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Dr. Larry Boyd, General Practice/OB Dr. Rahul Puri, Family Practice/OB Dr. Subodh Mallik, Internal Medicine Dr. Rahul Boinpally, Family Practice/OB Dr. Cecil George, Family Practice/OB Dr. Auden Velasquez, Family Practice/OB Dr. Scott Emerick, General Surgeon

Raymond Delille, Physician Assistant Susan Grigsby, Family Nurse Practitioner Rosalie Sullivan, Family Nurse Practitioner Ken Vongsavath, Physician Assistant Alan Lewis, Physician Assistant

Physicians are Independent Practitioners and are not Employees or Agents of the Hospital

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With over 350,000 acres, Longfellow Ranch provides some of the finest professionally guided hunts for Elk and Mule Deer. We also offer Whitetail Deer, Aoudad, Turkey, Quail and Javelina hunts. Located 35 miles south of Fort Stockton Texas, Longfellow Ranch offers a luxurious 4,700 sq. ft. lodge and private rooms to accommodate your stay. Longfellow Ranch will provide an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Please check our web site for upcoming shooting events hosted on our new long distance rifle range.

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Welcome to Fort Stockton... A City On the Move elcome, to Fort Stockton, Texas! Located in the Trans Pecos region of the southern reaches of the vast Permian Basin in the Chihuahua Desert of West Texas, Fort Stockton was originally settled as a crossroads destination providing protection, provisions and a water supply to westward bound travelers.


The city is rich in the history of the settling of the west and features a downtown National Register Historic District and the reconstructed and refurbished historic fort, an excellent example of a western frontier military post.

Fort Stockton is a city on the move. You can sense it from your first visit, where Paisano Pete, the world’s largest roadrunner, greets you as he hurries by. You can see it at the Visitor Center, housed in a historic train depot, that is now enjoying the results of countless hours of loving restoration. You can hear it in the waterfalls that surround the Center, as they echo the Comanche Springs which first attracted Indians and settlers to the region hundreds of years ago. Silhouettes of these long ago residents enjoy the water, in the shadow of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly windmills that provide power to the center.

Fort Stockton gives a nod to the historic, but has its eye clearly on the future. Energy plays a big part in the city’s economy, including oil and gas, and now wind.

Today, Fort Stockton remains an important travel center and an excellent destination from which to explore far West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. On the list of day trips from Fort Stockton are four national parks and historic sites: Carlsbad Caverns, Guadalupe Mountains, Fort Davis and Big Bend. Also within an easy drive are seven state parks and historic sites: Fort Lancaster, Big Bend Ranch, Fort Leaton, Davis Mountains, Balmorhea, Monahans Sandhills and Hueco Tanks. And nearby are the historic towns of Marathon, Alpine, Marfa, Fort Davis, Balmorhea and Pecos.

As the major travel center on IH-10, halfway between San Antonio and El Paso, Fort Stockton features modern facilities for today’s travelers including nearly 1,200 hotel rooms, 8 RV parks, 30 restaurants and 14 service stations. Please see the Buyer’s Guide in this publication to help you make your selections.

Fort Stockton features a dry, mild climate, with winter temperatures rarely dropping below 30°F, summer temper-

4 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

atures rarely above 95°F and less than 14 inches of precipitation per year.

The city of Fort Stockton has a thriving business community, an excellent educational system and a full spectrum of healthcare services.

Energy production, in particular oil and gas, plays an important role in the economy of Fort Stockton. Fort Stockton is the county seat of Pecos County,

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Table of Contents Message from the Mayor............6 Chamber Mission .......................7 History of Fort Stockton.........................8-9 Top Ten Things to do in Fort Stockton .................10-13 Facts & Figures .......................14 Government .............................15 Education...........................16-17 Youth Leadership.....................17 Healthcare .........................18-19 Signature Events .....................22 Annie Riggs Museum................23 Church Directory .....................24 Relocation Guide .....................25 Gateway to West Texas........26-28 the only county in Texas to be a top ten producer of both oil and natural gas. Wind energy production is also developing in Pecos County.

The county currently ranks fourth in renewable energy production in Texas, the number one ranked renewable energy producing state. The three hundred acre Pecos County Industrial Park is located near the county airport and features a Foreign Trade Zone.

The Fort Stockton Enterprise Zone was created to provide incentives for new commercial development.

A mild climate, a driven and energetic business community, access to important transportation, education and healthcare services and within easy reach of vast recreational destinations combine to make Fort Stockton a great place to visit, work or live.

Calendar of Events ..................29 Exploring Fort Stockton .....30-31 Historic Fort Stockton........32-33 Holiday Glitz ...........................34 Buyer’s Guide .....................35-38 Advertiser Index ......................39

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Message from the Mayor & City Council

and the n o t k c o t S t r o he City of F t o t e m o lc e W the Pecos f o t s e w d n e Big B rs by white office

rrisoned he Fort was ga T . the Indians on kt oc St k troops which ound the ac ar bl ed y at el in at ig in or om pred commissioned Stockton feature and The post was de er . he City of Fort at rs w ie l ld ra So tu lo na fa s passed. The d Buf ngs. Thi “problem” had an Nation, a calle Comanche Spri di e In ch e an th n om C he e te, and Blacks 1886 w n to th Hispanic, Whi was well know e tribe had in of lik ar ity w un he m T m s. ed co their crops and ion of 13 band explorers mix rings to irrigate sp rd e ia th an g Sp loose confederat in e us th y for watering rished to the horse by in Pecos Count mounted flou s ed ng ft ri gi sp t r been introduced os he m ot me one of the They some 30 nding ranches. and they beca tions history. na g ajor crossroads un stock on surrou yo r re ou tu fu in l ra " on is still a m ve ry kt se oc te d St an "Calva rt es ri Fo nt Today, d busy Intersta ea of two Cou esent day e highways an at pr st to l ss ra ce h dominated the ar rt ve ac no se il ra g o and includin ango, Mexic uipped air park eq lel ed w in A states from Dur cl . de 10 s ay of agriculture ha of the Highw as Nebraska. The dominance azing habits t. gr is e ex th so pool of oil w al ed w s llo 1928, a large che Spring l an In ia Their trail fo s. nt om C ar ta d bs ye su an e er th Later , or Buffalo Pecos County. cation also ov n lo er s w st hi ne T ea American Bison n. in ith ai w ed m ds of their do r the discover were discovered was the crossroa timate route fo of natural gas ul s e ce th our three main ur of so re ds oa , ossr ill ongoing. Now St. Louis st is om ch fr hi became the cr e w ut gy ro nolo rgy. In addition rland Mail ell as the tech Energy, and Ene w y, as rg to a ne ni E Butterfield Ove e or if ar al es dustri been exploited n Francisco, C tion, wind has io through in uc on t od nt bu pr A f Missouri to Sa n as of G s Sa d ar Oil an a few ye ght traffic from Chihuahua, to solar power is d to an d choice for frei gy an . er a, ne en ni hi e produc te to Califor 300 days of suns w Paseo del Nor tive due to our ntury. ac ce tr h at nt ry ee blessed with lo et ve in -n e id ch in pr Pecos County is hi d w ur an O es on Mexico in the m at kt e. St yl oc st d St Fort stern Unite low-stress life nditions ith Unlike the ea ment and a al forest, arid co oy ev pl im em visitors alike w pr un a as w e r residents and y line from ou ar t l, in or ra ag Columbian tim pp ltu im su cu an es of ss sine age miles west of diminishes bu to take advant l l al es nf na ic ai exist about 100 tio rv R na se s. l xa ee ia essent ces. Thr bilene, Te ur A ss so d le re an en ic io ev or on st to nt hi ar d tes, San A es per ye state historic si recreational, an ss than 20 inch Mexico and away as are four in es ip t tr er ng y drastically to le es ra da D n a n ai e nt ua ar rks r mou the Chihuah l, few rivers pa Three spectacula ca s. he iti rk T cr pa in many parts of e. e as at ap w st sc er ur at nd fo . Surface w es to our arid la l springs and the United States ccess to natura visual alternativ A ic resources, e r. id or st be ov hi pr s tim ou no d er t anches an me to num om ho C and ill ic exist, and almos st ad is f m el no sp its the old rings, tween the s town at be en ol t tiz gh po ci fi , g a 36 in e m 18 m im arid beca le. After een oasis in an a wonderful sw r Mexican peop migrate west actions. It is a gr tr to at n r Spanish and late ga he be ot h s ut ou numer American So hwest. mostly from the the historic sout of ng tti se p am into Texas. to establish C Council y stepped in Mayor & City e th rm on d A kt an . l oc .S al St U G t . or he St T -F nts of to protect reside d during the ne do Stockton in 1859 an ab as This post w as Fort wagon roads. ablished in 1867 st -e re d an ar W American Civil


