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In addition, our associate writers, Jeffrey and Vincent, share their thoughts on getting actively involved on campus and easy tricks to stay healthy on a daily basis. With help from our design associate Anna, we present to you an infographic on our UTSC students’ favourite foods. To keep things professional, we also have advice on how to actively seek work and impress recruiters, as well as information on MESA’s upcoming Marketing Facts Night. As always, if you have any suggestions for The Executive, feel free to send us an email at Remember to stay active and we wish you all the best for 2014!


new year means a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning...right? All of us are familiar with making ambitious New Year’s resolutions, and one of the most common goals is to get in shape! Whether it’s dieting, exercising, or losing weight, this is the one resolution that is the easiest to write, but the hardest to do. At The Executive, we want to keep you motivated, so this issue’s theme is Get Active! We know it is hard to follow through with resolutions, so in this issue we have included easy ways to stay in shape, to get involved with school, and to change for the better for 2014. As our main feature, we have an exclusive interview with Amanda Russell, a trainer and coach. She offers a personalized training program, a library of workout videos, and advice on how to eat and live healthy. Similarly, check out our interviews with Tara Stiles - a model turned yoga instructor - and Lauren Hefez - a dance and fitness instructor with a blog and YouTube channel. UTSC’s Director of Athletics and Recreation, Scott McRoberts, also sheds some light on pursuing careers within the sports management field, and how to really make fitness the center of your life!

CBV Workshop

JAN 16

The Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) designation is one of the most sought out designations for those pursuing further with accounting or finance. Those holding the CBV designation are able to address the challenging issues that arise when valuing business and it offers the potential for pursing a wide range of career opportunities. Come out to learn more about the benefits and opportunities that the CBV designation can ignite.

JAN 23

Marketing Facts Night Prep Session

Before setting out and networking with Marketing professionals, why not hear more about the different careers in Marketing? Come on out to the FREE Marketing Facts Night Prep Session from 6-8pm in IC 318 to hear more about the different streams of Marketing and invaluable recruitment tips! For more information regarding the MFN Prep Session, please email Vivekan:

Marketing Facts Night

We heard your desire for more networking opportunities, so we raise you this year’s Marketing Facts Night (MFN); the marketing juggernaut of the year has reached UTSC! Whether student who understands the value of networking, make your way down to the IC Atrium from 6pm - 9pm to network with a multitude of the most extraordinary minds in the marketing world today. Representatives from some of the most distinguished and recognizable brands will be here to provide their insights on the industry’s trends and most importantly, to meet with YOU. Wait, that’s not it! Among the professionals that you will be networking with is a recruiter from Target who is looking to hire two interns from UTSC. Please email Carol for more information regarding this incredible opportunity at

Perfect Pitch

JAN 21

Feb 10

Perfect Pitch is an entrepreneurial competition that encompasses the aspects of a business plan and a business pitch. This competition will strive to deliver you a real concept of an elevator pitch. The kickoff will occur on February 10.

FEB 11

Designation Night

Come out to learn about all the possible designations there are in the business world! Representatives from Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), Certified General Accountants (CGA), Chartered Business Valuators, Kaplan, The Canadian Institute of Marketing and many more will be there to educate students on the various business designations and share their personal experiences in their respective industry.

Harshil Dhanky

Events Associate, MESA


ESA’s goal has always been to provide a wholesome university experience and as the next semester rolls around, we are delighted to be able to present a plethora of different events. The Marketing Facts Night on January 23, 2014 is one of the most exciting prospects up our sleeve as the IC Atrium will play host to some of the preeminent brands in our world today. Our annual flagship networking event is the ticket to meet some of the most experienced professionals in the world of marketing today. But it works both ways! This event is also designed to showcase the depth of talent that UTSC has in its reserves and serves as a reminder of our constant innovation and pursuit of excellence to the companies recruiting from our campus. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, General Motors… the list goes on and on. But what do they have in common other than being multinationals with multibillion dollar balance sheets? You probably guessed it: nearflawless marketing machinery that perennially churns out memorable advertisements and easily relatable campaigns.

