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How to Spot Fake Isabel Marant Sneakers The Isabel Marant design features creative use of fabric, intricate attention to details in production, solid dyeing, sturdy embroidery, amongst other commendable technical skills. Isabel Marant is not bold or flagrant, but a style that is both laid-back and eye-catching. Overall appearance: Genuine Isabel Marant sneakers are made with a combination of premium quality suede leather and sheep skin. You’ll find your feet encased in an incredible softness, with a classic outlook showcasing a perfect combination of colors. On the other hand, replicas are often made of cheap, rough leather. The offending material used are usually fiber leather and artificial leather, which is hard and coarse, and with appalling coloration. Shoes Outsole: The sole of a genuine sneaker is beige with the ‘Isabel Marant’ logo and shoe size embossed in the middle. The beige sole is made with anti-slipping material. A replica will have a yellowish sole with four indentations as well as an aberrant pattern. The much thicker sole on a replica also serves as an indication of the authenticity of products a website is selling.

Shoes Insole: A genuine Isabel marant sneaker insole is made from premium cowhide, which is distinctly off-white in color. The particular material breathes, making it comfortable to wear, even for a long period of time without socks. The replica is made with a combination of mesh cloth and cheap artificial leather which is distinctly apparent once you put it on. The fine elegant font of the Isabel Marant logo can be found printed on the genuine cream colored midsole, much in contrast with the broad lettering on a replica.

Another important point is that there is a ‘Genuine Leather Verification’ tag sewn on the fastener whilst no such label is found on the replica.

Toe Cap: On a genuine item, the area marked ‘A’ on the toe cap is made with soft and pliant sheep skin, whereas the same area on a replica is made with rigid and tough fiber leather which cracks easily. The circled area marked ‘B’on a genuine Isabel Marant sneaker has stitching between its sheep skin layers that looks elegant and flowing. The same feature on a replica is done with fiber leather resulting in a shabby appearance. A genuine sneaker will make its wearer look chic and fashionable with its flat and pointy toe box whilst a replica has a rounder shape and appears to curl upwards that is similar to basketball boots. The overall outlook definitely does not accentuate a woman’s beautiful legs.

Ankle Height: The suede leather that makes up area ‘A’ and ‘B’ on a genuine shoe has a considerable width than the haphazardly sewn together fiber leather on a replica. There is also foam cushioning in the area marked ‘C’, giving the shoe depth and form while a replica lacks this


eature. Shoe Fasteners: There are deviations between genuine and replica Isabel Marant shoe fasteners as well.

While the genuine fasteners are narrower and have a certain space between them, creating a sense of layering, combining that with a flat toe cap effectively makes the shape of the shoe chicly slimming. The replica has wide fasteners, the lack of spaces in-between the fasteners make the overall appearance flat, and in turn makes the shoes look clownish and uncouth. Another difference between genuine and replica is the buckle. The buckles on a genuine Isabel Marant shoe are consistent with the brand’s laid back style, they are bronze whilst the replica shoe, which is of a dissident style bearing eye-soring silvery white buckles. Shoes Velcro: The velcro/magic tape also varies on genuine and replica Isabel Marant shoes. Considering that its laid-back style and the color of a genuine Isabel Marant shoe are consistent with that of the body of the shoe, the replica often comes with a brightly colored and lower quality material. Shoes Tongue: The tongue is made with sheep skin if the shoe is genuine, it’ll be plump and comfy. It is soft to the touch and unlike the replica, there is no shoe size printed on the tongue. The replica shoe tongue on the other hand, is made with artificial leather. It lacks the full thickness of a genuine one and is rigid, it is possible to cut into the wearer’s skin while walking in it, which makes it very uncomfortable to wear.

Another significant point to note is that the genuine shoe will have the words ‘Made in Portugal’ printed on the inside of the tongue, which is nowhere to be found on the replicas.

Packaging: Genuine Isabel Marant sneakers come in a logo stamped dust proof bag, whereas the replicas come in a simple non woven bag.

Besides the above mentioned points, both the shape and the feel of the designs are different between a genuine product and a replica. The genuine sneakers does not damage your feet.

How to spot fake isabel marant sneakers  
How to spot fake isabel marant sneakers  

The Isabel Marant design features creative use of fabric, intricate attention to details in production, solid dyeing, sturdy embroidery, amo...