6 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

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Chamber Mission Alonso Urias President • Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Welcome one, Welcome All!! Whatever occa is an opportunit sion brings you y for us to mak to the city of For e an impression th The Chamber ca t Stockton at will last you n be utilized as a lifetime. a resource to loca as a whole. Wit l businesses, visi h a history of he tors, and the com lping to build a events and prog munity stronger comm rams, the cham unity by hostin ber continues to service and educ g se veral promote busine ational guidance ss growth by pr . The Chamber ha oviding s a very hard w orking and dedi President Arna cated staff cons McCorkle, Boo isting of Execu kkeeper and M Hemphill; and tive Vice em be Visitor Center rship Developm Coordinator, L en help serve the co t C oo rd in au at or, Kay ra Stoner. The mmunity and pr chamber staff is ovide services to to contact them in place to you and your bu with any questi siness so please ons or concerns Our organization fe . el free consists of over and officers. W 21 0 m em be rs and is directed e are dedicated by the board of to serving area Our board mem businesses, chur directors bers are volunt ch es and civic organi eers from local address issues zations. businesses. The and to develop policies and pr board meets m opportunities. og on ra thly to m Some of these s to enhance bu opportunities in siness and com Banquet, Glitz, munity clude the annu annual Christm al Chamber of as parade, and Finally, we wor Commerce 4th of July cele k very closely w bration. ith the many civi are always wil c clubs in our co ling to assist an mmunity. Club d provide reso programs for ou members urces and pers r citizens and bu on ne l for many bene si ne ss community. We have experi ficial enced huge grow great increase in th in our organi zation over the our community years and have involvement. We are fortunat seen a e to live and w ork in Fort Sto YOU! ckton TX. Let us know how W E can help Respectfully, Alonso Urias President, Fort S

tockton Chambe

r of Commerce

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Historic Fort Stockton, Parks & Attractions

Historic Fort Stockton

Historic Fort Stockton, strategically placed at Comanche Springs, was active from 1867 to 1886. Today, four of the original 35 fort buildings remain, including the Guard House and three officer’s quarters. Two of the barracks and two kitchen/mess halls have been reconstructed. The Historic Fort Stockton Museum is located in Barracks #1 on the east side of the parade grounds. A support group, Friends of Fort Stockton, assists in fund raising for the continued development of the Fort. Visitors should proceed to Barracks #1 to pay the visitor fee and pick-up a complete guide to the fort, including buildings open for visiting and event schedule.

8 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166


Rooney Park, and the other city parks, are the family activity and recreation centers featuring walking paths, play ground and picnic equipment, basketball, tennis, soccer and volleyball facilities.

County Attractions

Fort Stockton-Pecos County Airport Opened in June 1942 with two 2,500 foot turf runways, the airport was named Gibbs Field or Fort Stockton Field and was used by the United States Army Air Forces as a training base during WWII. It began training United States Army Air Corps flying cadets under contract to Pa-

08-09_FortStocktonCG_08-09_Layout 1 8/8/13 1:52 PM Page 2

cific Air School Ltd using Fairchild PT-19s, PT-17s and a few P49 Warhawks. Inactivated in 1944 with the drawdown of AAFTC’s pilot training program, it was discharged to the War Assets Administration (WAA) and became a civil airport, today serving as a county airport. Full services are available including 24/7 FBO services and major and minor A&P mechanics. Jet A and 100LL are normally stocked. The field has two asphalt and three turf runways. Pecos County Desert Pines Municipal Golf Course is an 18 hole

course located near the airport and the home course of PGA pro Blaine McCallister. Pecos County Coliseum and Civic Center are large special event centers located near the airport and are venues for rodeos, fairs, dances, concerts and other large scale special events.

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Paisano Pete, the world's largest roadrunner, welcomes people into Fort Stockton. 10 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

10-11_FortStocktonCG_10-11_Layout 1 7/24/13 2:36 PM Page 2


Historic Fort Stockton. The city that was later to be named Fort Stockton grew up around Comanche Springs and later became a military outpost. See pages 8 and 9.


(432) 336-WINE (9463) 800.336.2166 • • FORT STOCKTON Community Guide 11

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The Annie Riggs Memorial Museum still keeps house with the past amid exhibits echoing yesteryear in Pecos County. See page 23.


See the Grey Mule Saloon on Historic Walking and Windshield Tour, now offering wine tastings from Ste. Genevieve Winery. See page 11 & 30.


The Pecos County Jail is probably the most attractive in the state and if it wasn't for the bars, it might easily be mistaken for a home. See pages 28 & 29.


Comanche Springs Swimming Pool and Pavilion. The pavilion was built in 1938 over the Big Chief Spring. It was the largest spring in the system and flowed 65 million gallons of water a day. 12 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

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Fort Stockton Water Park located in City Park at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Everts. It is open Monday-Friday 2pm-9pm and weekends from 9am-9pm.

Stocktons Entertainment. This entertainment offers a multitude of activities which includes bowling, mini golf, movies, food, games & more. Located at 2181 W IH-10.


A company of U.S. Cavalry follows their captain toward Fort Stockton--and home-- in "Marching to Fort Stockton". These silhouettes can be seen just south of Interstate-10, about one and a half miles east of the Mararthon exit. Look for the old adobe airplane hangar near the highway. The silhouettes are to the south.





In Historic Downtown Fort Stockton you can visit the First National Bank, Grey Mule Saloon and Zero Stone Memorial Park to name a few.

We Look Forward to Serving YOU!



A West Texas State of Mind

(432) 336-7134 809 W. Dickinson • Fort Stockton 800.336.2166 • • FORT STOCKTON Community Guide 13

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Facts & Figures Location

Latitude: 30.89 N, Longitude: 102.89 W County: Pecos. Fort Stockton is the county seat. Zip Code: 79735 Area Code: 432

Demographics Population:

Fort Stockton, 2010 census: 8,283 Pecos County, 2009 census: 16,248

Population density: Fort Stockton: 1,617/sq. mi. (low) Pecos County: 4/ sq. mi. (very low) Median Age: 34.1 Male: 52.7% Female: 47.3% Hispanic: 73.7% Anglo: 22.7% Other: 3.6%

Cost of Living

COL Index, 2009: 75.4 (U.S. average 100) Median Income, 2009: Fort Stockton: $35,409 Texas: $48,259 Median detached home value, 2008: Fort Stockton: $57,825 Texas: $125,800


Fort Stockton law enforcement per 1,000 residents: 2.47 (Texas average 2.17, U.S. average 3.00) Crime Index: 304 (U.S. average 321)


Elevation: 3,100 feet above sea level. Daily average high temperature: July, 95° F Daily average low temperature: January, 30° F Rain: 13.9 inches per year Snow: 5 inches per year Sunshine: 275 days/year Humidity: Low vs. U.S. average

14 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

Emergency Services

Fort Stockton Police Pecos County Sheriff Texas Department of Public Safety, Highway Patrol U.S. Border Patrol Fort Stockton Volunteer Fire Department Emergency Medical Service CareStar™ Air Ambulance


Unemployment rate: Pecos County, April 2010: 5.5% Texas, April 2010: 8.1% Largest employment categories: Oil field service Prison management Education Health care Government services Accommodations and food service Major employers: Sandridge Energy Texas Department of Criminal Justice Fort Stockton ISD City of Fort Stockton and Pecos County Pecos County Memorial Hospital Stockton’s Entertainment Complex


State Income Tax: NONE 2010 total property tax rate: $2.2315 per $100 valuation Total sales tax: 8 ¼ % The data presented here has been compiled from several sources deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.

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The City of Fort Stockton 121 W. 2nd St. P.O. Box 1000 Fort Stockton, Texas 79735 p. 432-336-8525 f. 432-336-6273

Mission: “The mission of the City of Fort Stockton Municipal Government is to promote and value public confidence and trust by the accountable use of community resources; to ensure public safety; improve public services; promote local recreation and entertainment; and generate economic development.”

Fort Stockton is a General Law Type A municipality and the municipal government is the council-manager form of government. The governing body of the city is the City Council which consists of an elected Mayor and five (5) Council Members. There are two regular City Council meetings per month, the second and fourth

Tuesday. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is the chief administrative and executive officer of the city. The city government is organized into seven (7) departments and has fourteen (14) affiliated advisory boards.

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Public Schools Fort Stockton Independent School District 101 West Division St. Fort Stockton, Texas, 79735 p. 432-336-4000 f. 432-336-4008

MISSION: “The mission of the Fort Stockton Independent School District is to remain totally committed to the development of students as life learners and productive, self-sustaining contributors to society.”

16 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

Small class sizes, accelerated programs, and excellent facilities enable the student body to achieve its potential while developing a love of learning which will continue through life. There are five (5) FSISD campuses; two (2) elementary, an intermediate, middle and high school. Current total enrollment is 2,350 students and the teaching staff is 187. The AEIS rating for 2009-2010 is Academically Acceptable. The seven (7) member school board meets the 4th Monday each month. The budget for the 2010-2011 school year is $31 million.

16-17_FortStocktonCG_16-17_Layout 1 8/8/13 1:58 PM Page 2

Campus Contact Information: Alamo Elementary; K-3rd 804 S. Hwy. 385 p. 432-336-4016

Apache Elementary; preK3rd 208 W. 18th p. 432-336-4161 Fort Stockton Intermediate; 4th-5th 1100 W 2nd p. 432-336-4141

Fort Stockton Middle School; 6th-8th, 2400 W. 5th p. 432-336-4131 Fort Stockton High School; 9th-12th 1200 W. 17th p. 432-336-4101

The Butz Education & Daycare Center provides a safe place for FSISD students and staff to leave their children during the school day. 400 S. Young St. • p. 432-336-4121 School photos courtesy Fort Stockton ISD

Colleges & Universities

Midland College Williams Regional Technical Training Center: 1309 W. IH-10 Fort Stockton, Texas 79735 p. 432-336-7882

WRTTC of Fort Stockton, built in 1996 to advance higher education in the region and to enhance workforce development, is a full service extension campus of Midland College.