When companies like Chrysler pay upwards of $12 million for a mere 2 minutes of air time in the Super Bowl breaks, it forces one to think: What is it about marketing that makes it so appealing to CEOs worldwide? How do two minutes on air make a brand so liberal with its purse strings? The answer lies in the fact that marketing is all about sending the right message to the consumer. A business can have a highquality product, but sales will never be maximized if it struggles to project the product and make the consumer desire the product. And that is the essence of the MFN… What’s in it for me? A multitude of distinguished professionals from the marketing world will be here to share their vast knowledge and expertise on the subject. This is the ideal opportunity to interact and network with some renowned experts and accumulate a solid core knowledge base on marketing if you’re planning to pursue it as a career. But even if you’re not, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t come! Contrary to popular belief, marketing does not only encompass creating TV advertisements and campaigns. It is about raising awareness and sending the right message to the right people. As university students, it is even more vital to build up a network that augments your chances of landing your dream job and the MFN is an exquisite opportunity to do precisely that. In today’s job market, competition is reaching unprecedented highs. And that is where being able to market oneself is becoming an increasingly valued asset. The MFN can provide the tools you need to be the star recruiters look for and a thorough understanding of marketing concepts that add a dimension to your knowledge base. Save the date of January 23rd for the marketing celebration of the year! How can I maximise my benefit from this event? • Research the industry and people. This will help you to start a conversation without any hesitation. • Listen intently. You never know which words of wisdom you pick up can help you in future. • Get plenty of business cards and follow up with a thank you message within a day. • Ask intelligent questions. You might want to come up with a list beforehand. • And finally… Smile! It breaks the ice far better than just a handshake ever can.

I Like to move It! Getting Active in the Office


Inez Huang

Publications Manager, MESA n the beginning, there was a chair. It was the perfect office chair – ergonomic, leather, adjustable. Now everything was within arm’s reach; why bother walking when you can just slide there in your chair? Then, with a click of the IT Department’s keyboard, there was instant messaging! The whole office was now connected. Instead of going downstairs to share office gossip with your buddy on the 3rd floor, you could do everything online. Before long, you invest in a Keurig coffee machine. You are now above those poor folk who still line up by the watercooler. After all, everything you need is at your desk. As work becomes more comfortable, and life more convenient, you notice your waistline starting to grow. Shopping is no longer fun. You can’t remember the last time you’ve had to walk. Everything can be done online or at your desk. Chances are, you are reading this article sitting down! As students and professionals, we have a sedentary lifestyle, involving little physical activity. Research shows physical inactivity increase risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. So how can you workout at work?

Easy methods involve changing how you do things on a daily basis. For example, plan walk-and-talk meetings, where you brainstorm and stroll around the office with a colleague. Similarly, try to pace or walk around when answering the phone. If you have a garbage bin in your room, move it outside so you end up walking each time. An online journal, BMJ Open, found that sitting for more than three hours a day, reduced life expectancy by about two years. So when you can’t concentrate, just take a 10 minute walk around the block or your office. As UTSC students, we pay about $45 a month for athletics and recreational fees, so why not put that to good use? One new program that was introduced is Learn to Play. For those who want to try a new sport, but feel awkward learning, this program is made for beginners. Currently, there are soccer, volleyball, basketball, and ball hockey programs; drop by the gym office to suggest more if you want to learn. Keep an eye out as well for the new Pan Am Aquatic Sport Center in September 2014! There are so many options out there to get active. When you have a moment, try some stretches by your desk or venture outside to talk to friends. Do not fall into a routine of convenience and laziness. Sitting can literally kill you – so let’s get moving!

Yoga Twist Sit facing the left, and keep both legs hanging off the left side of your chair. Place your hands on the right armrest or the back of the chair. Slowly twist your chest and abdomen to the right. Take a deep breath. Repeat with the opposite direction. This will help soothe your spine and abs after a long day at work!

Under Desk Stretches With both feet flat on the floor, sit with your back straight. Extend one leg so it is level with your hip. Hold this for 10 seconds. Lower your leg and repeat with your other leg.

Desk Pushup Stand a meter from your desk. With your arms a shoulder’s width apart and feet together, push up!

Jeffrey Ma

Associate Writer, MESA


elcome to university, a place where students are slaves to exams, textbooks, and coffee. Through the constant stress of studying, most of us forget to go outside, let alone exercise. Enter Interhouse: the solution to all of your problems (or at least some of them). Interhouse is made up of co-ed sports leagues that allow students from across the campus to come together and play for fun, as well as competitively. Instead of wasting away staring at books, Interhouse provides a chance for students to get active and work up a sweat. You might at this point ask, “Why would I want to do that? I’ve got enough to worry about besides labouring about on a volleyball court.” While it IS true that Interhouse leagues require some degree of commitment on your part, the experiences themselves are enriching enough a reward. And besides, science supports the idea of stress relief through physical activity. Not only does exercise make you more empowered and self-confident, it pumps you up with adrenaline as well as endorphins which make you feel nice and energized. These endorphins also help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. After all…there’s nothing like forgetting all about your school related worries over an intense game of ball hockey. The sports offered through Interhouse are plentiful; among the aforementioned volleyball and ball hockey there is also

