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Travel guide summer 2017

Tornio Golf

Icebraker Sampo

WELCOME TO SEA LAPLAND The two cities and three communes form the Sea Lapland area: the twin-city TornioHaparanda and the city of Kemi, and the communes of Keminmaa, Simo and Tervola. The three salmon-rivers, the Simo River, Kemi and Tornio Rivers, all flowing down to the Gulf of Bothnia, are situated in the region. The various areas in Sea Lapland carry different characteristics, but the heart in each is similar.

HOW TO READ THE QR-CODES On the brochure you’ll find specific QR-codes through which you’ll get additional information of the locations, opening hours and contact information of the various places, of navigation instructions as well as of the history in the region. Read the code through the QR-code reader in your Smartphone or tablet and open the net contents into your mobile or tablet device. In some mobile models the reader is inbuilt, in others you’ll need to download the reader from the software/application net shop. The opening speed of the content may vary according to your mobile model and your network operator.

USING THE NET ON MOBILE DEVICES The 4G and 3G networks of different network operators cover fairly well the central destinations in the Sea Lapland region. However, some areas with weaker reception can yet be found. Pricing of the connections is according to the actual service provider and some foreign operators may charge a roaming-fee; however, from the mobile connections in EU-countries, only the maximum 0,20e/Mt. You may also find charge-free wireless networks (Wi-Fi, WLAN), as for example, at the Kemi-Tornio Airport.


See and do in Sea Lapland:

Free wi-fi networks:

Santa´s Seaside office

EVENTS IN THE SUMMER OF 2017 9-11.6. Nolia Springtime fairs 22.6. Shopping marathon 30.6.-1.7. KalottJazz and Blues Festival 30.6.-1.7. Peräpohjolan Market Fair 13.-15.7. Wheels Classic Motor Meet 15.7. Rondelli – childrens music event 14.-23.7. Easy Living 21.-23.7. Oikea Moottoritapahtuma -Real Motor Event 27.-30.7. Midnight Sun Regatta 28.-30.7. Traditional Whitefish festivities 4.-5.8. Satama Open Air 12.8. Finland 100 years concert 12.8. The Strongest man in the North -competition 18.-19.8. Sea Lapland food fair 26.8. Kesäri -music festival, Finland 100 years 26.8. Venetian party 26.-27.8. Maaseudulta käsin - fairs 31.8.-3.9. International fairs

Events in Sea Lapland:

Best places for events and meetings:

TOURIST INFORMATION KEMI TOURIST INFORMATION City hall, Valtakatu 26, 94100 Kemi. +358 (0) 40 680 3120 Open: mon-fri klo 8-15.30.

HAPARANDATORNIO TOURIST INFORMATION Travel center, Krannikatu 5 95336 Haparanda, Sweden +358 (0) 50 590 0562 Open: mon-fri 9-17.30


Satama Open Air

Best bits of the summer:

LET IT PLAY People in Sea Lapland love the music. By now the internationally renowned event the KalottJazz & Blues Festival is enjoyed by nearly everyone in the region. The rock- and pop music festival the Satama Open Air, lasting for days on end, are the most unique and wellliked summer event. In Sea Lapland everyone knows that you can hear live music every summer week-end. The annual Sarvipäivät Recreation Days in the archipelago of the Gulf of Bothnia in July, is event to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Kukkola rapids

The Classic Motor Meet gathers hundreds of car collectors from all the Nordic countries to show their well-tuned automobiles in the exhibition in Sea Lapland during July. The Laivakangas Horse Race Track is the place for speed and excitement on many a Sunday: bet the winner! Classic Motor Meet



Made in Sea Lapland The cultural heritage of Sea Lapland forms an essential and prominent part in everyday living in the region. Hand-

made candles, lamp fixtures designed of paper, lambskin hides or hand knitted wool products are superb gifts to bring home to. The local meat-, fish- and berry products are delicacies to satisfy the most gourmet person. At the Pohjanranta in Keminmaa you can order wine made of black or red currant grown at the farm. The local unleavened bread and the white fish scooped up from the Tornio River are delicacies not to be missed. The annual River lampreyand the Traditional whitefish festivities, the Farmers’ Fairs and several other summer and fall fairs, offer food and beverages made of fresh local produce, gathering people to celebrate the events from near and far. Many of the fairs offer entertainment throughout the day, and seasonal products to bring home to.