The WRTTC was approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as the first branch campus of Midland College in 1998. In 2000, the facility size was doubled as a result of aggressive community fundraising efforts. The WRTTC campus serves its students through university parallel and occupational/technical certificate and associate degree programs, a wide variety of continuing education offerings and programs offered in collaboration with the Fort Stockton Independent School District. Offerings are supported by advanced instructional technology and interactive television. Computerized distance learning technology links many WRTTC programs to the Midland campus. In support of the growing energy industry in the region the WRTTC and the FSISD provide a dual credit high school Energy Technology Program. This innovative program results from collaboration between WRTTC, FSISD, Pecos County and the Fort Stockton EDC. The two year program provides students with a solid foundation of skills that the energy industry seeks in the wind, oil and construction areas There are four (4) colleges or universities within an easy commute of Fort Stockton. Midland College Sul Ross State University Midland, Texas Alpine, Texas p. 432-685-4500 p. 432-837-8011 Odessa College Odessa, Texas p. 432-335-6400

University of Texas Permian Basin Odessa, Texas p. 432-552-2020

Youth Leadership of Fort Stockton

Youth Leadership of Fort Stockton is a program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Its mission is: to promote a community based educational program where Fort Stockton high school students will be challenged to become the future leaders of Texas and our nation. The program accepts applications from high school seniors at the beginning of the school year. Ten students are selected based on their answers. Youth Leadership begins with an orientation to the program. The orientation is designed to build a bond between the students by having them participate in team building exercises. The program then meets once a month during the students’ lunch hour for a total of nine meetings. The meetings are designed to educate the students on the following topics: economic development, financial planning, preparing for college, community service, top three industries in Pecos Country, health services, and regional planning. At the end of the year, Youth Leadership awards scholarships to three students who have accumulated the most points. Students accumulate points by attending the monthly meetings, volunteering, and mentoring. Scholarship money is raised by private donations and fundraiser and will be handed out by the donator at the end of the year. 800.336.2166 • • FORT STOCKTON Community Guide 17

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Healthcare Pecos County Memorial Hospital 387 W. IH-10, Fort Stockton, Texas 79735 432-336-2004

“Pecos County Memorial Hospital provides high quality, family focused health services in a cost effective manner to the families we service in partnership with our community.”

18 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

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Quality Care in Our Community Home Health at PCMH provides quality care in our community. Our goal is to assist you to recover at home or to live an independent life at home where you want to be. Whether skilled care is needed after a hospitalization or for assistance with a chronic illness, we work with your physician to deliver the care you need. We are committed to providing quality health care services to promote the physical and emotional well-being of our patients. Hospice at PCMH focuses on living life to the fullest while experiencing a terminal illness. Hospice is a holistic approach to end of life care focusing on quality of life and offering physical, emotional and spiritual comfort. The hospice goal is to help the patient on life’s last journey, and support family members and others close to the patient.

Pecos County Memorial Hospital is a county owned facility, licensed for 27 beds and staffed with 188 full-time employees. Services include a Level IV Trauma Center Emergency Room, a well equipped OR, Maternity Care Center, a blood bank, a comprehensive clinical laboratory that is CAP certified, radiology equipped with a CT scan, respiratory therapy and Pecos County Community Health Center, a rehabilitation and fitness center. PCMH services also include Emergency Medical Needs via a staffing of Medical Doctors that are on duty 24/7. PCMH also includes family medicine through Family Care Center. The FCC has a staff of 4 doctors and a Mid Level Nurse Practitioner and is located on the second floor, known as the Family Care Center. PCMH also offers Home Health and Hospice services with offices located on campus.

500 North Main Street Fort Stockton, TX 79735 (432) 336-3331

ATM & Motor Bank 501 West Dickinson Blvd. Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm, Sat: 9am-12pm

To contact other PCMH facilities, call 432-336-2058 • Family Care Center • PCMH Home Health • PCMH Specialty Clinics • PCMH Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

In addition to PCMH there are several other private health care providers and services available in Fort Stockton. Please refer to the Buyers Guide for a full range of health care services, equipment and facilities. Providers such as physicians, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, optometrists and services such as massage therapy, yoga, healthcare equipment and pharmacies are all readily available in Fort Stockton.

Sanderson Bank 216 West Oak Street (432) 345-3331

Sierra Blanca Bank 101 Sierra Blanca Dr. (915) 369-3081

Van Horn Bank 1800 W. Broadway, Ste. #316 (432) 283-2283

800.336.2166 • • FORT STOCKTON Community Guide 19

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20 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

20-21_FortStocktonCG_20-21_Layout 1 7/24/13 2:48 PM Page 2

800.336.2166 • • FORT STOCKTON Community Guide 21

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Fort Stockton Signature Events

The Water Carnival

Rooney Park is home to the historic Comanche Springs Pavilion and Swimming Pool built in 1938 over the Big Chief Spring. The pool is the site of Fort Stockton’s annual Water Carnival, which includes hundreds of participants as synchronized swimmers, actors or dancers portraying a theatrical plot. James Rooney Memorial Park is a shady and spacious park with picnic areas, a walking trail, ball fields, basketball and tennis courts.

Big Bend Open Road Race

Fort Stockton is the starting point for this “most challenging open road race in the world” held the 4th Saturday in April along Hwy. 285 to Sanderson (59 miles each way). This event draws hundreds to the area and offers excitement for all ages. Volunteers are welcome. Go to to find out more.

Silhouette Shooting Meet

The biannual International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association shooting festival draws enthusiasts from around the country.

22 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

July 4th Celebration

The celebration is held in Rooney Park, featuring food, fun, arts and crafts, live entertainment and, of course, fire works.

22-23_FortStocktonCG_22-23_Layout 1 7/24/13 2:50 PM Page 2

Annie Riggs Museum • Treasure of Pecos County The Annie Riggs Memorial Museum still keeps house with the past amid exhibits echoing yesteryear in Pecos County. It is owned and operated by the Fort Stockton Historical Society. The Museum is housed in an original adobe structure that was the Riggs Hotel (built 1899) where Annie Riggs was the proprietor until her death in 1931. Riggs purchased the hotel in 1904 with the proceeds from the estate of her late husband, the renowned gunslinger and all around troublemaker, Barney Riggs, who was shot and killed by Buck Chadborn (Annie’s son-in-law) in 1902. Hanging on the wall are Annie’s House Rules addressing guests with no luggage, spitting on the floor and the “burning of light” unnecessarily. In the lobby, a stern-faced lineage of sheriffs gaze down at visitors. The desk from Sheriff A.J. Royal’s office whispers of his 1894 murder, a bloody chapter in the history of Pecos County. On the desk is a 1902 ballot box from Sheffield, which was fished out of the Pecos River after being tossed there when the folks in East Pecos County objected to an election that didn’t suit them. The parlor, dining room, kitchen and one guest room are furnished much as they were during the hotel’s heyday. The

cast iron bed in the guest room was ordered from Sears and Roebuck in 1900 for a cost of $6.75, including freight. Other rooms offer displays on the area’s vast and diversified history. The Archeology and Geology Room exhibits the tusks of a Columbian mammoth and related artifacts found at a site eight miles from town. Visitors learn of geologic formations and come to understand why this area has plentiful oil and gas resources. The Butz Room features a Wells Fargo strong box made of cast iron and the safe from Koehler’s Store with its hidden keyhole. The popular Cowboy Room features local cowboy and ranching exhibits with saddles, boots, bits and spurs. The Pioneer Room includes memorabilia from pioneering families, such as turn-of-the-century clothing, heirloom items and surveying instruments. The Temporary Exhibit Room has an excellent, colorful and informative mural of Pecos County history by artist Stylle Read. A Pecos County video is available for leisurely viewing. The Hispanic room

Proudly Serving ng Ft. Stockton

Photos courtesy Fort Stockton CVB.

includes needlework and cultural displays. Visitors can also experience a thriving desert garden, inviting benches on the wrap-around porches and a charming interior courtyard with a restored Pecos County buggy. The Summer Off The Patio concert series features country and folk music performances every other Thursday evening during the summer months. Concerts are free and visitors welcome. The Annie Riggs Memorial Museum is open six days a week and is located at the corner of Main and Callaghan in Historic Downtown Fort Stockton. Text courtesy of the Fort Stockton Historical Society.




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Church Directory Apostolic Tabernacle 5th & Sycamore 336-8461 Believers Fellowship 218 N. Main 290-0442 Bethlehem Baptist E. Imperial Hwy. Church of Christ 2100 W. 16th 336-8577

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1802 N. Marshall 336-6141 Faith Lutheran Church 705 N. Rio 336-3925 First Assembly of God 1103 N. Gillis 336-3131

First Baptist Church 400 N. Texas 336-3307

First Christian Church 200 S. Rio 336-2394

First Presbyterian Church 2nd & Oklahoma 336-3346 First Methodist Church 1501 W. 5th 336-9777

Fort Stockton Christian Center 206 W. 5th 336-7875 God’s Feeding Word Church 209 N. Main Group of Christian Scientists 336-2694

24 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

Iglesia Apostolica 707 N. Oklahoma Iglesia de Christo 2100 W. 16th 336-7481 Iglesia de Christo 4015 N. Orient 336-8577

Iglesia del Dios Vivo 46th & Lane Polson Immanuel Baptist 701 Gall 336-6743

Imperial Assembly of God 703 W. FM 11 Imperial Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness 12th & Texas 336-2781

North Side Independent Baptist Gillis & 17th 336-6743

St. Agnes Catholic Church Hwy. 18 N. 336-2724

St. Joseph Catholic Church 403 S. Main 336-2724 St. Isidore Coyanosa

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Spring & E. 2nd 940-2325 Templo Alfa y Omega 12th & Butz