indoor soccer, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, cricket, and Quidditch. (No, that is not a joke.) Osama Siddique, a first year student and member of the 5-on-5 basketball team Shots Fired had nothing but positive things to say about joining an Interhouse league. “Yeah, Interhouse basketball has served as a relief from the constant stress of university. It has provided me with an opportunity to stay active during the semester and it’s a great way to meet new people,” says Osama. “I’m pretty passionate about basketball, so this was a nice, fun outlet.” “Throughout university, it's important to stay active and get your mind off school sometimes. Playing Interhouse sports is the perfect way to keep active,” said another student, a member of indoor soccer team FC Barcelona. Most leagues for the upcoming Winter term will start between the end of January and the beginning of February. Also, the Management department hosts its own Interhouse teams, open only exclusively to Pre-Management/ Management/Co-opManagement students. For more information, please visit management/Mgmtinterhouseteam.html or ask Sheri Browne (sbrowne@utsc.utoronto. ca). So close that laptop. Your inner cricket star could be just waiting to be discovered.

Anna How, Jeffrey Ma, Vincent Woo Associates, MESA


s university students, we live busy lives.. Here’s some tips to eating healthy, even when you’re not. FeelingFeeling hungry? You might be tempted to eat the 8 oz Hero h u n g r y ?Burger, one of the largest and juiciest on the menu. But for a Y o uhealthier lunch, why not try downsizing? The 6 oz Hero Burger, m i g h tor even the 4 oz Hero Burger, pack almost the same punch b e for close to half the calories. Or even try the Soul Burger, which at 200 calories is a much healthier (and vegan!) option. Try packing it with more free tomatoes and red onions to make up for the less meat (stay away from the sauces!)

Thinking of grabbing a sub at Subway? Be wary of the more expensive subs…your wallet will feel a whole lot lighter, but it’ll be the only thing that will. The Big Philly Cheesesteak is one of the main offenders: 500 calories, 17 grams of fat, and a sodium count of 1280 mg. Per HALF a foot-long. A better choice would be the Steak and Cheese. With 380 calories, 10 g of fat and 1030 mg of sodium, the Steak and Cheese is noticeably healthier. Pro-tip: instead of sauces, try adding avocados instead for flavor.

You’ve just finished a bowl of fried rice and General Tao’s chicken at Asian Gourmet and decide to wash it down with a can of Coke, which you ordered with the meal. Bad idea. Don’t be fooled by the flashy red cans and the cute polar bear commercials. Coca Cola is one of the most unhealthy drink options out there – instead, try asking for soy milk. Not only is it much healthier, but it will guarantee your Asian Gourmet experience feels that much more…asian?

Vincent Woo

Associate Writer, MESA


inter is coming, and as the temperature continues to drop I can't help but to want to be a bear. Why? Well, for starters, bears gorge themselves with food and pile on fat for the winter. After that, they sleep for months until the cold weather has passed. But what do WE do? We are stuck studying all day for finals, and after just a week’s vacation, we are back preparing for another stressful semester. Needless to say, the bears have a slightly better life than us. Enough with the bear talk though - it's impossible for us to become bears, no matter how much we dream. That being said, my appetite can be just as ravenous as a bear sometimes! For all you food lovers, here are a few useful tips on how you can eat like a bear while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying active throughout the day. Park your car further away from your destination Parking further away is actually one of the easiest and most effortless ways of getting yourself into a healthy lifestyle. This naturally forces you to walk more, causing you to get an increased amount of exercise each day by walking those extra metres. Take the stairs Now I know what all of you are going to say. Taking the stairs is too hard and strenuous. I agree, it is a workout sometime! But how many floors does the IC building really have? At the

end of the day, it’s only four. Taking the stairs is not the end of the world, and if you are in a rush to head to class, it might actually be the faster option! The more you use the stairs in your daily routine, the healthier your lifestyle will be! Eating more portions It seems contradictory that a tip to be healthier is to eat more. However, more portions simply means eating more, but in smaller quantities. Divide your day up into smaller meals. This prevents overeating and allows your body to burn calories more efficiently. Instead of eating three big meals in a day, alternatives can be eating 5-6 smaller meals and snacks throughout the day. Eating more fruits I am a huge fan of fruits, and they are essential in building a healthy lifestyle. Fruits have a variety of benefits. First of all, they are low fat while containing many daily vitamins and nutrients. In addition, many fruits carry antioxidants, which help relieve stress and increase your body's immune system. Last but not least, they are delicious as well! These are just a few lifestyle "hacks" that one can use to get in the habit of a healthier lifestyle. For those who may not have time to go to the gym, understand that there are alternatives and many different ways of staying active throughout the day. Use these tips when at school. I am definitely going to be taking the stairs more often. That Christmas turkey really did a number on my waistline!

