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Marching To Our Own Drum


+ Masthead +Editors Letter +Here Comes The Bride: A word on the new veil trend +Feed Your Face: Food that helps your complexion fromthe inside out +Cats Out: A word on cateyed sunglasses +Condoms: Fashion’s sexiest trend +Springs Awakening: A photoshoot by Gary Eng

M E R H Editor-In-Chief & Creative Director Caumera Juanese Editor-At-Large & Beauty Director Jaclyn Smock

contributors Mei Corbett Nicole Sessions Gary Eng Tiffany McKibben

As I was leaving for college, I looked back at my room of magazines and smiled. This was my life in print. These were my days as a high fashion woman who could afford such amazing things. In my head at 12, I was 33 and going to the next big Vogue event in Vintage Chanel. Magazines made a huge impact on my life. At some point it made sense to give back to the world I loved so much. Studying Fashion Journalism so I could learn to become a stylist or Fashion Editor wasn’t enough. Why not create something that was a mixture of all the magazines that encased my room? Bare with me readers, this is the first issue, although it isn’t my first time attempting a magazine. But merh.magazine is something I feel strongly about. The word itself is the definition of me, my friends, and the artistic generation we all have created. It can mean anything, convey any emotion, or prove a point. It is as powerful as we let it be, as we make it become. Why read it? I dont know, why not read it? Merh.magazine is a product of everything that makes you, you. It’s a collaboration of the artistic, fashionable, and just pure sex generation. In this issue we’ve found some hot fashion trends, beauty secrets, and spreads to share with you. These two months are a taster of what we will be. Stay tuned, after you hear us Marching To Our Own Drum you might want to come along for the ride. xx Caumera Juanese

Here comes the bride written by Mei Corbett

Veils are a way of blurring reality, keeping from us the most important details of a person that we would need to unlock their emotions. This mysterious aura is emitted from the translucent material that floats about the wearer like a sort of protective spirit, giving them to a ghost-like mannerism that they can utilise to a very Gothic effect. Even the child like appearance that white is usually associated with is actually used in quite an eerie way here, almost taking advantage of the vulnerability within that idea to create a more sinister image. A veil can obscure any dull, glazed over look that reveals no emotion, enforcing a sense of the unknown. Because veils are associated with weddings, happiness and new beginnings, they are made all the more ominous in these enigmatic images. By having the girl (left page right photo) shrouded in darkness, our imagination is left to its own devices to understand the foreboding and possibly perverse ideas behind the picture. But, with that one beam of light that has settled on her face, she is able to come across as more angelic, maybe a sign that she wants a way out from her seemingly self imposed containment which the cat seems pretty impartial too. But then again, cats are impartial to most things... The two young children (left page left photo) look as though nothing could faze them, as though they are not actually there in a way where they could be affected by anything. All I can imagine to be behind that limp veil of hair is a blank expression. Maybe the veil is there to protect her, whilst she is in this unresponsive state from anything that might take advantage of this or protect anyone else from something that she might subconsciously do as both seem almost possessed with their arms falling sluggishly by their sides and again, the veils providing a way for them to be concealed from the rest of the world but at the same time, allowing them to observe us... The impenetrable veil need not only be adorned by women. Nicola Formichetti for Theirry Mugler’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection for men encompassed aspects of the androgynous realm of fashion that designers would rarely venture into. By having veils incorporated into the outfits, Formichetti was able to expose the vulnerable side of men that we are so often hidden from. The way that the material silently floated about the models as they marched down the runway with the utmost discipline, juxtaposed beautifully, creating a mesmerising affect for the onlookers. The simple and minimal concepts incorporated into the collection allowed the mind to interpret the show at will, complimenting the mysterious affect that the veils created. Rick Genest, whose body is almost completely covered in tattoos, embodies the unfathomable ideas behind the range perfectly as he is hiding behind a guise that can he deems worthy enough to encase his body in, something that can show the world who he believes he truly is but at the same time reveals nothing about the very real and breathing soul that lingers inside. Veils act in a very similar way as they create a haze between reality and the mystique in which we find sanctuary when trying to find our true selves.