Artists of the summer 2017: La 27.5. Charles Plogman & Rosette La 03.6. Kaija Lustila & Rubiini La 10.6. Tomi Markkola & Fernet La 17.6. T.T. Purontaka & Tähtitaivas La 24.6. Antti Ahopelto & Etiketti La 01.7. Tarja Lunnas & Rosso La 08.7. Eija Kantola & Omega La 15.7. Aki Samuli & Fantasia La 22.7. Anne Mattila & Deja-vu La 29.7. Erika Vikman yhtyeineen La 05.8. Heidi Pakarinen & Karavaani La 12.8. Pekkaniskan Pojat La 19.8. Susanna Heikki & Voimaorkesteri La 26.8. Jaska Mäkynen & Nelostie La 02.9. Marita Taavitsainen & Koivu

The play describes the rise of President Mauno Koivisto as the follower to President Urho Kekkonen at the 1982 presidential elections and his two terms as President of Finland. Script and direction: Paavo Väyrynen

Shows: Sea Lapland Food Fair August 18–19, 2017

The fair, with the theme of food, gathers together a variety of produce and refined goods from local producers and entrepreneurs. During the fair a fine selection of food in its many various forms will be exhibited, sold and enjoyed. Meet Karita Tykkä and Christer Sundqvist at the fair! Pohjanranta Oy Pohjantie 23, 94400 Keminmaa +358 (0) 16 275 070

Fri 30.6. klo 18 Premiere Sat 01.7. klo 14 Sun 02.7. klo 14 Fri 07.7. klo 18 Sat 08.7. klo 14 Sun 09.7. klo 14

Art exhibition at the main building 27.5.–30.9. 2017

Liisa Halonen-Laiti: Pohjoinen maa We reserve the right for changes.


Visit Kemi

Enjoy the SnowCastle Camping and gorgeous mini-villas on the shores of the Kemi Inner Port, right in the vicinity of summer restaurants. See the Crown of the King of Finland at the Gemstone Gallery, meet the Sailor Elves at Santa’s Port Office, and get acquainted with the SnowCastle Exhibition. Additional information and reservations:, Instagram: Visitkemi Facebook: LumiLinnaSnowCastle +358 (0) 16 258 878 Kauppakatu 29, 94100 Kemi

For smaller and bigger events

Check the list and prescriptions of events and exhibitions organized at the Kemi Cultural Centre on our new web pages. The event calendar on the web pages offers a thorough view of all events happening around the city. Interesting additional events as part of the programs will give a memorable experience for anyone participating in an event.

+358 (0) 400 590 034


THE FINNISH SAUNA Sauna has been part of the Finnish tradition for hundreds of years. Enjoying the heat and comfort of the sauna you both relax and strengthen your body and mind, returning refreshed and renewed to your everyday living. The floating sauna at the Pohjanranta in Keminmaa, the barrel sauna at the

Kukkolaforsen as well as the Hovilompolo Lappish cot sauna and the smoke sauna, are special and highly enjoyable experiences worth trying. In the summer you go for a swim in a lake or in a river, in the winter you drop into a hot tub with a warm cap over your head.

Hovilompolo hot tub


The 9-hole Kemi Golf Club is situated right in the core area of the city, and Mini Golf can be found at the Inner Harbour (pictured below).

Disc golf

The longest Hole In One in the whole world The 18-hole Tornio Golf Course sits right on the border between Finland and Sweden. The one hour timedifference between the countries enables the golfer for the longest Hole in One on fairway 6. The hit lasts about an hour and 5 seconds due to the border between the two countries going through the 6th fairway. A unique, and challenging way to play golf, wouldn’t you say?

To play disc golf, you find the Courses in Tornio, at the Kallinkangas in Keminmaa, in the city of Kemi as well as in the commune of Simo. The Tornio and Kemi disc golf Courses are suitable for beginners and those willing for more challenging games, should head to the disc golf Courses in Kallinkangas or in Simo.

