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==== ==== The secrets that could make you wealthy are here: ==== ==== Viral Marketing Tips What is viral marketing? Viral marketing is a technique that uses social media and social networks to create brand awareness with the ultimate goal being to increase product sales. It is giving something away which is then in turn given way. It is free advertising. Viral marketing can be delivered successfully via word of mouth or the highly effective network effects of the internet. You can use video clips, eBooks, interactive flash games, brand-able software, images, or text messages to create a hugely successfully marketing buzz around a chosen product The main goal of viral marketing: The ultimate goal of viral advertising is to create a message that appeals to social media and social network users so that they can spread it to their friends, family, peers and business associates easily and fast. If a message is unique, entertain, interesting, valuable and useful, people will pass it on freely and furiously. This is the main goal of viral marketing. Here are your viral marketing tips Make a free offer to create a marketing buzz: You can easily increase product sales by simply giving away samples. If you are producing high quality products try giving away a few samples to potential customers to create a marketing buzz. People love free things especially if these gifts are valuable and useful. The trick is; put together a product or a free report that captures the imagination of the market place because it has that wow factor and see the interest it arouses in its wake. The free offer must be something valuable: The product or free report must be something that people would be willing to buy or happy to pay for with little persuasion. Give something of great value to get people talking about it at home, in the office, in the streets and on social media and networks. The fact that you have given them a valuable item is enough to create a buzz to grow sales without incurring advertising costs. Make sure to brand the product or free report: Include the details of your business, contact information, benefits and a call to action to call you. Viral marketing is simply product advertising and therefore make it easy for your customer by

giving them all the relevant information to convert then into reliable and royal customers. Product or report branding ensures that the market doesn't forget about your goods or services easily. Ask people to give it away or to talk about it: If you are giving away a highly informative free report you need to remind recipients to pass it on to their family, friend, business associates, and peers. People need to be told what to do so remind them to pass the message on and to buy the product after consuming the sample. Include affiliate links in the free report: Any thing that goes viral needs to have affiliate links to help make money for you. People who read the report may want to buy the product or service. Affiliate links make this possible. The second advantage of including affiliate links is to allow internet marketers who would like to promote the product to earn commissions to do so. Build your email list: If you have managed to produce a high quality free report why wouldn't you use it to capture email addresses from its beneficiaries? Simply ask them to enter their emails so that they can download the free report. 90% of those interested in the report will opt-in willing. What are the benefits of viral marketing? Viral marketing greatly increases the exposure of your product or service both on and offline mostly at no cost to your business. It is a nice and cost effective technique to promote your products or services on and offline. Viral marketing tools are easy to develop and use successfully to create a hugely effective brand awareness campaign. You can easily combine this marketing strategy with other marketing techniques in order to beat your competitors easily and fast. Viral advertising keeps current and potential customers engaged firmly in the sales process. It is a highly effective marketing method because it keeps your brand at the top and it easily yields long-term positive results effortless. Viral marketing is a highly regarded marketing technique such that there are companies that specialize on it as a core business function. You will easily find viral marketing service providers online. ==== ==== The secrets that could make you wealthy are here: ==== ====

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