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Let me start by saying that I am NOT a crafty person. Occasionally I’ll dabble in the craft world, mostly for magazine purposes or because I think it’s something my kids might enjoy. When I’m scrolling through Pinterest, I always look for the easiest, most fool-proof ideas. Each project starts with an unrealistic amount of confidence. “This will be so easy. How could anyone mess this up?” I often tell myself. Inevitably, the end result is always embarrassing. Let’s not forget about my holiday brownie-filled ice cream cones that still remain in the bottom of my oven.

My kids and I were both AMAZED by the final products! Even without any crafting abilities, our shirts still turned out great, and my kids have been wearing them proudly ever since. All I can say is that if I can do it, you can too! Here is how we did it and the techniques we used.

STEP 1: Head to Michael’s or any craft store and pick up a tie-dye kit.

For this issue, I decided to try a timeless craft - tie-dyed

You might think this is cheating, but the kit we got had SO

t-shirts. People have been tie-dying things for decades; how

MANY COLORS! The variety of colors made it more fun for

hard can it be, right? Let me remind you that I have four kids,

my kids, and they didn’t fight over who had the color they

so even the simplest of tasks often become exponentially

wanted. NOTE: Similar to Target, you can leave Michael’s

harder. (Can we just PUT SHOES ON already!?) While the

with so many things you didn’t intend to buy. In addition to

preparation had my head spinning, because excited kids ask

the dye kit, we also left with a turtle figurine, shark tooth fossil

A LOT of questions, it was easy for them to dye their shirts

kit, and hair bows. Why?

with minimal assistance.

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MeSee Magazine August/September 2019  

MeSee Magazine August/September 2019