F ee d Y o u r F A C E written by JACLYN SMOCK

Eating Your Way To A Better Complexion

As the sun’s ray trickle into your room causing your eyes to gently pop open, you stretch out the kinks from last night and hop out of bed feeling refreshed after having your favorite dream (the one where you marry Robert Downey Jr.). As you rub the sleep out of your eyes and make your way into the powder room your dreamy smile quickly disappears as your less than perfect complexion is starring back at you. Your inner voice begins to wonder if the saying “you are what you eat” is really true? In this case, it’s undeniable; your greasy, pimply complexion could easily be mistaken for last night’s pepperoni pizza. Luckily, hope is not lost and you can eat your way out of blemishville! Who is apart of the acne army you ask? Well it just so happens everyday food that most of us encounter on a daily basis.

1.The general of the acne army is: Water No it doesn’t have to be imported water from the Swiss Alps, the tap water from your faucet still carries the magic powers that create a flawless face. The reason water is so purifying for the skin is because our bodies our 60% water, so when we are well hydrated everything works & looks better. Drinking water will moisturize your skin giving it that dewy complexion everyone is striving for as well as eliminate the dreaded puffiness around your eyes. 2.Your next secret weapon is: Strawberries Strawberries contain salicylic acid (yes that’s the main ingredient in most acne topicals). Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells causing your pores to shrink as well as shrinking existing blemishes. Also, strawberries reduce redness and soften the skin, so that your adult skin can once again feel as soft as a baby’s bum! 3.Another red fruit, some still mistakenly call it a vegetable, that kicks butt in the name of a clear skin is: Tomatoes Tomatoes are most useful if you have oily skin because tomatoes act as an astringent, which naturally balances out an oily complexion. Once oil levels are balanced there is less of a chance for blackheads and breakouts to occur. The tomato also has high levels of Vitamin A&C, which brighten dull skin. However, if you are like me and hate tomatoes with a fiery passion, you can simple make a tomato facial or even put tomato slices on your face to see the same results as incorporating tomatoes into your diet.

above: Yes To Tomatoes below: water below right: Strawberry mask

home remedies Turn your living room into the latest deluxe spa by trying this at home facial: Strawberry Facial Mask Recipe 1 Egg 1 cup sliced Strawberries 2 teaspoons Baking Soda 1 tablespoon organic Honey 1 tablespoon Plain unflavored Yogurt, with active cultures Mix all the ingredients together until you have a smooth paste and apply it to your face keeping your eye area clear. Then leave the mask on for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes have passed remove the mask with a damp, cold washcloth. This mask is the perfect at home facial because the strawberries remove the dead As the sun’s trickleredness, into your causing youraseyes to gentlyremoving pop open,dirt, you skin cells andray soothe theroom baking soda acts an exfoliant stretch out the kinks from last night and hop out of bed feeling refresh after havand the honey, yogurt combination tightens the skin while leaving the face veling your favorite dream (the one where you marry Robert Downey Jr.). As you vety smooth. rub the sleep out of your eyes and make your way into the powder room your dreamy smile quickly disappears as your less than perfect complexion is starring back at you. Your inner voice begins to wonder if the saying “you are what you eat” is really true? In this case, it’s undeniable; your greasy, pimply complexion could easily be mistaken for last night’s pepperoni pizza. Luckily, hope is not lost and you can eat your way out of blemishville! Who is apart of the acne army you ask? Well it just so happens everyday food that most of us encounter on a daily basis.

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Ray Bans at Urban Outfitters $135

