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Creating brand recognition through PR Muriel Molloy Merrion BD

What is PR? • • • • • •

Relationship building Finding and utilising key journalists Organising 1-2-1 press and radio interviews Consistent media messaging Gathering PR advocates Using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find your ‘Online PR Evangelists’

What’s happening??

Some Themes… • The advertiser does not control the medium or the message • The democratisation of communications • Content producers and content consumers in dialogue • Things happen very fast • Online content is resilient • Online public relations happen in an open environment. Two way communication.

Why PR?

But I don’t have ‘a brand’! • • • • •

You have ‘you’! You have your story What makes you interesting? Brand values Quirky angles/Family stories

Case Study: Causey Farm – Destination marketing

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words


Keeping the media informed •

National Daily Newspapers – Irish Times – Irish Independent – Irish Examiner – Irish Daily Mail – Irish Daily Star – Irish Sun – Irish Daily Mirror

National Sunday Newspapers – Sunday Business Post – Sunday Independent – Sunday Times

National Radio – Newstalk – Today FM – RTE

Online – Food blogs – E-newsletters – Twitter/Facebook

•Trade Publications – Food and Wine Magazine – Irish Food – Irish Farmer’s Monthly – Shelflife – Hospitality Ireland •Magazines – Image Magazine – Irish Tatler – RSVP Magazine – The Gloss [Irish Times] – Social and Personal – RTE Guide / Woman’s Way •TV – – – –

RTE TV3 TG4 City Channel

DIY PR • • • • • •

Sampling – free stuff Stunts Photos Brainstorm Statistics Challenging the norm

Can you capture your market? • These guys did…

Who is the product? • • • •

Me! My Facility My People My Product

• Tell a story – create an emotional link

Who do I want to influence? •The Irish Times – ‘The Friday Interview’ •The Sunday Times - ‘How I made It’ •The Sunday Business Post - `People in Business’ •Newstalk – ‘Down to Business’

What does success look like?

Working with food brands and decision makers‌

Sponsorships & Competitions

But keep asking yourself – does it matter? AKA ‘Ego’ PR Blueberries make the Six One News

Strawberries feature in the Irish Examiner

A final word on consistency‌

PR on a Shoestring  
PR on a Shoestring  

PR on a Shoestring