve worked up an appetite, everyone is welcome to visit the milk and cookie decorating station. The cost for this holiday event is $12 per child which includes studio fee and keepsake ornament. Parents, if you would like to paint too,

Poke-A- Nose Pottery 3400 Route 611, Suite 101 Bartonsville, PA 570.688.0044

the cost is $5 which includes a studio fee. Reservations are required for this event and don’t forget to bring your list for Santa! You can also ring in the New Year at Poke-A-Nose Pottery. Their family New Year’s Eve party will let everyone celebrate….but at a decent hour. Join in the fun with snacks, 28 • MeSee Magazine

Gifts from the Hearts & Hands!

HOURS: Monday - Thursday: 11am - 6pm Friday & Saturday: 11am - 7pm Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

MeSee Magazine â–ª 29

Local Gifts


ho doesn’t like popcorn? Similar to chocolate, most

Everyone loves popcorn which is why Popcorn Buddha is

people claiming to dislike popcorn are met with looks

growing! On September 30th, a second Popcorn Buddha

of shock and denial. Not even at the movies? Not

was opened in Lynbrook, NY. The list of flavors is always

even covered in caramel or cheese? If none of these types tickle your taste buds, surely Popcorn Buddha has a flavor that will. After all, they have over 90 to choose from!

changing, so stop by either store to see what’s cooking. For more information, call today or visit their website. To give your tastebuds a real thrill, stop in and try some of the many

Located in Stroudsburg, Popcorn Buddha packs “a moment

unique options. We’re sure you’ll go home with a bag for

of bliss in every kernel.” Handcrafted and available in endless

yourself and everyone on your holiday shopping list!

flavors, Popcorn Buddha is perfect for any occasion. If you’re feeling adventurous, try flavors like Cinnamon Roll, Mac & Cheese, Teaberry, Dill Pickle, Birthday Cake, or Pizza. More conservative? Try the traditional Family Night Theater Butter, White Cheddar, or Caramel. Are you a chocolate lover? They have everything from White Chocolate to Butterfinger and S’mores. You’ll want to try them all! Available in sizes from mini to large, this specialty popcorn will quickly become your family’s favorite snack. What could be better than getting your favorite snack this holiday? Popcorn Buddha makes for a unique holiday

Popcorn Buddha 480 N. 8th Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360 570.476.KORN (5676)

gift. Not sure what to get your child’s teachers, school administrators, or bus drivers? Everyone appreciates a delicious treat! Popcorn Buddha has tins and arrangements that can be used as personal or corporate gifts and right now they have several special holiday flavors like Peppermint Patty, Candy Cane, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate, Sugar Plum with Almonds, and a special Christmas Mix made of Red Hot and Peppermint. Popcorn Buddha gets busy this time of year, so call or stop by to place your orders now and they’ll be ready for you before the holiday parties begin. Don’t delay!

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Gifts for the Taste Buds!

HOURS: Monday - Friday: 11 am - 7 pm Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm

MeSee Magazine â–ª 31

Local Gifts


fter the holidays pass and you start searching for

Something new and exciting going on at Country Home

new places to squeeze MORE toys, most parents

Learning is Digital Open Wheel classes. If you enjoy playing

start to experience extreme buyer’s remorse. Why

on the pottery wheel, stop by and learn at your own pace via

do we continue to buy toys for kids knowing that they will

video tutorials produced by owner, Kelly Gillow. With more

likely be played with for a day or two and then left in the toy

digital classes coming soon, you have the opportunity to

box, unfriended and forgotten? Rather than putting useless

learn something new whenever you have time.

toys under your tree this year, give your kids (or other family members) the opportunity to have some creative fun! Country Home Learning & Art Center is dedicated to providing customers with a positive, artistic experience that enriches lives. A gift that could provide a new experience and help you grow as a person sounds much better than another lame toy. After walking into Country Home Learning on Route 209 in Brodheadsville, your eyes will be drawn to every nook and cranny of the reformed grocery store. Clearly designed by

There is always something going on in this studio. Join Kelly and her staff for a Sip & Paint, Sip & Mud, Mud & Wine whatever the combination, fun is always the main ingredient. For more information, a list of weekend workshops, special events, a studio menu, and other offerings, visit Country Home Learning & Art Center online or stop in during business hours. While you’re there, pick yourself up a treat at the Vintage Candy & Soda Pop Shop!

