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The truth behind male enhancement pills ingredients that work and pills that don’t! There isn’t a male on the planet that at one time or another has questioned his sexual prowess and possibly his penis size. In a world where bigger is nearly always better it’s easy for even the most confident of men to get bouts of insecurities when it comes to their size and ability to perform in bed. This is easily proven by the multitude of products on the market, from stretching contraptions, penis extenders, male enhancement pills, penis exercises….the list goes on. However like the snake oil salesmen of the past many of these devices are simply useless placebos that prey on the insecurities of an entire sex. The reality of it is that male enhancement is by and large a very profitable vertical for many companies who can quickly deploy and promote products that offer increased size, increased girth and increased length to go along with an insatiable sexual appetite. Between email marketing and online websites companies do not have to spend much to reach a ready and willing audience. The bigger question is do any of the products work? I have been in the nutritional field for over 12 years. Having researched and developed numerous herbal supplements and natural remedies for common ailments and general health needs. When I look at whether a product has commercial viability and truth in marketing, I look at what it is claiming to do, break it down into its ingredients and determine if the ingredients have the attributes to support the products claim on both an individual basis and combined into the supplement itself. When it comes to male enhancement, I strictly look at natural non prescription male enhancement products. I steer clear of exercises, extenders, pumps and the like. Personally I do not want to go out and recruit a group of men to utilize one of these contraptions then have to measure, mark and record results. Not what I want to do when I get to the office in the morning! So I am going to stick with what I know which is herbal supplements, their ingredients and what type of results these ingredients have. Based on that I can suggest whether a male enhancement product has the proper formula to result in some physical benefit. The first thing to look at is how the penis works and why it does what it does. First an erection starts in the brain. Whether its from some type of external physical stimulation or a form of mental stimulation the brain is triggered to chemically instruct the nerves in the penis that inform the blood vessels in the penis to relax so that blood can enter into the penis with as little restriction as possible. Once the blood has flown to the penis, a variation in blood pressure causes the blood flow to become trapped in the penis, thus creating a hard and sustained erection. I am sure every man has had some erections that are better than others. This is due to varying circumstances but from a physical perspective, more blood flow equates to a larger and harder erection. So the first think to look for in a male enhancement product is to look for ingredients that promote sexual arousal in the bran and also increase the ease by which blood can flow into the penis. In 1998 a Nobel Prize in science was awarded to the scientist who discovered that blood flow in the body was regulated by nitric oxide (NO2). Nitric oxide helps to relax blood vessels and increase their ability to dilate and increase the volume of blood they can hold. Thus an increase in nitric oxide can

result in more blood flowing to the penis enhancing the male’s erection and due to the increased volume of blood also increase the size of the erect penis. Several natural ingredients are proven to increase production of nitric oxide in the human body. One of these is L-Arginine which is an essential amino acid. Many men have a significant deficiency of L-Arginine which could result in the inability to get erect or to maintain an erection. So it is important that any male enhancement pill contain a sizeable amount of L-Arginine. Another herbal compound that assists in increasing blood flow and produce nitric oxide is Cnidium Monnier. This is a Chinese herb that promotes a significant increase in nitric oxide production while also aiding in relaxing the body’s blood vessels thus promoting a higher volume of blood flow to the penis. Any herbal male enhancement product should have both of these ingredients present. They work in conjunction to assist the body in generating the correct chemical equation to product a significantly more substantial erection. While these two herbal ingredients promote blood flow and increased size and volume due to their effect on blood vessel relaxation additional ingredients are needed to make certain that the body can not only initiate the chemical signals required to gain an erection but to maintain those signals so that the male can have a sustained erection for a longer duration of time. In order to do this, a supplement must also have the ability to increase libido, sexual appetite as well as sustain the energy needed to maintain an erection and all the activities that go along with it! To increase libido, a male enhancement supplement should contain the natural substance Icariin which is a flavonoid found in the plant horny goat weed. Icariin has a long history of boosting sexual fire. It is known to decrease fatigue, boost nitric oxide production, increase base body temperature and directly target and relax the soft muscle tissue of the penis. It also directly targets the brains ability to release dopamine and transmit signals from the brain to the penis. This not only increases the male erection, but increases their sexual desire, appetite and increases the speed and time it takes to react to sexual stimulation. So erections are more frequent, take less stimulation and combined with the previous herbal supplements are also now larger and more sustainable. In addition any 100% natural male enhancement products should contain yohimbine which works in the male body to block pre and post synaptic alpha-2 adrenoceptors. This results in a higher concentration of adrenaline in the bloodstream as well as increased ability to utilize free epinephrine in the bloodstream. This results in increased energy, increased body temperature, increases awareness to stimulus such as touch and pressure sensations as well as a feeling of general euphoria and wellbeing. The overall increase neurotransmitters in the central nervous system leads to the ability to use more nitric oxide which if the previous ingredients are in your supplement will be in ample supply! Yohimbine also increases blood flow, relaxes blood vessels and grants the user a significant increase in energy as well as reaction to stimuli. Another compound that should be included in any natural male enhancement product is Tribulus Terrestis. This herbal supplement increases testosterone levels as well as DHEA levels in men. This directly results in increased sex drive due to the increased DHEA and Testosterone in the body. In addition this herb increases the release and availability of luteinizing hormone as well as FSH follicle stimulating hormone. This dramatically increases sexual appetite, libido and sexual performance. A bi product of the increased FSH and Luteinizing hormone is an increased volume of semen present during ejaculation. So not only are you horny, hard and ready but you also can perform well above the level