Cats out written by Tiffany McKibben

Marc Jacobs at Bloomingdales $275

There’s a kitty on the prowl—and I’m not talking about your mom invading your closet. This year’s hottest sunglass trend is being taken over by none other than your favorite feline, the cat. Cateyes gives you that ultra-glam look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s with frames that point up to your ears. They got their start in the 1950s and are sweeping the runways due to the resurgence of vintage. You can find them done in countless variations by some of the hottest designers including: Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Prada, and Gucci. And, no variation is like the other so these frames can really fit your mug. For a more traditional look in classic black or tortoiseshell, try Tom Ford’s “Nikita”. Another classic version with stones is the most fun found vintage. Check out eBay or your local thrift store or consignment shop for these. Another great, classic style is the rounded or oval cateye like Marc Jacobs. Still traditional, but offers a little more for those kitties who take risks. But what’s really blazing the Sahara this year is wayfarer and cateye hybrids, such as Ray-Ban’s and Alexander Wang’s extreme cateye. Also, don’t forget to add color! Marc Jacobs had a ton of great prints and bright colors for the high summer. With this many variations, you’re sure to find something to fancy your cat’s meow, but you don’t have to spend a fortune either. Retailers such as Target, Claire’s Accessories, and Urban Outfitters have their own private labels that do the trick. Don’t be afraid to branch out this season and wear something truly wild!

tom fords “nikita’ at neiman marcus $360

Condoms This Season’s Sexiest Accessory written by Nicole Sessions photos by Caumera Juanese

Phrases like “I’ll just pull out,” “trust me, you can’t get pregnant if you are on top,” or “baby, I am STD free,” are so last season. Condom’s are definitely the hottest fashion statement right now that everyone should be participating in. Quit using the excuses, are start using protection. I am a part of an organization at my school San Francisco State University, called P.E.A.C.H., which advocates campus health and I specialize in the sexual health department. I have talked to several people who say they do not wear condoms for several different reasons, but there is no good reason to not wrap it up. With the help of P.E.A.C.H, extra research, several issues of Cosmo and of course, experience, I have complied a short list of quick tips that makes any condom seem appealing and extremely sexy. 1. Before you say you hate all condoms, try them all out! Don’t be afraid to experiment with every single condom out there if you have to in order to find one you like. There are thousands of different condoms you can experiment with, most condoms are a lubricated latex material but now there are a variety of condoms out there! Condoms can be studded for her pleasure, can have different types of lubes that cause different sensations, and can even glow in the dark. Not all condoms are made of the thicker latex material and some are made of the materials polyisoprene and polyurethane. Both these materials are amazing alternatives to latex, and both have a skin like feeling making it seem as though the condom isn’t even there! (I highly recommend Durex Avanti Bare, made of polyisoprene, for that extreme natural feeling.) 2. One word: lube! This one little word changed my life. Getting that extra wanted pleasure and feeling is as simple as one, two-literally. Before placing

Model: Rachel E. wears an Aerie Bra, PINK underwear and Victoria Secret Thigh High Boots. Purex Condom

being protected! (Note: Do not use oil-based lubricants on condoms because it will cause the condom to break and we do not want that!) 3. Role play. Role Play. Role Play. Make a condom seem as sexy as possible! If you think that the process of putting on a condom breaks the heat of the moment, make it a part of the moment! Do not be afraid to play the sexy nurse, secretary, boss, or school teacher and use the condom as a sexy prop during your show. (Do not forget to add tip #2 into the mix!) 4. If you are comfortable with yourself and your partner, this tip is definitely something you have to try. Put a condom on using your mouth! It may seem crazy and like a major chocking hazard, but it is one of the sexiest ways to play around with a condom. Hold the tip of the condom gently with your teeth and purse your lips. Then place your lips on the head of the penis and roll down gently! Avoid using your teeth for obvious, painful reasons, and use your lips to easily roll the condom on.


a C on d om seem as sexy as possible!” 5. Here are two things that should make condoms seem like the sexiest, most appealing things on this entire planet. STD’s and Children. A condom is 97% effective if used correctly when it comes to protecting against pregnancy and STD’s. Wrapping up can prevent unwanted consequences you would have to live with for the rest of your life. In our generation it is so important that we practice safe sex and protect ourselves from all the diseases out there. STD’s and HIV do not discriminate, so make sure you protect yourself because everyone is at risk. Hopefully one of my tips works for you and you decide to practice a safer and hotter sex life!

SPRINGS Photographed by Gary Eng Models Lauren Thompson & Tierney Lee


Tierney Lee wears Betsey Johnson & Lauren Thompson wears Rodarte for Target

This is my favorite spot. My private place -- for thinking. Spring Awakening

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