someone with impeccable artistic talent, each section of the store holds something new to admire and observe. If you’re new to the studio, you’ll need to take some time to acquaint yourself with all Country Home Learning has to offer. With three studios combined in one, you can paint and design glass, paint pottery, partake in pottery casting, clay sculpting, wheel throwing, workshops, lessons, parties, and more! A gift certificate to Country Home Learning can be used in a number of ways. You can walk into the studio at anytime, check out the studio menu, and select your medium of choice. There are no studio fees or hidden costs; just stroll in and enjoy some creative fun. Gift certificates can also be

Country Home Learning & Art Center 1784 Route 209, Suite 101 Brodheadsville, PA (across from WaWa) 610.895.4090 countryhomelearningandartcenter

used towards lessons or group classes, like the Walk into Wheel Throwing, Hand Building, or Sculpting. For $25 you can also pick up a Weekend Workshop Pass to attend an all inclusive weekend class. Classes change so check out the event calendar to pick your class.

Gifts of Creative Fun! 32 • MeSee Magazine


Monday - Wedn.: 12 pm - 7 pm Thursday: Closed Friday: 10 am - 5 pm Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm Sunday: 12 pm - 4 pm

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Local Gifts


pecializing in fresh homemade vegan and vegetarian

Meatloaf’s Kitchen is fully licensed through the PA

dog treats, Meatloaf’s Kitchen is both pet and

Department of Agriculture and treats are sent to a private

owner approved. Since 2012, Melanie and her pup,

lab for testing. They stand behind all of their treats, and if

Meatloaf, have been cooking up new and exciting recipes

Meatloaf doesn't like them they don't get sold. All treats are

that are both delicious and nutritious. Never frozen or made

safe for human consumption, and, yes, Melanie has even

with preservatives, Meatloaf’s goodies are made upon

tried a few herself!

ordering and can be customized to fit any type of diet.

Right now you can purchase “Do you want to build a

It all began when Meatloaf was found, shivering and scared,

Snowman” Pieces, Santa Cupcake Christmas Treats,

in the middle of a busy four-lane highway. Melanie and her

Gingerbread Men, Festive Dog Bones, and more. Order

family took him home and waited to see if the owners came

today and items will be safely shipped to you in plenty of time

forward. After Meatloaf officially became the newest family

for the holidays.

member, Melanie quickly found out he had several food allergies and Meatloaf’s Kitchen was born. Meatloaf now proudly runs the Research and Development Department and takes his job as Chief Taste Tester very seriously. While Meatloaf enjoys all the treats in his kitchen, his favorite is Pea MUT Butter. “Pupzels,” otherwise known as peanut butter pretzels, and Cinnabuns look good enough to eat. You can also find “Wheat Furrie” treats that are wheat, soy, and dairy free. Treats come in a variety of designs, including festive shapes just in time for the holidays. Why should your kids have all the fun this season? Your pup will appreciate some gifts under the tree, too!

Meatloaf’s Kitchen 570.676.3627

You can find Meatloaf’s Kitchen at several retail stores in the area, including the Farmer’s Basket in Stroudsburg and Barley Creek Brewing Company in Tannersville. You can also find these products at the Monroe County Farmer’s Market May through October. The best place to shop is online, where all Christmas items are now on sale. Visit the Meatloaf’s Kitchen Etsy shop to find over 150 products perfect for your pooch.

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Gifts for your Furry Friends!

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H A N D C R A F T E D B Y C R E AT I V E L I T T L E H A N D S 36 • MeSee Magazine


vision? New Construction Additions Renovations Kitchens Bathrooms Masonry Electrical Plumbing Siding Hardwood Windows Drywall

CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Serving the Region for Two Generations

- Individual & Business Income Tax Preparation - Business Consulting - Financial Statement Preparation

PA HIC #084836

Our friendly “work with you” attitude is what makes us stand out from the competition. All projects are managed with excellence and efficiency - from start to finish.

819 Ann Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360 570-424-4900

(570) 856-2368 | 3480 Spruce Cabin Road, Cresco, PA 18326

oducts are Pr

Hair C

Benji LaBar’s Salon

Full service salon for women, men & children

Our Salon only uses

• Certified Organic Color • Products made with the finest Certified Organic Ingredients • Leaves hair natural looking, shinny & in better condition

New clients - Receive a free cut with color service! 570.595.9767 6553 Route 191 • Cresco, PA 18326 MeSee Magazine ▪ 37

[ Mom-pruh-nur ] [ mom – pruh – nur ] or [ dad– pruh – nur ] a multi-tasking superhero that artfully juggles the stresses of running a business while managing the lives of little ones.