Domestic Animal Park Arkadia:

Open daily from 10am – 6pm until end of August, (some exceptions may occur during Mid-Summer festivities.) At Arkadia, amongst traditional Finnish pets and more exotic animal species, you can have for example children’s parties, family celebrations and recreational evenings arranged by your work place. Groups can reserve guided tours in the animal park in advance. We also organize various events!

Follow us at Facebook! Saarenrannantie 12, 95230 Maksniemi +358 (0) 40 552 6146 - Päivi +358 (0) 44 535 4417 - Samuli

At the cosy and idyllic Cafe-Restaurant Arkadia you can enjoy home baked pastries and delicious meals accompanied with refreshments and a variety of different types of coffee!

Photo: Katja Koivumäki photography


photo: H.Engman TLMM - Juliste Katariina Paaso

Fishing Center

Simojoen Lohiranta

In the immediate vicinity of the best fishing grounds of the Simo-River! 45 km from Kemi. Ranuantie 219B, 95255 Alaniemi +358 (0) 400 691 351

Southern Lapland Market Fair

Follow bosmina to the archipelago of Haparanda

Friday June 30, 4pm – 8 pm, and Saturday July 1,10am – 3pm Around the Raatihuone (old Council Hall) in Tornio Hallituskatu 9 TORNIO, +358 (0) 50 597 1944

Midsummer bonfire

Timetables July-August and more information:

Kalli Outdoor Activity Centre We offer action-packed Paintball-games and relaxing Nature-trail tours for groups. Paintball-equipment you can rent and take with you for example to your cottage or you may want to play at our place. Call for reservations: +358 (0) 400 175 347 Kallinkankaantie 106 94400 Keminmaa


Sea Lapland Travel Guides Guiding in Kemi and the Sea Lapland region. Guiding tours/bus/car, walking tours, guiding at specific destinations, wilderness and nature guiding, transfer- and tour leader guiding. +358 (0) 44 045 1156

Restaurant Pursiseura

Restaurant Mustaparran Päämaja


Restaurant Samaani

In Sea Lapland you find various choices for dining from a special restaurant with a theme to a more modern place just to sit down and eat. Is your desire to dine in the centre of hubbub of the city, or do you desire a quieter corner to sit and relax? The traditional Lappish delicacies and the catch of the sea are available in the restaurants in Sea Lapland on every day of the week, including Sunday. The produce is local and organically grown. Sea Lapland delicacies The Sea Lapland cuisine forms an essential part of the lifestyle and vigour of the Northern people. The unique nature of Lapland, the

With us you’ll always eat well:

aromatic and fresh ingredients you get from the nature, the rich culture with its local traditions, offer gourmet experiences not to be missed. The Sea Lapland cuisine lives according to the changing seasons, and is largely based on the vegetation and animal produce available in the region. The Bothnian Bay salmon, or the salmon and whitefish caught in the free-flowing river Torniojoki or in the beautifully long river Kemijoki, the reindeer and other game running wild in the woods, as well as the various kinds of mushrooms and herbs growing in the nature, have formed the unique basis for the Sea Lapland gastronomy for centuries.

Kukkolan KoskiCatering Kukkola Rapids Catering Come and enjoy the fascinating riverside views! •Salmon soup, sautéed reindeer and smoked fish • Grill delicacies, coffee with thin pancakes • full liquor license, karaoke singing • Always ready sauna Koskitie 4, 95520 Tornio +358 (0) 407 301 524 / +358 (0) 400 362 434 Ankkuri bistro


Oluthuone Kukko

Valtakatu 10, 94100 Kemi +358 (0) 400 718 090

Since 1993 both domestic and foreign beers and various types of ciders have foamed through the fourteen beer-taps at the Beer House Kukko. The abundant and well-varied beer-bottle collection from different corners of the world will guarantee for anyone to find their favourite beer while visiting the Beer House. The most interesting sports events run at our pub stand for friends of sports and sports-enthusiasts!

Book a cruise at the Kemi Inner Harbour: The Traditional S/Y Katariina Ship and the Perämeren Jähti Ship provide tailor-made cruises by reservation; during July open cruises for the public.

