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Frogtown Chophouse

From MeSee Exercising patience with my kids is always a New Year’s resolution of mine. Actually, I guess I shouldn’t call it a resolution; it’s more of an intention. I want to be more patient. I want to be the mom that calmly corrects her children in a loving tone. I don’t want to lose my shit mind after listening to them fight endlessly. I don’t want to get frustrated when whining becomes the only language they speak. But despite my efforts, patience gets lost in the chaos, and once I find my sanity again, I recommit to being more patient. While I do want to be more patient day to day, what I’ve come to realize is that I need to see the bigger picture. I’m at the point in parenting where kids will fight, kids will whine, and kids will be crazy, loud, and unpredictable. I need to have patience and know that someday this won’t be the case. I’m not going to remind you all to “cherish these moments” or anything like that, because, honestly, sometimes it’s too hard to see past the madness. But I do find a glimmer of hope in knowing that this season will soon pass. Sure, another one will be right around the corner, but I’m not going to worry about that just yet. Whatever season you’re in, I hope you can find some patience, too. This time of year can certainly test anyone’s patience, so in this issue you’ll find some ideas to keep life entertaining while you wait for spring. We have crafts, snacks, and sights to see. Check out our feature on the Crayola Factory and the awesome snowmen you can find throughout Stroudsburg, thanks to GO Collaborative. And don’t forgot to pick up your heartshaped pizza from Kasa’s on Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the MeSee Kids Club! You can sign up by visiting our website and clicking “Join the Club.” There is no cost to join; just follow the link, complete the form, and we’ll send you all kinds of goodies, exclusively for club members - discounts, coupons, special information, exclusive events, and even some MeSee swag! You can read more about the Kids Club in this issue.

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Amanda & Kelly

need a minute?

Baby crying? Kids fighting? Toddler interrogating? Need a minute? Here's something to keep them occupied so you can take a breath.


If you need a few more minutes visit and get more activities perfect for all ages. MeSee Magazine • 5


6 • MeSee Magazine



College Planners of NEPA Preparing for college is a stressful time for both students

have been able to bring our findings and knowledge back

and their parents. What will it cost? Where should we

to our neighbors. Being able to assist students in reducing

begin? What financial aid is available? The entire process

their costs for college has been amazing, and we all love

can be overwhelming and emotional. Wouldn’t it be

going to work knowing we will be helping students avoid

great to have a professional walk you through each step,

the debt of higher education

ensuring that you’re taking full advantage of the programs available to you so both you and your child can have the best experience? College Planners of NEPA will do just that. We had a chance to talk with Nicole Prussman, CEO of College Planners of NEPA, to get the scoop on their

What does the process generally look like from start to finish?

services and where to begin. First, our process is structured individually to Tell us about College Planners of NEPA and how you got started.

every student. To give you a general idea, we first meet students when they come into our office or attend one of our Free Local Seminars. After every introduction or seminar, we meet every family for a

Honestly, this is a bit of a complex question. The truth is, I don’t believe any of us ever imagined this would happen. I often think this company is the perfect example of the saying, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Our staff has a broad range of skills, and we all come

complete Financial Aid Consult. At this meeting we review the individual family’s situation, discuss fields of study or career choices, and identify any college or universities being considered. At this point, we create a pathway for success by explaining the possibilities of improving their financial aid options.

from different careers paths; however, the one thing we all have is college debt. After discussing our own situations, we realized there had to be a better way to handle it. We began by reaching out to colleagues and asking

Planning for college can be overwhelming. When should parents begin the process?

questions. The next thing we knew, College Planners of NEPA was launched. And guess what? It is totally

This is such an important question. The fact is,

possible to control your college expenses. This has

we can help students as late as November of

allowed us the most awesome opportunity, because we

their senior year, but this tends to be a more

MeSee Magazine • 7

complicated process and options may be limited. The

If a student has a particular school in mind but

best way to access our services is to attend one of

the parents fear they can't afford it, do you find

our seminars during your child’s Sophomore or Junior

ways to help them make it work?

year. Starting at this point allows us to work through the process while ensuring you and your child are not

We always take what the student wants into

overwhelmed. It also allows for the benefit of choices.

consideration, and making their dream come true

Let’s be serious, your child’s education has the potential

is a large part of our process. We are assisting in

to cost more than the home you are currently living in. Because of this, we encourage families to put serious planning time into their college decisions. The earlier you start, the more you can be prepared for and the more you can control.

planning their futures and student wants and needs are very important to this process. Because of our staff’s extensive experience, we excel at working with teenagers. While we always listen to their feelings, we also help them work through some processes to ensure they are focusing on what is important and necessary. If this turns out leading

Do you meet with families before they start to apply to colleges to best understand what they can afford?

us to a school which is not affordable, we help families plan using their current situation and any additional scholarship aid which may be awarded.

Absolutely, we cannot do this without family

What is something parents might not know about

participation. As a matter of fact, the reason

the process and the services available to them?

we say the best time for students to meet with us is their Sophomore or Junior year

The first thing we want parents to understand is

is because we want to help participate in choosing

that preparing for college is NOT a cookie cutter

a school. Selecting a school is as much a business

process. Choosing the best school and acquiring

decision as it is an academic one. Identifying a college

the best financial aid package is not a come one,

or university which will best serve your child is far from a simple task. A college tour and reviewing a website is not enough, and, unfortunately, identifying the necessary information is a daunting task for many families. We at College Planners of NEPA have access to a great deal of information regarding every college, university, or trade school in the US. Plus, our staff is comprised of highly trained educators and financial professionals who all work together to ensure your child’s college career is planned, structured, and attacked in a way which will benefit the financial aid package he or she is awarded.

come all system. It requires a personal review and plan to ensure every individual student benefits from the process. We’ve all heard the story of the student who got the free-ride versus the student who is paying back student loans. Understanding why and how this happens is what we do. The second thing we want families to understand is that income is not the only factor when applying for financial aid. Understanding how your family fits into the financial aid equation is essential to the beginning of your college planning adventure, and it is an area where our company excels. Your financial aid amount is not a mystery. There

Do you help identify any available grants or

is a set, although complicated, equation which determines


a student’s financial aid. Accessing and leveraging this equation is how we determine the best way to assist families.

We use an array of local, private, and public programs to compile and help students search for available scholarships and grants. This is an excellent way to acquire additional funds

College Planners of NEPA also has a blog. What type of information can be found there?

for school, however, it also includes student involvement. We can produce a never-ending list of scholarships, but if they aren’t applied for, the money goes unclaimed for another year. While this process is student intensive, it is a process which we will guide your child through in order to ensure success. 8 • MeSee Magazine

I am so glad you asked. Our blog is a newer addition to our website, and we are using it to assist students and their families in navigating some of the bigger points of the college planning process.