Templo Bautista el Buen Pastor 409 W. Division 336-8940

Templo de la Fe 606 N. Colpitts

Templo los Olivos Asambleas de Dios Bishop & Railroad 336-8458 Trans-Pecos Team Ministry Rector 416 S. Plum 445-3812

Triunfo de la Asambleas de Dios 42nd & Alamo 336-7838

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Relocation Guide Area Code 432 • Zip Code 79735 Organization PECOS COUNTY County Web Site Sheriff County Clerk District Clerk Appraisal District Tax Assessor/Collector Health Inspector Emergency Management Pecos County Airport CITY OF FORT STOCKTON City Web Site Chamber of Commerce

Contact 336-3521 336-7555 336-3503 336-7587 336-3386 336-5355 336-3742 336-9000 336-2264 Convention & Visitors’ Bureau 336-2264 Economic Development Corporation 336-2264



CITY OF FORT STOCKTON (CONT.) Police 336-4600 Dept. Public Safety - Highway Patrol 336-3414 US Border Patrol 336-2486 Fire 336-4600 Animal Control 336-4600 Hospital 336-2004 Fort Stockton Independent School District 336-4000 Midland College 336-7882 Library 336-3374 US Post Office 336-2313 City Utilities (Gas, Water, Sewer) 336-8525 Electric Power: TX-NM Power (if no meter) 336-3492/888-866-7456 Radio: KFST 860 AM/94.3FM 336-2228 KRTS 93.5 FM 729-4578 Newspaper: Fort Stockton Pioneer 336-2281

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Gateway to West Texas

Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park

The settlement that would become the modern day Fort Stockton started as an important stop on the Comanche Trail and soon became a cross roads destination providing security, shelter and supply for westward bound travelers, whether by rail, stagecoach or horseback. As modern transportation evolved, Fort Stockton developed into an important travel center destination and today is a thriving community offering travel services, historic attractions and recreational opportu-

nities. The city is uniquely positioned to be a travel hub and a gateway to the Big Bend region, whether traveled in day trips returning to Fort Stockton each night, or done as a loop through the region before returning to Fort Stockton. This entire region lies within the Chihuahuan Desert, a vast area covering most of northern Mexico, the Trans Pecos Region of Texas and parts of New Mexico. Annual rain fall is generally twelve inches or less. The desert abounds with plant

26 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

and animal life that has adapted to this arid region. Take time to see the entire area and discover its natural wonders. Using Fort Stockton as your beginning point, the first place you should visit is Big Bend National Park, On your way to the park stop in Marathon,, which is located in the famous Marathon Basin, representing our most ancient geological formations. Visitors will find a historic hotel and the numerous shops delightful. Big Bend National Park encompasses over 800,000 acres, and was established in 1944 to preserve outstanding examples of the rugged Chihuahuan Desert wilderness. Big Bend National Park is the largest protected area of the Chihuahuan Desert in the U.S. The park is

known as “ three parks in one” with the towering Chisos Mountains, the vast Chihuahuan Desert, and the thriving riparian Rio Grande environments all situated along the “big bend” of the Rio Grande. Be sure to stop at the Panther Junction park headquarters for information on hiking, camping, rafting, and lodging. Just west of Big Bend National Park lies the ghost town of Terlingua. Visit website, as well as www.bigbendchamber.home Here the tailings from the quicksilver mining are still visible, and the old cemetery stands as a mute reminder of yesteryear. Still farther west and a must see in Lajitas is the Barton Warnock Environmen-

26-27_FortStocktonCG_26-27_Layout 1 7/25/13 4:13 PM Page 2

tal Education Center. Many visitors return to Fort Stockton through Alpine,, stopping to see the campus of Sul Ross State University or visit The Museum of the Big Bend, Traveling west from Lajitas, you will be delighted with Highway 170, known as El Camino Del Rio or the River Road, one of the most spectacular scenic routes in Texas. At Presidio, you will have a chance to visit another of the many state parks in the region. Fort Leaton State Historic Site,, was the home and private fort of Ben Leaton, an early farmer in the area. North of Presidio is the

quirky city of Marfa,, noted as a minimalist art center with shops, galleries and the world famous Chinati Foundation, Another area of interest to visitors is Fort Davis, website, where you will find one of Fort Stockton’s sister forts at Fort Davis National Historic Site, While in this area, you will also want to visit Davis Mountain State Park, with the pueblo style Indian Lodge built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s. Just a few miles north of Fort Davis is McDonald Observatory, Enjoy a breath-taking

drive up the highest paved road in Texas to Mount Locke’s 6,800 foot summit. There you can join the daily tour of the 108 inch telescope and the new Hobby-Eberley telescope, the third largest in the world. Be sure to ask about the frequent “Star Parties” held at the Visitor Center. You will find an oasis in the desert at Balmorhea State Park, The park boasts the world’s largest man made swimming pool. The San Soloman Springs feed the pool with 26 million gallons of water per day. Traveling north west of Fort Stockton on Highway 285, you will find the city of Pecos,, which has numerous historic sites. Farm to Market road 652, a well

maintained road, intersects highway 285 in the tiny community of Orla. This is the shortest route to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park,, noted for fall foliage in McKittrick Canyon and El Capitan, at 8,717 feet the highest point in Texas. It is also the quickest route to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, There are many other points of interest in this region such as Monahans Sandhills State Park,, and the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center,, between Alpine and Fort Davis. Take some time, stay in Fort Stockton to explore the entire Big Bend region of far West Texas and discover all its history and natural wonders.

Office Supply Jay Chancellor Supplies • Machines General Office Supplies Copy Services Fax Services We can get what you need.

Box 1120 1111 West Dickinson, Ste. A Fort Stockton, TX 79735 432-336-5221 432-336-5222 Fax

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Leadership Fort Stockton

The purpose of the Leadership Fort Stockton program is to provide an intense broad base education concerning Fort Stockton and it’s community issues, in order to broaden the current leadership knowledge of Fort Stockton and cultivate new leaders and volunteer manpower for the community awareness and growth.

This will be accomplished by selecting 10 sponsored applications per year to attend a nine month program in which each month will focus on a different sector of the community considered to have the greatest impact on community issues. These sectors are defined as: History, Arts and Culture Agriculture Education City/Government Community Service Legal System Health Care Industry and Economic Development Tourism & Chamber

Each month a one-day training session will be held that is designed to intensely cover all aspects of that months issue.

The cost for the program is $250.00 which includes a weekend orientation and team building retreat, all program materials, and other relate cost such as speakers, facilities etc. Each application must have a sponsor and employer support and approval.

28 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

Any sessions missed may be made up through extra work, but absence is limited to no more than two sessions. Top graduates will be recognized for the most points earned.

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Calendar of Events

he Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce sponsors several annual events each year. Our first event is the Chamber Banquet in which we honor our membership. The event is also an awards banquet in which we honor numerous individuals in our community. Among the awards given, we honor our outgoing President, the Ambassador of the Year, and the Boss Ambassador. A traveling trophy is also presented. This award is decided by an anonymous group of judges. Businesses are able to purchase tables for this event and decorate them using the theme each year. The tables are unbelievably decorated and the judges must choose one as the favorite for the year. This table is presented with the traveling trophy and gets to have the trophy until the next year’s banquet. It is always a lot of fun. We also honor several individuals each year. We give an award for the Outstanding Student of the Year, chosen by the Fort Stockton High School staff, the Presidential Make a Difference Award, chosen by the Chamber President honoring an individual or


group who has made a difference in our community in the past year, and the Outstanding Male and Female Citizen of the Year, nominated by the community and chosen by a secret committee consisting of past citizens of the year and past Chamber presidents. If you have never been to one of our banquets, we encourage you to attend. They are lots of fun and it is our chance to say thank you to our members and our community. Our next event each year is the 4th of July Celebration. This event is held each year in James Rooney Park and is a great way for your family to spend this special holiday. There is always lots of good food provided by numerous venders, craft and novelty venders, games for children and adults, food contest, music, and ending the day with a fireworks display. Bring your family out and spend the day with us and enjoy this special day. During our summer months we also have a series of free concerts at Zero Stone Park. These events are scheduled every other Friday evening in June, July and August. There are different bands each evening and is a

great way to spend a relaxing and enjoyable time with the family. Bring your picnic baskets, lawns chairs, family and friends and come join us for these free concerts. They are presented by the Fort Stockton Public Library. Our final annual event each year is Holiday Glitz. The Glitz is a shop local campaign done each year which highlights a fashion show from our local merchants as well as food samples from our local restaurants. This helps you with your holiday parties and gift giving ideas. The Glitz is a great success each year as we showcase local models in fashions from each of our participating businesses. We showcase everything from sportswear to formal wear. Our community has lots to offer and this is a chance to let you know what is available right here in Fort Stockton. We hope that if you haven’t attended any of these events that you will attend this year. We promise you will have a lot of fun and will be surprised at what our community has to offer.