How successful are new graduates? *respondants are working full-time, six months after graduating from an Ontario undergraduate program.

Computer Science

Average Annual Salaries & Employment Rate

Business & Commerce Humanities

$54, 560 $44, 778 $33, 010

Engineering Education


ne management term that is often overused is ‘networking’. It seems to be the Publications Manager, MESA business answer to a job, to life, and to the universe! From questions such as “How can I get into this industry?” to “What is an important skill?” the answer professionals often give is – you guessed it – networking.

Written by Inez Huang

90.5% 88.7% 88.0%

$53, 583 $40, 574

Relationship between Work and Program of Study 26.3%

Somewhat Related

*Data from Council of Ontario Universities’ survey on 2010 graduatetes

85.3% 84.3%


Closely Related

We relate most to this during company orientations, industry socials, or career fairs. Thus, it is easy to assume this initial conversation or physical meeting is the main part of job seeking. We daydream of being offered an interview on the spot, or meeting the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but such imaginations rarely come true. Rather, the majority of us are exhausted by the end of the day, rush home to send generic thank you emails, and receive few replies in return. It is crucial to understand that a physical meeting is just the establishment of your network. It is the first, and correct, step to a job, but not the make-it or break-it point. Building relationships take time and finding a career is a process; to be successful, you have to look beyond just networking. To put this in persepctive, understand that recruiters have a hiring funnel, and they estimate the number of applications needed for one new hire. For an online job posting, 1000 individuals see the post, 100 complete the application, 25 resumes are seen by the hiring manager, 4-6 people are invited for an interview, 1-3 of them get a second interview, and 1 lucky person is hired (Talent Function Group LLC).

How do I format my resume? Beware of PDFs! 61% of North American companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to search resumes. Yet not all ATS can scan PDF formats, and you will be automatically rejected. For larger organizations, be safe and use Word documents with .doc extensions!

WHAT SHOULD I WRITE? Recruiters spend on average, 6 seconds reviewing a resume (TheLadders). They look at 4 job areas: Job Title, Companies, Start/End Dates, Education, so BOLD these titles. Use a professional email address ( and include your LinkedIn profile. Add a photo to LinkedIn and treat it like a 2nd resume.

"Looking for a job IS a full time job"

Almost 44% of seekers spend less than 3 hours a day searching. Treat your job search as your main focus, saving chores and socials for the evening. Apply first to 3040 jobs. If you do not hear back, reassess your resume, LinkedIn, and cover letters, then continue on!

With so much competition, you must start job-seeking DURING your final school year. For industries such as banking, accounting, and consulting, recruitment begins in September. For industries such as public relations, social media, or communications fields and companies with no training programs, recruitment begins in January.

You should also thoroughly research what career you want to pursue. Some methods to learn about an industry are:

Attend employer info sessions - many are held exclusively at the St. George Campus with limited spots, so log in at and check the Tri-Campus Listing daily.

During this time, you get unique, tailored answers about earnings, work conditions, and opportunities. It is a chance to understand if this career matches your own skills and interests without risking any large time investments. Understand this is NOT an attempt to get a job. So just relax!

Companies also recruit internally from their own summer internship programs. 2nd and 3rd year students should apply through company websites in January/ February. For those interested in the Big 4 accounting firms, check out: - Deloitte National Leadership Conference - KPMG’s Executive Look + Ace the Case - PwC’s National Recruitment Conference - EY’s Emerging Leaders Program

1. Information Interviews This is a great way to follow-up after a networking session. In your thank you email to a new contact, ask them for a 15-20 minute call or in-person meeting.

Potential contacts can be school alumni, professors, peers, and family. At the end of the interview, also ask to be referred to other contacts for more information. This is the start of your network, and while your intention is not to find a job, they can still help you in the future.