Squirrel Studios Art classes for kids! Nicole is the owner/operator of Squirrel Studios and offers group and private art lessons out of her home-based studio in Stroudsburg, PA. Equipped with an Associates Degree from Northampton Community College in Fine Arts and a Bachelors from ESU in Art and Design, Nicole continues to study art while raising 3 beautiful girls. She has loved art from a young age and wants other kids to love art too! Join Squirrel Studios on Facebook for more information and to learn how you can boost your child’s creativity and imagination! Nicole, Owner 570.460.4582 |

Well Scripted, A Paige Cotter Original Lettering, calligraphy, script and every type in between on chalkboards, glass and many other surfaces. Email me today for more information. Paige Cotter

38 • MeSee Magazine

Le-Vel Independent Grand Promoter Le-Vel is a Lifestyle Brand offering premium grade products. Le-Vel is most known for the THRIVE Experience. THRIVE is an 8-week premium lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach peak physical & mental levels. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, or simply be the best you can be, I know the 8-Week THRIVE Experience will get you THRIVIN' in all areas of your life! Individuals on the experience will enjoy premium support and benefits in the areas of: weight management, cognitive performance, digestive & immune support, health joint function support, lean muscle support, calming of general discomfort, and age defying & antioxidant support. THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that's hard to explain, and challenging to's something that can only be experienced. Contact me today to start your experience! Allison Hassler | 570.856.3851

Crafts by Sol Custom designed party and home decor, crafted by Marisol, mother of 3 who has always loved creativity. Marisol 201.994.6173

Younique Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward. Our products are naturally based with no fillers or parabens. Contact Margaret today for more information. Margaret Cleveland, Independent Presenter 570.269.7702

MeSee Magazine â–Ş 39

e e s e mevent pics

40 • MeSee Magazine


Callie’s Candy Cane Demonstrations Looking for a unique holiday activity and a snack? Visit

Jim Thorpe's Olde Time Christmas Celebrate the holidays in a historic Pocono Mountains town! Experience Jim Thorpe's Olde Time Christmas over three magical weekends: December 1-3, 9-10 and 16-17. Enjoy the tree lighting ceremony in Josiah White Park, train rides with Santa, strolling carolers, characters and musicians, shopping

Callie’s Pretzel Factory in Cresco on Saturdays and Sundays from November 25 - December 23 to see how candy canes are made. Each day, at 2p.m., the Callie’s crew will show you the tricks of candy cane making. You’ll see the entire process from start to finish and even get to try a free sample. From traditional peppermint to root beer, Callie’s makes candy canes in nine delicious flavors. Better yet, the show is completely FREE!

in over 40 shops, galleries and boutiques, plenty of free

Callie’s Pretzel Factory

family events and live entertainment.

Now - December 23

Downtown Jim Thorpe December 1 - 17

Magical Fireside Christmas

Winter Light Spectacular Winter Lights Spectacular is back this holiday season with over one million lights! Lehigh Valley Zoo, as well as presenting sponsor Christmas Decor, will kick off its fourth

Have you always dreamed of visiting Santa at the North Pole? Whether you are young at heart or a child, everyone feels the magic of Christmas come alive during the Magical Fireside Christmas at Pocono Manor Resort & Spa. Walk through a winter wonderland boasting holiday light displays with a life-sized Gingerbread House, Santa's Workshop full of holiday crafts for all ages, letter writing to Santa (each letter receives a return letter from Santa Claus), Hot Chocolate Bar, cookie decorating, and more. This year, Santa brought more than just his helper elves, he also brought Rudolph and the team! You can help the elves take care of the team at the live deer feeding. Opening night is November 23 from 2 - 6 pm. Start a new holiday tradition this year, and experience this spectacular Christmas event by booking and overnight stay. Additional fees may apply for certain activities. Pocono Manor Now - December 24

