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Globes for kids are a good educational toy. I am amazed at how my 6 year old can easily find his way around the globe now. Don't get me wrong he does not know all the countries and capitals yet but for his age he is doing pretty well. Don't laugh, but he is actually a lot better than his 37 year old Mom. Geography was never my strongest subject. I am learning whilst helping the boys with their Globes for kids, or are they helping me, I am not sure who is helping who to be honest! I started buying globes for kids at an early age, Harry got his first one when he was about 2 and a half. This was a VTech globe that has now been passed on to Harry's younger brother, Sam. Sam knows where his Grandma lives and where we live. One of the other places he has learned to point out is Madagascar - the interest in Madagascar is thanks to the movie. Harry now has the Leapfrog Explorer Globe which is a lot more advanced. It even tells you the population, currency and lots of facts about the different countries. We like the Leapfrog Globe because it has quiz games on it too where more than one player can play. To be honest, we have not used it yet to it's full potential due to the fact that it's been a crazy Christmas in our house this year. When a country comes on the TV, they both get their Globes for kids out and we find it together. Mind you, to be honest over the last few days their Globes have not been put up high on the shelves where they are normally kept, because Mom is having to get them down every hour!

To See my boys own review on their Globes for kids visit Globes For Kids also please feel free to visit my blog Mom Is Blogging. There are loads of toys out there that can educate our kids at the same time as giving them fun. I am starting to learn that these ones are the better choices. Hayley L Hewitt

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The Leapfrog Globe to Enhance Your Childs Learning  

A great trick to help your kids learn while having fun