2. Extern Program (Job Shadowing) Offered by the University of Toronto, you can explore a career by visiting with professionals in the workplace. This can last from a few hours to several days, as you tour the office, observe work activities, and talk to staff. There are a range of sponsors from different industries, such as law, banking, healthcare, education, and much more. There are two placement weeks February and May. You must attend an orientation in October (for Feb placement) or one in February (for May placement). Then you must send in a resume and application, with deadlines in November (for Feb placement) and March (for May placement). Check out the Career Learning Network or the AA&CC for more detailed information. By starting early, you can understand the career you have chosen and target your application. A lot of preperation is needed; it’s not just all networking!

Interviewed by Wendy Tran


Publications Manager, MESA

auren Hefez used to dream of walking the red carpet and interviewing the hottest celebrities! Now she can not imagine what she would be doing except for motivating and teaching a group of like- minded individuals about fitness. Lauren shares how to get active one step at a time! How did you become interested in health and fitness, and what made you want to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle? I grew up dancing so I was always into body movement. After I stopped competitive dancing, I started teaching a fun, laid back cardio dance class. I explored the fitness world and other classes and was able to learn so much from different teachers along the way. Throughout the years I developed my own method and style of teaching that still has some dance inspiration. I like to make fitness fun, and exciting. I like for people to want to come to my classes and watch my videos. I know it can be scary to start any kind of new program, but I promise you will love every minute of it. What are some mistakes people are making in regards to healthy eating? A lot of smart and tricky marketing makes us believe that anything labeled “fat free" or "low fat" must be healthy. I couldn't disagree more. I say stick to whole REAL foods. You will be satisfied with only a little bit, rather than constantly feeling empty and unsatisfied with the low fat foods. What are three essential tips that you could give to our readers in the area of wellness and fitness? 1. Walk. Walk. Walk. Get a pedometer and get at least 10,000 steps a day. Just get your body moving. 2. Drink plenty of water. Every morning, I like to drink a warm s .

glass of water with lemon. It is a nice start to your morning. You can pack a water bottle with you and fill it up throughout the day. 3. If you are at a computer or desk all day, make sure you stop every 30-45 minutes to stretch. Open your chest, roll your shoulders down and back, and draw in your stomach. I see a lot of clients who are really tight in the chest and have a very weak back due to their posture all day. Take a couple minutes a day to stretch. It will make a difference. Which workout videos on your YouTube channel would you recommend for readers to get started on getting active? If you are at work a lot my sitting at your desk arm series is great. It focuses on the arms and back; you will feel the burn! I also think planks are a great way to work your core and entire body. Here is a beginner workout video: If you could give one piece of advice to our readers, what would it be? It is never too late to start working out to living a healthier lifestyle. Start with one step at a time. If you drink 5 cans of soda a week slowly drop down to 2, then 1, then none. You can do it! If you only walk 5,000 steps a day, every week crank it up 1,000 steps! You will be at 10,000 in no time. There are so many inspiring health and fitness bloggers out there. Follow, be and get inspired!


rom model to yoga instructor, Tara has inspired many to live a life of fitness. As the creator of Strala Yoga, the face of Reebok’s new yoga lifestyle line, and the author of two top selling books, Tara shares how to bring a little Zen to your life.

Interviewed by Wendy Tran

Publications Manager, MESA How did you come from being a model to being a yoga instructor? When I was a kid, I taught myself how to meditate in the woods where I grew up in Illinois. I also danced ballet and contemporary dance so I was always a mover. I was introduced to yoga while at Conservatory, and related it to what I experienced in the woods as a kid and knew it was something that I wanted to share with anyone that was interested. Modeling was a big gift that happened along the way after high school. I was able to earn a living while pursuing all sorts of other interests. I realized there were a ton of misconceptions and so many presentations of yoga, and I realized there was an opportunity to bring more ease, freedom, and fun to the practice. I blogged, wrote books, made videos, and eventually created Strala. It was a very natural transition where everything is super interconnected. How can people incorporate yoga into their daily lives? I created hundreds of free videos on YouTube that people can do right from home any time. A lot of them are short and all of them are easy to follow. I created them so people with busy lives, which is most people these days, can get in their practice easily, wherever they are. What do you recommend to people who are interested in starting yoga? I have a number of routines titled gentle and relax. The main thing is to stay easy in your body and not worry about doing

movements perfectly; that way anyone can do any routine. The more you practice, the easier it becomes, and the better it feels. You’re the founder of Strala Yoga, the designer and face of Reebok’s yoga lifestyle line, the author of two top selling books, and you post videos onto your YouTube channel — how do you juggle all of those responsibilities? I do what is fun and what interests me. These two simple principles keep me aligned with what is inspiring and helps me direct my energy in the places I am guided to do so. Also staying organized is key. I make time for team building and seeing friends to stay connected and refuel inspiration. It's an every day all the time process. People always tell me I work too much, but I don't feel like I am working at all. I am careful to take good care of myself, eat well, get lots of sleep, and have my daily practice so I can be efficient. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned throughout your special career path? The biggest lesson is to follow my interests, allow goals to change and evolve, and allow my interests to guide me into new directions. Above all, it is to not be afraid of the unknown. My secret is to be open enough and conscious to refine what I offer and leave space for expansion and dreams to shift and grow. What is your motto for life? Make your own rules.