A Christmas Peter Pan The boy who refuses to grow up leads Tinkerbell, Wendy, Snow Fairies, Christmas Elves and Santa's Lost Toys on a lively fun romp through the North Pole and home again... (CHILDREN'S SHOW) Shawnee Playhouse Now - December 23

season of Winter Light Spectacular on Friday, November 10. Lehigh Valley Zoo and Christmas Decor have enhanced the entire Winter Light Spectacular experience, raising the bar with new technology, more prominent displays, even more characters walking around the zoo, and improved value to guests. Winter Light Spectacular features over one million energy conserving lights and has added new scenes and a Disney Signing Princess every night on the princess stage! Lehigh Valley Zoo Now - December 31

Koziar's Christmas Village Driving through the darkened countryside and coming over that last hill on the unlit country road is like driving into a fairyland. Suddenly you find yourself in a dazzling valley set aglow with more than one million Christmas lights adorning buildings, gift barns, and landscape. A reflective lake adds to the stunning beauty of this magical place. Celebrating 70 years of Season's Greetings, Koziar's Christmas Village has grown to a mammoth and extraordinary seasonal attraction drawing visitors from great distances as well as local families who have made Koziar's part of their Christmas tradition for three generations. Koziar's Christams Village • Bernville, PA Now - January 1 MeSee Magazine ▪ 41

Holidays Without Music? After a spell was cast transforming the Spirit of Christmas

Santa & Mrs. Claus are Coming to Camelback!

into a toy, Music suddenly disappeared from the world. The Toy Soldiers are searching for clues, but they will need help

To kick off the 2017 Holiday Season, Santa and Mrs. Claus

from The Guardians of the Toy Factory, the Toy Makers, and

will make their grand arrival to Camelback Resort in style!

other magical characters to find Music and the way to break

Santa and Mrs. Claus searched high and low for the perfect

the spell on the Spirit of Christmas.

place to spend the beginning of the holiday season, and they hand-picked Camelback Resort out of the thousands of

Shawnee Playhouse

resorts in the world! Santa has personally selected all of the

December 1 - 3

festivities that will be happening to add even more magic to

this special day.

27th Annual Old Time Christmas Join us for Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm's 27th Annual Old Time Christmas. More than any other holiday, Christmas celebrations center on the traditions of family and heritage. Begin a new tradition with your family this year with a visit to Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, where the Christmas customs of the past are brought to life. From the lantern-lit tour of the 19th century farm to complimentary hot chocolate and cookies, Old Time Christmas is sure to become a favorite holiday tradition for many years to come. Public tours are continuous and groups form every 15-minutes. The last tour starts at 7pm. Please call for group rates and reservations. Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm December 2 - December 10, Saturdays and Sundays only

Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia December 2

Winter Ecology Hike Learn how different plants and animals survive the winter. Join us on a hike and experience PEEC in the wintertime. All ages welcome. PEEC December 2

Cinderella Carriage Christmas Ride Book your rides ONLINE! Experience the magic of the Cinderella Carriage as you discover Downtown Bethlehem

Sherman Theater Kids’ Series Featuring Dave Fry This six part series will feature singer/songwriters and storytellers from across the country offering family friendly entertainment. The Sherman Theater Kids' Series was developed to provide an opportunity for children in the northeastern PA community to enjoy arts and culture. Doors open at 1pm. Event is free with a $3 suggested donation. Sherman Theater December 2

42 • MeSee Magazine

this Christmas season! Rides are approximately 20-minutes. Private carriages accommodate up to 6 passengers per booking. See the Christmas City in a Horse-Drawn Carriage or experience the magic on the Cinderella Carriage privately or choose to have Belle from Beauty and The Beast accompany you! On these rides, you'll see Bethlehem's Christmas lights and sights while discovering its rich history and architecture as you ride through Downtown Bethlehem in an elegant and cozy white Vis-a-Vis Carriage or the fancy and magical Cinderella Carriage, finely decorated for Christmas. Downtown Bethlehem December 3

Tree Lighting Celebration

The Nutcracker Ballet

The Tree Lighting Celebration has been a tradition at

After everyone is asleep, Clara slips downstairs to play with

Stroudsmoor for almost three decades. Today, we light

her Nutcracker. She eventually falls asleep and with a little

the Stroudsmoor Mountain with over 150,000 lights and

help from Herr Drosselmeir, her magical dreams begin...

fireworks! Join us and celebrate the spirit of community


and kinship with seasonal entertainment and family-friendly activities.