On our blog, you can find links to articles, calendars, and

For a current list of seminar locations, times, and

information which is beneficial as you make this journey to

updates, visit us at When

higher education. I strongly encourage our newer students to

you find a seminar which fits your schedule, simply click

spend time reviewing and reading through the information we

the link and fill out a registration form. This ensures we


always have enough space for everyone who attends.

In addition to our blog, we are also on Facebook and Instagram to help us keep our students updated on

We often fill up, so please register to make sure we can fit you in.

expectations, deadlines, and information about how to choose and apply to a college or university. What is the best way to contact you for more information? You also hold seminars and informational sessions. Are these open to the public? Where can people find a schedule?

Since we work with teenagers, our staff is available via an array of resources. To contact one of our staff members, you can:

We hold numerous seminars twice a year, during the fall and spring. All of our seminars are FREE and open to anyone with a high school student interested in college. We offer these seminars all over the Poconos. During the session we offer a complete breakdown of the college financial aid and application

1. Call our office at 570.253.9945 2. Send us a message on Facebook at 3. Connect with us via Instagram - @cpnepa

process. The goal of these seminars is to enlighten families

Any route will ensure you are able to chat with one of our

to what they truly need to understand about applying for and

Educators or register for a seminar.

attending college.

MeSee Magazine • 9

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Family Wellness Center

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Specializing in the well being of your children & your entire family.

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Chiropractor in the Poconos 5 Years in a Row!

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12 • MeSee Magazine Photos courtesy of Crayola Experience

By: Tom Eccleston


eady to doff the hats, gloves, and scarves? If so, amplify Old Man Winter’s blues with a wide color spectrum from the Crayola Experience, where

pigments don’t just pop, they burst forth, letting a cascade of sunshine replace gloomy skies. Picture Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but instead of guzzling from chocolate waterfalls and gorging on candied goop, you’re dancing in virtual wax rain. Or bringing a coloring page to life. Or even naming and wrapping your custom crayon. And all without the pratfalls of possessing a Golden Ticket. “We have activities for a wide range of ages and interests,” extolls Kristy Martin, Crayola’s Marketing and Sales Manager. “The Experience brings innovation and mechanics to the brand.” Indeed, over two dozen attractions offer hands-on synergy to keep young ones delighted for the day, with Martin noting a couple standouts. “Kids love our prismatic, two-story playground, where they can climb to their hearts’ content. The Water Works is another big draw, as participants maneuver a toy boat through an 85-foot water table.” It’s here that children morph into maritime trailblazers, splish-splashing around a lock and canal system where they can load cargo and operate levies.

“The Experience brings innovation and mechanics to the brand.”

Photos courtesy of Crayola Experience

The Easton-based warehouse provides visitors some historical perspective, as well. In 2003, the Experience unveiled The World’s Largest Crayon, a 15-foot-long behemoth, as part of its centennial celebration. At 1,500 pounds, the titanic tube was made of scrap “leftolas” sent in by kids from across the country. It became the record holder until 2017, when the factory crafted a larger version using its fresh hue, “bluetiful.” In the Crayola Chronology, the paraffin-splattered shoes of Emerson Mosler, a decades-long employee, are enshrined. Mosler is credited with forming an estimated 1.4 billion crayons during the course of his career. Another clothing item is the sweater worn by Mr. Rogers when he forged the 100 billionth crayon in 1996. The actual coloring tool, displayed in museum fashion, was won as a contest prize by a grandmother – Crayola paid her $100,000 to get it back. “In addition, we have a Hall of Fame that pays homage to eight colors retired by the Experience,” says Martin.

“Entire families can express their creativity and immerse in color in a whole new way. Whether it’s concocting a waxy masterpiece or using a magic tablet to solve riddles, we offer the perfect setting to explore advancing technology”

Tourists can watch Crayonologists pour buckets of wax into molds that form smoking-hot crayons as mascots interact with their human counterparts. Old Crayola commercials notch up the nostalgia, and staffers will even supply random bits of Snapple cap wisdom: A human can consume 3,500 crayons and still not ingest as many toxins as a single glass of city drinking water. Parents can rest assured if their tykes mistake the radiant designs for something out of Wonka’s facility, instead of Crayola’s.

14 • MeSee Magazine

Come ride wi us!


Teaching hors emans hip fro - Recognized -

Pony Club Center

. m the ground up

Pleasant Ridge Farm, LLC 570.856.4977 122 Barn Swallow Lane, Cresco, PA 18326

Offering Lessons, Clinics & Camps Year round!

Above this showroom spectacle, a large electronic counter flashes the ever-growing quantity of crayons in the world, “currently nearing 150 billion,” Martin observes. In an area called Crayola Meltdown, kids can dip long Q-tips into pots of crayon soup to make their own art. These containers aren’t particularly hot, since scribblers have a low melting point; however, plexiglass thwarts potential hazards, and makes parents remember the effects of a clothes dryer on sneakily tucked crayons. As Martin surmises, the Crayola Experience acknowledges the importance of coloring while infusing the medium with a modern-day twist. “Entire families can express their creativity and immerse in color in a whole new way. Whether it’s concocting a waxy masterpiece or using a magic tablet to solve riddles, we offer the perfect setting to explore advancing technology,” she says. 


30 Centre Square, Easton, PA

• Tree Trimming

• Storm Damage

• Tree Removal

• Tree Climbing

• Stump Grinding

• Lot Clearing

(610) 515.8000

Jobs Done Right

MYLES BODINE, OWNER P: 570.807.9867 E:

MeSee Magazine • 15

16 • MeSee Magazine Photos courtesy of The Lodge at Woodloch

Date Night @ The Spa


Call me high maintenance, but I love a good spa. From chocolate manicures to open-air massages, I can’t resist a little rest and relaxation. And if R&R is what you crave, The Lodge at Woodloch is the perfect destination. This secluded spot, nestled in the quaint town of Hawley, has been the definition of peaceful for 12 years and counting. With a gated entrance and valet parking, arriving at The Lodge at Woodloch feels like something out of a celebrity vacation. Inside, the royal treatment continues. If you’re considering a weekend getaway, this adult’s only, all-inclusive resort is the perfect escape. All guests of The Lodge at Woodloch must be 16 years of age and older, so if you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’ve come to the right place. Lodge guests have first dibs on spa appointments and will enjoy three meals a day at The Lodge’s farm-to-table restaurant, Tree. (More on that later!) If an overnight stay isn’t in the cards, purchase a day pass to access the spa, fitness classes, and a first-class lunch or dinner. Whether you’re receiving massages on the regular or are new to the spa scene, The Spa at The Lodge at Woodloch is sure to leave you in a state of nirvana. And listen up, gentlemen, contrary to popular belief, spas are not just for the ladies! A Massage for Two is the perfect opportunity to unwind while spending a little quality time with your partner in crime. During my visit, my guy and I opted for The Lodge Massage, a classic Swedish massage with your choice of aromatherapy oils.

