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Getting Importance of Fertilization for Trees Plants and trees require water and nutrients for faster growth and yield. Deep root irrigation is helpful for plant survival. People are advised to do a test on the soil before preparing for the next crop. They need to provide the appropriate fertilizer only for plants growth.

Trees are very important to provide oxygen as well as for offering fruits in residential and commercial complexes. Plants in farming lands offer vegetables, flowers and fruits, which are essential for human survival. Maintenance is necessary for survival of these essential plants and trees. Plants and trees do not ask for water and nutrients. They are highly hungry. Plants consume lot of water. We should understand the nutrient requirements for plants and trees and provide sufficient nutrients. Landscapes in our backyard are generally in the top soil. However, plants and trees in rural areas have deep root down below the top soil. Citygreen Canada tells us how it is necessary to follow special instructions to provide fertilizers for the plants at such a root level.

Methods of Applying Fertilizers at Deep Root Level Fertilizers should not be applied directly to the stem of the tree. You can apply granular fertilizer into the holes that are drilled around the plants or trees. A probe can be used to inject liquid fertilizers about 8 to 10 inches below the top soil. Fertilizer stakes can also be pushed below

the grass into the ground. Make sure to drill the holes about 8 to 10 feet away from the tree’s stem.

Plants, which are fed with deep root fertilizers, have high rate of survival. Fertilizers can be purchased at hardware, home or garden stores. People are advised to choose water insoluble nitrogen for trees such as spruces and pines. It is better to use slow release fertilizers for plants and trees. People are advised not to provide fertilizers immediately after planting the trees. You need to wait till they have established roots and live.

Water is very important apart from fertilizers for the Citygreen plants. It is necessary to make the soil fertile and fit for the next crop. People are advised to do a test on the soil quality. It is very important after two to three crops. You can provide animal residue in the top soil to enrich the soil with necessary nutrients. One of the advantages of deep root fertilizers is that the same fertilizer can be used repeatedly by the plants.

Getting Importance of Fertilization for Trees