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Heart Beats "Heart Beats" includes a collection of poems, straight away from my heart. In my blog "Heart Beats", I've penned the beautiful feelings of love and friendship.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Bliss of Love My heart moved along a canyon, A canyon so beautiful like Eden. I saw the chirping canaries and the blooming buds, Berries were sweeter than ever, And the Cherubs played the bugle. My heart was frisking in the valley I gazed wonderingly over this whim Then the breeze whispered and the poppies giggled, "Its the spell of the cupid, The magical spell of Love". I ransacked the valley for my love, I found him in the midst of the tulips, I ran across him frenziedly, He cuddled me and twirled, Our eyes were wet with tears of bliss. "Love is sweeter, when its true", Sang the cuckoos in harmony.

Our love was honored day and night, The Cherubs poured their blessings, And the fairies spilled their love. We heard the ringing wedding bells, And the charming wedding hymns. Merrily,we stepped the florid path, To move along the wedding arbor, To move along the bliss of love. Posted by Merry Pius at 10:27 Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook


1. anshad lebba12 July 2011 12:28 Behanayooo.., it's great, nice theme too.. ur attempt is realy superb and appreciable.. u can increase ur skill and Ability my support will always with u behanayoo.. keep it up.. ReplyDelete

2. binish neelanchery12 July 2011 21:07 Welcome to the world of bloggingg.......nice onee.... ReplyDelete

3. opendairy12 July 2011 21:33 nice one ...keep writing ReplyDelete

4. Eddie12 July 2011 21:53

Hi Merry ! nice... keep writing the mystic feeling of the poem... ReplyDelete

5. Merry Pius13 July 2011 09:44 Thankzz a looot for ur support ma buddiezz... :) ReplyDelete

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''Bliss of Love'' is my first poem portrait & I've penned the magical impact of love

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