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A N N UA L R E P O R T 2015–2016

Heart & Mind

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Message from the Head of School and Assistant Head of School 39th Year—Program Improvements Healthy schools have common characteristics: an engaging and challenging curriculum, a strong faculty that promotes growth and development in students, an active community of learners who value social-emotional learning as well as academic knowledge—all supported under an umbrella of engaged and generous parents. As we review the 39th year of The Meridian School and look forward to the 40th, there are many accomplishments to celebrate. Innovation is a word that figured prominently in the past year. The acronym S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) describes a set of skills that allow students to create, design, and implement solutions to problems, both real and imagined. These skills have been integrated into our program in many ways. Our newly constructed Science and Creativity Labs, as well as improvements in the library, will more fully integrate S.T.E.A.M. into our curriculum.

Engaged and Generous Donors Enhance Our Program As we move into Meridian’s 40th year, art will become a full component of the Meridian program, further complementing students’ creativity and problem-solving skills. We are grateful for a $25,000 anonymous gift that will renovate the Extended Day room in phases to fit the needs of both art and after-school programs. Last fall, the music program received a $40,000 anonymous gift to enhance music education and performance. This gift has provided program enhancements such as a class set of ukuleles, costumes and sets for musical performances, professional small-group ensembles, and experts in residence. This year’s generous Fund-the-Faculty raised more than $125,000 to support and promote teacher excellence. In June, staff participated in training from the Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, which will develop students’ writing at a deeper level. In the spring, the Meridian board of trustees approved a new faculty salary and compensation model that will allow the school to retain and attract the best and brightest teachers.

Strengthening Our Community Partnerships During our yearlong focus on Asia in Global Studies, we were fortunate to establish a collaboration with the Wing Luke Museum. This connection was championed by Meridian parents Jill Nishi and Howard Nakase. Museum experts gave presentations and collaborated with teachers to plan their studies of Asia, including a trip to the museum for every grade. The Wing Luke also hosted an evening parent experience, “The Power of Untold Stories: From the Japanese American Incarceration to Social Justice Issues Today,” with a tour, panel, and conversation. We are thrilled that our partnership with the museum will continue during our study of Oceania.


In collaboration with the University of Washington, Seattle Parks and Recreation, City Fruit, and the Good Shepherd Center, Meridian students planted four heritage apple trees in Meridian Park. Every Meridian student participated in unloading and planting the new trees. The fruit will be harvested by City Fruit and shared with local food banks. The experience was an excellent example of community and S.T.E.A.M. concepts coming together to contribute to solving hunger in Seattle.

Nurturing Character Through Social Skills Alongside Academic Skills From Morning Meetings to all-school recess and collaborative work in the classrooms, students frequently use social-emotional skills. Throughout the past year, teachers participated in multiple Responsive Classroom and Social Thinking professional development sessions to hone their craft at teaching students to use these essential skills. These life lessons came to fruition as Meridian third, fourth, and fifth grade students shared lunch with the elderly at the Wallingford Community Senior Center, fostering a mutual sense of belonging for both the seniors and the Meridian students.

Into the Future … Curriculum, Community, and Character Our 40th year will be the most innovative and exciting yet at Meridian. Our new science, creativity, and art spaces will foster students’ S.T.E.A.M. skills, including creativity and problem-solving. The generous donations of our community will provide teachers and students with support and resources to continue to innovate and refine our use of S.T.E.A.M. concepts throughout the year. Turning to Global Studies, Oceania will be our focus. This geographic region provides a terrific opportunity to integrate concepts of science, design, and engineering, as students explore topics such as boats and their design for travel in the past and present, as well as the effects of climate change on food sources in the region. In 20162017, Customized Learning will continue to be an embedded part of our program. Not only will students receive support and extension from the Customized Learning team, but they will also be exposed to differentiated material in class throughout their days and weeks of learning. Above all else, Meridian’s 40th year will be about creating the balance in a child’s life that has been central to the school’s mission throughout the school’s existence. The joy of childhood can be nurtured in many different ways. We encourage students to discover and use their strengths to find inspiration and satisfaction in all they do at Meridian. Some students find this joy in books and all-school recess; others find joy in science experiments and field trips. The 2016-2017 school year, just like every year at Meridian, will encourage students to discover and use their strengths to motivate themselves in both work and play, mind and heart, and contemplation and action.

