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User and Non User Happiness


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visualising / prototyping skills & aptitudes in a range of media & formats (SK) experience of costing projects and fee negotiation (PP) knowledge of design sectors + creative industries (EM) experience and understanding of legislation + regulations (EM) experience of design budgets + account management (EM) understanding of the imperatives of professional practice (VV)


In providing service to others I will better myself


experience of design research, analysis & synthesis (SK) experience of planning + managing project activity (SK) experience of managing client relationships and collaboration (PP) experience of project procurement + client consultation (EM) awareness + practice of user centred design (VV)

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I have a mission to help others

I rule my life using my moral values

My belief in society means I want to help others

When selecting my team, I always pick good people

I believe working with a team will help me win

My current experience of life will help me move forward

I have a large and useful network of friends

I am going to make a positive difference in my life

My motivation is based on my team winning

I have the courage to make what I do a success

I am in charge of my own destiny

People say I am very creative

It is very satisfying to work through a problem

I like to think of new Sslutions for problems

I am always corning up with new ideas

I like to compare my performance with others

I have a vision of where I will be in 5 years time



I can easily see the opportunity which I will be good at



I know what benefits I can get out of the things I am doing

knowledge & experience of process, component & production technology (SK) experience of team leadership + management (PP) experiance of a wide range of projects + scales of innovation (PP) experience in planning continuing professional development (EM) experience of design practice marketing + promotion (EM) awareness + appreciation of key design futures and innovation trends (VV) commitment to the advancement of design knowledge, expertise + value (VV)

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I like to concentrate on things I am doing

I like to set and keep targets

My time management is excellent

I am very action oriented

social beliefs values


team right person strengths weaknesses

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Advanced Studies in Interior Design

ego destiny difference





Negotiated Theory: Visual Culture

creativity ideas solutions

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Mo3aic Studio

advantage opportunities options benefits





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Connect with Nature

focus target concentrate


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awareness of diverse & global range of design cultures & languages (SK) aptitude in compiling interim + summative design presentations (SK) experience of design process + methodologies (PP) understanding + practice of ethical business standards (VV) subscription to policies + standards of ethical design (VV)


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Urban Living

Final Negotiated Major Project


Resign from Call Centre Day Job

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Attend Sketching classes


Use & Resue of Design


IF NOT DONE - Resign from day Job!

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Future Planning

Curious ity

Media City End of Year Exhibition

ni Commu

Free Range: Brick Lane London Exhibition

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Client Needs

Product Intelligence vs User Intelligence

Enter Full Time Studio



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Professional Design Frameworks 3

UoS Interior Design Creative Calendar 2012/13 Martin Coward

UoS Interior Design Creative Direction 2012/13 Martin Coward

UoS Interior Design: Entrepreneurial Assets 2012/13

Martin Coward

UoS Interior Design: Personal Review of Creative + Enterprise Practice 2012/13 Martin Coward

UoS Interior Design: Priotitised Continuing Professional Development 2012/13 Martin Coward

Creative Dashboard  

This is a dashboard of compiled elements which go some way to help brand my professional identity. As the next few years this progress this...

Creative Dashboard  

This is a dashboard of compiled elements which go some way to help brand my professional identity. As the next few years this progress this...