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Romulo Pires- Top Brazilian Model

Brazil is known for a few things, its hot Amazon rainforest, and its even hotter models. Some famous models that have called Brazil home include Izabel Goulart, Isabeli Fontani, Alessandro Ambrosio, Gisele Bundchen and Romulo Pires. 

Born on June 6, 1983 of Brazilian and Italian ancestry, Romulo never had ambitions for a modeling career until a talent scout told him he had modeling skill. From there he entered a model search held by Elite Model Management of Brazil, and went on to win first place. 

Two years later, Karl Lagerfeld came calling and Romulo Pires ’ modeling career shot off into space. Romulo says he doesn’t necessarily have one single favorite designer, but if he had to choose? It would be Karl Lagerfeld hands down. “He is one of the biggest and kindest people I have ever met,” Romulo said. 

And what has modeling done for Romulo? Taken him all around the world, in fact, for free! Yes, his impeccable, chiseled jaw has shown him the world. He has learned English, and some Italian and French, as well. Some of the famous designers and brands he has worked with include Gucci, the aforementioned Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavali, Zara, Guess, Pepe Jeans, Cartier, Macy’s, Target, Nieman Marcus, and so many more.

With many brothers and sisters (four altogether) on his mother’s side, and eight brothers and sisters on his father’s side, he has strengthened the family core by helping them financially through his modeling career. He is very proud of this, and so his mother. His mother has told him that God has a plan for each one of us, and for Romulo, it is modeling.

And his dating life? Romulo Pires’ advice is simple, “Do your very best to find someone who cares about you.� In this world with seven billion people, this is something everyone has a hard time accomplishing, but, just like with modeling, if you work hard at it, the odds will eventually fall in your favor.

Having seen the world a few times over, you wouldn’t think that Romulo Pires would necessarily have a favorite place to shoot. So what about someplace he’s never been? “Mount Everest,” he exclaims matter-of-factly. “It’s on my bucket list of places to shoot, though it probably will never be possible.” With this model’s good luck and great looks? Surely, nothing is impossible.


Romulo Pires- Top Brazilian Model  

Romulo Pires never had ambitions for a modeling career until a talent scout told him he had modeling skill. From there he entered a model se...

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