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these athletes had been competing against each other since they were very young. We wanted to bring that competitive edge to our kids by having them grow up playing against some of the best athletes from the area, not just their school. If my kid is really into a sport, will 570 Sports Camps help him grow more as a player and perform better with his school team?

Yes. All of our activities have two basic components. There is a clinical aspect that teaches players the basics and beyond (based on their ability). We also have a competitive component where your player will compete in safe, organized games against some of the best players in the area. There is no substitute for quality game experience! What is something our readers might not know about 570 Sports Camps?

We give a tremendous amount back to the community. We have donated to numerous school athletic and academic programs. We’ve donated prizes to science fairs, community nights, and tricky trays. We’ve donated money to purchase books for elementary school students. We’ve sponsored the car for a young racer. But we are most proud of our 570 Scholarship Program.


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Through our partnership with St. Luke’s University Health Network Orthopedic Care, we award two $570 scholarships, annually, to athletes who have been a part of our programs What are some of the important lessons young athletes can learn at 570 Sports Camps?

Sportsmanship. The expectation of all athletes (and their parents) is that we are a positive athletic community that refuses to tolerate lack of civility and sportsmanship. The bar is set high in all our programs, and I’m proud to say our families meet and exceed our expectations. What is the best way for our readers to learn more about everything you offer?


(570) 355-5060 2069 Long Pond Rd, Long Pond, PA

We are on Instagram and Facebook where we regularly post photos and videos of all our great athletes and activities. To register for our activities,

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MeSee Magazine August/September 2019  

MeSee Magazine August/September 2019