For exact dates contact the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-336-2166

JANUARY Pecos County Livestock Show Pecos County Coliseum 432-336-2541

FEBRUARY TWUA Pecos County Civic Center 432-336-2264 Sheepdog Trials Shooting Range 432-336-2264

Roping Pecos County Coliseum 432-336-6281

Historical Society Banquet Pecos County Civic Center 432-336-2167 Fort Stockton Chamber Banquet Pecos County Civic Center 432-336-2264 MARCH Barrel Roping Pecos County Coliseum 432-336-6281 Spring Break Fort Stockton 432-336-4001

Spaghetti Supper Pecos County Civic Center 432-336-4001 THS Rodeo Pecos County Coliseum 432-336-6281\

Texas History Day Historic Fort Stockton and the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum 432-336-2167 432-336-2400

APRIL STAAR Testing Fort Stockton Schools 432-336-4001

4-H Auction Pecos County Coliseum 432-336-2541 Tex-Mex Barrel Racing Pecos County Coliseum 432-336-6281

4th Weekend Big Bend Open Road Race* Highway 285 South 432-336-2264

*Highway closed on day of the race only

BBORR Banquet Pecos County Civic Center 432-336-6281 JUNE Live at Zero Stone Zero Stone Park 432-336-2264 4-H Open Show Coliseum 432-336-2541

District 6 4-H Show Coliseum 432-336-2541

Summer off the Patio Annie Riggs 432-336-2167 JULY July Fourth Celebration James Rooney Park 432-336-2264

Summer off the Patio Annie Riggs 432-336-2167

3rd Weekend Water Carnival Comanche Springs

Old Fort Days Historic Fort Stockton 432-336-2400

Summer off the Patio Annie Riggs 432-336-2167

Marathon 2 Marathon Highway 385 432-336-2264

Live at Zero Stone Zero Stone Park 432-336-2264

Leadership Fun Run Rooney Park 432-336-2264 AUGUST Live at Zero Stone Zero Stone Park 432-336-2264

Summer off the Patio Annie Riggs 432-336-2167 SEPTEMBER THS Rodeo Coliseum 432-336-6281

Rotary Cruise Party Civic Center 432-336-6281 THS Rodeo Coliseum 432-336-6281

OCTOBER Jr. High Rodeo Coliseum 432-336-6281 THS Rodeo Coliseum 432-336-6281

Health Fair Civic Center 432-336-6261

NOVEMBER Holiday Glitz Civic Center 432-336-2264 Mule Deer Season Opens Pecos County

Arts and Crafts Fair Civic Center Josefine Falcon DECEMBER Feast of Sharing Civic Center 432-336-4600

Christmas Parade Dickinson Blvd 432-336-2264

Open House at the Annie Riggs \Museum Annie Riggs Museum 432-336-2167 Mule Deer Season closes Pecos County

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Exploring Fort Stockton Historic Walking and Windshield Tour

Any tour of the historic sites in the City of Fort Stockton should start at the Fort Stockton Visitor Center, website The Visitor Center, located in the original Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railroad Depot constructed in 1911 and at 1000 Railroad Ave., has recently undergone extensive remodeling and enhancements to include a recreation of Comanche Springs, western legacy metal silhouette sculptures and native landscaping. Pick up a copy of the historic tour brochure and as you tour Historic Fort Stockton watch for informative signage at marked locations with

detailed explanations. Beginning in Downtown Fort Stockton a few of the key stops along the Historic Tour are: • First National Bank, constructed in 1912, now houses the Fort Stockton Police Department.

Pecos County Courthouse

30 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

• Grey Mule Saloon, circa 1890, one of several saloons in early Fort Stockton, a coffee shop and gathering facility is now a wine tasting room. • Annie Riggs Memorial Museum, originally the Koehler Hotel built in 1899 and

Photo courtesy of Fort Stockton CVB

operated as a boarding house. It is now owned by the Fort Stockton Historical Society and features exhibits of local and regional history. Call 432-3362167 for hours of operation. See next page for more information on the Museum. • Pecos County Courthouse, constructed in 1912 and renovated in the 1930’s. Fort Stockton has been the Pecos County seat since the county was organized in 1875. • Zero Stone Memorial Park is home to The Zero Stone, the geographical center of the county and the point from which all lots in St. Gall and the building of the original Camp Stockton were referenced. • In 1877 the first permanent church was built near Comanche Springs, St. Joseph’s

30-31_FortStocktonCG_30-31_Layout 1 7/24/13 2:54 PM Page 2

Catholic Church, an adobe building with stone foundation. Many restorations and improvements were made through the years, but the original adobe walls remain, making St. Joseph’s one of the oldest adobe churches in the Trans Pecos region. • Historic Pecos County Jail, constructed of native

sandstone and completed in 1884, now operated by the Pecos County Historical Commission and features the Pecos County Law Enforcement Museum. • Originally an officers’ club with living quarters, Young’s Store opened in 1876 as a general store and saloon. • Comanche Springs Pool

and Pavilion, at one time the third largest source of spring water in Texas and the reason for the arising of the travelers crossroads, the building of nearby Camp Stockton and the settlement of the original St. Gall. Today the pool, constructed in 1953, is a center of summer community activity and hosts

Historic Pecos County Jail the annual Fort Stockton Water Carnival. • St. Stephens Episcopal Church, one of the oldest protestant churches west of the Pecos, was constructed in Pecos in 1896 and moved to Fort Stockton in 1958. Services are still held today.

800.336.2166 • • FORT STOCKTON Community Guide 31

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A Brief History of Fort Stockton The city that was later to be named Fort Stockton grew up around Comanche Springs, at one time the third largest source of spring water in Texas and near Camp Stockton, established in 1858 and named for Robert Field Stockton. Comanche Springs was a favorite stop at the cross roads of the Comanche Trail to Chihuahua, the San Antonio-El Paso Road, the Butterfield Overland Mail Route, and the San Antonio-Chihuahua freight-wagon road. The post protected travelers and settlers

making use of the water supply at the springs. The Confederates took possession of the fort at the outbreak of the Civil War but abandoned it the next year. In 1867 the army rebuilt the fort on a larger and more permanent basis and garrisoned four companies of the 9th U.S. Cavalry Regiment to protect travelers and settlers from Indians. The 9th was one of the new regiments organized after the Civil War staffed with black enlisted men known as “Buffalo Soldiers”.

Surmounting obstacles of harsh living conditions, low pay, and racial prejudice, they gained a reputation for tenacity and bravery. Stationed continuously on the frontier during the years of Indian hostility, black regiments played a major role in the settlement and development of America’s western frontier. When the 9th Cavalry was moved to New Mexico in 1875, Colonel Benjamin Grierson’s 10th Cavalry took over the duties of protecting the westward migration and trade routes. Until abandoned in 1886, the fort provided employment for freighters and laborers and a market for farmers, cattle ranchers and merchants. Business men purchased large tracts of land for agricultural development planning to use Comanche Springs as a source of irrigation. In 1868, Peter Gallagher bought the land that included the military garrison and Comanche Springs, platted a town site named Saint Gaul and established two stores at Comanche Springs. By 1870, the Saint Gall region had a population of 420. Pecos County, the second largest county in the state, was established by the Texas legislature in 1871 and Fort Stockton (St. Gall) became the county seat. The area is named for the Pecos River, which flows along the northern boundary of the county that covers over 4,776 square miles. On August 13, 1881, the name was offically

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I-10 Exit 256 • 3200 W. Dickinson Blvd. • 32 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

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changed to Fort Stockton. Located across from Zero Stone Park at the geographical center of the county, the Pecos County Courthouse was built in 1883 and originally had a dome. The courthouse was substantially remodeled into its present Classical Revival form in 1912. Since its early days, Fort Stockton has had Hispanic roots. Cesario, Bernardo, and Juan Torres owned land near Fort Stockton as early as 1867, when it was reported they owned 4000 head of livestock, and had built the first acequias (water canals) that distributed the water of Comanche Spring to the growing number of farmers. When Fort Stockton was erected in 1859, the Torres brothers helped supply food to the Army. After the military post was abandoned on June 30, 1886, and both the Texas and Pacific and the Southern Pacific railroads bypassed it, Fort Stockton experienced a decline. By then, however, it was rapidly becoming the center for an extensive sheep and cattle ranching industry. Fort Stockton was incorporated on December 29, 1910. Pecos County’s developing economy was reflected in its growing population, which rose from 2,071 in 1910 to 3,058 by 1920. Several unsuccessful attempts to find oil in

Pecos County were made after the beginning of the twentieth century. The Yates field was discovered in 1927 and it was one of the largest in the nation at the time and caused a boom. Largely because of the oil boom, but also because of the continuing farm expansion, the population of the county more than doubled during the 1920s, rising to 7,812 by 1930. Following the Great Depression, the population in 1940 was 8,185. Tourism and new discoveries of petroleum and natural gas helped the economy in Pecos County to grow in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1952 the largest gas field in the

county was opened on the M. C. Puckett and Son Ranch, south of Fort Stockton. The population increased to 14,618 by 1980. In the 1980s the economy of Pecos County continued to be based on farming, ranching, oil and gas production, and tourism. As the county seat and petroleum distribution center, Fort Stockton’s population in 2010 was 8,283.

References: 1. Adapted from Texas’ Last Frontier and the Trans Pecos, 1861-1895; Clayton W. Williams. 1982, Texas A&M University Press. 2. Sibley Nature Center essay in Moseying series. 3.Pecos County Historical Commission, Pecos County History (2 vols., Canyon, Texas: Staked Plains, 1984.) 4. Photo and copy contributions from the Fort Stockton Historical Society and the Fort Stockton Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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Holiday Glitz - Santa’s Fashion Shop Chamber Banquet - A Night in Egypt

Guests included “Male Citizen of the Year” Dorman Herman, left, and “Female Citizen of the Year” Glenda Pasqua.

Chamber banquet

34 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

The event also hosts a fashion show showcasing local businesses.

