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Merritt Heilman Select Works

Merritt Heilman 7265 Black Abbey Ct. Dublin, OH 43017 614 769 1976 | Education:


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design Expected Graduation|2020

Ronald McDonald House, Columbus, OH|2017 Food Pantry, The Bronx, New York, NY|2015 Relay for Life, Team Member|2009-2014 Habitat for Humanity, Muskegon, Michigan,

Dublin Coffman High School, Dublin, OH AP Scholar with Honors|2014-2015 Graduated with Honors Diploma|2015 Graduated Summa Cum Laude|2015


Work Experience: Chute Gerdeman

Christian Church in Ohio State Officer|2014-2015 State Youth Convention Attendee|2013-2015 United Nations Seminar Attendee|2015 Camp Christian Attendee|2009-2015 Camp Christian Jr. Counselor|2013-2014

Materials & Architectural Design Studio Co-Op|Spring 2017, Fall 2017

Responsible for assisting designers with material selection and specification. Ensuring the scheduling of materials is accurate and complete. Assists with design documentation in Revit of architecture and fixture details.

Personal Nanny Caretaker|2015-2016

Care for children during weekdays to ensure their safety. Required the children be held responsible for their chores. Engaged in games, crafts and other activities with the children.

Target Corporation Seasonal Cashier|2015-2016

Efficiently check out customers while ensuring a positive shopping experience, inform customers on deals around the store, encourages customers to sign up for “Target Red” debit or credit cards.

week long build|2014

University of Cincinnati University Chapter of IIDA Member|2015-Present DAAP SAID Instagram Contributor|Present

St. Andrew Christian Church Youth Group Member|2009-2014 Nursery Attendant|2014-2016 BalletMet Columbus Dance Academy BalletMet’s The Nutcracker Cast Member|2013-2014 Intensive Student (8+ classes/week)|2013-2015 Dance Student (BalletMet, Columbus DanceArts Academy, Dublin Dance Centre)|1999-2015


Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Auto CAD Hand Rendering Hand Drafting Microsoft Office Model Building Revit Rhinoceros


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Livewell Collaborative Folly Insertion Airport Restaurant Tech Store Flagship

Furniture Design-Build Progress


General Lighting Fixture Progress

Hand Rendering


Livewell Collaborative

Objective: The Livewell Collaborative has grown out of the existing office space. The Innovation Hub in Cincinnati has space for the organization that they are to occupy. Reaction: Create flexibile studios that are lockable from the entry and public collaborative space. Integrate storage units that make a heavy division between the public and private sectors. The concept model reflections inspire the floating lights and high gloss epoxy floors by being what connects the office like a thread both overhead and under foot.

Concept Model

View of touchdown space from kitchen

Floor Plan

Reflected Ceiling Glow Plan

View of Entry

Interior Section

Furniture and Materials

View of Studio



Objective: In a group of eight students, design and construct a structure at human scale utilizing the qualities of both pine and MDF. Reaction: We developed a design focused on the diagonal. Using vertically standing panels set at different angles in order to create different amounts of privacy and densities when looking into the space. As a body moves through the space they experience varying amounts of light passing between the panels.

Notched Roof Detail

Iteration Process



Objective: Create an insertion for DAAP’s Alms building for students and faculty to enjoy. Reaction: Focusing on the need for a more convenient critique space, I developed an insertion that created a critique space both inside the studio and somewhere beyond the studio. The spaces also double as a leisure space where students can take breaks from their work and enjoy the sun.

Iteration Process

Blue: Pin-up Space

Red: Social Space

Purple: Multi-purpose


Airport Restaurant Chute Gerdeman Fall 2017 Co-op Semester

Fixture Documentation: I helped to develop a new detail for the attachment of a brand fixture. The client asked if the detail could be shared with the brand to potentially become the millwork standard.

Documentation: This was the first project in which I was completely responsible for documenting in Revit at Chute Gerdeman. I was responsible for the entire documentation set under the ADS project lead.

Fixture Documentation


Revit Documentation: Myself under Morgan Sassler

Fixture & Equipment Plan

Finish Plan 3DS Max Rendering: Chute Gerdeman DDL Team


Tech Store Flagship Chute Gerdeman Fall 2017 Co-op Semester

Objective: Create a reduced footprint for a large tech retail brand in India and focus on speaker and headphone sales. Reduce the appearance of a curated experience by showing all stock on the sales floor.

Reaction: The team designed sleek fixtures with an option for lockable doors and slatwall to increase on-floor storage. The fixtures were specifically designed for the amount of stock the brand intended to house.


Fixture Documentation

Revit Documentation: Hannah Namenyi and Myself

Sketchup Rendering: Jeff Wietrzykowski + Laura Back

Conflict: The lead designer on the project had designed a backlit acrylic panel system incorporating horizontal standards. After delivering the design intent set, the client asks for the specification of these standards, so it became my responsibility to contact vendors to find a product that would hold the panels and support removeable shelves. Resolution: I contacted Vitra, knowing they had the Invisibile line. They were able to fulfill the client’s request for an in stock product and could ship from Germany to India that week.

Vitra Invisible 6

Sketchup Rendering: Jeff Wietrzykowski + Laura Back

Fixture Documentation


Furniture Design-Build In-Progress

Objective: Design and construct a seat for someone who tends to sit on the floor in front of a coffee table that supports their back and allows them to shift their body to more comfortable positions. Reaction: Create a platform and removeable rods that support the back. The rods can roll upon the knit seat back and be tucked into the platform. The platform includes hardware so that it can be hung on the wall and is narrow enough to be pushed under a coffee table, or couch.

Full Scale Mock-up


General Lighting Fixture In-Progress

Objective: Design a light fixture to be used in a laundry cafe over a folding table. The light is to enable users to detect stains and color match clothes.

Reaction: A rod suspended at one point where one end is the LED tube and the other is a counter balance weight. This weight can be adjusted, so that the light will hang at varying angles. I intend to incoorproate an additional element that speaks to the installation in a laundry cafe. I am currently exploring the idea of the clothes line.


Hand Rendering

A display of my drawing skills in pastels, pen and graphite. Each drawing took approximately 10 hours to complete.

The Last Judgement: A collection of panels pinned up to reveal Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement. In red is my panel rendered in pastels.

Piranesi Space Study: A pen drawing representing an infinate space inspired by Piranesi’s etchings.

A Painting Reconstructed: To the left is my graphite interpretation of the space in the painting below. The space is shown as a rendered section and plan. Fra Carnevale’s The Annunciation

Thank you.

614 769 1976 |

Merritt Heilman Interior Design Select Works 2018  

A collection of works from Merritt Heilman's study at University of Cincinnati's DAAP.

Merritt Heilman Interior Design Select Works 2018  

A collection of works from Merritt Heilman's study at University of Cincinnati's DAAP.