MeSee Magazine • 17

After 50-minutes of pure bliss, we spent the afternoon

partake in cooking demonstrations, art classes, and game

enjoying all the spa has to offer, including a variety of

nights. February is American Heart Month, so be on the

relaxation lounges, saunas, and steam rooms. Don’t miss the

lookout for plenty of heart-healthy action.

outdoor Horizon Edge Whirlpool – think infinity pool meets hot tub. This experience is a must-do during the winter!

Be sure to join The Lodge’s “Last Minute Club,” a great option for locals with flexible schedules. You’ll be the

Remember that delicious meal I mentioned? Look no further

first to know about special deals and openings. For

than Tree. With an ever-changing menu of naturally-raised

more information on The Lodge at Woodloch, including

meats and fish and organic vegetables, Tree does fine dining

rates, weekly schedules, and spa treatments, visit www.

right. FYI, the salad bar is incredible. I know, I know, “salad See you at The Lodge – your

bar” – eek! But this is no ordinary salad bar. You’ll delight in

destination for luxury and leisure. 

the array of toppings, with everything from beets and beans to cucumbers and cranberries. Don’t leave without sampling the soup and checking out the serious spread of breads. Did I mention there are baked goods, too? I could live off of this salad bar. While you dine, indulge in a glass of wine from an award-winning wine list, or treat yourself to a seasonal margarita. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?


Activities abound throughout the 400+ acre property,

109 River Birch Lane, Hawley, PA

including hikes along the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack,

(800) 966.3562

snowshoeing, and even ice fishing. The Lodge also offers

forest bathing and is one of only two locations in the United States with a certified instructional team. Stay indoors and 18 • MeSee Magazine

Academy of Dance Dream big. Sparkle more. Shine bright!

Registration now open! ballet  tap  jazz  hip hop lyrical contemporary  leaps & turns  pointe (570) 269-3110 • 104 Shelleo Dr., Tannersville, PA 18372

! e m i T Party

& Village Malt Shoppe


BRING YOUR CAKE & CANDLES AND WE’LL DO THE REST! Visit to see our party packages! (570) 839.7831 • • Route 611 • Mt. Pocono, PA

MeSee Magazine • 19


invest in trip protection WHEN MAKING TRAVEL PLANS By: Maria LaDuca, The Agency Chic

20 • MeSee Magazine


think it’s safe to say we have all experienced that dreaded moment when you are asked to accept or

decline trip protection before confirming a travel purchase. Here we are with thousands of dollars on the line and we still

Scenario #3

can’t help but wonder if we should add that additional cost of travel protection. I wish they would just package in the cost

I think by now you see the importance of travel protection;

of insurance and make it mandatory; that would eliminate the

however, I’m going to give you one more scenario that

moment where we could potentially make a HUGE mistake

hopefully will show you how important travel protection is.

if we decide to opt out of the travel protection. As a Travel

You made it to the airport on time with your crew for your

Agent, I always advise my clients to purchase trip protection.

flights - three hours in advance for international, two hours

If they choose to go without, they must electronically waive

in advance for domestic. You made sure you did everything

their trip protection coverage so I have proof they were

correctly - printed boarding passes, brought your passports,

offered it and chose to decline. Most people are not expecting

and arrived on time. You made it through security and are

the unexpected when they travel; however, this is the main

at the gate in record time. What can go wrong? You know

reason to purchase trip protection. The UNEXPECTED!

you should never ask that question! As your flight time approaches you realize your plane is not at the terminal

Scenario #1 You unexpectedly need to cancel your trip, and you didn’t purchase insurance. Sick spouse, last minute babysitter canceled, or your job changed its mind about your vacation time. If you are like most people, you probably didn’t read the fine print when agreeing to the cancellation terms and conditions. Every vendor has a different cancellation policy. Within this policy you will find how many days in advance you need to cancel to avoid penalties. Some vendors charge a penalty if you cancel at any point before your trip. Airlines almost always charge a change or re-ticketing fee when flight plans change. Ever notice they offer trip insurance when you buy airline tickets? That’s because they charge a fee to make changes when the unexpected happens. If you purchase the trip insurance, you only lose the cost of the insurance. In this scenario, purchasing trip insurance is the best idea.

with no airline staff in sight. You start to realize your plane is delayed! There are several factors that can be taken into consideration to determine how bad this situation can get. Are you depending on a connecting flight to get you to your destination? Are you flying in to port the day of a cruise? Is this the last flight to your destination and now you will have to forfeit one night stay? Is this the last available flight to your destination for the next few days due to weather or scheduling? You get my drift. The unexpected can cost you A TON of extra cash if you choose not to purchase trip protection. I think we can all agree that in this situation you would have been better off purchasing that trip protection. With the trip protection, additional costs or fees are covered and refunded. My rule of thumb is as follows: Whenever you invest in anything that costs a good amount of money, purchase the insurance. If you can afford to lose the entire amount of the cost of the trip without feeling pain, then you might be ok without. Moral of the story? Purchase that trip protection! 

Scenario #2 You are having fun on the water slides with the kids in the destination of your choice. The last thing you imagined when you booked this trip is that your child would emerge from

THE AGENCY CHIC (570) 309.4010

the water with a bloody nose. Surprise, it’s broken! Second

surprise, your insurance from home doesn’t cover you in this

location! You can potentially be dealing with hospitals that

won’t service you without full payment in advance due to lack of insurance. As a parent, the last thing you want to face is

your child not being able to get the care the or she needs because you weren’t prepared. In this scenario, I think it’s safe to say travel protection would’ve been a good idea. MeSee Magazine • 21

22 • MeSee Magazine Photos courtesy of Tricia Lowrey Lippert


OF STROUDSBURG By: Tom Eccleston

Winters Children Artist: Thomas Dillon


Artist: Maria Ferreris If you’ve stopped by a busy Pocono hub in the last three months, some unexpected tour guides have beaconed. A couple of them are smiling. Some are donning hats. A few are toting accessories. All are the Snowmen of Stroudsburg. This seasonal encampment is the brainchild of GO Collaborative, a nonprofit think tank comprised of area citizens looking to strengthen the alliance among tourists, merchants, artists, and the greater community. “The Snowmen make downtown more attractive for residents and visitors of all ages, which increases customer traffic for businesses and boosts our economy,” explains Jim Evanisko, a Collaborative member and co-owner of Stroudsburg’s Gamut Art Gallery. None may be named Frosty, but their larger-than-life presence has conjured an inviting glow in the heart of the municipality’s shopping district. Crisscrossing several streets, these nine handiworks are the endeavor of local artists who tackled the challenge of transforming sterile polystyrene balls into eye-popping designs. “Creating a three-dimensional, wraparound draft was new for me,” recalls Judy Moeller of East Stroudsburg. “I stand 5’1”. When my snowman was in its frame [for painting], it towered at 7’6”. Resting on the ground, each one is about 5’10” tall.” For Tannersville’s Tricia Lowery Lippert, physical suffering was necessary to breathe life into her art. “There were times I was lying on my back like Michelangelo. Other times I sat Indian-style on the floor for so long my hips hurt. At other moments, I had to use a stool or a ladder. It was an immense project, but I would do it again in a second,” she says.