s a Canadian girl from North Bay, Ontario, Amanda Rusell had always dreamed of being something bigger than herself. Running was her outlet until tragedy struck one day. Learn about the hardships and triumphs that Amanda has faced and how fitness changed her life.

Interviewed by Wendy Tran Publications Manager, MESA

How did you get started with running? I started running because my dad was a runner. It was a sport that was easy and it required no equipment. I have always been really skinny my whole life, so my dad always put a positive spin on life saying that I had a runner’s body and that I should try running. I did just that and that was how I fell in love with running and I ran my way to the US with a scholarship.

You had your eyes set on competing in the Beijing 2008 Olympics but you suffered a career- ending injury, what happened? It was a stress fracture that cracked in the neck of my femur, which is a very rare injury. After the injury, I knew that I had to pick myself back up. For me, I realized how much fitness was a part of my life and I knew that that I had to get it back somehow even if it meant not being a world-class runner.

How did you come to the decision to pursue your MBA? After my injury, I moved to New York City and I worked in consulting. However, I knew that I wanted to find my way back to doing something I loved. I knew that I wanted to start my own brand and company. I didn’t come from money or connections. I did my MBA because it was my way to maintain living in New York City with a visa. It was a way for me to learn how to start a company, make connections, and build my credibility. Those three letters, MBA, mean a lot to women in the field. An MBA does not mean you are smarter than anyone else, but I am treated differently when I walk into a room full of executives where they know I have a MBA.

a couple of times initially but it is not going to last long term. You should never give up and if you ever get bored of routine, change it up!

How do you keep active on your lazy days? Motivation is one of those things that are different to everyone. Depending on the day, I find different motivations. For today, my body needs recovery. I remind myself that I know how much better I will feel after I get started. I start small with 10 minutes a day and build it up to half an hour. It’s amazing how your whole day will change and fitness becomes a part of your life.

What is the biggest diet or exercise myth you want to bust? There are so many myths out there but the one I want to bust is: there is one diet or one fitness plan that works for everyone. This myth was why I created my website, my fitness and nutrition plans. I believe that fitness and diets should be tailored around your life and more importantly, you.

What tips can you share about keeping active? You have to figure out what motivates you. If you like to exercise with people, you can take a class or if you prefer to work out by yourself, there are a million different videos on YouTube to exercise to. You need to find what works for you. If you set the goal of running every morning for an hour and you are not a morning person nor do you enjoy running, the plan may work

What advice could you share about eating right? Eating right is not about eating expensively or eating purely. It is also not about restricting what you eat because that often leads to people falling off their diets. You should not follow the latest fads in dieting such as not eating meat. You have to listen to your body and maintain balance. It is okay to have that piece of cake; don’t beat yourself up over it. If you beat yourself up, you will end up having food- relationship issues.

You are now living out your childhood dream of calling New York your home and teaching people how to be the leading characters in their own lives, so what are your future goals now? I am actually splitting my time between Los Angeles and New York right now. I am partnering with The Biggest Loser right now to build out the brand- Sex and the City meet fitness. It is to be the next generation of fitness where less emphasis is on weight loss and more on being men and women in the world living healthy lifestyles.

Scoring a Job

In Sports


With Scott McRoberts

s UTSC’s Director of Athletics and Recreation, Scott, along with an amazing staff, oversees all sports programing, playfields, and recreational spaces to help staff, faculty, and students live healthy and active lifestyles.