Bookings for 12-36 persons, cruise durations from 3h to a whole day, meals by reservation only, full liquor license. Conferences/meetings and private occasions can be arranged at the Inner Harbour also. Inquiries at the Katariina Cafe-Terrace or

Panorama Café

Enjoy the tastiest drinks of the summer sitting at the most preferable place with the best view over the city: the 13th floor of the Kemi City Hall. Open Mon - Fri 8.00-15.30. Other times by reservation only. Panorama Cafe +358 (0) 50 410 3605 Panoramakemi


RESTAURANT PAPPILAN PEHTOORI The recently restored cosy drawing rooms of the times of the old vicarage, with the ever-gorgeous sea-views, enhance your enjoyment of the delicacies of the Restaurant! Pappilantie 10, Simoniemi +358 (0) 40 321 8190

Restaurant Rantamakasiini

On the cosy, sunny terrace you enjoy cold drinks and the delicacies of street food. Luulajantie 4, 94100 Kemi +385 (0)40 685 3500,

Restaurant Pursiseura

At Pursiseura you experience authentic seaside atmosphere, while enjoying good food and drinks. Luulajantie 11, 94100 Kemi +385 (0) 40 685 3500,

Satamakaffila Nuotta

At the Nuotta Cafe you get the best pancakes with the most delicious jam in all of Sea Lapland! Salty delicacies, salad-lunches, fresh drinks are also on offer; finely performed live music through Thurs - Sat. Come and enjoy the summer in delightfully fresh atmosphere with sea-side views! We are a dog-friendly Cafe. Kemi Innerharbour +358 (0) 400 199 605 Facebook: Satamakaffila Nuotta

CAFE-RESTAURANT MYLLYNPIRTTI The Cafe-Restaurant Myllynpirtti at the Kukkola Rapids has served visitors since the 1950’s. Kukkolankoskentie, 95520 Kukkola +358 (0) 400 694 356

Restaurant Šamaani

A cosy lunch and À la carte restaurant with full liquo licence. The menu respects the thirty year history of the restaurant by offering delicacies from the menus of the past decades. Keskuspuistokatu 1, 94100 Kemi +358 (0) 400 789 058

Summer-feeling starts at Toranda The Seaside Restaurant Toranda Magasin offers delicious delicacies of the sea at the hugely handsome surroundings by the Guest Harbour and the Toranda Events Centre at the Hellälä region in Tornio.

Näätsaarentie 241, Tornio

Coming events: · Nolia Springtime June 9 – 11, 2017 · The Real Motor Event July 21 – 23, 2017 · BHS Toranda Sailing Regatta July 27 – 30, 2017


SWEET DREAMS Wrapped in soft sheets or sleeping in a sleeping-bag on top of a hide; a room on a farm or a romantic cottage in the wilderness. Some like to stay in the comforts of a Hotel, some prefer the peaceful privacy of a wilderness cabin.

Does your pillow feel good? Here you’ll find it to your desire.

With all the special treats, no doubt.

Hotel Mustaparta Quality with luxury. The new Theme-hotel in the centre of Tornio.

TERVOLAN LUONTOLOMAT Offers high quality cottages for rent for your holidays.

Hallituskatu 6, Tornio +358 (0) 400 105 800

Reutuaapa 813, 95300 TERVOLA +358 (0) 400 974 137 / +358 (0) 400 692 849

Seaside Cottages at the Old Vicarage/ Wanha Pappila Lodge at the cottages resembling old seaside storehouses, fully equipped, including sauna, by the Gulf of Bothnia. Breakfast delivered to cottages. Free WIFI! Hotel-quality lodging in the midst of old, peaceful seaside-village views.