Artists Ball

Artist: Doug Gilbert

Underwater Winter Wonderland Artist: Michael Glenn


Artist: Tricia Lowrey Lippert

Four Seasons Artist: Judy Moeller


Artist: Grace Spezzano

Dragon Princess Artist: Krystal Walz


Artist: Briggie Williams

Pocono Joe

Artist: GO Collaborative

MeSee Magazine • 23

For some, Mother Nature provided a bounty of prolific inspiration. Michael Glenn, of Pocono Pines, tipped his hat to the power of water while dedicating over 130 hours to his snowman. “There are 40 seascape characters on my creation -- it’s an extension of a large mural I painted in Scranton. The transition from one project to the next was an easy one,” he proclaims. “I loved putting all the details into it.” Channeling the importance of family was also key when applying brushstrokes. “My idea included winter activities and the fun children and adults have this time of year,” says Stroudsburg’s Thomas Dillon. Fellow Stroudsburger Grace Spezzano emphasized Main Street’s highlights. “I wanted to create a sense of familiarity,” she adds. “I used bright colors and animated characteristics to please young and old.” Other participating artists include Maria Ferreris, Mount Pocono; and Doug Gilbert, Krystal Walz, Briggie Williams, all of Stroudsburg. According to Evanisko, other towns have experimented with inventive motifs to help generate a spike in commerce. “Snowmen are the theme we chose for the Poconos, where winter recreational sports are big.” He notes that word-of-mouth remains the best form of advertising. “I met a woman who said that she and her kids didn’t want a map showing where the Snowmen were stationed. They just planned to explore, and seek them out on their own.” By creating the Snowmen of Stroudsburg, he continues, the projected economic growth could exceed 300 percent. “This is something the entire family can enjoy,” says Evanisko. “The Snowmen delight children while their parents shop and support local industry. It’s a win-win situation all around.” 


111 North 8th Street, Stroudsburg, PA (570) 517.5019

1. Gamut Art Gallery

8. Hollinshead House

2. Monroe Historical Association

9. Monroe County Courthouse

3. Garlic Restaurant

10. Stroudsburg Fire Department

4. Blu Studio

11. Walkway

5. American Ribbon Outlet

12. Lawn

6. Pocono Family YMCA

13. Holland Thread Mill

11 N. 8th Street

900 N. 9th Street

907 Main Street

940 Ann Street

925 Ann Street

809 Main Street

31 North 7th Street

Monroe Street

N. 7th and Sarah Streets

Next to 536 Main Street

At lower Main and 5th Street

411 Main Street

7. Corner

S. 8th and Main Street MeSee Magazine • 25

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

26 • MeSee Magazine


You can help promote children’s literacy with these ideas: Give books to kids. You can find a book on virtually any topic, aimed at nearly every age and reading level. If you’re not sure what a child likes to read, simply choose a book about a topic he or she enjoys, or a favorite fictional character. Support organizations working to promote literacy. Many organizations you conduct regular business with may have selected literacy as a cause that they support. For example, the Toys for Tots Literacy Program was developed by The UPS Store and the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. This program, celebrating its 10th anniversary, provides books and educational resources to underserved communities. As part of the program, $10,000 worth of children's books will be donated to 10 nonprofit organizations in support of children's literacy in 2019. Create traditions around reading. Making books part of family The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place each year on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Across the country, thousands of schools, libraries, and community centers participate by bringing together kids, teens, and books, and you can too!

Celebrate literacy today and everyday! Teaching a child to appreciate reading not only promotes academic achievement, but it also it opens opportunities for the imagination to soar and for kids to learn about topics beyond their wildest dreams.

rituals can help instill a love of reading among kids. You might set aside an evening for a reading marathon or read a bedtime story every night. You can also find creative ways to get young readers involved, such as assigning one child each night to read that day’s mail aloud to the family. Encourage kids to get hands-on with books. Reading isn’t the only way to appreciate books; kids can get creative and make their own literature, too. Encourage them to write and illustrate their own stories they can share with the family. For more ideas, printables and fun activities visit Seussville at

Courtesy of Family Features MeSee Magazine • 27

Heart-Shaped Pizzas @ Kasa’s Pizza The perfect recipe for LOVE this Valentine’s Day! What started as a fun holiday meal has now become a seasonal tradition. Kasa’s Pizza has been serving up pizza (and other deliciousness) for over 40 years in Paradise Valley. On Valentine’s Day, Kasa’s puts a festive twist on an old favorite - the delicious pizza you’ve come to know and love is available in the shape of a heart! Share a slice with someone special on Thursday, February 14th. Whether you dine in or take it to-go, your family will love this fun treat. While you’re there, grab a few other local, holiday treats, too! Kasa’s will be selling chocolate covered strawberries, courtesy of Callie’s Candy Kitchen, cheesecakes from the pros at Pocono Cheesecake Factory, and flowers. Visit this one-stop shop to cover all of your Valentine’s Day needs! Open Valentine’s Day 11am - 9pm.

28 • MeSee Magazine

KASA'S PIZZA 6172 Paradise Valley Rd, Cresco, PA (570) 839.8634

refer an advertiser Want to earn some extra cash? Who doesn't! Step 1: Show your favorite business the latest issue of MeSee and tell them how much you love it! Step 2: Tell them that MeSee can help them reach other local families like you. Step 3: Ask them for permission to have a MeSee representative contact them. Step 4: Contact us with the business name and contact information, If the business becomes a MeSee advertiser, you get PAID! For more information and further details contact

570-839-8634 6172 Paradise Valley Rd. Cresco, PA

Heart Shaped Pizza’s upon request 2/14/19

MeSee Magazine • 29

By: Kelly Gillow at Country Home Learning & Art Center

o E f V F O e L l t ! e h t r o F Warm up with those cozy Felted Crafts...

with a Hear t

Felt Garland!