Interviewed by Inez Huang Publications Manager, MESA

What do students have to look forward to this year? We get to open our brand new, Toronto Pan-Am Aquatic Sport Center in 2014, which is a 400 000 square foot aquatic and athletic facility. With that coming, it’s going to be absolutely monumental and huge, the largest aquatic center in the country. In the spring, we will be starting construction on the new tennis center down in the valley as well. Which skills would a person pursuing sports management need? I always say, if I went back and did my Master’s again, I would do an MBA. I did a Master’s in sports management. At the same time, I think I am in this position because of the opportunities my Master’s gave me. That being said, you still need business acumen and background on how to approach a situation, and you definitely need to have people skills. It’s a big industry but a small industry at the same time, so having those contacts in the industry is key for success. It’s a fast paced industry – there hasn’t been one job that I’ve worked in that has been 9 – 5. Just having that business acumen in approaching everything is crucial. What is the most memorable event you have directed? A couple of them come to mind. I got to do the Sweet Sixteen Elite Eight for the NCAA March Madness Basketball in 2007. I have never done an event where the media controlled it so much. At any push of the button, CBS Television, that had the rights to the game, could delay the game. At one point, CBS didn’t like the shade of grey carpet at the venue. The venue had to spend $60 000 to do one less shade of grey of the carpet because it would appear different on television than the other places. Still, the shivers you got from the event with the students in there and the amount of athletes in there was just truly spectacular.

Scott McRoberts presented the Player of the Game Reward at the Germany vs. Czech Republic game at the 2011 World Juniors Hockey Championship.

I was also a part of the Board of Directors and Host Organizing Committee for the World Junior Hockey Championships in Buffalo in 2011. I grew up watching the World Juniors every Christmas. To be able to be on the Board of Directors, and be the only Canadian, was truly an honour. The easiest way to put this [in getting selected] is the seven degrees of separation. It went from a phone call to Saskatchewan to a phone call to Buffalo, to a meeting with the VP of the Buffalo Sabres and USA Hockey. The cool thing is, as I was waiting to meet the VP of Buffalo Sabres, when the door opened, it was Gary Betman that walked out, who is the commissioner for the NHL! They looked at me and said hello, so I thought, “Wow I’m walking into a room right after Gary Bettman and Bill Daly!” Working with the Buffalo Sabres and USA Hockey was an unbelievable experience. There were a lot of big people around the table, but nobody played the title card. Everybody, once they sat down at the table, was there to make things happen. At that time, it was the most successful World Juniors in history, in terms of sales and all that. It was a great event, other than Canada blowing a three goal lead in the third period to lose! How can students break into the sports management industry? It’s very important to have those connections in those industries, but it’s not impossible to get into the field without any. It really comes down to experience, so volunteering and internships. Also, there is the power of doing information interviews with people in the industry. You need to get involved and try different areas in the industries you’re interested in. That’s part of the pathway, to understand what you like and what you don’t like, and what’s interesting to you and what also challenges you. I think the falsest thing you say is, “I want to work for the Toronto Raptors. Why? Because I like basketball”. That’s not going to carry you far enough in an interview, nor is it going to carry you far enough in the industry. Beyond the passion is understanding the skill set and challenging yourself with the skillset at the same time. How can students support the athletics department? Keep giving us your feedback. We like to hear from you, so let us know what you would like to see. Tell us what you want, because we do listen. Feel free to contact us at


Advice on how to relieve stress in a fun way Written by Richard Liu 3rd Year Student, Guest Writer


ver have writer’s block? Too many assignments piled up? Is the weight of the world crashing down on you? There are times where taking a deep breath is simply not enough to get your head back into the game, here are some fun ways to kill that stress!


If you have a hobby that you love, you may very well need to take an hour or two to just relax and enjoy yourself. Pick up your sketchbook, camera, book or whatever it is and let your mind relax. This plan is even better if you have friends to do it with! Talking with someone about something non-work related will relax your mind but still keep it ready to get back to work!


Are you one of those people that like discussing a movie after it is finished? If so then this is another sure-fire way to relax and prep yourself to keep working. The relaxing comes along with the watching of the movie and spending time with friends; and afterwards you can exercise your brain by discussing with anyone! Whether you discuss the movies with your friends or write down your thoughts on a blog or Facebook, let someone know about what you think about the movie!


Physical exercise can keep your mind off of stress too, especially when playing sports with other people. A friendly competition and a good sweat followed by a quick shower will ease many troubles. Soon you’ll feel ready to take on the world again! Just remember as always, take everything in moderation and do not overwork your body. If you’re going to exercise by yourself then make sure you don’t dwell on your problems. For example, instead of taking the treadmill, take a jog outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Video Games

Homemade Stress Balls You need: yarn, cardboard, black sharpie, flour, funnel, balloons 1. To make the stress ball, stretch a balloon over the funnel, pouring in flour. Tie it off and draw a smiley. 2. To add the pom-pom hair, see 3. Tie on the pom-pom and you now have a fun way to relieve your stress.

