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SPS IPC Drives 2012 Electric Automation – Systems and Components


27 – 29 November 2012


Exhibition Center, Nuremberg




Mesago Messemanagement

Concept SPS IPC Drives is Europe‘s leading exhibition on the topic of electric automation. With its clear focus on electric automation, the exhibition offers the ideal platform for visitors to get comprehensively informed. One of the very special attributes of SPS IPC Drives is the distinct working climate which is prominent at the exhibition booths and which makes the exhibition stand out. Exhibitors meet extremely knowledgeable visitors here who in intensive dialog with the exhibitors seek and find practical solutions for their tasks. Many product innovations celebrate their premier at the exhibition.

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SPS IPC Drives covers the entire spectrum of electric automation. It exhibits all of the components up to complete systems and integrated automation solutions. Themes – Control technology – IPCs – Drive systems and components – Human-machine-interface devices – Industrial communication – Industrial software – Interface technology – Electromechanical components and peripheral equipment – Sensor technology


At a glance SPS IPC Drives 2012 results


1,458 (1,429)*

Exhibition space:

106,100 m (104,000 m )*


56,874 (56,321)*

Conference attendees:

386 (349)*



Exhibitors’ impressions »For us, SPS IPC Drives 2012 has been the best exhibition for a long time. Conversations are highly professional, targeted and of top quality. The show is growing more and more international every year and will continue to offer us the chance to reach even more customers in the future. SPS IPC Drives is simply the most important trade fair for us.« Michael Collet, Chief Innovation Officer, U.I. Lapp GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

»I am completely enthusiastic about SPS IPC Drives 2012. All important players are on site and we are reaching many visitors. It is very important for us to showcase our new products at this exhibition, as well as our standard product range. Among all the trade fairs we attend, SPS IPC Drives is the most important for us. It is simply a must.«

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Guus Boekhoudt, Vice President & General Manager TE Automation & Control BP, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

»SPS IPC Drives 2012 exceeded the very good result of the previous year for Bosch Rexroth in view of the number of visitors and the quality of the expert discussions.« Elmar Worms, Head of sales Factory Automation, Region South Germany, Garching, Germany

The following figures for exhibitors and visitors are checked and certified by the Societey for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM), Berlin, Germany. * Figures in brackets refer to 2011.


Analysis of exhibitor structure International distribution of foreign exhibitors From the 1,458 exhibitors in total 429 companies came from 40 different countries abroad. This is a share of 29 %.

Top 10 countries of origin of the exhibiting companies from abroad

Proportional distribution of foreign exhibitors

Š Mesago – Global Concepts for Local Markets


Number of exhibitors


Number of exhibitors 19



Czech Republic



















South Korea






Great Britain




* All countries with a share of < 8 exhibitors Other countries: Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia


Analysis of visitor structure Visitor structure according to regional distribution 44,401 (78 %) from the total of 56,874 visitors are from Germany.

German postal code


Area 9

35.6 %

Area 8

16.4 %

Area 7

19.2 %

Area 6

7.8 %

Area 5

4.6 %

Area 4

3.8 % 5.3 %

Area 2

1.8 %

Area 1

1.1 %

Area 0

4.4 %

Š Mesago â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Global Concepts for Local Markets

Area 3


Analysis of visitor structure International distribution of foreign visitors 12,473 (22 %) from the total of 56,874 visitors are from 75 different countries besides Germany.

Countries with a share over 2 %

Proportional distribution of foreign visitors Country

Š Mesago â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Global Concepts for Local Markets





15.1 %


3.1 %

Czech Republic

11.2 %

Great Britain

2.9 %


10.4 %


2.3 %


9.2 %


2.3 %


4.7 %


2.1 %


4.4 %


2.1 %


3.4 %


2.1 %


24.7 %

* All countries with a share of < 2.1 % Other countries: Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Vietnam


Analysis of visitor structure Visitor structure according to industries Industry


Control technology and sensors

15.6 %

Electric drives

13.8 %

Plant engineering

10.6 %

Engineering, consulting

10.1 %

Electrical measurement and controls

9.5 %

Process machinery, plants

6.5 %

Automotive production

5,3 %

Machine tools

5.1 %


4.1 %

Industrial IT and networks

3.9 %

Science, institute

3.2 %

Assembly technologies, handlings

2.6 %

Packaging machinery

2.6 %


7.1 %

Š Mesago â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Global Concepts for Local Markets

* All industries with a share of < 2.6 % Other industries: Environment; paper, printing; plastic machinery; precision engineering, optics, medical engineering; wood engineering


Analysis of visitor structure Visitor structure according to job function Job function

Percentage 36.1 %

Design, development Sales

17.1 %

Executive management

14.9 %

Manufacturing, production

10.4 %

Marketing, advertising, PR

5.3 %


4.3 %

Production planning

3.0 %

Data processing

2.8 %

Corp. management, controlling

2.7 %

Quality control

1.6 %


1.8 %

* All job functions with a share < 1,6 % Other job functions: Logistics; personnel management; export

Visitor structure according to company size Percentage

Company size

11.4 %

1 – 9 employees 10 – 19 employees

6.2 %

20 – 49 employees

9.1 %

50 – 99 employees

8.6 %

100 – 199 employees

9.2 %

200 – 499 employees

11.5 %

500 – 999 employees

8.5 %

more than 1,000 employees © Mesago – Global Concepts for Local Markets

35.5 %


Results of the visitor survey High quality audience

The visitors of SPS IPC Drives are your potential customers 98 %*

of the visitors will recommend SPS IPC Drives to their clients and colleagues.