Kids w n with ill LOVE decoratin g each letter on their ow extras like sequi ns & ribbons for all to see!

Kids will love assembling these homemade heart pockets & filling them with Valentine goodies to give! 30 • MeSee Magazine

Suppli es: • Felt • Hot glue • Strin g • Scis sors • Pen cil

Suppli es:


• Le


Ext ins

tter tem pla •H tes ear t tem pla tes


• Felt • Hot glue • Rib bons glu • Seq et uins his on l • Stic are kers po y on a ea ck ch et.


, rib




5 Little Leprechauns Fingerplay w/ puppets! 5 LITTLE LEPRECHAUNS 5 Little leprechauns standing in a row (hold hand up showing all fingers)

5 little leprechauns looking for gold (bring hand above eyes as if searching)

A rainbow appeared and led the way (touch both hands together to make a rainbow with arms)

And one little leprechaun danced away (dance one finger away behind your back and reappear with only 4 fingers) *Repeat the above counting down with 4 little leprechauns, 3, 2, and 1. Once you're down to the last leprechaun, the last line will be replaced with

And the last little leprechaun danced away!


lg ove puppet • Felt


Supplies: • Felt

• Hot glue

• Hot glue

• Green glove

• Black sharpie

• Black sharpie

ual fin ( m a ke g e r p u p p e t 5) MeSee Magazine • 31

DR. SEUSS In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday we're giving away 3 of our favorite Dr. Seuss books! To enter, follow the steps below.

1. 2.

LIKE MeSee Magazine on Facebook. JOIN our MeSee Kids Club by going to and click “Join the Club.”

Good Luck! We will announce the winners on March 2nd via Facebook.



a ble!

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- Individual & Business Income Tax Preparation - Business Consulting - Financial Statement Preparation -

Ultra condensing propane tankless water heater. Dual stainless steel heat exchanges. Low NOx emissions. Energy Star Rated. Eligible for up to $300 rebate from PPL Electric.

Repairs | Pumps | Installation | Heating

819 Ann Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360 570-424-4900

Office: (570) 595.3440 • Emergency Service: (570) 369.3469

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(570) 807.0447 | 984 Route 390, Cresco, PA 18326 MeSee Magazine • 33


The Gilbert Family Roots run deep for this loving, local family. East Stroudsburg natives Ashley and Anthony Gilbert are now raising their growing family and business in the place they’ve always called home. 5-year-old Aiden attends preschool in Stroudsburg and is excited to start kindergarten next year at Hamilton Elementary. He currently is a double blue little dragons belt in karate! He is super excited for his new puppy Izzy and to be an awesome big brother to his new little sister coming at the end of April! Ashley grew up in East Stroudsburg, graduated from East Stroudsburg South High School, and recently finished her Doctorate degree. She currently works as a psychologist in Kingston. Ashley has a 2nd degree black belt in karate and helps out at the school with special events, like belt ceremonies and community events. Anthony grew up in East Stroudsburg as well and graduated from East Stroudsburg South High School. He currently runs Pocono Crimson Dragon in Pocono Summit and this past year received his 6th degree black belt! He is a huge advocate in the Anti Bullying movement, giving free assemblies for local schools for the past 8 years! They also have three amazingly sweet and incredibly large Great Danes. Wow!

34 • MeSee Magazine

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO AS A FAMILY? MOM Mom’s favorite things are going to community events ,like the tree lighting, StroudFest, fireman’s carnivals, and fairs. Exploring new places, like when we went to Lake Erie and Pittsburgh, and hanging around the house with weekend trips to Target and baking together. Baby on the way likes community events, Broadway plays, and limeade (we know because she moves a lot!)

DAD I like our family day trips, hanging on the couch watching movies, spontaneous trips for ice cream, and going to the park.


Interested in Karate? Karate skills are

There are so many things he likes to do together!

a family trait in this family! Join them at

After some prompting he said, “going to the beach

Pocono Crimson Dragon.

on vacation, hanging and watching shows together, playing in our big back yard on our water slide,

building Legos, and playing Pop the Pig.” MeSee Magazine • 35


MISCHIEF! I know, I know…didn’t we just finish up with the Elf? Now Leprechauns!? While we all dread the work that goes into creating these special memories for our kids, there’s nothing better than seeing their genuine excitement when they discover a little bit of magic. From Leprechaun traps and bait to gifts and goodies, here are a few ways to add some magic to your St. Patrick’s Day.

The Crafting Chicks

The Crafty Morning

A painted shoebox and some gold coins, guaranteed

Make breakfast fun with these awesome green

to entice any green guy. 36 • MeSee Magazine

pancakes your kids will surely love.

Grey House Harbor

The Suburban Soapbox

A cardboard creation from Grey House Harbor with a

I heard Leprechaun’s can’t resist sugary treats, and I’m sure

free slide! What Leprechaun could pass that up?

they aren’t the only ones you’ll find sneaking this snack.

Busy Kids Happy Mom

A Blonde & 3 Boys

Finding Leprechaun footprints all over your house is almost

Put your kids to work building the perfect trap for a

as fun as finding out your Elf toilet papered the place!

leprechaun with Legos like A Blonde & 3 Boys. MeSee Magazine • 37

GIFT OF GRATITUDE Open House & Bring a Friend Event As part of BAYADA Home Health Care’s transition to nonprofit and to show gratitude to BAYADA employees for the meaningful work they do, BAYADA Founder and Chairman Mark Baiada surprised employees with a $20 million gift to be distributed among RNs, LPNs, social workers, home health aides, therapists, associates, client services managers, clinical managers, office support, and other staff among the ten specialties in the 22 states in which the company operates. “Maintaining a truly impactful and lasting legacy for BAYADA starts with our great people, who embody our core values and contribute to and maintain our unique mission-driven culture,” said Baiada. “I am honored to be able to pass on my gift of gratitude to these deserving employees and am excited for what the future holds for all of us with the nonprofit transition.” While this gift is a once-in-a-lifetime gesture, the organization believes its symbolism is a testament to the unique environment Mark Baiada has successfully created, and to BAYADA’s commitment to its employees. “BAYADA is a special company full of employees who are all bonded together in our deep commitment to our clients,” Baiada said. “My wish is that in 100 years, we are continuing to celebrate these incredible health care professionals and the work they do to improve the lives of our clients." To learn more about the company’s pending move to nonprofit, visit To connect with BAYADA, call 1-888-833-5706 or go to contact for a live chat with a team member or to request a return call. Follow the story with #BAYADAGratitude and #ThisIsBAYADA.

38 • MeSee Magazine


Kartidwosrk ERIKA COOPER





H A N D C R A F T E D B Y C R E AT I V E L I T T L E H A N D S MeSee Magazine • 39

things to do!

