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merryn williams interior design

I T D S 2 0 54 P o r t f o l i o | S p r i n g 2018

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o r n e r s





C r e a ti o n



is a housewares retail space in a revitalized neighborhood in Memphis, TN solely featuring the work of local Tennessee artisans. Sustainable, locally sources materials and dedication to carefully executed craft connect all of the vendors. The feel, materials choices, and layout of the store act as a backdrop for the products, placing

the work at the forefront.


The fixture layout of the store was designed to initiate a circular path around the space to the various displays. Each display was designed for a specific type of product, such as hand-made furniture or ceramic vessles, with the ability to be shifted and adjusted to accomodate new vendors or changes in supply.


NTS SSSSS: 1/8” = 1’-0”


Section 1 NTS


Plan View

Section 2




A perspectve view of the front corner of the store, where the interactive creative space is. This gives customers the opportunity to interact with the various artisans who's work is sold in the store. This further connects the buyer to the product that they're purchasing for thier homes.


The opposite front corner of the store, featuring the handmade furniture display which can be viewed from the exterior or interior.


D iss o l u ti o n C u r i o u sit y


and and

R e s o l u ti o n C o n t r a st

C u r i o u sit y Interior



and a



C o n t r a st artistic


Dale Chihuly's glass artwork embodies a feeling of wonder, play, curiosity and excitement. His use of bright colors and organic, asymetrical forms inspired by nature create a dinamic finished product that can be viewed from many angles, and interact with the environment in which they are placed. The feature wall of the space was created to provide a display for one of Chihuly's hanging scultures, as well as a place for viewers to sit, complete will slightly tilted backs for more a comfortable experince. The material choice and form were informed by nature, specifically a tree: a sturdy, bulky, wooden structure to contrast the delicate shapes of the glass sculpture, which resembles flowers.



Plan View NTS

Recessed lighting into the underside of the beams illuminates the sculture in the absense of natural light. The wall is places across from a large window, and receives natural light for most of the day.

Arm rests on a hinge that disappear into the backing of the bench seating.

Angled bench back for user comfort and exhibit viewing ease.

Section View NTS



a t r y o s h k a St.


P e t e r sb u r g ,

R u ssi a

A symbol of tradition, heritage, and culture.

One of the most famous icons of Russia's old, traditional culture is the Russian Nesting Doll. This restaurant's design found its influences in elegant and well-known form of the dolls; curved lines, natural materials such as multiple wood tones, and the use of red and deep gold as accents. The curved seating features a round table, nestled into the booth as a reflection of the way the dolls fit together. This nod to Russian tradition also ties in the experience of the cuisine; classic cultural dishes with a modern, high end twist. Most commonly painted on the dolls were floral designs, featuring bright red flowers such as poppies, as well as decorative greenery. Red and gold, conveniently, have been found to be appetite inducing colors that also trigger an increased positive mood. The overall air of the restaurant is bright and colorful.


The poppy mural in the back wall of the restaurant acts as both a datum and focal point, as well as a way to visually connect the floor to the ceiling in such a large space. The poppy is a reference to the detailed floral design on the bodies of traditional nesting dolls.


Red, green and yellow, in addition, enhance appetite and contribute greatly the the feel of the restaurant and the experience of the guests.

BUNGALOW BIEGE SW 7511 Sherwin Williams Surface Paint

HABANERO CHILE SW 7589 Sherwin Williams Surface Paint

Pure White SW 7005 Sherwin Williams Surface Paint

Lounge Armchair Split TON Design Group 363 374 Upholstery Fabric: SUNSHINE

Table Leaf 443 TON Design Group 441423 Finish: Coffee

Double by ALMA Light ARCHITONIC, Spain 1277329 Glass, Stainless Steel

Hickory- Evolving Mocha SAHRR39L4EM Armstrong Flooring SUNSHINE E54-5141 LUNA Textiles Upholstery Fabric

Medieval Oak Architexture Mohawk Group Hardwood

Custom booth seating informed by the curvalinear form of the nesting dolls.



F irst F loor P lan V iew NTS

F irst F loor P lan V iew NTS


Section 1 NTS

The placement of the curved tables creates a unique path of movement through the space. Guests meander through the dining space to thier table or booth, and in the process get to see more of the restaurant rather than walking from the lounge immediatly to a seat. The experience is elevated even more once guests arrive at the mezzanine, which gives a full view of the curved Section 2

seating below.




The main dining room; view from the mezzanine level of the restaurant.

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Spring 2018 Interior Design Portfolio  

A look into my work during the spring semester of 2018 in 2nd year studio.

Spring 2018 Interior Design Portfolio  

A look into my work during the spring semester of 2018 in 2nd year studio.