Meghan Kimpton

Jack Shea




2015-2016 Meridian School Board of Trustees & Nonvoting Members Sara Allan Sandy Aslanian Ronnie Cunningham Maria Gingerich Ted Kalmus Taylor Kanemori

Rebecca Moe Justin Pallari Gary Peterman Rob Phillips Dan Raymond Katie Renschler

Haeryung Shin Anthony Todaro Lesley Todaro Kimberly Watson Jen Zell

Ex-Officio: Nonvoting Jack Shea, Head of School Jason Profit, Faculty Appointee Alice Ikeda, Parent Rep Barb Richardson Harold Malkin Sonja Gustafson

Mission Statement: The Meridian School promotes a balance of mind and heart, of contemplation and action, of individuality and a commitment to the community.

Investment & Other Income 0.4%

Meridian School Financial Summary 2015-2016

Fundraising 9.8%

INCOME Tuition & Fees


Fundraising & Development


Investment & Other Income


Tuition & Fees 89.8%

Total 5,128,422

EXPENSES Salaries & Benefits


Other Operating Expenses


Rent & Maintenance


Tuition Assistance


Curriculum 238,047 Fundraising Total Financial Summary based on unaudited statement.

88,789 4,992,841

Fundraising 2% Curriculum 5% Tuition Assistance 9% Rent & Maintenance 8%

Salaries & Benefits 66%

Other Operating Expenses 10%


The Meridian Community Enhances Our Mission —

Thank You!

Auction Update – ASIA ‘Illuminating Our Minds’ Our 33rd auction, led by Development Associate Hayley Walters and the fabulous Auction Committee, received generous support from sponsors, trustees, and parents to create a joyful and successful event! 3 91% of our families participated in the 33rd auction, by procuring items, bidding, and attending. 3 The live auction raised $76,075, helping bring our auction total to more

than $179,000.

3 There was something for everyone and at every price point – guests spent from over $15,000 right down to $10.

Fund–the–Faculty We asked our school community to invest in “a project for supporting professional growth of our teachers and staff,” and our community supported this goal by raising $125,865.

These funds will be expended over the next three years with a focus on literacy and language arts, social-emotional learning, and S.T.E.A.M. Teachers have already attended a Social Thinking conference. We are all looking forward to integrating new ideas from the Science of Imagination conference and the Teachers College Writer’s Workshop training.

Matching Gifts – Charitable Community Support The money you give doubles, sometimes triples! We raised more than $40,000 in matching funds! Many employers offer matching gifts that increase your donation. Thank you for taking the time to apply for these funds!


Volunteers – Time and Talent Enhance Our Mission Without your help all this would not be possible! Thank You!

Endowment – From Intention to Action The Campaign to Fund Access & Opportunity An excellent Meridian education thrives in an increasingly diverse community. 3 The board established a $1.5 million endowment to support tuition assistance for underrepresented families. 3 A planning study was conducted using Campbell & Co. (national and local) to establish a strong case statement to support additional gifts to the endowment. The survey conducted four focus group meetings: one of board leadership and three of the parent community. Seven interviews with 10 people were also part of the study. During this process, several lead gifts emerged that will be acknowledged at a later date. More information regarding this initiative will be distributed in 2016-2017.


Thank You, Loyal Donors Annual Fund 187,278 Auction 179,344 Fund-the-Faculty 125,865 Restricted 10,000 Total 502,487 Thank you for your commitment and enriching our mission.