Animal Tracking Animals leave behind clues that give us glimpses into their

Family Swim Friday’s Family Swim Friday is time for the entire family to swim and enjoy the pool. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult Swim diapers are required for those not pottytrained and life jackets are available if needed. Groups of 10 or more: Please call in advance at: 570-426-1512 or email at least one week to ensure adequate staffing. $5 per person or $15 per family (4 people) Cash only - to be paid at the pool. Chipperfield Elementary School Now - May 17, 6:15 - 8:30pm

lives. Explore our natural areas for tracks, trails, scat, territory marks, chew marks, and other signs animals leave as they travel through the fields and forests of the Poconos. Pocono Environmental Education Center February 3, 1 - 3pm

Take Your Son/Daughter to Snow Week Your daughter or son, age 18 and under, will receive a FREE youth lift ticket when a parent purchases a full price, adult daily lift ticket. Special coupon required. Download and print the coupon on Shawnee Mountain's website. Shawnee Mountain

Winter Beer Festival Tap into fun at Skytop's Annual Winter Beer Festival! Come out on Saturday, February 2nd to experience happiness

February 4 - 8, 9am - 9pm

Student Artists’ Reception & Awards

in a glass and a chance to learn about and sample beers from breweries such as Rusty Nail, Nimble Hill, Yards, Fat

Annual Student Exhibition, showcasing the accomplishments

Tire, and Victory. Admission includes a keepsake tasting

of K-12 artists in Monroe County. Show runs February 1- 23.

glass, beer tastings, great food, ice skating on the lake, and

Come see and support local, talented student artists. You'll

live entertainment. The event takes place outside, so be sure

be amazed!

to dress warm! Warm up stations with campfires and heaters will be available.

Pocono Arts Council February 8, 4 - 6pm

Skytop Lodge February 2, 12 - 3pm

Shawnee Mountain Super Scout Sunday The 3rd Annual Super Scout Sunday is offering prime snow conditions at discounted scout pricing. Lift tickets, equipment,

DIY Bird Feeders Spend the morning putting together your own unique and custom bird feeder from a variety of recycled materials, just in time for spring. We’ll provide everything you need, but you are welcome to bring your own supplies.

"Learn To" ski/snowboard packages, meal discounts, and

Pocono Environmental Education Center

commemorative patches will be available to all scouts

February 9, 1 - 3pm

and their immediate families. No minimum ticket purchase

required. Online sales only; limited tickets available. Contact Group Sales at 570-421-7231 ext. 201 for event details or visit online for more information.

Chocolate Dipping Event

Shawnee Mountain

We'll supply warm chocolate and centers so participants can

February 3, 8 - 5pm

create a special box of chocolate for themselves or a loved

one! Register for a 30-minute time slot between the hours of 1pm and 4pm to create your treats! Each participant will create at least 6 yummy pieces, like chocolate covered

40 • MeSee Magazine

strawberries and cherries, peanut butter cups, dipped pretzels and marshmallows, and more (up to 1/2 lb.)! $15 per person. All supplies included. Advance registration is highly

Breakfast, Lunch & Weekend Brunch!

recommended. This wildly popular class filled quickly last year! Reserve early. Kitchen Chemistry February 9, 1 - 4pm

2019 Historic Bethlehem Chocolate Trail

Open 7:30am - 2:30pm • Closed Tuesdays • B.Y.O.B (570) 664-2888 • 517 Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA

Join the Downtown Bethlehem Association for its Annual Chocolate Trail! Be prepared to be carried away by chocolate bliss! Purchase a passport for $25 to sample different

Offering a combination of high quality insurance products, superior customer service & broad resources.

chocolate treats from 15 - 20 participating businesses along Main & Broad Streets from 1- 5pm. Passports will go on sale the week of January 14th! Registration and passport pick up for the Chocolate Trail begins February 9th at 12 PM at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem and ends at 2pm. All passport holders must pick up their passports prior to 2pm. No refunds will be given. Downtown Bethlehem February 9, 1 - 5pm

Auto Insurance • Homeowners Insurance Business Insurance • Life Insurance (570) 421-0111 • 16 South 7th St., Stroudsburg, PA

Wally Ice Fest Wally Ice Fest celebrates the best of winter fun in the Pocono Mountains. Tourists and community members alike will enjoy getting out and taking in the Pocono Pond Hockey Tournament, the Ice Tee Golf Tournament, and the

Research less, Relax more... Let an experienced travel professional plan your hard-earned vacation!

curling demonstrations. Festivities are set for February 9-10, 2019 (rescheduled from January 28-29) pending safe ice conditions on Lake Wallenpaupack. See website for complete

(570) 309-4010 •

details. Lake Wallenpaupack February 9-10

Parent/Child Valentine’s Owls Painting Party Love is in the air! Join Nicole Smedley from Squirrel Studios for a fun parent and child painting party! This art class allows you to be creative and bond with your child as you create a painting! Both canvases will combine to form a single unified masterpiece. Create a memorable new experience with your child and take home a new family heirloom! Minimum age for child is 5 for this class. Workshop fee: $35 per parent/child MeSee Magazine • 41

combo.1 additional child can be added for $10. 1 additional

WinterFest in Downtown Stroudsburg

child maximum as project cannot be completed with more than 2 children per 1 adult. Bloom Waldessori Play Space February 10, 11am - 1pm

Visit Historic Downtown Stroudsburg for the annual WinterFest! This year's theme is "Fairytales." There will be magical ice sculptures, featuring characters from classic fairytales and folklore, throughout the downtown area. Stop by the local shops, art galleries, restaurants, and wineries as you search for ice sculptures. Many businesses will offer

Ecozone Discovery Room!

specials, demonstrations, or activities to celebrate the day. Downtown Stroudsburg

Climb into a bald eagle’s nest, crawl into a bat cave,

February 16, 11am - 4pm

explore a beaver lodge, and dig in a fossil pit! Explore this indoor discovery room and enjoy hands-on exhibits on natural history, sustainability and the local environment. No

The Science of Snow

registration required. Pocono Environmental Education Center February 10, 1 - 4pm

Learn about snow science with the help of some fun handson experiments. Discover how snow is made and appreciate the unique beauty of ice! This family program begins at 10am. Registration required by Wednesday, February 13th. Cost: $6/non-members, $4/children under 12. EE Center

Valentine’s Day Party (ages 1-6)

members are free. Must call to register Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with us! We will share stories,

February 16, 10am - 12pm

songs, crafts, and snacks. Please sign up so that we can

have enough supplies for everyone. Barrett Friendly Library

John Steinbeck’s of Mice and Men @ Shawnee Playhouse

February 14, 11am

Presented by Rebel Stages, Of Mice and Men is set during the Great Depression and follows two migrant workers:

