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==== ==== The secrets that could make you wealthy are here: ==== ==== How To Make It To The Top 10 Rankings Making it to the top 10 rankings on the search list is a dream come true for those who are conducting businesses online. Needless to say the higher the ranking of your site, the more likely you are to make money by selling your products or services. However, this does not happen by accident and on has to work accordingly to achieve a top ranking on any search engine like Google. Choosing the right keywords The right keywords will make a world of difference to your rankings on any search engine. Keywords are the exact search words that a person types to get what they are looking for. Now, if you have a website that sells handcrafted bags, and if no one ever searches for the keyword that you have used which may be 'handcrafted bags' then however good your site may be and however well optimized the website content is, the keyword is useless and people won't ever find you. Also if the keyword 'handcrafted bags' is too popular with more than a thousand people looking for it, then you have chosen a too competitive keyword and chances are you will get lost in the crowd with your new keyword. The established businesses will take over completely and you may make it to one of the pages at the back. So go for keywords that are not too competitive. In this case 'handcrafted leather bags' would work well for you and may have about two hundred searches which with a well optimized site you can soon dominate. This long tail keyword strategy works wonders in placing you among the top 10 rankings. Make a list of keywords that are low or medium competitive. Check the competition to find out the daily searches made for the keyword. Also check the page ranking on Google.If the page ranking is more than 6 then it is better to choose other keywords. Quality is the motto while choosing content and keywords Create a good website that has excellent content that attracts people. When your keywords have quality and direct the visitors to your website, the visitors should also appreciate the website quality in terms of content used to sell the products. This will make them your clients and they will recommend your site to others too. The content needs to be tied up to the keywords and there should be at least one keyword phrase per page. Placing the keywords The position of the keywords is very important. Try to make it a part of your domain name. Make sure that each page has the keyword in the title and metatags. Experts are of the opinion that having the keywords in the URL separated by hyphens is a sure shot way to make it to the top 10 rankings. Page optimization Search Engine Optimization experts have stressed on the keyword ratio as being very important. One should have the keyword in the headline of the page and it should also appear on the page content, here and there and spread out as far as possible. However, overdoing the keywords is not a good idea and this will do more harm than good. It would be a good idea to have the keywords in the first part and the last part of your webpage.

Articles and blogs Submit well written articles about your products and link them back to your website. Google and other search engines will pick out good articles and this will improve your rating. Have quality articles with well chosen keywords for one-way links. Chances are that your's is a new website and the ranking is still low. In which case it is the perfect idea to submit articles on ezine directories that have a high ranking and your article gains prominence. Over time this also improves your site's overall ranking. This is a simple and effective way to make it to the top 10 rankings. Writing blogs and maintaining a steady flow of new content also works in increasing your visibility. Using WordPress or Blogger makes your tags prominent and makes your site more reachable. The tags automatically act as links to your site. Use anchor text for one-way links Anchor text is the underlined words in your links that can be clicked on. These provide one-way links to your site. Including the keywords in the anchor text tells the search engine what the links are about. Social Bookmarking also helps Turn to social bookmarking websites to improve your ranking. Maintaining a page on Facebook with members keeping it updated really helps. So does having a twitter account with followers. Reditt and Digg are also wonderful ways to promote your website. Use tags and get noticed. PPC and Organic search If you are in a hurry to get to the top 10 rankings then go for paid links by making use of Google AdWords. These links will be displayed along with the organic search results when a keyword is looked up. When your paid link is clicked upon only then you pay for it, so its called pay per link or PPC. However, organic search results fare better and are more reliable. Websites that appear through organic search are better respected by users. Making it to the top 10 rankings is not easy and requires careful planning and hard work. It will not happen in one day unless your's is a very low competition product. The right choice of keywords along with right positioning will make a world of difference. Going for medium competitive keywords can really work well if your's is a highly competitive product. Writing website content that is SEO optimized will increase its ranking. Visitors need to come to your website and stay long enough to buy a product so the content needs to be really good. Article submission with optimization and maintaining a blog will also go a long way. Try out other methods like PPC and using tags. Posting on social bookmarking sites will also increase the popularity of your website. Organic search results are given a lot of credence so aim to be among the top 10 rankings in the organic search.

==== ==== The secrets that could make you wealthy are here: ==== ====

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