95 %*

of the visitors are planning to visit SPS IPC Drives again.

94 %*

of the visitors evaluate SPS IPC Drives as very good / good overall.

79 %*

of the visitors are involved in the decision making of their companies‘ purchase.

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Reasons for visiting SPS IPC Drives 2012 93 %*

of the visitors sought and found products or solutions for their companies.

83 %*

of the visitors gathered information at the exhibitors about their product offers, innovations and trends.

62 %*

of the visitors gained general market information.

86 %*

of the visitors stated that the reason for their visit was to cultivate existing business relationships or create new business relationships.

* Source: Visitor survey SPS IPC Drives 2012


Conference Practically-orientated conference Once again the SPS IPC Drives conference, which was held concurrently to the exhibition, provided the perfect knowledge exchange for specialists and users from the industry. Conference topics like »smartphones and tablets in automation«, »mechatronics« and »energy-efficient power plants«, which included three different speeches, offered a well-rounded and interesting program. For the first time ever the conference offered keynotes on the topic of »technological change in an intelligent way« and »from the internet of things to smart factory – on the way to the 4th industrial revolution« free of charge. Those complemented the conference program as well as the trendsession »sustainable automation« with innovative solutions.

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In times of intensive competition, the 48 lectures, 2 keynotes as well as a trendsession and a tutorial furnished the 386 conference attendees with the decisive advantage of knowledge.


Exhibitor statements »SPS IPC Drives is the one exhibition that really goes into depth. Visitors with a high degree of expertise attend here. For us, one important aspect is that here we talk with small and mid-sized companies - including those from the region. This personal contact at the trade fair is essential for us« Till Schreiter, President, Local Division Manager Discrete Automation and Motion Germany, ABB Automation Products GmbH, Ladenburg, Germany

»We take advantage of SPS IPC Drives very selectively to market our product innovations in Central Europe. But with the increasing internationality of the visitors, we also reach potential customers from throughout Europe and even beyond. SPS IPC Drives is ideal for face to face talks, which are very important for us« Hasan Basari Kayakiran, Member of Board, EMF Motor Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S., Istanbul, Turkey

»Overall, this year’s SPS IPC Drives event has been a complete success. For our company, it is a real indicator for the Automation segment, which is our most important segment. No other comparable exhibition can match it in terms of the calibre of contacts and topics.« Jürgen Daut, Segment Manager Automation Europe, Nexans Deutschland GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany

»Schneider Electric opened its world-wide development center for automation solutions in machine engineering in Germany this year. This is a clear signal for the importance of the German and European market, which is also reflected in our strong presence at SPS IPC Drives. It is the most important European exhibition for us« Clemens Blum, Executive Vice President Industry Business, Schneider Electric Industries SAS, Ratingen, Germany

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»The topic of the exhibition here is the search for integral solutions. There is nothing comparable in Germany. For us, SPS IPC Drives is the leading fair on automation. Together with the organizer, we exhibitors will continue to press ahead with the internationalization of the trade fair. It is indispensable for the demonstrations of complex applications and systems« Hans Sondermann, Managing Director, SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co. KG, Bruchsal, Germany

»This year we presented especially large innovations at the stand. During SPS IPC Drives we meet the technicians who work directly with our products or who are the technical decision-makers. This is where we get direct, professional feedback. That is why we chose SPS IPC Drives as the leading trade fair for our technical innovations« Heinz Eisenbeiss, Director Marketing & Promotion, Siemens AG, Nuremberg, Germany


Date and contacts Date:

26 – 28 November 2013


Mesago Messemanagement GmbH Rotebuehlstr. 83 – 85 70178 Stuttgart, Germany

Exhibition team:

Sylke Schulz-Metzner, Vice President Simone Dirkopf, Senior Project Manager Stephanie Ehm, Senior Project Manager Anja Faulhaber, Project Manager Simone Hüber, Project Manager Ahmet Kaya, Project Manager Eva Latus, Project Manager Simone Pfisterer, Deputy Head of Division Tina Richter, Project Manager Sarah Hamscher, Project Assistant phone: +49 711 61946-829, fax: -1144 email:

Conference team:

Janka Becker, Project Manager Liane Preuß, Project Assistant

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phone: +49 711 61946-49, Fax: -1149 email:



SPS IPC Drives 2012 Analysis  

SPS IPC Drives 2012 Analysis