Eagle Watch with PARC

George, a sharp but uneducated, short-tempered man, and Lennie, a large but simple-minded man. Together they hope to one day acquire their own piece of land. But when Lennie

Join Pocono Avian Research Center on this field trip to the

stirs up trouble on the job, George must choose between

upper Delaware River in search of our national symbol,

protecting his friend or staying the course towards his version

the Bald Eagle. Once a rare sight, many wintering and

of the American dream.

resident eagles now inhabit this region and the probability for sightings is high. Meet at the EE Center at 8:30am and return 5:30pm. Cost: $32/non-members, $26/EE Center members and includes bus transportation. Participants should pack a lunch and binoculars and dress for the weather. Stops will be made for coffee and snacks. Pre-registration and payment required by the Tuesday preceding the program. Seating is limited. Refunds will be given only if notification is made at least one week in advance. Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center February 15, 8:30am

Shawnee Playhouse February 16 - 24

Winter Wonderland Express Train Excursion All aboard…The Winter Wonderland Express. The Stourbridge Line is running from the Hawley Station towards Lackawaxen up to the old Glen Eyre station. The station is no more, but the gorgeous scenery remains. Enjoy the panoramic scenery by train this brisk winter season. Advance online purchase required to guarantee seating. This one-hour round trip features heated cars with restrooms. Train departs from Hawley PA. See website for details.

42 • MeSee Magazine

Hawley Station

Pocono Environmental Education Center

February 16, 1:45 - 2:45pm

February 19 – 22, 1 - 4pm

Jim Thorpe Winterfest Downtown Jim Thorpe hosts the 27th annual WinterFest over President's Day Weekend, February 16-17, 2019. A mix of train rides, family activities, special sales, and entertainment marks a weekend of winter fun in the Pocono Mountains. Downtown Jim Thorpe February 16 - 17

Mozzarella Madness Workshop What a fun night this will be! Learn how to make mozzarella from scratch, then make your own mozzarella log to bring home. We'll cover how to fill and shape your own cheese so you can add fun and conversation to any food display. You may not want to share when you get home! This workshop makes a great "date night,” too! Ages 12+; $35/person registration and prepayment is required. Call (570) 730-4944. Kitchen Chemistry February 17, 12 - 1:30pm

Junior Science Explorers Junior Science Explorers will go on a multi sensory adventure to discover how science can help them better understand the world around them by performing simple science experiments and fascinating demonstrations. Together we will play and explore the different areas of science and find our own answers to the question “Why?” Bloom Waldessori Play Space February 19, 11 - 11:45am

Ecozone Discovery Room! Climb into a bald eagle’s nest, crawl into a bat cave, explore a beaver lodge, and dig in a fossil pit! Explore this indoor discovery room and enjoy hands-on exhibits on natural history, sustainability, and the local environment. No registration required.

Homeschool Hangout (ages 6-12) Calling all homeschoolers! Elementary aged children (grades K-6) are invited to join us for S.T.R.E.A.M. stations, writing activities, and more! Please call or stop by the library to register. Barrett Friendly Library February 22, 2pm

Rock 107 Cardboard Box Derby Over $2000 in prizes are up for grabs! This fourth annual event is sure to get the excitement flowing! Get your friends & family together to build your own cardboard box sled. Kids and grown-up children ages 10+ are encouraged to participate. Team sledders will be competing to cross the finish the line with the most people inside the sled or the most creative design. For guests and spectators who won’t be competing —SNOW TUBING PARTY from 10am - 3pm in the Tubing Plaza. Montage Mountain February 24, 8am - 2pm

Cooking with Insects Many cultures and people across the world use insects as ingredients on a regular basis. Try your own hand at making a tasty dessert with insect-based ingredients while learning how beneficial they can be. *This program is unsuitable for those allergic to shellfish* Pocono Environmental Education Center February 24, 1 - 3pm

Shawnee Mountain Winter Carnival Sponsored by Shawnee Mountain and Coca-Cola, this event will include fun activities and is open to all. Demonstrations, vendors, product sampling, giveaways, outdoor BBQ, entertainment, and après ski party are scheduled. Winter fun starts here!

MeSee Magazine • 43

Shawnee Mountain February 24, 9am - 5pm

Lap Swim A great indoor aerobic exercise or a great way to unwind at the end of the day. We will offer lap swim during our swim lessons & Family Swim Fridays at Chipperfield Elementary Swimming Pool.$5 per person per session - Cash Only at

Alice in Wonderland Jr. Auditions 6th - 12th Grade Students CaPAA Jr. Players Spring Production presents ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Jr. Open to all children in 6th-12th grade. Online registration will be available at Cast and Parent Meeting, Workshop, Auditions: Tuesday, Feb. 26, 5 - 8:30pm (end time may differ depending on size of group)

the pool. For more information contact us at 570-426-1512 or

Creative and Performing Arts Academy of NEPA

February 26, 5 - 8:30pm

Chipperfield Elementary School Monday's, Wednesday's & Friday's: 6:15 - 8:30pm

Swim Lessons

Cyber Smarts (ages 8-12) Children use technology all the time; for school, family life, and fun! But, do they know how to use it safely? This interactive experience will teach kids how to be safe online

This winter & spring we will be teaching three sessions

when playing games, using social media, and researching for

- three weeks per session with two classes per week (6

school. Please call or stop by the library to reserve your spot.

Classes total). All Lessons will be held at the Chipperfield Elementary School: 2015 Chipperfield Drive, Stroudsburg, PA 18360. $75 Per Person Per Session. Each Lesson will be 35 minutes in length. All sessions are Monday’s and Wednesday’s - Levels, Time & Registration online Session One: February 25th - March 13th Session Two: March 25th - April 10th Session Three: April 29th - May 15th Register in person at the Day Street Community Center

Barrett Friendly Library February 28, 6 - 7pm

Maple Sugaring Public Day 42nd Public Maple Sugaring Day will feature a tour of the Sugarbush including stops to learn about Native American

or online

and early pioneer methods of making maple syrup, our

Chipperfield Elementary School

maple tree. After the tour, everyone will get a chance to taste

some of our syrup on freshly made pancakes! The event runs

evaporator process, and methods of identifying and tapping a

from 10am - 3pm and is located at the Meesing Sugarbush

Disney Junior Dance Party

outside of Marshall’s Creek. Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center

Bringing to life beloved characters from the #1 preschool television network, including Fancy Nancy, Vampirina, Doc

March 2, 10am - 3pm

McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and more, this 90-minute interactive concert experience -- perfect for kids and families and was recently nominated for a Pollstar Award, honoring the top achievers in the live entertainment industry.