WANHAN PAPPILAN MAKASIINIT Pappilantie 10, 95200 Simo +358 (0) 40 822 3400

Hotel Merihovi Hotel Olof

The Boutique-hotel of a high standard with river views right in the heart of the Tornio city-centre Hallituskatu 16, Tornio +358 (0) 50 069 0980

The legendary, classic hotel with good service in the heart of Kemi. Keskuspuistokatu 6-8, 94100 Kemi +385 (0)40 685 3500 Summer offers: 80€/single room/night 100€/double room/night

Camping Tornio Child-friendly camping site on an island: 3 km from the centre of Tornio. PORORANTA COTTAGES For additional information and pictures please visit the Sea Lapland Travel web-pages.ökit-2 +358 (0)400 882 115 Ruohokarintie 26, 95470 Tornio

Overnight staying throughout the year, all inquiries in the wintertime through e-mail or by phone. Welcome to enjoy your stay! Matkailijantie 49, 95420 Tornio +358 (0)16 445945

The Renewed Motel Käpylä

27 rooms, conference room, bar & charter restaurant. Free parking and WIFI!

A lovely garden on the premises. Welcome to enjoy the summer! Torniontie 7, 94450 Keminmaa


Welcome to Park Hotel Tornio The newly renovated highly atmospheric Hotel by the Tornio River welcomes you to come and enjoy its services! In addition to the single-, double- or three person rooms the Hotel offers also various kinds of suites (highly suitable for families) and an INVA- room. Altogether 98 rooms available. All rooms are smoke-free (smoking prohibited). The Hotel boasts also four restaurants, special meeting locations (among others a 200 person auditorium), a cosy sauna-department with a swimming pool as well as a playing room only for kids. At merely a walking distance you will find, among others, the IKEA, the Rajalla pü Gränsen-


Shopping Centre, as well as the Dudesons Activity Park. Enjoy your stay and the delicacies on offer at the Park Hotel Tornio Restaurants! At the Restaurant Aino you will enjoy delicacies in the cosy and traditional way of the riverside life. At the Sports Corner, in addition of eating the pizzas, burgers and hot wings on offer, you can also enjoy watching the sports events. At the Wine Park, cosy and atmospheric wine tasting and karaoke singing on weekends. At the Park Arena you can enjoy dancing and live bands on event weekends.



98€/ ight m/n single roo / 105€ ht m/nig

double roo


.Valid 12.6


te! L

y. ilit imited availab

Itäranta 4, 95400 Tornio +358 (0) 40 358 3300


Hovilompolo Enjoy the traditional sauna culture combined with the delicious white fish meal.

Husantie 4, 95530 Tornio + 358 (0) 40 531 9353



The twin-city TornioHaparanda endows a natural combination of two cultures for both of the cities of Tornio and Haparanda as you hardly notice the border between Sweden and Finland

on daily basis. The Victoria Plaza right on the border is uniquely special in the area, and perhaps even in the whole world: the Plaza was named after Princess Victoria of Sweden at the

Welcome to visit the Design Boutique in Karunki

Come and experience the charm of handmade products made of paper.

inauguration ceremony she performed in 2011. The spectacular Rajakaari on the border is designed by children in the region, the forms and colouring of the routes depicting the connection between the two cities. The Shopping Centre Rajalla - På Gränsen, with a variety of boutiques and affairs, as well as the world-renowned Ikea right at the border, offer both traditional as well as design products and, of course, the latest fashion both in clothing, shoes, accessories as well as home furnishings.

Unique gift ideas, white and light atmosphere, experiences for all your senses! PAPERIVALO SHOP & CAFE Jokivarrentie 2482, 95530 Tornio +358 (0) 50 585 7290 Open: tue-fri 11-17, Sat11-15 Online shop:


Shopping and souvenirs:

Tampereen Säästö-Tex

High-quality wilderness products at Seeland Härkilä! The renewed, huge fishing department at the Tex in Tornio - 400m2 only for the fisherman! Exchange of liquefied petroleum gas av stålflaska Fur Eva-sandals 2 pairs sizes 36-41 (pink, white, grey, black)

21,90€ 25,00€

Renewed, larger than before Mustang barbecue/ grilling department!


