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How to Choose Outdoor Chothing and Do Not be a Newbie Traveler From the first sight of what you wear, we can tell whether you are a newbie or traveler of outdoor travel. We always talk about what to wear and take as a professional when we go outdoors. But today, we just do exactly the opposite, and we’ll talk about what is most unprofessional and inconvenient. However, there is no fixed patern for what to wear outdoors. All that is the most important factor is to well protect ourselves .

The first time you go outdoor travelling. Have you been looked down upon by your travelling friend? An experienced traveler can tell whether you are a newbie traveler or not. The simplest and most direct way is to see your outdoor clothing. People always teach you what to wear. But today we will do the exactly the opposite to teach your what not to wear and help you to say goodbye to “Unprofessional”, which can also ensure your safety outdoors. 1. It is not advisable to wear jeans when hiking, because jeans are easy to get wet. In case of sweat and rain, it will affect your movement.

2. Underwear should not be made of all-cotton material, because it can absorb sweat and it is easy to get dry. If you are in thin-air area, you may cold to death. In the foreign climbing world, the all-cotton underwear is called clothing for the dead. Although the common hiking is not so terrible, but if you sweat and then after the wind blows, you will easily get ill.

3. Whatever season it is , you’d better wear clothes with long sleeves and trousers, they can protect you in the bushes and weeds.

Suitable clothing and equipment 1. Wind proof and water proof. Climbing down jacket or portable rain clothing.

2. To keep warm. Fleece jacket. Some climbing down jackets have fleece lining which can be taken off. During the common hike, you will not feel cold, but while having rest, you should pay special attention to keeping warm after arriving at the camp.

3. Underwear. You should wear professional underwear which can help perspire, especially when you go outdoors or to the higher places in winter. In summer, it is enough to wear quick-dry , but do not wear the sleeveless or shorts. The collar had better be able to turn over so as for your neck not to get sunburned.

As a matter of fact, there is not fixed patern for what to wear when going outdoors. All that is the most important factor is to well protect ourselves.

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How to choose outdoor chothing and do not be a newbie traveler  
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