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AIESEC in TAIWAN National Taiwan Local Community


Taiwan is also known as Formosa from Portuguese meaning “beautiful island”. Taiwan‘s climate is marine tropical. The entire island experiences hot, h umid weather from June through September. Taiwanese are very friendl y. They treat you like part of their family. Taiwanese speak both Standar d Mandarin and Taiwanese. However, most aboriginal groups in Taiwan have their own languages .Taipei 101, also known as the Taipei Financial Center, is a landmark skyscraper located in Taipei. There are more than three hundred night markets in Taiwan. Night market is a p lace to try out the various tasty snacks .Not only is food ser ved in night markets, but also a lot of products are sold. Truly hope you can come and enjoy the beautiful island-Taiwan!

About AIESEC TAIWAN NTU (Known as AIESEC NTLC before) Being the best university and the founder LC in Taiwan, we have profound experience and resources in AIESEC works and always act as the leading LC. We emphasize the talent development. We provide and support our members to participate in all kinds of opportunities .Of course, this insistence is not limited in members, we also care about the growth and reception of our EPs and trainees. And this leads to our high exchange quality in both ICX and OGX sides.

COol Conference Education Project Education Project in Taipei, mainly for elementary school student. We invite you to light up the global mindset of the students with us , and thus dare to dream . COoL – Creativity Oops Leadership — Conference Cross Culture Trainer team from all over the world to hold wonderful creativity and leadership conference for high school student. Famous case in AP region :) WHY?—To empower youth, to let them know that as long as we want to care for our surroundings, we are capable of striving for what we believe in. This is the message that we want to convey to them. WHAT?—A 4-day(3 nights) conference for high school students, with topics regarding leadership, skills and innovative ideas. HOW?— By having international trainees delivering sessions on topics like CSR, Social entrepreneurship, issue learning, leadership, creativity to high school students, we want to help them increase their global outlook and innovative way of thinking. Oct~Jan ; May~July.

Love for Kids Taiwan Program We believe that Every child have a chance to learn , and to dream. This Project is for kids who are underprivileged ,we invite someone who have kind heart and have passion to bring impact on Children leading them to explore the world , also let them have chances begin to love English during your English story talking with picture books which they even never have chance to study or some small English activities. The location of the Project is not only in Taipei city , but some other places of Taiwan like Ylan ‌etc.

Oct~Jan ; May~July.

Zero Waste Project It's about a world issue"Food Waste" Brand new cases in AIESEC. Cooperation with professional NGO - Food Bank + CSR sponsorship + interesting workshop to make our world save more and less waste :)

Oct~Jan ; May~July.

Embrace Taiwan International Spotlight Program Astonishing cases in Taiwan. You will have chances to have dual experience in countryside of Taiwan. You will also experience the traditional agricultural life of time and give more people ideas about farm tourism .Not only farm Tourism, but also make yourself progressing during the internship in interaction with the farmers 

*Photography and video making interest or skill *Marketing and promotion. Non specific duration

Danshuei Eco Tourism Project Danshuei was once the largest port on the island. Today It is no longer a fishing village but has become a weekend famous spot with wonderful food, historic monuments, beautiful sceneries and lots of activities. You would enjoy strolling along the edge of the water as it's lined with vendors and restaurants where there are lots of delicious foods, such as fish balls, squids barbecued or long ice creams. It has many historical sights, including Fort San Domingo , Yinshan Temple or Huwei Fort. You can see the beautiful scenery standing on it’sembankment while the sun sets in west. There are some vocal performances on weekends.

The most thing we invite you to join , is to explore more local citizens living style, with arising the issue awareness of protecting the world we live, things is not too hard if u start from your daily life. :)

Nov~Jan; Jun~Aug.



1213 VP ICX GCDP Meredith Huang COol Conference Education Project

1213 ICX GCDP TL Amelia Lee Love for Kids Taiwan Program 1213 ICX GCDP TL Sherry Pan Zero Waste Project 1213 ICX GCDP TL Ruby Chang Embrace Taiwan International Spotlight Program 1213 ICX GCDP TL Harry Pu Danshuei Eco Tourism Project 1213 ICX GCDP TL Lydia Chen

We are looking forward to meeting you!!

AIESEC in Taiwan NTU-ICXGCDP Promotion booklet  
AIESEC in Taiwan NTU-ICXGCDP Promotion booklet  

AIESEC in Taiwan NTU-ICXGCDP Promotion booklet