Mustang one-time disposable grill Mustang firelighter cubes 32pieces/ 3 package, (single 1,25€/package) Mustang barbecue charcoal 14l Mustang telescope sausage stick Mustang enamelled kettle grill 43cm

2,95€ 3,95€ 6,95€ 18,95€


The Flower garden departments ready to serve you! Huge selections of summer flowers, and we receive more every week! Opening hours: Tornio mon-fri 8-21, sat 8-20, sun 10-20 Kemi mon-fri 8-21, sat 8-19, sun 11-19 Tornio Teollisuuskatu 5 Kemi Kiveliönkatu 28

Rovaniemi Koskikatu 28 texfinland Kemijärvi Seminaarikatu 2-4


Shopping Centre Rajalla The Shopping Centre Rajalla, with a variety of shops and restaurants and services, situated at the border of the twin-city TornioHaparanda, offers a versatile stopping place while travelling. Free 2 h parking, Angry Birds –play station for children and the latest films running at the Movie Theatre BioRex! Welcome to shop and enjoy! Shopping centre Rajalla Länsiranta 10, 95400 Tornio Instagram: #rajalla



Missä sul on

All you need in the summer from your own shop

The customer comes first, this is what everyone says. At our Cooperative store, the fact is slightly different, though - for real. Our customers in North of Finland own us. There are no other owners. The green membership card, therefore, is not just a regular customer loyalty card. It is the proof of your ownership of the Cooperative store, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits the store provides, like the Bonus, which is paid to the owners account in regards to the sums spent at shopping.

rusketusraidat? Ei muuta kuin meidän kautta grillaamaan.

In addition of the Bonus you also benefit from the advantageous price level, and from the excellent service network. The Cooperative store invests and recruits, educates, supports and rewards its people. The Arina shops in Sea Lapland serve you along your travel, with long opening hours. Welcome to shop at your own store!

Arina shops and opening hours: PRISMA Kemi, Tornio S-MARKET Kemi SALE Hepolahti, Keminmaa, Kemi, Pudas, Syväkangas, Tervola, Tornio


Lappari Adventure factory Lappari offers a good variety of adventures under one roof.

Tornion Panimo - Brewery Reserve a guided brewery tour and beer tastings for your group. The tour is organized in cooperation with Restaurant Pirttihirmu.

Vesaisenkatu 1, 95400 Tornio, Finland +358 (0) 400 419902

Restaurant Pirttihirmu

After all the activities and touring the brewery you will surely want to enjoy our home-made delicacies satisfying many different tastes. The menu at the Restaurant Pirttihirmu consists of delicacies made of local produce. You can enter the Restaurant Pirttihirmu without the entrance ticket to the Park. Inquire about group dining: +358 (0) 44 441 1220,,


Sports and activity centre Hyväfiilis

Fitness hall • Group exercises Training groups • Sports event coaching & Personal Trainer- services • Nutrition training • Fitness tests and measurements Program services for businesses Children’s training groups Event and special occasions services Open: mon-thu 10-20, fri 10-18, sat 11.30-15, sun 16-19.30 +358 (0) 40 148 3522 • Lappari, Vesaisenkatu 1, Tornio

Romping and playing about is healthy

The new, coolly action-packed indoor-activity park in HaparandaTornio offers borderless opportunities for joyful, sporty activities for the whole day. At the Dudesons Activity Park you will find a huge amount of winter-themed activities giving a good challenge for anyone of

any age and skill level, satisfying the hungriest playful and sporty-spirited persons. The mystic sound and light world creates a unique dimension and an utterly special atmosphere to the Park. Welcome to come and spend a super-fun day dressed only in a t-shirt throughout the year! THE DUDESONS ACTIVITY PARK HAPARANDATORNIO Vesaisenkatu 1, 95400 Tornio +358 (0) 44 441 1220,,


Welcome to the world of fashion! instagram: subway_clothing

Valtakatu 7-9, 94100 Kemi, Open: mon-fri 10 - 18, sat 10.00 - 15.00

Design Airamo

40 years experience!

Have your dream coat manufactured in Tornio.

from reindeer skin or lambskin, from fur or from stylish fabric. Weather you come from near or far, we can prepare your coat to your liking, delivered to your home. Welcome to visit our Atelier –shop! Kauppakatu 12, Torneü +358 (0) 400 291 520

Albana Mustafi Hairdressing services, make-up, permanent pigmentations, lash lengthening and facials

Valtakatu 12, Kemi


Professional services at

BaberHairdreser Herman

Valtakatu 11-13, Kemi +358 (0) 40 841 9215


Hikers/ trekkers choices!

Fishing and boating on one map!