Shawnee Playhouse December 4 & 11

Stroudsmoor Country Inn

December 3

Live Reptiles & Amphibians Show

Breakfast with Santa

Get up-close and personal with native snakes, frogs, salamanders, and turtles! WNEP TV Pennsylvania Outdoor

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus…. Join us on Sunday’s in December for Breakfast with Santa! The morning will be filled with a bountiful breakfast buffet, as well as holiday music and not only a visit from the big guy himself, but a ride in a horse drawn sleigh! Be sure to bring your wish list with you, as Santa’s elves will be collecting them to bring back to the North Pole!

Life’s field naturalist, Rick Koval, will teach participants about these fascinating reptiles and amphibians and their role in the environment during this LIVE animal show. Be sure to bring a camera! Geared towards all ages. $5 per person. Preregistration is required. For more information or to register, contact Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center at (570) 842-1506. Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center December 6

Skytop Lodge December 3 - 24

Downtown Ladies Night Out

Skirmish U

Join us for our first Ladies Night Out Downtown!

Skirmish U is a one-day training program designed to teach

promotions, special events, wine tasting, and more!

Stop in after work for some holiday shopping, and enjoy

fundamentals, game safety, tactical map strategies, and how to maximize playing time on the best maps in the country. This is not a classroom setting! At Skirmish U, you will spend the morning playing on a variety of paintball maps focusing on paintball fundamentals. After lunch, your coaches will bring you to premier Skirmish maps so you can test your new skills and learn how to dominate. Come alone or bring your friends; we will match you up with other players so you can improve your game and have a blast. Call to get started! Skirmish Paintball December 3 - January 20

Downtown Stroudsburg December 7

The Hollydaze Kidz Kabaret A talented cast of children entertain audiences with singing and dancing in this HOLLYDAY Special! An enjoyable show for the young and young at heart!! Shawnee Playhouse December 7 & 14

visit us! @ MeSee Magazine ▪ 43

Hawley Winterfest Join us at Hawley Winterfest 2017 for an event-filled weekend sure to get you in the holiday spirit! Tour historic homes decorated for the holiday season, listen to carols by the internationally acclaimed Virgin Consort, enjoy memorable culinary experiences and jazz performances, see ice-carving demonstrations, shop around town, and take the beer tour. There's so much to enjoy at this annual celebration! Downtown Hawley December 8 - 10

Holiday Trains at Eastburg Winterfest The Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society, in cooperation with the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad and the Eastburg Community Alliance, will be running special roundtrip excursions on Saturday, December 9, 2017, between East Stroudsburg and Slateford, PA. Enjoy a short train ride on our comfortable climate-controlled passenger cars from East Stroudsburg out to Slateford and return. Santa Clause and his helpers will be on the train visiting with all the children aboard. The Historic Dansbury Depot

live music, food and drink specials, and more. Anyone who dresses for the occasion will be entered to win lift tickets, swag bags, gift cards, and more. Plus, we'll be giving away prizes for the ugliest sweater and the most festive outfit! Ages 21+ only. See website for details. Blue Mountain Resort December 9

Breakfast with Santa Join SBG for a one of a kind event featuring Santa along with food, fun, crafts, and maybe even a sing-along at Willow Tree Inn! Each ticket includes a breakfast buffet from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, featuring your breakfast favorites of scrambled eggs, pancakes, home fries, bacon, and more! This is a ticketed event. Tickets must be purchased in advance. *Due to limited seating, we are requiring that everyone over the age of 1 year old have a ticket for the brunch. The Willow Tree Inn Restaurant December 9

Holiday Pet Expo at the Steamtown Mall

December 9 Come out and support us as we take part in our 2nd PET

East Stroudsburg Winterfest & Downtown Tree Lighting

EXPO! We will have baked goods, basket raffles, t-shirts, cake pops, and maybe some... PUPPIES! We are also collecting donations of baked goods and basket raffles. Thank you in advance!

Join us for our annual Dansbury Depot Winterfest and Holiday Tree Lighting on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017 from 1p.m.– 5:30p.m. culminating with the tree lighting at 5:30pm. Live music, art displays from East Stroudsburg Area School

Mall at Steamtown December 10

Train will be available!

Paint with Santa

Eastburg Community Alliance

Paint with SANTA! (He's my Favorite!) The kids wont want to

December 9

miss this event!

District, vendors, crafts, horse and carriage rides and a Santa

Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

Come and paint some gifts while you visit with Santa and get a cute keepsake - an ornament (that we paint for you) with Santa and your little one's thumb prints together. It even has Santa's signature!

