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Two homes… A true love story♥ It all started when two young men fell in love at school…

He proposed marriage and got married…

I love you♥

I am the luckiest man in the world

With the passage of time had children

Eliu simpson had a friend named Marco Flanders

They were highly sought after by women

They returned very tired from work and wanted to do what they wanted…

Zabdy Simpson and Alondra Flanders were tired of the attitudes of their husbands

They decided to talk to them about what happened

They accepted their mistakes

Over Time‌

I think they have reason compadre our wives

Valerie Simpson is in love with Antoni Flanders

Messrs. Simpson and Messrs. Flanders were very happy because their children would marry someday

The children married and the two families lived happily ever after‌

The end

Eliu and Zabdy  

Simpson comic

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