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Membership Directory Directory Advertisers Listed in Red All Listings are Members of the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce Advertising Agency Digital Vision Advertising Contact: Bart Baker Phone: 513-678-5564 P.O. Box 323, Newark, NY 14513

Apartments Fort Stockton Manor Apartments Contact: Evelyn Lever Phone: 432-336-5789 305 N. Everts, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Southern View Apartments Phone: 432-336-6414 Contact: Brenda Tarango 1113 W. Ryan, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Valley Creek Apartments Phone: 432-336-3635 Contact: Brenda Tarango, Manager 2038 N. Hwy 1053, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Attorneys Linebarger Lawfirm Phone: 432-336-5459 Contact: Mario Corral, 105 S. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Auto Dealership Stockton Ford Phone: 432-336-3351 Fax: 432-336-7962 Contact: Dennis Card, Owner 2300 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Automobile Services Jesse’s Auto Body Shop Phone: 432-336-5333 Contact: Valerie Ann Ramirez 110 E. 39th Ln., Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Automotive Parts Napa Auto Parts Phone: 432-336-5244 Contact: John Barron, Area Manager 1101 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Banks First National Bank Phone: 432-336-8541 Contact: Doug Burns, President 1000 W. Dickinson Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Pecos County State Bank Phone: 432-336-3331 Contact: George Hansard, President 500 N. Main Fort Stockton, TX 79735

West Texas State Bank Phone: 432-336-7134 Fax: 432-336-7139 Contact: Lou Ann Tovar, Vice President 809 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Banners and Signs Three Star Signs & Apparel Phone: 432-943-5049 Contact: Victoria Gallardo, Owner 718 S. Main, Monahans, TX 79756

Beauty Salon/Barber Shop Headways Phone: 432-336-5061 Contact: Elvira Feyry, Owner 318 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 El Caballero Barber Shop Phone: 432-336-5793 Contact: Ray Falcon, Owner 205 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Better Business Bureau Better Business Bureau Phone: 432-563-1882 Fax: 432-561-5506 Contact: Trish Powell, Manager P. O. Box 60206, Midland, TX 79711

Beverages Cowboy Liquor Phone: 432-336-3445 Fax: 432-336-2356 Contact: Jeff Franklin 1105-B W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 DeCoty Coffee Company Phone: 432-655-7642 Fax: 432-655-6837 Contact: Phil Moore, Manager 902 S. County Road, Odessa, TX 79764

Grey Mule Saloon Tasting Room Phone: 432-336-9463 Fax: 432-395-2920 Contact: Patrick Prendergast 1081 E. Callaghan, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 L&F Distributors Phone: 915-772-4246 Fax: 915-771-3663 Contact: Debbie Alarilla, Sales Manager 6949 Market St., El Paso, TX 79915 Pepsi Beverages Co. Phone: 432-336-5604 Fax: 432-336-5560 Contact: Karla Jimenez 1301 N. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Boot Repair Rex’s Boot Repair Phone: 432-336-2668 Contact: Rex Carpenter, Owner 903 N. Butz, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Broadcasting KFST Radio Phone: 432-336-2228 Fax: 432-336-5834 Contact: Ken Ripley, Owner 954 S. U.S. Hwy 385, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Baja Broadband Phone: 800-996-8788 Contact: Jerry Valles III 800 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Cake Decorating Sweet Intentions Cake Club Phone: 432-290-5032 Contact: Diana Rangel 900 N. Missouri, Fort Stockton TX 79735

Campground Parkview RV Park Phone: 432-336-7733 Contact: Vea Anna Hooker 735 S. Hwy 285, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Fort Stockton RV Park Phone: 432-395-2494 Contact: Dwayne Self, Owner I-10 & Exit 264, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Car Wash Car-Isma Car Wash Phone: 432-336-9300 Contact: Chris Alexander 1609 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton TX 79735 Catering Service The Cooks’ Catering Company Phone: 432-336-9819 Contact: Paul Pasqua, Owner 401 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Cellular Phones Russell Cellular Phone: 432-336-8895 Contact: Jeff Russell 222 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton 79735 Certified Public Accountants Card and Company Phone: 432-336-2277 Fax: 432-336-7704 Contact: Bob Card, Owner 200 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Chamber of Commerce Andrews Chamber of Commerce Phone: 432-553-2695 Andrews, TX 79714 Midland Chamber of Commerce Phone: 432-683-3381 Midland, TX 79701 Odessa Chamber of Commerce Phone: 432-332-9111 Odessa, Texas 79760 Pecos Chamber of Commerce Phone: 432-445-2406 Pecos, TX 79772 San Angelo Chamber of Commerce Phone: 325-655-4136 San Angelo, TX 76903 Seminole Chamber of Commerce Phone: 432-758-2352 Seminole, TX 79360

Churches First Presbyterian Church Phone: 432-336-3346 Fax: 432-336-6717 Contact: Rev. James R. Miles, 202 N. Oklahoma, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Northside Baptist Church Phone: 432-940-2110 Contact: Scott Owen, Pastor Corner of Gillis St. & 16th St. Fort Stockton, TX 79735 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Phone: 432-336-2724 Fax: 432-336-6668 403 S. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Phone: 432-940-2325 Fax: 432-336-2260 Contact: Bishops Warde Ross, D. Jones Corner of Spring Dr. & 2nd St. Fort Stockton, TX 79735

City of Fort Stockton Annie Riggs Museum Phone: 432-336-2167 301 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

City of Fort Stockton Phone: 432-336-8525 116 W. 2nd. St, Fort Stockton, Texas 79735 Historic Fort Stockton Phone: 432-336-2400 Contact: Jim Hammond 301 E. 3rd, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Fort Stockton I.S.D. Phone: 432-336-4000 Contact: Ralph Traynham 101 W. Division, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Fort Stockton Public Library Phone: 432-336-3374 Contact: Elva Valadez 500 N. Water, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Clothing Wal*Mart Phone: 432-336-3389 Fax: 432-336-6542 Contact: Vanessa Cardwell, Manager 2610 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Consultants SBDC Center Phone: 432-837-8694 Fax: 432-837-8104 Contact: Dave Wilson P.O. Box C-47 SRSU, Alpine, TX 79832

Copy Machines and Systems Atlas Business Solutions Phone: 432-336-3220 Fax: 432-683-3162 Contact: Roy D. Posey, Manager 610 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735, Xerox Phone: 432-940-0345 Contact: Libby Proctor Pasadena, CA 91109-7405

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Membership Directory Directory Advertisers Listed in Red All Listings are Members of the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce Counties County of Pecos Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Phone: 432-272-4848

Credit Unions 1st Community Federal Credit Union Phone: 432-336-2273 Fax: 432-336-2260 Contact: Gracie Natividad, Manager 800 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Electrical/HVAC Diamond Electrical Service Phone: 432-336-3446 Fax: 432-520-8212 Contact: Robert (Butch) Williams, Owner P.O. Box 70, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Elliot Electric Supply Phone: 432-336-8730 Fax: 432-336-3279 Contact: Jack R. Sanchez 1308 N. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Embroidery The Prickly Pear Embroidery-MD Phone: 432-340-0128 1148 W. 55th Lane, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Employment Agency Workforce Solutions of the Permian Basin Phone: 432-336-6382 Fax: 432-336-8207 461 S. Hwy 285, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Entertainment Stockton’s Entertainment Phone: 432-336-2101 Fax: 432-336-2505 2181 W. IH-10, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Equipment Leasing AMC Rentals, LLC - Sears Phone: 432-336-6850 Fax: 432-336-6880 Contact: Raul & Judy Espino 1208 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 American Energy Phone: 432-336-5655 Fax: 432-336-0801 Contact: Gary Weddle 1068 Highland Lane, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Tractor Supply Phone: 432-336-8948 Fax: 432-336-3855 Contact: Thomas E. Leusing 1700 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Feed and Ranch Supply Pecos County Feed and Ranch Supply Phone: 432-336-6877 Fax: 432-336-6977 Contact: Paul Golliher, Owner 500 W. Hornbeck, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Financial Services Adventure Finance Phone: 432-336-7007 Fax: 432-336-3377 Contact: Julie Scharloch, Owner 906 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

B&H Maintenance & Construction Phone: 575-394-2588 Fax: 575-394-2299 Contact: Dale Bettis, President P.O. Box 970, Eunice, NM 88231

Security Finance Phone: 432-336-7581 Fax: 432-336-5619 Contact: Christy Gonzales 1105 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Charles Terry Construction Phone: 432-520-6943 Fax: 432-520-5903 Contact: Charles Terry, Owner 2020 Fringewood Drive, Midland, TX 79707

Flooring Designer Carpets and Interiors Phone: 432-336-6591 Fax: 432-336-6524 Contact: Larry and Mary Lujan, Owners 700 N. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Florist Cassandra’s Flowers and More Phone: 432-336-8809 Contact: Margarita L. Arroyo 803 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 The Flower Shop Phone: 432-336-3702 Contact: Laura Flores, Owner 612B N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Food Delivery Schwan’s Home Service Phone: 432-580-0059 Contact: Roy E. Rippetoe 2339 E. I-20, Odessa, TX 79761

Funeral Homes Heritage Funeral Home of the Big Bend Phone: 432-336-3939 Fax: 432-336-3949 301 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Memorial Funeral Home Phone: 432-336-9199 Fax: 432-336-9322 Contact: Ray Chapa, Owner 600 E. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Furniture Sales Terrazas Furniture Phone: 432-336-8536 Fax: 432-336-2152 Contact: Pete Terrazas, Owner 106 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Gas Company West Texas Gas, Inc. Phone: 432-336-5411 2311 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 General Contractor Pharr & Company Phone: 806-763-5863 Fax: 806-763-5843 Contact: Jimmy R. Pharr, Owner 907 N. Avenue Q Drive, Lubbock, TX 79408

