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01. ARCHITECTURE Thesis Project Luis Quesada’s House Hotel Cassé Sushi Club Restaurante The Stones > Pimp Steak Fresh Fries 02. GRAPHIC DESIGN WORK Business cards Adversiting campaign | Marketing Editorial design Wine & Industry Editorial design G”$ Newspaper



EDUCATION Date: 2009 - 2014 Universidad de Mendoza, Argentina Master Degree: Architecture, Design and Urbanism (complete) Date: 2014 SITIO Study Developments as internship - four months Design and contruction management, organization of materials Date: 2010 – Present Graphic design, photography and film.

IT SKILLS Microsoft Office Web Adobe Photoshop Adobe Ilustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Premiere 2D/3D Autocad 3D Max Sketchup Lumion Sony Vegas


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ABOUT ME Positive, proactive professional with experience working in a team and by myself. 100% customer oriented, able to grasp the needs of different clients. Continuous thirst for knowledge and self improvement. Excellent problem solving skills in my fields of competence.

Nationality: Spanish |

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WORK EXPERIENCE Freelance Web Design January 2015 – Present (Argentina) February 2017 – Present (Netherlands) SEO, community manager (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Web), Publicity advertisements , flyers, brands. Graphic Designer at NewsPaper G24 Argentina - July 2016 - Present Newspaper design and editing. Graphic Designer at Multimedia Sur Studios Argentina & Spain - 2011 – Present 3D simulations of mining equipment, web positioning, community manager, and graphic design. SITEVINITECH 2014 Fair - Argentina - 2014 Graphic design: Animation, graphics and plans of the fair in general at the Arena Maipú Architect at ACEITES MENDOZA S.A. - Chile & Argentina - March – July 2014 Project and construction management. Architect at CAMPAMENTOS SRL Argentina - July – October 2016 Construction details in 2D and 3D. Budgets. One-shot Projects - Argentina 2014 Remodeling house: study of terraces and expansions. 2015 Design and construction of a two-story house. Construction management. A16 Winery - 2016 Realization of a minimalist model for a farm, including winery and vineyards. Architect - Interioir design at THE STONES - Amsterdam - 2018 Remodeling of the bar, turning it into a restaurant. Architect - Interioir design at FRESH FRIES - Amsterdam - 2018 Remodeling of the french fries shop. Brand desings.

HELLO Architect by profession. I’m passionate and determined, I face the responsibilities in life with simplicity, humility and dedication. I have developed my personal and professional life in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. Currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I find myself in the constant search for perfection in everything I do. I like to work as a team and learn from others, I think it is one of the best ways to achieve great results. In leisure time, I enjoy allocating time to activities that help me to promote creativity, such as traveling, painting, photography. I am a person who is always on the move, looking for ways to grow, to advance, to build my future through goals and dreams that drive my life. Meritxell Batistti



THESIS PROYECT FILM AND PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL A preliminary architectural design for a Film and Photography School was proposed, responding to the needs of the city and to its own cultural interest. LOCATION: Mendoza, Argentina

DATE: 2016

Retinal persistence, the retention of a visual image for a short period of time after the removal of the stimulus that produced it, creating the illusion of movement. The exterior attempts to seems like a building in constant movement, by itself and with the environment surrounding it. To achieve this, I created a game with frames, determining what the movement was, and then I transformed this idea of movement into straight, buildable lines. It was decided to mix architecture and cinema in an architecture piece.

Inside, I wanted to translate the same what happens to us when we are watching a movie, the films efects that cinema produces in our minds: fears, tensions, peace, love, tranquility, chaos, given by succession of conflicts and resolutions using cinematographic resources to reach the spectator. The idea was to make a walking path through the interior, where the people who walk, would feel emotions. In those spaces light would be played with, with reflections, to induce the feeling of vertigo or tranquility, these emotions achived through the contrast of materials, water and light.

LOCATION Mendoza, Argentina DATE 2013

LUIS QUESADA’S HOUSE The project was designed for the artist Luis Quesada. It was thought of a house that not only responds to the vital and visual needs of the artist, but also has a space open to the public to show his sculptures and paintings. Based on repetition, craftsmanship and the idea of leaving a mark on his beloved city of Mendoza, the house is located in the place what it saw him grow, Bermejo. Throughout the house it was used a wall - mural - with the idea of representing the taste and dedication to artisan work to which Luis Quesada dedicated his entire life.

This wall is formed by a square modules that repeats themselves varying in position and materials. The materials used are: wood, concrete, glass with different colors and textures. The workshop of Luis, was designed thinking about the height of his works, proper light, good ventilation, direct communication with the house with a double height. The house - museum, is organized by two main perpendicular axes, with two main accesses for housing and the museum independently.

CASSÉ HOTEL Projected building in an area of 400m2 in the central point of the City of Mendoza, in front of the main square. Its formal appearance is inspired by the broken shapes of the crevices of the Mendoza desert. These natural forms were reinterpreted, taking as a surface in the facade of the hotel, and plates of perforated sheet were used for the formal image of the cracks; These not only give a distinctive character, but also serve as a conservation treatment of the indoor environment.

LOCATION Mendoza, Argentina DATE 2013

Taking into account the climatic conditions, the idea was to create a microclimate not only with metal plates that serve as a sieve of sunlight, but also with the use of vegetation surrounding the volume, garden terraces, and spaces with water in the subsoil, creating a ventilation system and conservation of the environment that reduces energy costs and helps in the quality of life. The hotel has 9 floors and 4 sub-beds in which the rooms are distributed, a concert hall, a sauna and heated pool, a restaurant and their respective service spaces.

SUSHI CLUB RESTAURANTE The idea for this restaurant was to follow a design line already created for an internationally known company. Following this slogan, an exterior space was also designed to underline the corporate image. The building has three floors, with exterior and interior spaces. The distribution of the restaurant remained as clear as possible and was oriented towards the glass facade that bathes the whole place. The lamps have a very important role in the design of interiors, as a distinctive sign of the brand.

LOCATION Mendoza, Argentina DATE 2013

PIMP STEAK Design of remodeling of the bar "The Stones" LOCATION

Amsterdam, Nederlands DATE


FRESH FRIES Design of remodeling of the French Fries shop. Brand desing. LOCATION

Amsterdam, Nederlands DATE

2018 - Current work

350 € HOT DOGS Prices without sauce


SECTION C-C (option a)

350 € 450 €


SECTION C-C (option b)



EDITORIAL DESIGN “THE WINE & INDUSTRY” Bimonthly magazine about wine industry.

ADVERSITING CAMPAIGN | MARKETING Annual wine fair for Chilean Company

G24 NEWSPAPER Continuity of corporate image, flyers, facebook, advertising, agenda.




Portofolio Architecture  

Architect Meritxell Batistti

Portofolio Architecture  

Architect Meritxell Batistti