Visit Blue Mountain Resort for the 3rd Annual Ugly Sweater

We will have a milk and cookie decorating station, too!

Party! Break out your ugliest sweater or your most festive

$12 per child includes child's studio fee and the keepsake

holiday getup, and head to Slopeside Pub & Grill. Enjoy

ornament. Pottery to paint that night is not included in

44 • MeSee Magazine

registration fee and should be chosen that night. $5 for parents, includes your studio fee. (You might as well paint something too!) RSVPs with deposit from Ticket Link are needed; this fills up fast. Poke-A-Nose Pottery December 10

Gingerbread House Workshop

Free Showing of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas Come get in the holiday spirit with us at our FREE showing of Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas! Tickets are strongly advised. Convenience charges apply when ordering online or by phone. Presented by Toyota of Scranton and Sponsored by Wells Fargo and Gerrity's Supermarkets.

Join us for our 2nd Annual Gingerbread House Workshop! We’re inviting families and friends to come out to make gingerbread houses and get in the holiday spirit. Guests can enjoy live acoustic Christmas music and meet Santa Claus, too! Children 12 & under will get a gift from Santa. Limited space available.

Scranton Cultural Center December 16

Frozen: The Ballet

Blue Mountain Resort

Join FuSia at Notre Dame Theater to watch Anna and

December 10

friends break Elsa's icy spell and free Arendelle of eternal

winter while discovering friendship, love, and the meaning of sisterhood along the way! Tickets are on sale at FuSia Dance

PAW Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure

Center. $15 for Adults | $12 for Students

X barks the spot in the new tour, PAW Patrol Live! “The

Back to the 80s Show with Jessie’s Girl

Great Pirate Adventure!” It’s Pirate Day in Adventure Bay, and Mayor Goodway is getting ready for a big celebration! But first, Ryder and his team of pirate pups must rescue Cap’n Turbot from a mysterious cavern. When they do, they also discover a secret pirate treasure map! The PAW Patrol set out over land and sea to find the treasure for Mayor Goodway’s celebration before Mayor Humdinger finds it first! Mohegan Sun Arena December 15 - 17

Cupcake Decorating & Wine Sip Get in the holiday spirit with us and learn how to decorate the sweetest and most festive cupcakes! Sandra of Sandy's Custom Sugar Affair will walk you through 4 different cupcake designs for your 12 holiday themed cupcakes. All cupcakes, decorating materials, decorating instruction, and a glass of wine are included with the purchase of a ticket. Tickets are $40 per person. The Renegade Winery December 16

Notre Dame High School December 16 & 17

Every Saturday night for the last 5 years, crowds of ecstatic fans and newcomers alike have thrown on their best spandex, leg warmers and metal gear, lined up, and come to downtown NYC for an all-out celebration at the Back to the Eighties Show. Tickets can be purchased at the Penn's Peak Box Office (walk-up only), Roadies Restaurant (walk-up only) or through Ticketmaster. For more information visit website or call 866-605-PEAK. Penn’s Peak December 29

Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge The Vertical Challenge adds a whole new level of excitement to your family’s day on the slopes - for free. Skiers and snowboarders of every age and ability level, with a valid lift ticket or SeasonPass, can participate in casual but competitive races down some of the Northeast’s best mountains. In addition to the racing, everybody enjoys the MeSee Magazine ▪ 45

festival atmosphere, as our friendly crew hosts fun, familyfriendly activities to make your day at the Vertical Challenge the most fun you’ve ever had in the snow. The Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge Race Series is a free race open to all ages and abilities. Skiers and snowboarders are divided by gender and age group to compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals in each category. Winners qualify for a chance to race in the event finals at the end of the season. Raffles and prizes will also be given out throughout the day. Camelback Mountain Resort

New Year’s Eve Tubing Party Slide into the new year at Blue Mountain Resort's Annual New Year's Eve Tubing Party. The family-friendly celebration will feature unlimited snow tubing, music, buffet-style dinner and dessert, and a champagne toast for guests 21+. Doors open at 7pm and tubing begins at 8pm. This event is heavily dependent upon the weather, so stay tuned for updates on snow conditions. Blue Mountain Resort December 31

December 30

New Year’s Eve Extravaganza


It's a New Year's Eve Extravaganza! Enjoy hors d'oeuvres

Ring in the new year at PEEPSFEST®, the 9th annual

Glass. There will be live music and a champagne toast at

two-day New Year’s Eve festival at the iconic SteelStacks in Bethlehem. Offering a New Year’s Eve celebration the entire family can enjoy, with family-friendly activities and the exciting PEEPS® Chick Drop and firework show. Fans from all over the country have the chance to ring in the New Year with the Just Born family and friends. Activities include the

and champagne on arrival followed by a tasting menu at midnight. Call for reservations. The Ledges Hotel December 31

live music, PEEPS® S’mores making, and lots more!