Video games are a great way to relieve stress but it is very important what game you choose to play. Stay away from games that make you frustrated or angry, either case does very little to help relieve stress. Also stay away from games that you find addictive as they may end up sapping all your time. For example, games to stay away from include Call of Duty or League of Legends which promote aggressive behaviour or certain mobile games, like Candy Crush, which research has shown to have addictive qualities. Playing something happy, perhaps with the smiling face of your favourite mascot is always a good choice! Like Pikachu!

Tip #1: The key here is to do something fun, enjoyable or refreshing while keeping your brain active. Anything that keeps your head thinking but away from sources of stress works too! Tip #2: Doing anything with friends tends to work as stress relievers as long as you are all trying to enjoy yourselves! Even something as simple as playing cards with friends will do the trick! Something to remember: Don’t play mindless video games or games that are too repetitive, because it may put your mind to sleep and cause you to think of your problems and sources of stress. The same applies to watching too many movies at once. You may shut off your brain and that most certainly won’t help you in being productive!


...with Professor Brown Interviewed by Inez Huang Publications Manager, MESA


raham Brown has been teaching Event and Sponsorhip Management at UTSC for the past 8 years. He is the CEO for Rugby Canada, overseeing one of Ontario’s fastest growing sports. He works closely with youth to grow the game of rugby in Canada and bring it to an international level. What is the funniest/most embarrassing story your family tells What are some current projects you are working on? We are currently working on our men’s and women’s Olympic 7s about you? programs and preparing to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. I have always been a fairly serious person both growing up and A lot of preparation and planning goes into both the qualification as an adult. However, my family always finds time when everyone is together to talk and laugh about my driving. I have a penchant process and the preparation. for fender benders and no one in our family will let me drive their car. All this new technology in cars has made things worse. Now, Besides rugby, what other sports do you enjoy? I enjoy basketball and hockey. My three children (6-year-old boy, my family does everything they can not to even drive with me. I 10-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy) are all involved in sports; spend a lot of time in the passenger seat whenever my wife and my daughter also loves to dance. So lot of time watching and kids are with me. enjoying them playing hockey, basketball, soccer, and rugby.

What winter Olympic sports are you looking forward to? Which sports do you think will become more popular? I am really looking forward to both Bobsleigh and Luge. I am friends with Heather Moyse (Gold Medal in Vancouver in 2010 in ) as she also plays rugby for Canada (15s and 7s). Heather is looking to win gold again in Sochi in the 2 person bobsleigh as a brakeman. Arianne Jones who is competing in the women’s luge singles in Sochi is a friend’s daughter and I know how hard she has worked to make the Canadian Olympic team. So, both these events (along with men’s and women’s hockey of course) will all be on my must see list during the games.

If you could live one moment over again, which moment would it be? I have been fortunate to have many great moments in my life. However, if I could live one moment over, it would be the county football finals in high school and the moment when I threw the interception that lost the game. I would not throw that pass if I could do it all over again. What advice do you have for students to get more involved and active? My advice to students is to find as many ways to get involved in volunteering as you possibly can. The best students will be those that combine being bright with being active in their community and giving time – often when time appears very difficult to give. I cannot tell you how many resumes resonate with me, not because of the education (rarely does it say on a resume what mark you received – only the degree obtained) but because of the volunteer roles that are normally presented on the resume. Giving back in one form or another through volunteerism demonstrates qualities that are often what differentiates one another both in terms of getting hired and in terms of getting promoted. Citizenship is so important long term.

Guest Writers UTSC Students

Best of the Best Winter Olympic Sports Guest Writers UTSC Students

With the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics just around the corner, UTSC students share what sports they can not wait to catch this winter!

Figure skating is my favourite Olympic sport. The sportswear is fashionable and the array of choreography never ceases to amaze me. It seems effortless as figure skaters successfully perform multiple jump and spin combinations. However, from experience, trying to merely balance on ice is already difficult. Skaters train for countless hours every day, continuously falling with neither padding nor helmet, mastering difficult routines meanwhile trying to look elegant and graceful. That is something that I admire. - Gloria Meng, 1st Year Student

My favourite winter olympic sport would be downhill skiing as it displays the amount of control and practice each athlete has in perfecting their skill. As a skier myself, I understand the level of concentration and difficulty to maintain a winding path at high velocities. Kudos! -Tony Ko, 1st Year Student

I'm not too big on the Winter Olympics but what caught my attention was the hockey match between Canada and the U.S. at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. That match made me feel very lively, and patriotic at the same time, not something I usually feel when I watch winter sports. So that being said, I actually really look forward to another match between Canada and the U.S. because it was so crazy! - Jennifer Zhang, 3rd Year Student

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