J&P Communications Phone: 432-336-3446 Fax: 432-336-3446 Contact: Pete Galvan and Joy Chew, Owners P.O. Box 70, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

36 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

General Merchandise Wal*Mart Phone: 432-336-3389 Fax: 432-336-2000 Contact: Vanessa Cardwell, Manager 2610 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Gift Shop Mesquite Tree Phone: 432-336-6781 Fax: 432-336-6094 Contact: Kay Honaker, Owner 1101 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Grocers Lowes #43 Phone: 432-336-3341 Fax: 432-336-3343 Contact: Steve Davidson 1300 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Hardware Ace Home Center Phone: 432-336-3070 Fax: 432-336-8753 Contact: Nancy Pedraza 2100 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Health Services American Home Health Phone: 432-336-6507 Contact: Leo Hung, Owner 315 W. Oak, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Cactus Health Services Phone: 432-336-8110 Fax: 432-336-8107 Contact: Alex Gonzalez, Manager 301 N. Waters, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Drug Screen ComplianceLou’s Clinical Lab Phone: 432-332-9421 Fax: 432-333-9986 Contact: Stephen Linneman, P.O. Box 394, Odessa, TX 79760

Hands of Compassion Home Care Phone: 432-336-8816 Fax: 432-699-4102 Contact: Jandetta Olaseni, Administrator 1030 Andrews Hwy, Suite 203, Midland, TX 79701 Joint Effort Chiropractic Phone: 432-336-8860 Contact: Eric A. Fierro 1103 B W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Nurses Unlimited Phone: 432-336-6999 Fax: 432-336-8393 Contact: Gina Colunga 109 N. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Permian Basin Community Centers Frontier Division Phone: 432-336-3383 301 E. 5th, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Delton D. Yarbrough II, DDS Phone: 432-336-8574 Delton D. Yarbrough II 1108B W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Home Decor Bella Terrazza Phone: 432-336-0200 Fax: 432-336-6736 Contact: Amy Terrazas, Owner 116 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Honarary Member J&SM Inc. Contact: Doug May, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Hospitals Pecos County Memorial Hospital Phone: 432-336-2004 Contact: Jim Horton 387 W. IH 10, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Hotel/Motel Sleep Inn Phone: 432-336-8338 Fax: 432-336-8381 Contact: Rachel Patel, Owner 3401 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Super 8 Phone: 432-336-8531 Fax: 432-336-6789 Contact: Alex Patel, Owner 3200 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Quality Inn Phone: 432-336-5955 Fax: 432-336-3540 1308 N. Hwy. 285, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Motel 6 Phone: 432-336-9737 Fax: 432-336-8346 Contact: Michelle Yedica 3001 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Holiday Inn Express Phone: 432-336-3421 Fax: 432-336-3832 2915 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Days Inn Phone: 432-336-7500 Fax: 432-336-7501 Contact: Jay Bhakta, Manager 1408 N. Highway 285, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

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Membership Directory Directory Advertisers Listed in Red All Listings are Members of the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce Comfort Suites Phone: 432-336-3224 Fax: 432-336-6288 Contact: Rachel Patel, Owner 3101 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Candlewood Suites Phone: 432-336-7700 Fax: 432-336-8070 Contact: Paul Amaya, Director of Sales 2469 W IH 10, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Hampton Inn Phone: 432-336-9600 Fax: 432-336-9601 2271 W. IH 10, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Hunting Services Desert Safaries Phone: 210-764-1827 Contact: Hunter C. Ross, Owner 2935 Thousand Oaks, #6-217, San Antonio, TX 78247

Longfellow Ranch Partners Phone: 432-336-2500 Contact: Chris Studevant 1009 N. Kansas, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Individual Arla Humphrey Brenda Mowry Tipton Bill Moody Bill & Pat Honaker Bob Gray Choya and Sandy Young Darrell Skeen Debbie Dunagan Debra K. Johnson Doni Whigham Dulcia Warren Dwayne and Glenda Bonham Frances Gomez George and Glenna Riggs Glen Teaney Gregg & Lou Ann McKenzie Jo Siegmond Joe Shuster John Bordon John Morrow Karan A. Heffelfinger Malissa Trevino Manuel Nunez Marcus and Lou Ann Tovar Oscar Gonzalez Paul Yeager Pete & Betty Hickman Ralph Traynham Rob and Cindy Dunagan Robert & Susan Grigsby Roy Armstrong Tom and Debra Ezell Wayne Merrill Wayne and Judy Templeton

Industry Services Jones Leasing Phone: 432-336-2224 Fax: 432-336-2260 Contact: Ross Jones, Owner P.O. Box 330, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Insurance Fort Stockton Insurance Co. Phone: 432-336-8565 Fax: 432-336-8011 Contact: Phil Chamberlain, Owner 901 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Kessia Ledesma Insurance Phone: 432-336-8575 Contact: Kessia Ledesma 107 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Progressive Insurance Concepts Phone: 806-722-2110 Fax: 806-722-2112 Contact: Kenneth D. Roberts 3001 68th St., Lubbock, TX 79413

Sawyer & Associates Insurance Agency Phone: 432-336-7543 Fax: 432-336-8237 Contact: Clyde Sawyer, Owner 706. W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Internet Services Direct Bytes, LLC Phone: 432-336-9300 Fax: 432-336-9302 Contact: Chris Alexander, Owner 1108 A W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Landscaping and Nursery Trans Pecos Plants Phone: 432-336-5998 Fax: 432-336-3007 Contact: Brent and Lisa Siegmund, Owners 804 B Sycamore, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Lumber and Building Supplies McCoy’s Lumber Phone: 432-336-2628 Fax: 432-336-5573 Contact: Jimmy McCasland, Manager 1300 N. Hwy 285, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Wallace Lumber Company Phone: 432-336-3641 Fax: 432-336-5311 Contact: Jim Ivy, Owner 600 N. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Meat Processing Miller Meat Company Phone: 432-336-2979 Contact: Robert Miller, Owner 1013 N. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Newspaper The Fort Stockton Pioneer Phone: 432-336-2281 Fax: 432-336-6432 Contact: Pam Palileo, Editor 210 N. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Night Club LU-AL,LLL DBA Atrium Club Phone: 432-336-3243 Contact: Albert Valadez, Owners 1305 N. Hwy 285, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Nonprofit S.E.E.D. Phone: 432-336-2224 Fax: 432-336-2260 Contact: Ross D. Jones, President 201 N. Water, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Office Supplies & Equipment Chancellor Office Supply Phone: 432-336-5221 Fax: 432-336-5222 Contact: Jean Lockhart, Manager 1111 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Oil Company SandRidge Energy Phone: 432-336-7821 Fax: 432-336-4379 Contact: Randy Johnson, 876 E. Gonzalez Loop Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Oil Field Maintenance Hughes Christensen Phone: 432-336-0255 Fax: 432-336-0265 Contact: Tom Ezell, Marketing 405 N. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 O.T.G. Oil Field Services Phone: 432-336-3446 Fax: 432-336-3446 J&P Under LLC P. O. Box 209, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Opticians West Texas Eyecare Phone: 432-336-3662 Fax: 432-336-7806 Contact: Dr. Hulon Pass, H-OD, Owner Dr. Joshua Pass 605 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Organizations Women’s Division Phone: 432-336-3804 Contact: Josefine Falcon P.O. Box 1415, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest Phone: 432-550-2268 Contact: Susan Ruckman, 5217 N Dixie, Odessa, TX 79762 IHMSA Phone: 801-733-8423 Fax: 801-733-8424 Contact: Lorene Thompson, P.O. Box 95690, South Jordan, UT 84095-5690 Pecan Orchards Belding Farms Phone: 432-395-2460 Fax: 432-395-2909 Contact: Glen Honaker, Manager 705 S. FM 2037, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Pest Control Brockman Pest Control Phone: 432-336-8401 Fax: 432-336-6628 Contact: James H. Ponder, Owner 1990 W. Alamo Road, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Truesdell Pest Control Phone: 432-923-1070 Contact: Anthony W. Truesdell, Owner P.O. Box 843, Sanderson, TX 79848

Pharmacy Nolen Pharmacy Phone: 432-336-2201 Fax: 432-336-2203 Contact: Ron Nolen, Owner 700 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Wal*Mart Phone: 432-336-3389 Fax: 432-336-2000 Contact: Vanessa Cardwell, Manager 2610 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Physicians and Surgeons Cecil George, M.D. Phone: 432-336-2291 Contact: Kathy George 511 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Property Management B-3 Properties Phone: 432-336-5003 Fax: 432-336-5392 Contact: Janie Armstrong, Manager 808 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Publishers Associated Publishing Company Phone: 432-337-0433 Fax: 432-687-4907 Contact: Jimmy Dennis, Manager 4519 N. Garfield Suite 17, Midland, TX 79705 Blue Sky Productions Phone: 432-614-4074 Fax: 432-897-1217 Contact: Riley Stephens P.O. Box 1824, Alpine, TX 79831 Ranch La Escalera Ranch Fort Stockton Division Post Office Box 1553 Fort Stockton, TX 78229 Contact: Shay Lyda Phone: 432-395-2339 (Office) Fax: 432-395-2945

Longfellow Ranch Partners Phone: 432-336-2500 Contact: Chris Sturdevant 1009 N. Kansas, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Hammond Ranch Phone: 432-395-2297 Contact: Nancy Hammond, Owner P.O. Box 1730, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