Daddy Daughter Dance Daddies enjoy this time with your daughter(s) during an evening made just for you. This year's theme will be

F.M. Kirby Center

Enchanted Forest. Light refreshments will be served. There

February 26, 6pm

will be dancing and a photo booth! The dance is open to

ALL daddies & daughters. $35 per couple (daddy/daughter) & $5 per each additional daughter. Ages 13 and younger. Registration can be completed online at programs-events or in person at the Day Street Community

44 • MeSee Magazine

Center. Registration deadline: Monday, February 25th, 2019. Day of registration is not available. Chipperfield Elementary School March 2

The Great Basket Raffle Monsignor McHugh School Cafeteria March 2, 11am - 3pm

history, sustainability and the local environment. No registration required. Pocono Environmental Education Center March 3, 1 - 4pm

Cavalier Voice Cabaret A special event! Enjoy several cabarets throughout the 2019 season! Open seating, no tickets required. Suggested $8 donation at the door. Benefits the Cavalier Voices of J.T. Lambert

Chili Cook-Off benefiting Most Holy Trinity Parish

Intermediate School. Shawnee Playhouse

Live band, celebrity judges, Kid's face painting - fun for the entire family! $5.00 - Children under 10 are free Monsignor McHugh School Gymnasium March 2, 12 - 4pm

Sugar Shack Scramble Join us for a hike through the woods out to the “Two Saps” Sugar Shack and enjoy hot cocoa and pancakes with fresh

March 8, 7pm

Spring Ahead Birding Meet at Kettle Creek. Join Pocono Avian Research Center on a birding adventure. This program starts at 9am. Don’t forget to change the clocks! Cost: $6/non-members, $4/children under 12. EE Center members are free. Call to register.

maple syrup! Sign up for a 9am or 9:30am start time.

Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center

Spaces limited!

March 10, 9 - 11am

Pocono Environmental Education Center March 2 & 3, 9am - 12pm

Chili & Wing Cook-off Come taste some of the best wings and chili in the Pocono Mountains as restaurants and individuals compete in this annual cook-off sponsored by Bud Light. There will be live music, DJ entertainment, and beer tastings throughout the afternoon. Proceeds benefit the Victims Intervention Program. See website for details. The Waterfront March 3, 12 - 4pm

Ecozone Discovery Room!

Military Appreciation Weekend at Shawnee Mountain Shawnee Mountain is pleased to host its Military Appreciation weekend. All active Military and their immediate family (spouse and children 18 and under) will receive free lift tickets and ski/snowboard rentals for any or all of the three days. Also, group lessons and SKIwee programs will be available at a 50% Discount. Valid active military photo ID and dependent cards are required. All branches of our Armed Forces are eligible. For all Retired Military and Reservists and their immediate families, a discount of 50% will be offered on lift tickets and rentals. Valid ID and dependent cards required. All Military and their immediate family are welcome to enjoy any two-hours of tubing for only $17 per session all weekend with ID. And, as a special bonus, those attending Military Appreciation Weekend are welcome to enjoy the Costume Carnival Day and parade taking place at Shawnee Mountain on Sunday, March 17 at 1pm. Call for

Climb into a bald eagle’s nest, crawl into a bat cave, explore a beaver lodge, and dig in a fossil pit! Explore this indoor discovery room and enjoy hands-on exhibits on natural

more information. Shawnee Mountain March 15 - 17, 9am - 5pm

MeSee Magazine • 45

Fire Building

masses. We’ll provide nets and collection jars for gentle,

Learn some primitive and modern fire making skills. Try your

or wet.

hand at a flint & steel and more! Ages 10+ please. Pocono Environmental Education Center March 16, 1 - 3pm

up-close study. Wear boots and clothes that can get muddy

Pocono Environmental Education Center March 24, 1 - 3pm

Parking Lot Party & Pond Skimming

Girl Scout Badge Festival

Prepare yourself for a fun-filled day at Camelback Mountain!

Brownies will work on their Hiker and Cabin Camper badges.

This annual spring celebration includes tailgating, live

Juniors will fulfill the Eco Camper badge. Cadettes will work

music, pond skimming, the Cardboard Box Splash Down

on their Trailblazing badges and Seniors will work on the

Derby, cook-offs and more. Camelback will give away great

Adventurer badge. Overnight options are available - ask for

prizes throughout the day. Reservations for parking spaces

more information! Payment is required at registration. Space

must be made in advance. Visit the website for a complete

is limited - call early! Overnight accommodations with meals

schedule of events.

are available for $43/person.

Camelback Mountain

Pocono Environmental Education Center

March 23, 8am - 8pm

March 30, 9:30am - 4pm

Spring Hike at Kettle Creek

Ecozone Discovery Room!

Join us at 10am as we hike the trails at Kettle Creek and

Climb into a bald eagle’s nest, crawl into a bat cave,

look at the many natural happenings that spring brings to the Pocono forests. This two-hour hike will be fun for the whole family and will help to get rid of that winter time cabin fever. Cost: $6/non-members, $4/children under 12. EE Center members are free. Call to register. Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center March 23, 10 - 11:30am

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade Enjoy marching units, bands, non-profit groups, politicians and local businesses marching between two boroughs to celebrate the life and good works of St. Patrick of Ireland with a Grand Marshall who exhibits the similar characteristics. The parade kicks off at Stroudsburg High School and ends at Crystal Street in East Stroudsburg. Downtown Stroudsburg March 24, 1:30pm

explore a beaver lodge, and dig in a fossil pit! Explore this indoor discovery room and enjoy hands-on exhibits on natural history, sustainability and the local environment. No registration required. Pocono Environmental Education Center March 30, 1 - 4pm

Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2019 Annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Bridge. Put a team together and register. All bowlers are asked to raise at least $50. Event includes complimentary refreshments and prizes for participation. All proceeds aid the children of NEPA. You can also register online at www. If you'd like us to mail you a team card, send an e-mail to or call 1-800-955-4376. Skylanes Bowling Center

Salamanders, Frogs, and More! Amphibians are stirring in the woods! Join us as we explore nearby breeding pools for salamanders, frogs, and egg 46 • MeSee Magazine

March 30, 9am - 5pm

Country Home Learning & Art Center

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Kids. Love. Candy. & Pretzels too! Callie’s Candy Kitchen (570) 595.2280 Open 10am – 5pm Route 390, Mountainhome, PA 18342

Callie’s pretzel factory (3 miles South of Callie’s (570) 595.3257 Candy Kitchen) Open 10am – 5pm Route 390, Cresco, PA 18326



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MeSee Magazine Feb/Mar 2019  

MeSee Magazine Feb/Mar 2019