HIKING AND TREKKING The unspoilt nature in Sea Lapland offers plenty of opportunities for hiking: nature trails are close by and hiking tracks with natural duckboards are well-maintained for pleasant trekking. The many rivers, tree-covered hills and the sea, the scenery filled with wide open fields and mires, form the harmoniously alternating natural features of Sea Lapland. Bird watching and treasure-hunting, the world-widely popular geocaching is a fun and pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors. Go berry-picking or find delicious mushrooms: an extensive part of the Finnish forests is registered as protected areas for picking organic berries, mushrooms and herbs. The Finnish liberal law of public access invites anyone to roam freely in the forests, to tent in the nature and enjoy these treasures. Before deciding to go on an excursion though, it is advisable to check these areas to find the appropriate ones. The Bothnian Bay Archipelago National Park Long ago the archipelago on the Bothnian Bay National Park was formed due to land uplift, which evermore causes constant, very gradual change in the natural features of the region. The traditional fishing bases and

the natural trail under the water surface, designed for divers, are worth seeing. You can access the National Park by boat; at the biggest Island Selkä-Sarvi you’ll find a small harbour and a lean-to with a camp-fire. Trekking through the 1 km nature trail traversing the island, will crown your excursion. Sandskär, situated in the Haparanda Archipelago National Park, is known for its long sandy beaches and decorative sand-formations. A 5 km beautiful nature trail traverses the island. Safe and convenient hiking Finland’s most important place designated for protection of mire-areas, the Martimoaapa in Simo, offers both interesting hiking terrain for trekkers and beautiful hill landscape for easy wandering. The Alkunkarinlahti Nature Trail, Nationally Protected Bird-watching Site, 9 km south from the centre of Tornio, offers bird-watchtowers and campfire sites along the trail. In Kätkävaara in the Tervola commune the hilltops with no trees rise to the heights, rivers with clear water run through the valleys, traversing the open bog mires and wild forests in the region. The Pisavaara Natural Park, the highest tree-covered hill in southern Lapland, is the strictest protected Natural Park in all of Europe.

TAUT LINES FISHERMEN DREAM OF The Sea Lapland region is ideal for fishing. Within the range of an hour’s drive you find three fish-rich rivers, and the sea is close by. The Simo River, the Tornio and Kemi Rivers are known as Salmon Rivers. The rivers live according to the change of the seasons; the melting of the snow and ice further up in Lapland in the springtime, causes the buildings on the seashore to be in danger of getting flooded. The spring floods are an exciting event for all the people in the region. On the shores of the Kukkola Rapids, on both sides of the border, you may admire the Traditional Tornio Valley Fishing Culture, flourishing even today. The village people, according to special rules between the landowners, scoop up the whitefish in the summer-time, sharing the catch at seven pm every night. Whitefish flamed on the fire is a local delicacy. During the fall the wire cage (trap) fills up with the river lamprey, during the winter with the burbot.


Sea Lapland is situated on the northernmost shores of the Gulf of Bothnia; a flight of merely 1,5 h from the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport takes you to the Kemi-Tornio Airport in the region. In the vicinity of the Sea Lapland region both the Oulu, Rovaniemi and Luleå Airports have train connections tao the area. Also from Helsinki you will find a direct train connection to Sea Lapland, to the Kemi, Tornio or Tervola Railway Stations. Regular airline traffic serves the Sea Lapland region.

Taxi service is available 24 h and several car rentals are to be found in the region.

Get around easily in Sea Lapland! • Kemi-Tornio-Haaparanta • Haaparanta-Tornio-Kemi • City bus lines in Tornio Timetables:

• Oulu-Kemi-Tornio-Haaparanta • Haaparanta-Tornio-Kemi-Oulu Timetables:

Heiskasen Liikenne Oy Local transportation in Kemi, chartered tours, group tours. Toivolankatu 3, 94100 Kemi +358 (0) 16 223 542

