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Edgewood Townhomes Association, Inc. POLICY RESOLUTION NO. 2008-1 VEHICLES PARKED ON THE STREET WHEREAS, Article IX Section 1 of the Covenants Conditions and Restrictions for Edgewood Townhomes Association assigns “the Board of Directors of the Association shall have the power to formulate, amend, publish and enforce reasonable rules and regulations concerning the use and enjoyment of the front yard space of each Lot and the Sub-Association Common Area.”; “Article I (v) definition of Sub-Association Common Area shall include any private street”. WHEREAS, Article V Section 1 (d) of the Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions for Edgewood Townhomes Association provides “the right of the Association to prohibit or regulate the parking of boats, trailers, campers, motor homes, limousines, trucks, tractors or similar personal property owned by a Member, his guests, family Member or tenants within the right of way of any public or private street in or adjacent to the Property; nor shall any of these objects be parked on the Properties except in an enclosed garage, or in areas if any designated by the Association or Master Association. Members shall keep their garage doors closed at all times excepting ingress and egress into and out of said garage.” WHEREAS, Edgewood at Wakefield Architectural Guidelines states “No owner or his family, lessee or sub lessee or guest of an Owner shall: (1) park any vehicle on a street within or adjoining the community except in a designated paved parking space; (ii) park or keep on any lot or street within or adjoining the subdivision any boat or boat trailer, jet ski, motor home, camper, bus, truck in excess of one ton weight, commercial vehicle, truck or van, or anything else other than normally intended to be a private passenger vehicle within the Subdivision. Boats and other watercraft, towing trailers, and related leisure vehicles or attachments shall not be permitted on any Lot except out of sight inside garages. In addition, no vehicle can be parked in the guest spaces as a means of storing said vehicle. The Board shall have the right and authority to have towed any vehicle parked or maintained in violation of these or subsequently adopted parking rules and regulations”. WHEREAS, the Board recognizes the need to establish a parking policy for the Edgewood Townhome Association in order to uniformly enforce this rule regarding vehicles parked on the public and private streets within the Edgewood Community, THEREFORE, BE IT NOW RESOLVED THAT effective November 14, 2008 the Board of Directors duly adopts the following policy resolution: Parking on the streets is prohibited except for guests who will remain for a day at the most, within the Edgewood Townhome Association. Guests should park in the resident’s driveway with visitor parking a second choice. For any exceptions [i.e. a college student home for vacation (proof of enrollment required), out-of-town guests], please contact in advance or call (919) 878-8787. Other “routine” parking on the street shall be as determined by the Board of Directors. Grass, sidewalks, or other illegal or inappropriate surfaces shall not be used for parking at any time. Owners who violate or who allow family members, agents, lessees or contract purchasers to violate this resolution will be charged with an infraction of the legal documents and towed as outlined below per owners in violation, which costs shall be borne by the owner of the vehicle. Residents must park in garages and driveways.

* * *

1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense

Written Notice Written Warning Vehicle towed at Owner's expense

This resolution shall remain in effect until otherwise rescinded, modified, or amended by a majority of the Board of Directors.

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