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Brazilian Mega Model Romulo Pires works with Top Hollywood Celebrities

Romulo Pires, considered to be among Brazil’s modeling “Royalty,” has worked with some of Hollywood’s top-notch celebrities on magazine editorials. Since his career breakthrough in 2001, Romulo has been the golden boy for some of the most luxurious brands on the planet. Some of his ad campaigns include working for Valentino, Gucci, Pepe Jeans, Carolina Herrera, Cavali Classic, Chanel, Lagerfeld, Ck1, Christian Lacroix, and still a host of others. 

When asked about his life as a model, Romulo replied, “I didn’t always want to be a model. As a good Brazilian I always wanted to be a soccer player. But modeling gave me the chance to see the world and learn that life can be full of surprises.” 

Romulo Pires Mingles with Celebrities

Romulo Pires worked with Madonna, iconic American musician and actress, in “W” magazine for a shoot titled, “Blame it on Rio.” Since the shoot, he has become even more famous for a kiss he gave Madonna during shooting. He said, “The kiss was very professional.” The editorial was photographed by Steven Klein.

Where He’s Been and Where He’d Like to Go

Romulo Pires enjoys traveling the world to model in exotic locations. His stellar career has given him the opportunity to visit nearly every corner of the globe, including Japan, Paris and Milan. As a high-end fashion model working with famous, iconic photographers and luxury brands, Romulo’s image has been captured nearly everywhere. However, there is still one place he would like to visit and shoot, and that is the inclement, unlikely Himalayas. This mountain range (the highest in the world) spans six countries and is home to none other than, Mount Everest. Romulo Pires adores the history of the Himalayas, and a visit there, he says, though improbable, is still a wish he will always hold dear

About Romulo Pires:

Romulo Pires is a Brazilian born model with dozens of campaign credits to his name. He has shot for brands like Carolina Herrera, Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and a host of others. In addition to modeling, he loves hanging out with friends and going to the theater, being with his family, and playing soccer.


Brazilian mega model romulo pires works with top hollywood celebrities