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Hello, The Soldiers and Officers of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company are doing a great job in everything they do, and I mean everything they do. The Soldiers have spent countless hours in improving their work areas, living conditions, and at the end, they are making it better for the Soldiers and Officers that will replace us in the future. Soldiers have begun building Bhuts or living quarters in Gamberi to assist housing our comrades. HHC Soldiers have been working hard in packing containers with material to build these quarters which would assist in the expansion on forward operating bases (FOB). The goal is to complete 101 containers and we have successfully completed 80 in only two months we only have 20 more to go! We were privileged to have had a few HHC NCOs and Soldiers to be promoted. MSG David Lamb, SFC Mary Perez, SFC Justin Jirkovsky, SSG Christopher Newland, SGT Herbert Hudson, SGT Christopher Hitt, and SPC Anthony Arrington. Congratulation goes out to these deserving NCOs and Soldiers.

CPT Niya Harris Email:

To the Angry Dawg Family, thank you all very much for your steadfast support you are continuously giving to our Soldiers. I would like to remind you all; your FRG is here for you. The FRG is the communication link between you and the unit. Through this link, you should be aware of upcoming post wide activities, monthly FRG meetings, redeployment events and schedules, and FRG fund raising events. Please remember, you are not alone during this deployment. The Angry Dawgs FRG is available to share your challenges and assists you throughout this deployment. I know that during this time you will develop friendship that will last a lifetime. Thank you, “Angry Dawgs!!�


FRG Leadership Commander: CPT Harris FRG Leader: Susan Jackson Treasurer: Amanda Mgbodille


The following NCOs were promoted during ceremonies in Afghanistan: MSG David Lamb and SSG Christopher Newland was promoted during a ceremony at FOB Gamberi. SFC Mary Perez and SFC Justin Jirkovsky were promoted during separate ceremonies in front of the 101st Sustainment Headquarters at Bagram, Afghanistan. Great Job to all these Outstanding NCO’s!


Tthe following Soldiers were promoted effective 1 June 2011. SGT Herbert Hudson was promoted during a live VTC with his wife at Fort Campbell, KY. SGT Christopher Hitt and SPC Anthony Arrington was promoted during a ceremony in front of the 101st Sustainment Brigade Headquarters in Bagram, Afghanistan. SPC Chelsie Burton received a Certificate of Achievement for becoming the Soldier of the Month for May 2011. Great job goes to these NCO’s and Soldiers for their outstanding leadership.

SOLDIER OF THE QUARTER BOARD and AWARDS SGT Sean Graham, Brigade Personal Detachment, was named the 101st Special Troops Battalion NCO of the Quarter. The competition included a Physical Fitness Test, Warrior Task Training and a formal board. The following Soldiers were recognized during a ceremony in front the TF Lifeliner Headquarters: SPC William Lipscomb, Army Accommodation Medal; SPC Jerry Leal, Army Achievement Medal; SPC Roderick Herbert, Army Good Conduct Medal; SSG Michael Simon, Certificate of Achievement and SPC Joshua King, Army Good Conduct Medal.


The concept of the B-Hut in a box is to provide the building materials to the outlying FOBs located throughout Afghanistan. In each container is the materials needed to construct a single B-Hut, which will consist of eight single rooms inside. The 101st Sustainment Brigade has sent enough materials to FOB Gamberi to construct 10 B-Huts, which will make room for 80 total living spaces for our fellow comrades serving at that location.


HHC Soldiers were sent to Gamberi to construct 10 B-huts to improve and add more living areas there. The following Soldiers have been involved in this project: SGT James Croghan, SGT Leon Croswell, SGT Eric Highfill, SPC Brandon Russell, PFC Joshua Hillman, PFC Matthew Demitraszek, and PV2 Jordan Brooks.

HHC June Newsletter  

HHC June Newsletter

HHC June Newsletter  

HHC June Newsletter