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The Cartoon!

Change your mind

Rol#. 14 & 19 Gpo.305

By. Anniela O. Gutiérrez Ramos & Javier A. García González

There was a bad man, I'd say the worst. His name was mimind, He had a special power; he could get into the minds of others and force them to do things. Bad things

He Used People Like Puppets!

He was always angry, and when he got bored first thing he thought was causing harm to others.

I hate this stuffed animal AAAH!

JAJA, that was me!

One day mimind got bored of upset people that way, and began to think of another way to do evil.

I have to think in something else, something bad, worse and fun FOR ME!

So it happened‌

I have the best idea. and not only will cause a few problems, now will cause problems for the Planet There are small problems, but they affect everyone a little

He put his plan in practice:

It was so easy, I just steal the consciousness of others, and they get started: to spend the water, throw trash on the ground, polluting the air, among other things, and today the world is horrible. JAJAJA

He was enjoying watching the prank when a few yellow characters appeared.

Wow! Who are you? Hello, we come from the future, we were looking for you


The yellow's, convinced mimind to enter: a time machine now, he will see everything!

the yellow's, were showing the planet in the future....

on the beach:

what is this?

this is only what remains of our beaches, the sand is covered with garbage, and water is now dirty.

In the city.. I can’t see anything

no, you can, this is the city, no trees, and if there is a lot of pollution, many cars and many factories, we can no longer breathe clean air, so there are no street children, no children playing

the yellow's, was taken to a place where I could drink water, and when he try to drink more than one glass, lots of lasers pointed out

OMG! What is happening now?

When they returned to the future, Mimind promised to change their thinking, and returned the consciousness that he took from the people.

So, try to change your person, because the future is on your hands!

Anniela and Javier  

save the world, story

Anniela and Javier  

save the world, story