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Meredith Stoll


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Located in the Crossroads District of downtown Kansas City, MO the WholeBody Center focuses on the collaboration of the mind and body. This is a place where commuters of the city and locals can come and detox from the city life. The building is centered on building a foundation of a healthy life, this includes not only the body but the mind. Having an experience that works the body and mind creates whole body purity and relaxation.

2 - 1" thick glass panels 7" Glass fin air gap Silicone fill metal fastener

metal flashing waterproofing cant 6" roofing material 12" concrete bearing wall

Glass connection detail 5/8" DryWall bearing angle Metal flashing waterproofing

2" thick concrete panels (Using 2' x 4' Panels) 4" Concrete Topper 2" Steel decking

5/8" DryWall 2" thick concrete panels (Using 2' x 4' Panels)

fastened to 2" x 4" steel stud (placed every 2' O.C.) by 3/8" Welded drop pins

roofing material (6" At Highest)

1' Deep Steel Open web joist

6" Insulation

2' deep (w 24 x 104) girder

4" Concrete Topper 2" Steel decking

deck-Suspended ceiling hanger

fastened to 2" x 4" steel stud (placed every 2' O.C.) by 3/8" Welded drop pins


1' Deep Steel open web joist 2' deep (w 24 x 104) girder 4� rigid insulation 5/8" ceiling decking 5/8" gypsum

2" Exterior Gypsum 2" x 4" cedar planks metal Flashing

waterproofing 1" insulation

overhang detail

wall & roof detail

A machine is an assembly of interconnected components arrganged to transmit or modify force in order to perform useful work. The house works as a machine and completes everything needed for living. Thinking of each space used for a function (cooking, eating, sleeping, washing, and relaxing) emphasizes the design of space and not rooms. Given a pre-existing house in the heart of Manhattan, KS where a middle-aged couple lives in the front house and currently the back house accommodates a young professional couple. Once the front house user(s) reach the age of limited mobility, then they will move to the back house, which has been designed for living in place. Providing spaces where both inhabitants can increase their quality of life creates an environment that spurs growth and happiness.

The retreat exists on a pre-existing site located in the Pacific Northwest. A natural basalt slab carved out of the side of a sloping site residing lake side. Implementing the natural wood into the materiality of the exterior and emphasizing it through the contrast of the steel structure.The primary structure of two steel beams span the length of the house. By providing at secondary and teritary structure of wooden beams emphasize the use of the steel. The facade consisting of wood and glass providing ample views out to the lake, yet privacy for the residents.

At the age of twenty-two I am the proud mother of sixty fourth-year architecture students. Walking throughout the architecture studios of Seaton Hall I am often affectionately referred to as “Momma Mere.� Promptness, leadership, and a warm nature are just a few of the hallmarks of my personality. I am a Kansas City, Missouri native and I grew up surrounded by the countryside. The simplicity of nature has captured my attention personally and within my design aesthetic. I believe that even the simplest building can be beautiful in its purity. The natural backdrop, to every building, provides a foundation in which a building can grow and prosper. I believe that architecture and humanity should influence one another, creating a symbiotic relationship. Each piece of architecture should be as unique as every person, creating new situations and possibilities. The community, content users and an overall positive impression verifies and enhances good design.


Meredith Stoll

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