Leadership Level Gifts of $10,000 & more

Todd and Heather Enoki

Gordon Griffith and

Mark Foltz and Jessica Strong

Christian Reynolds


Jamie and Kirsten Frits

Keith and Brenna Holkins

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Sam and Hwashing Heyworth

Mark Iverson and Allison Capen

Glenn Draper and

David Hyde and Anitra Ingalls

Eric Kitts and Yana Koubouris

Kimberly Watson

Jesse and Ashley McClelland

Tom Laramee

Woods and Izumi Fairbanks

Andrew and Dorey Miller

Craig Lee and Joanna Muench

Duncan Haas and Birgit Walbaum

Ken and Michelle Miyoshi

David and Karen Leeds

Justin Pallari and Becky Frank

Adam Orkand and Anne Theisen

Erik and Joanne Marone

William Sunderland and

Doug Reston and

Zachariah and Rachel Morgan

Alyssa Kreider

Missy Ponder-Reston

Dan and Lisa Mudgett

James Schlenker and Lily Chang

Lasse Nord and Jennifer Winick

Monarch Level Gifts of $5,500 to $9,999

Joe Shankar and

Rick Olson and Paula Zook

Paige Hansen-Shankar

Jai and Sally Rampersad

Joel and Sandy Aslanian

Jack Shea

Joseph and Tere Saylor

John Choe and Judy Kuo

Wendy Watt

David Simpson and Maritza Rivera Gaxiola

Brent and Leslie Curran

Anthony Smith and

Anthony Moore and Kris Lee

Founders Level Gifts of $1,976 to $3,499

Howard Nakase and Jill Nishi

Erik Abbott and Kate Dunlop

Adam Szofran and Lisa Maves

Jacob Oshins and Anne Phillips

Aaron and Kristina Brown

Anthony and Kimberly Todaro

Scott and Katie Renschler

Dimitri Desmons and

Steve Trautman and

Valerie Hancock-Desmons

Sonja Gustafson

Celebration Level Gifts of $3,500 to $5,499

Jeremy Elliott and Laura Shepard

Chris and Anne Weber

Matt and Maile Bohlmann

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Derek and Jessica Crain

Phillip and Alison Grennan

Michael Davidson and Edie Bishop

Angelina Merola

Tarn and Karen Faulkner


General Donors

Keith Drabek and

Taylor Kanemori

Matt Aalfs and Alys Weinbaum

Shawna Sweeney

Richard and Julia Kassissieh

Mike Albert and Manuela Giese

Matthew and Elizabeth Dubin

Meghan Kimpton and

Mary and Shawn Allen

Mrs. J. Thomas Echols

Jeremy Koren

Amazon Smile

Larry Estrada

Emilia Kister and Ted Poor

Eric Ames and Veronika Zantop

Matt Fingerhut and Susie Frazier

Tim Koeppe and Erika Teschke

Emily Anderson

Kent Fisher and Barbra Richardson

Oliver Kotelnikov

David and Alma Andrade

Ms. Sally Flynn

Paul Kreider

Barbara Bainum and Wil Busse

Erin and Sam French

Jeffery and Laura Krinsky

Michael and Jiun-Fei Beeler

Glenn and Rebecca Gardner

Adam Lacy-Hulbert and

Mark Belles

Denis and Angela Gaynor

Lynda Stuart

Chris Bibb and Andrea Black

Christopher and Maria Gingerich

Tricia Lambie and Lisa Adriance

Lisa Black

Steve and Sarah Gire

Lydia Laurant

Christen Blunt

Paul Gleason and

Kevin and Christine Lee

Dave Blunt

Missy Stern Gleason

Peter Leonard and Beth Fishman

Libby Bode and Eric Hoyle

Diane Gordon

Brien and Lisa Lindstrom

John Buchinger

Grateful Bread Bakery

Jason Lucas and Elizabeth Amon

Stephen Buerk and Tonya Zeppelin

Philip Guess and Alice Ikeda

Harold Malkin and

Roger Buick and Betty Repacholi

Kristen Hamilton

Jennifer Porter

David and Rebecca Butman

Glenn Hampson and

Nancy Manzo

Robert and Meg Butterworth

Drienna Holman

Miles Mayhew and

Nicole Caden and Marco Calvo

David Hansen and Nancy Swierkos

Vanessa Murdock

Jay and Meaghan Carroll

Mary Ann Hansen

Shavette McGhee and

Sean Carroll

Todd Hargrove and Jemila Dwyer

Jamaal Hackett-Cook

Lisa Chang

Nathaniel Eli Hastings and

Christian McLaughlin and

Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang

Lili Sperry

Tabitha Baker

Nate and Tara Clark

Mr. Doug Herrington and

Elisabeth McLaughlin

Alex Cohen and Dana Kovalchick

Ms. Barb Herrington

Sam Meade and Kathy Ahl

Jennifer Coll

David and Martha Hill

David and Rebecca Moe

Clive Cook and Sara Allan

Eleanor Hodgins

James and Kelley Moline

Doug and Romy Coppinger

HomeStreet Bank

Mike and Erane Myint

Bruce Cordingly and

Damien and Maria Huang

Gregory Narver and

Anne Marie Ruljancich

Justin and Angela Hugeback

Priscilla Cypiot

Brian Cromer and Renee Devine

Jackie and Tyler Hughes

Eric Ohlsen and Debra Tesh

Ronnie and Wendy Cunningham

Benjamin Humphrey and

John Olson and Colleen Dillon

Sharon Current

Anne Prins

Orcas Island Community

Nick and Heidi DeVogel

Mark Jackson and Julie Zirkle


Sean Donoghue-Neider

Allen and Holly Johnson

Paula Palmer and David Jones

Ted Kalmus

John Pauk and Karen McDonough


General Donors Cont. Braden and Megan Penhoet

Dan and Lisa Smith

Nancy White

Ryan and Michelle Perham

John and Amy Smith

Drew and Angie Whittemore

Mike Perkowitz and

Sten and Elizabeth Sorby

Shannon and Laura Wilkinson

Erica Goldsmith

Peregrin Spielholz and

Kelley Williams

Gary and Sissy Peterman

Anneliese Schleyer

Sandra Wilson

Mark Phillips and

Brett and Kelly Stacey

Dave Wine and Kat Steinglass

Jennifer Schweickert

Ron and Larilyn Stenkamp

George and Jennifer Wing

Rob Phillips and

Tom and Ranmalie Taggart

Franklin Wirtz and

Jennifer Bandy-Phillips

Target Take Charge for Education

Jessica Thompson

Jurgen Pichler and Kelley Shields

Regis Thevenet

Anna Woodard

David Powers and Amy Chasanov

Jim and Nancy Thomson

Andrea Yee

Jason and Brenna Profit

Jim and Jess Thomson

Mike and Jennifer Zell

Mary Ann Radley

Bob Thordarson and

Chris and Kate Raykovich

Sandra Wright

Matching Funds

Dan and Emily Raymond

Stephen and Bonnie Tilghman


Karen Rea

Thomas and Lesley Todaro


Mike Rea

John and Susan Tomlin

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Nancy Reed

Ivana Topalovic


Mr. and Mrs. Rod Reston

Joe Tuininga and Thea Billing

Bright Funds Foundation

Joan Reynolds

Wadiya Udell and Sheryl Kalbach


John and Amy Richards

Joel and Lori Van Etta

Cambia Health Foundation

Mychal and Sunita Richardson

Phillip Vedovatti and Laura Ishak


Jose Rodriguez and Kevin Brown

Beth Vineyard and Becky Ginn

Microsoft Corporation

Maurice Rump and Sarah Bilton

Kelsey and Jonathan Vollmer

Yar Runyon and Rachel Acosta

Andrew von Nordenflycht and

In-Kind Giving

Ramiza Saheed and Anzees Khan

Haeryung Shin

Thea Billing

Denis and Bernedette Sampson

Michael and Yaneth Vrentas

Brian Cromer and Renee Devine

Laura and Tim Schaut

Olga Vrentas

Philip Guess and Alice Ikeda

Robin Scher and Andrea Morland

Brad Wakeman and Nancy Carroll

Duncan Haas and Birgit Walbaum

Todd and Karen Schultz

Hayley Walters

Karen Leeds

Greg Schwartz and Colleen Butler

Jay and Kymber Waltmunson

Amy Smith Photography & Design

Scott and Jennifer Seiwert

Martha Walton and

Anne Theisen

Cory Shelest and Emily Gable

Thomas Acosta

Annabel Sherwood

Meredith and Bob Ward

Claudia Sibila and Alfredo Arnaiz

Brian and Yonnie Watkins

Harley Sitner and Cathy Summers

Amy Weber

Daniel and Katie Sluss

Larissa and Duff Weber Kennedy White and Abby Wilson

Please accept our sincere apologies if your name has been omitted or misspelled. Contact the Development Office with any corrections. (206) 632-7154 x304



The Meridian School 2015-2016 Annual Report


The Meridian School 2015-2016 Annual Report