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What is alcohol addictionor Drug abuse? This refers to the use of a drug for other reasons other than the intended medical use. Excessive use of other substances also has a bad effect on its user. How many times do you take a cup of coffee? do you know that excessive intake is an abuse and harmful to your health? Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are some of the drugs abused by people for varied reasons.Alcohol addiction is a behavior which starts from an experiment, and develops to a normal life behavior as time goes. Most of those using it will tell you that at first it was just for fun but now it’s a mandatory and even forcing some addicts to look for alcohol rehabilitation centers. Drug addicts have varied reasons as to the use of drugs, one of the influences is based upon their childhood development; ineffective parenting, chaotic parenting and lack of parental attachment is one of the reasons that will influence a child into drugs. A home where the parents are always in a quarrel in front of the kids, the kids get affected and some will become frustrated to the extent of seeking other solutions to deviate from this frustration. Some kids will easily fall into this trap since there is no one concerned to advise them on what is right and wrong. This cause many children to end up in alcohol treatment schools. Some people just have poor social skills, some can’t even stand in the midst of their friends and talk, they need the company of their friends but due to lack of self-confidence they shy away from their friends.Such kind of behavior influences one into alcohol and Drug abuse.As Society we have problems with psychological inflicted knowledge that the use of Drugs or other substances removes shyness or fear; they are all in our thinking none of this is true. As much as each drug has different physiological effect they all a common disastrous effect, they affect your brains normal pathway. These substances alter the areas of the brain responsible for memory, learning, self-control, judgment and emotional regulation. One of the most dangerous effects of drugs is denial; this is an unconscious defense mechanism on the excessive need of it and the effects it has on you. Most will say they are in control but contrary they are being controlled. The first step for quitting drug abuse is accepting that you have a problem the next step is seeking support from family members or friends and going for alcohol rehabilitation.

Alcohol rehabilitation  

Alcohol rehabilitation is important for alcohol addicted people. Alcohol addiction can reduce the control of our body. For gaining control o...

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