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==== ==== The Best Weight Loss Information On The Net ==== ==== The link between drinking water and weight loss. Drinking plenty of water can actually help in weight loss. There are several reasons why you should drink adequate amounts of water if you really want to burn excess calories and lose weight. For your weight loss program to have any chance of success, you need to drink water and indeed plenty of it. The process of fat burning requires adequate hydration and can be slowed down if you don't drink enough water. Why drinking water is important for weight loss: Water suppresses your appetite-drinking plenty of it can help you cut down on excessive snacking. By drinking lots of water, your stomach feels 'full' for a long time and therefore you are likely to eat fewer calories. In this way, water can help you to lose weight. Water removes toxins from your body-when you body burns calories, there are toxins that are created. Water and air pollution exposes you to poisonous substances. You are also inclined to inhale or ingest a number of toxins every day. Accumulation of toxins in your body can slow down the metabolism rate. Therefore, drinking adequate amounts of water can help flush out toxins and increase metabolism, which in turn can lead to weight loss. It is important to drink water for fitness and hydration purposes. Lack of enough water in your body or dehydration can lead to many serious health problems. So it is important to drink enough water so that your cells are properly hydrated so as help reduce joint and muscle soreness as you exercise. If you are really looking to lose weight quickly, you should drink adequate amounts of water daily and work out on a regular basis. You can improve your metabolism rate by water fasting in order to lose weight. It is definitely one of the best methods to lose your extra pounds. During fasting, you should not eat any kind of solid food. Just drink water to maintain your weight and health. Water fasting can also help you rid your body off toxins. Your body tends to retain more water if you drink little amounts. This can lead to weight gain. You can curb this problem by drinking plenty of water, so that stored water is released and you begin to lose weight. And remember to drink plenty of water so that you always stay hydrated. When you drink plenty of water, you automatically eat less food and consequently lose weight. Lack of water may cause thirst pangs which you may mistake for hunger pangs. Thus, you may end up eating more food and gaining weight. So, to avoid food cravings caused by lack of water, make sure you drink lots of water. People have various water requirements for their bodies and this depends on their age, gender,

weather, physical activity, weight and the overall health. An overweight or obese person should drink more water compared to a person with normal weight, if he or she really hopes to lose weight. Although water is good for your health and weight loss, drinking too much of it is dangerous to your body and brain. Drinking too much water can cause 'water overdose' which may lead to shortness of breath, nausea, headache, muscle cramps, weak muscles, seizures, low heart rate, permanent brain damage, and even coma. If the condition is not treated immediately, one may die. Quantity of water to drink for weight loss The amount of water you drink if you want to lose weight depends on the intensity of your activity, weight, diet, and the humidity or temperature of your sorroundings. Generally, it is recommended that you take at least eight glasses of water each day. Make sure you evenly spread out the water you drink all through the day. It is not good for your health to drink too much water at once. Eating plenty of foods which contain water, such as vegetables and fruits can make you drink less water. If you are looking to lose weight so that you become leaner and healthier, you must drink plenty of water every day. You should only attempt water fasting for weight loss after consulting a physician. Water fasting can be detrimental to your health if you have any medical condition from heart disease, diabetes, or any other chronic illness. So as you can see from the above information, water and weight loss are directly linked. The more you drink water, the more you will lose weight and vice-versa.

==== ==== The Best Weight Loss Information On The Net ==== ====

Water and Weight Loss  
Water and Weight Loss  

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