HM-LIIKENNE OY Keminmaa +358 (0) 400 391 374, +358 (0) 400 691 915

Heiskasen Liikenne Oy 24


The Alatornio church

The old church of Tervola

The St. Michael’s Church

In Sea Lapland you can hear the whisper of the history under your foot. The Hedvig Eleonora Church or the Church of Tornio is the other of the two churches in Finland dedicated to the Queen Hedvig Eleonora of Sweden. The church is a notable representative of the wooden architectural design of churches in the 1600’s. The Unesco World Heritage Site At the Alatornio Church you can find the Struve Geodetic Arc, inscribed on the World Heritage Site. The first church was built probably already in the 1200’s, and a wooden church is known to have stood at the place in 1316 by the latest. In 1794–97, the church-constructer Jacob Rijf built the Alatornio Church to its current form. The church is one of the most handsome representatives of the architectural design of church construction of the late 1700’s. In the beginning of the 1900’s the Kemi Church towered the tiny town of Kemi as a beautiful and sturdy monument. In these days it decorates the city silhouette together with the industrial pipes and the high-rising white City Hall of the city of Kemi. The Kemi Church, designed by architect Josef Stenbäck, was built in 1902. Due to the faded colouring in its structures, the church was restored to its original colouring of light brick-red in 2003. The St. Michael’s Church, built in the 1530’s, is the oldest church in the Sea Lapland region, and the northernmost of the Finnish medieval stone-churches with their original construction left intact. Church of Tornio

The Kemi church

New church of Keminmaa



Kemi Historical Museum

ART TO FIT MANY TASTES The Aine Art Museum in Tornio offers both permanent and temporary exhibitions. The permanent exhibition is composed of the collection at the Aine Pictorial Art Foundation and of the collection at the Aine Art Museum. The collection includes some of the finest art work in Finland, among others the works of Helene Schjerfbeck, Werner Holmberg, Akseli Gallen-Kallela as well as the works of more recent Finnish artists like Marika Mäkelä, Hannu Väisänen and Reijo Hukkanen. The works of Reidar Särestöniemi, Kalervo Palsa and Tuuli Mukka, represent artists right from Lapland. At the recently renewed Kemi

Historical Museum and the Provincial Museum of the Tornio Valley, you can explore the cultural history of the region. The Pahnila Museum, The Tervola Local Arts and Crafts Museum and the Keminmaa Local Arts and Crafts Museum offer additional places to learn about the cultural landscape in Sea Lapland. Travelling on the Museum Road through the Village of Simo you see the old farms and buildings left intact from the period when the road, dating back to the 1640’s, served as the mail road on land between Finland and Sweden. The historical centres of both the cities of Kemi and Tornio, you get best acquainted with

The Aine Art Museum


walking through the streets surrounded by old wooden houses, some more famous than the others. The glitter of jewellery Once upon a time, Finland was about to become a Kingdom. The attempt went so far that a crown was designed for the King. History, though, got another turn, but the crown still exists. The Kemi Gemstone Gallery collection, in addition of the handsome crown, contains also, among others, the replica of the Crown of the Queen of England as well as over three thousand minerals and gemstones.

Provincial Museum of the Tornio Valley

Iisakki Mustaparta, Isaac Blackbeard, hero of the people in Tornio Iisakki Mustaparta, born in 1751, was a peasant from Oravaisensaari at the village of Vojakkala, a few kilometres north from the city of Tornio. Together with the peasantry in his neighbourhood he built a decked ship to transport tar to Stockholm, bringing back a cargo of grain on his return back north. Mustaparta and his men were declared outlawed, imprisoned and thrown into a stinking jail in Stockholm. Mustaparta, instead of giving up, went ahead to prove the legality of his actions. Eventually he was to become the delegate to the Parliament in Stockholm, defending the rights of the peasantry, and was nicknamed Robin Hood of the North.

Exhibitions: Restaurant Mustaparran Päämaja

The story of Iisakki Mustaparta is alive and flourishing at the Restaurant Mustaparran Päämaja (Blackbeard’s Headquarters). The maritime interior decoration depicts the feel of the 1700’s, the crystal chandeliers adding a taste of Royal glamour. The delicacies of the Tornio Valley are served on a plank and drinks are enjoyed from a clay mug, just as Iisakki would have done. The scent of the tar around, with the taste of the holy grass and buckthorn in your mouth – what an enjoyable time-travel to be remembered!

Comic Exhibition


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