that you would normally. Your lovers will most definitely notice not just your physical changes but also your increased libido; take charge in bed attitude and extreme performance ability. Additional ingredients that are important to increasing libido and sustaining it are Maca root which is a rich source of amino acids such as iodine, iron, and magnesium. These are important substances to assist the body in being able to not only produce a better erection but also to maintain it and have the nutrients available to feed your bodies need for the additional nutrients. Panax Ginseng root is another key ingredient. This root increases nitric oxide and core body temperature. We all know what cold does to the penis. This herbal supplement increases your body temperature which assists in erection sustainability and also increases your body’s reaction to physical touch and stimulus. We all know athletes warm up before they compete, this works in the same fashion and trust me competing in bed is a very important event! Another important additive to a good natural male enhancement product is Ginko Biloba. Long known to increase mental capacity and focus, it also has some less noted attributes such as its ability to level off chemical levels in the brain and promote a feeling of security and well being. It also directly affects the tissue type located in the penis and allows for increased blood flow and volume to directly enter the penis. Several scientific research studies have shown that Ginko Biloba on its own helped greater than 82% of men with depression related impotence and erectile dysfunction overcome their condition and more than 70% reported not only that they could perform as they die predepression but they were having significantly better erections in both the size and frequency of the erections as well as the ability to maintain the erection. Lastly and something that is commonly overlooked when designing supplements is that the body can only naturally absorb a certain amount of each nutrient. So either excess nutrients or supplements are expelled through the body, or you need to increase the body’s ability to absorb and use available nutrients. A natural food based substance under the brand name Astra Gin has been proven to significantly increase the amount of nutrients that the body can utilize from the bloodstream. It increases the absorption of nutrients such as Amino Acids, glucose, vitamins and other compounds directly into the body’s cells. Thus you can actually use more of the supplements that you are putting into your body. We all know that supplements in any form are expensive, so you should make certain that you get the most benefit from those that you take. Unfortunately due to the cost of natural ingredients such as Astra Gin few if any companies are willing to spend the additional capital to include an ingredient that would significantly increase the results from their products. The do this not only for cost and profit reasons, but if you need to take multiple doses of their supplement every day then they sell twice as much! One company that I know of Nutrigenix who designs and distributes the male enhancement product LXWpro does include this ingredient in their formula which also contains every one of the ingredients I outlined above. I reached out to Nutrigenix and was told that their male enhancement product is meant to be taken only once per day and that their research team stated that Astra Gin would be a great addition so they added the ingredient. Their president stated that they want to become a major player and the go-to brand for male enhancement supplements. He also stated that they allow their product to speak for itself and that they offer a free trial to new users so that they can experience the results from LXWpro.

Below is a chart outlining my suggestions for ingredients in a male enhancement product as well as showing existing popular male enhancement products and whether they include the ingredient or not as well as price. I am not a paid spokesperson, I am simply relaying scientific facts on ingredients and why they do what they do. The rest as they say is up to you!

As you can see 4 of the top 5 rated male enhancement products on the market do not contain the suggested ingredients. Only LXWpro has all of the suggested ingredients.

The truth behind male enhancement pills ingredients that work and pills that don’t!  

There isn’t a male on the planet that at one time or another has questioned his sexual prowess and possibly his penis size. In a world where...