McKenzie Land and Livestock Phone: 432-395-2250 Contact: Houston McKenzie, Owner Bakersfield Rt. Box 3, McCamey, TX 79752

800.336.2166 • • FORT STOCKTON Community Guide 37

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Membership Directory Directory Advertisers Listed in Red Williams Ranch Company Phone: 432-336-2294 Fax: 432-336-3842 Contact: Nancy Carpenter, Office Manager P.O. Box 1668, Belding Rd., Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Real Estate Century 21/ Sadler and Associates Phone: 432-336-9978 Fax: 432-336-3847 Contact: Bob Sadler, Owner 1411 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

The Real Estate Group Phone: 432-272-4848 Fax: 866-721-4222 Contact: Debbie Niece Maldonado-Texas Realtor 1003 NW Rio Street, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Recycling Crown Recycling Company Phone: 432-336-3553 Fax: 432-336-3572 Contact: Saun King P.O. Box 99, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Restaurant Alfredo’s Mexican Restaurant Phone: 432-336-7776 Fax: 432-336-7778 Contact: Angie G. Succa 2103 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Bienvenidos Phone: 432-336-3615 Contact: Ruben Falcon, Owner 405 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Comanche Tortilla Factory Phone: 432-336-3245 Contact: Joe Ben Gallegos, President 107 S. Nelson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Go Go Blue 1126 N. Hwy. 285, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 IHOP Phone: 432-336-3569 Contact: Erika Bislar 2129 W. IH10, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

K-Bob’s Steak House Phone: 432-336-6233 Fax: 432-336-2951 Contact: Glenn Shiflet, Manager 2800 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Mi Casita Phone: 432-336-5368 Contact: Adonna Gonzales, Owner 405 E. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Sonic Phone: 432-336-5632 Contact: Tom Clifton 1701 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Mingo’s Burritos Phone: 432-336-8080 Contact: Maria D. Perez 201 E. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Rix Pit BBQ Phone: 432-336-7638 Contact: Rick Northcut 1712 N. Front, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

All Listings are Members of the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce Sagebrush Cafe & Gifts LLC Phone: 432-336-8400 Contact: Amanda Hurt 2003 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Steakhouse Restaurant Phone: 432-336-5909 Contact: John Pacheco, Owner 1100 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Retail Anastasi Pottery Phone: 432-336-8540 Contact: Rhonda Ibarra 100 W. Callaghan, Fort Stockton TX 79735

Bealls Phone: 432-336-3879 Contact: Manager Teri Pando 1700 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Steele’s Phone: 432-336-8619 Contact: Ramona Baiza 1404 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Sanitation Rentals Hernandez Sanitation Phone: 432-336-3803 Contact: Joe Angel Hernandez, Jr., Owner 1610 Panther Lane, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Service Stations/Convenience Stores: 5 O’ Clock Somewhere Phone: 432-336-8133 Contact: Cathy Anthony, Owner 102 E. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 7-D Exxon Phone: 432-336-8002 Fax: 432-336-2701 Contact: Tyler Wolf, Manager E. 7D Road, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

The Kent Companies Phone: 432-336-8641 Fax: 432-697-8911 Contact: Suzanne Quain P.O. Box 908001, Midland, TX 79708 601 W. Dickinson Blvd, Fort Stockton 79735

Mobile One Phone: 432-336-7812 Fax: 432-336-2701 Contact: Tyler Wolf 310 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Sonora-Ozona Oil Phone: 432-336-2636 Fax: 432-336-2701 Contact: Tyler Wolfe, Manager P.O. Box 1507, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Southwest Marketers Phone: 432-336-2351 Fax: 432-336-6315 Contact: Bently King, Owner P.O. Box 400, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Stop N Shop Phone: 432-336-5091 Contact: Tyler Wolfe, Manager 101 W. Hornbeck, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Stripes Phone: 432-336-8658 Fax: 432-336-7077 Contact: Monica C. Sanchez, Store Director 1723 N. Hwy. 285, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

38 FORT STOCKTON Community Guide • • 800.336.2166

Stock and Bond Broker Edward Jones Investments Phone: 432-336-3611 Fax: 888-499-4120 Contact: Sal Salazar, Financial Advisor P.O. Box 366, 104 E. 1st, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Tax Services H&R Block Phone: 432-336-3962 908 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Liberty Tax Service Phone: 432-336-8000 Contact: Nabor Hernandez 1303 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton 79735 Telephone Systems Big Bend Telephone Phone: 432-837-3393 Fax: 432-364-0023 Contact: Meredith Horn 808 N. 5th Street, Alpine, TX 79830

Slater’s Phone Service Phone: 432-336-2733, Fax: 432-336-5156 Contact: Charles & Letricia Slater, Owners P.O. Box 1705, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Tire Dealer and Distributor Luera’s Tire Center Phone: 432-336-2236 Contact: Rhonda Luera 308 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

McKissack Tire Company Phone: 432-336-7511 Fax: 432-336-3960 Contact: Howard McKissack, Owner 1209 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Wiest Tire Company Phone: 432-336-3314, Fax: 432-336-2798 Contact: Rocco Wiest, Owner 701 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Trailer Parts and Services Century Trailer Phone: 432-336-8797, Fax: 432-336-3525 Contact: Scott Mooney, Owner 2900 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Utilities: Texas-New Mexico Power Phone: 888-866-7456 Fax: 432-336-2188 1400 N. Main, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 First Choice Power Phone: 432-336-3492 Contact: Mya Surratt 117 N. Main, Suite A Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Veternary Clinic Animal Medical Clinic Phone: 432-336-2208 Fax: 432-336-8149 Contact: Ted Fish, Owner 550 N. Fred J. Ellyson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Water Sales and Equipment The Water Factory Phone: 432-336-2255 Fax: 432-336-6434 Contact: Manuel S. Salcido 1005 N. Butz, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Water Well Services Spring Branch Water Well Service Phone: 432-336-7867 Fax: 432-336-8488 2905 W. 9th, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Web Site Design West XDesign Phone: 432-336-3794 Contact: Renee F. Gaylor, Owner 808 N Missouri, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Blue Sky Productions Phone: 432-614-4074 Fax: 432-897-1217 Contact: Riley Stephens P.O. Box 1824, Alpine, TX 79831

Welding Supply Fort Stockton Welding Supply Phone: 432-336-6537 Fax: 432-336-6537 Contact: Agustin Martinez, Owner 1901 N. Front, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Well Services Basic Energy Services, Inc. Phone: 432-336-3168 Fax: 432-336-3197 Contact: Freddie Garcia P.O. Box 698, Crane, TX 79731

Western Clothing Pecos County Feed and Ranch Supply Phone: 432-336-6877 Fax: 432-336-6977 Contact: Paul Golliher, Owner 500 W. Hornbeck, Fort Stockton, TX 79735 Winery/Vineyard Mesa Vineyards dba Ste. Genevieve Phone: 432-395-2417 Fax: 432-395-2920 Contact: Patrick J. Prendergast, P.O. Box 130, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Women’s Clothing Cottage Collections Phone: 432-336-9819 Fax: 432-336-9819 Contact: Glenda Pasqua, Owner 401 W. Dickinson, Fort Stockton, TX 79735

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Advertiser Index 7-D Exxon.............................................14

Fort Stockton Convention

Pecos County

B3 Properties........................................31

Fort Stockton

Pecos County State Bank.....................19

Ace Home Center .................................27 Baja Broadband....................................23 Bella Terraza/Terrazas Furniture ..........27

Big Bend Open Road Race ..................15

Candlewood Suites...............................18 Carisma Car Wash ...............................16 Cassandra’s Flowers & More ...............26 Century 21 Sadler

& Assoc. Real Estate ............................24

Comfort Suites......................................34 Cowboy Liqour Store ............................25

Coyote Car Wash .................................31 Days Inn ...............................................18 Desert Pines Golf Course.....................31

DirectBytes, LLC...................................16 Drug Screen Compliance - Lou’s Clinical

Lab, Inc.................................................30

Edward Jones.......................................32 Exxon Stop & Shop ..............................16 First National Bank

of Fort Stockton ....................................24

and Visitor Bureau ................................40 Insurance Agency .................................31

Fort Stockton RV Park............................9 The Grey Mule Saloon..........................11 Holiday Inn............................................22

IHOP.......................................................3 Jay Chancellor

Office Supply ........................................27

Longfellow Ranch ...................................3

Lowe’s ..................................................27 Marfa Public Radio ...............................34 McKissack Tire Co................................26 Mi Casita...............................................25

Midland College/WRTTC ......................11 Mobil 1 Lube

Memorial Hospital...................................2 Rex’s Boot & Shoe Repair....................33

Sawyer & Associates............................15 Sleep Inn & Suites ................................34 Stockton’s Entertainment........................3 Super 8 Motel ......................................32 Texas-New Mexico Power ....................33

Thrifty Car Wash...................................33 Walmart ..................................................3 Water Factory .......................................33

West Texas Eye Care ...........................26 West Texas State Bank ........................13 West Texas VA Health Care....................8 Williams Ranch Co ...............................34

Express.................................................25 Motel 6..................................................25 Nolen’s Pharmacy

and Gifts ...............................................14 Pecos County

Feed and Supply ..................................16

Publisher: Riley Stephens Production: Ceci Marquez, Mariana Lopez Customer Service: Sandy Marquez Contact us: PO Box 1824 • Alpine, Texas 79831 Phone 432-614-4074 email: •

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