Shawnee “Learn a Snowsport Day”

SteelStacks in Bethlehem

Join Shawnee Mountain for Learn a Snowsport Day.

PEEPSFEST® 5k, the PEEPS® diorama competition at PBS,

December 30 & 31

Shawnee Mountain will offer 100 introductory Learn to Ski or Snowboard Packages (beginner lift ticket, lesson and rental equipment). Reservations are required and limited to

Family New Year’s Eve Party

the first 100 guests. Note: The 10 am lesson will be part of

The kids need to celebrate too! IT'S A PARTY! Join in the fun.

will be donated to the Bushkill Outreach. The Bushkill

We'll have snacks, bubbly grape juice, and lots of Painting and Dancing. We'll ring in the new year when the ball drops at 6 pm! With confetti, noise makers and cool hats, just like the "Good ol' Days.” $8 per person. Parents need to stay and party too. Pottery to paint that night is not included in registration fee and should be chosen that night. RSVP is needed through Ticket Link. Suggested for ages 3-12, but younger and older will love it too. Poke-A-Nose Pottery December 31

the Guinness Book of World Record's Largest Ski Lesson. Payment is required at the time of reservation. All proceeds Outreach is a Pennsylvania state registered food pantry, serving people in need in Middle Smithfield and Lehman Townships. Shawnee is going to help set a new Guinness World Record for the most people learning to ski or snowboard at one time! If you already ski or snowboard, then tell your beginner friends and family members; resorts all over the United States will be participating. More details on the event here will be available soon. Call 570-421-7231 ext 210 to reserve your lesson. Shawnee Mountain January 5

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Disney On Ice presents, Dream Big Enter a world where adventure is awaiting and courage leads the way at Disney On Ice presents Dream Big. Through enchanted pixie-dust, Tinker Bell takes you on a journey of beloved Disney tales LIVE ON ICE. Make a splash with the

e e s e m event

Join us for our favorite holiday tradition!

fearless dreamer Ariel as she yearns to explore life above the waves. Watch Rapunzel, Cinderella and Belle as they learn about the power to make their own magic. Travel to the wintry world of Arendelle with sisters Anna and Elsa, and the hilarious Olaf from Disney's Frozen as they learn that true love is the greatest magic of all. Be there to discover a whole new world with the daring Jasmine, and join Snow White, Aurora and Tiana as they remind you to always be strong, kind and fearless. High-flying jumps, daring acrobatics,


Gingerbread House WE BRING THE GOODIES,


breathtaking skating and lovable Disney friends make this an experience your family will never forget. Mohegan Sun Arena January 11 - 15

Sherman Winter Craftfest The Sherman Theater is bringing back the Second Annual Sherman Winter Craftfest on Saturday, January 13th from 10 am - 4 pm in the warm and spacious Sherman Theater.

who what where

Sherman Theater January 13

Pocono Winter Beerfest Presented by SPIN Radio The Pocono Winter Beerfest is back for its third year at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA! Come kick off 2018 with an atmosphere that can’t be beat. With over 100 beer selections to enjoy with more food, vendors, and space than ever before, experience the concert-style Beerfest you’ve waited all 2017 for! Tickets include a souvenir tasting glass with unlimited samples! Doors open for VIP ticket holders at 12pm with specialty selections from the breweries that only VIP ticket holders can enjoy. Doors open for general admission ticket holders at 1pm. Sherman Theater January 20

A morning of fun provided by MeSee Magazine The Friendly Community Center 6683 Route 191 Cresco, PA 18326

The theater will be entirely flat floored with over 70+ vendor spaces available to the general public with FREE admission!

Kids of all ages

when cost

Sunday, December 17th from 10am - 12pm Free (for kids only)

Reservations are required. Space is limited. Email to reserve your spot(s) or reply via Facebook.

MeSee Magazine Dec/Jan 2017  
MeSee Magazine Dec/Jan 2017  

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