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The Remit: New Production Set-Up Project This called for us to identify 60 technicians, Skilled Assembly Fitters, Robot Operators, CNC Setter Operators, Welders, and Warehouse Operatives within 6 months and have them started, inducted and working. Our client had tried a number of suppliers and media but found that in a market with a 1% unemployment figure the success was limited and came with no guarantees of fulfilment. This project required a secure outcome in order for them to meet their delivery objectives. We met our goal by extending our recruiting activities into Eastern Europe and fulfilled the remit on time, in time and in budget.

Case Study 1

The Remit: Germany Project – Management of Team, transport, flights, payroll, tax and expectations. We were tasked with the project of recruiting 20 skilled industrial contractors including Robot Operator Welders, Flow line Mechanical Fitters, Paint Sprayers, CNC Setter Operators to work at a site in Aschaffenburg Germany within the space of two weeks. This project included the organisation of taxis, flights and accommodation as well as well as the payroll function which needed to be co-ordinated on a fortnightly basis due to shift changes and WTD compliance.

Case Study 2

The Remit: Set up a Help Desk Technical Support The supply of 22 helpdesk technical support staff. The individuals were required to provide technical support to the end user, the general public, on a shift system which consisted of working days, evenings and weekends. Merit recruited individuals with experience of working within this field previously, but also individuals who had just completed apprenticeships in

IT related fields – we promoted awareness of

our recruitment drive by attending local colleges and academies to give presentations and workshops

Case Study 3

The Remit: Pharmaceutical and Beauty Products Market Leaders : Flexing large teams across 3 Shifts, Just-in-Time and On-Time

First choice for all temporary recruitment for their Southern sites which is inclusive of the management of all temporary production staff.

This entails completing all health and safety induc-

tions, together with extensive pre -commencement competency testing. Temporary workers on site in the production area can vary from 8 to 80 people from week to week depending on the demand of staff, on some occasions the client has a requirement for 30 staff to start work within two days across 3 shifts which we are always successful in accomplishing. ...Continued

Case Study 4

Continued... Pharmaceutical and Beauty Products Market Leaders : Flexing large teams across 3 Shifts, Just-in-Time and On-Time

We attribute our success to our innate ability of doing the basics, really well – such as developing our relationship with the client to fully understand their needs and culture fit alongside the rigorous process that is in place to guarantee that the requirement is fulfilled by providing high performance teams.

Case Study 4

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Merit Recruitment Case Studies  
Merit Recruitment Case Studies  

Merit Recruitment Case Studies